Quarantine Begins: Safer at Home

No sooner than I finished my blog entry yesterday the mayor of Davidson County, Nashville declared that all non essential businesses shut down in an effort to “flatten the curve” and help save lives. This was to begin at midnight. I was shocked as I figured they would give you a day or two notice. I’m glad someone told our bosses last week it was coming so we could have last Friday and the weekend to prepare.

Immediately, knowing I had to do it yesterday, I hopped in the car and went back to work to get my calculator, my tax files (since it’s quarter end, now that I’ve closed payroll for the pay day of 27th), and my payroll manual – as all the quarter end instructions are in there. Whew!

I came home and used one of my file holders for when I did THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY THAT I DID and it holds everything I need and I set it up in my “temporary office space”. I also went downstairs and found a dinner tray table that often is good when you need a side table. I cleaned it off and set it up so I’d have some place to put papers. And plugged in my calculator and it sits on the bed – as long as it doesn’t bounce when I use it we’ll be good.

So, yesterday being my first day to be able to do any cleaning and get caught up on laundry and such – I had a really good day and a lot to do. I vacuumed, dusted – anywhere I could find a clear spot TO DUST (George’s piles or my own piles, keeping me from needing to dust much). I surface cleaned some. I stirred the dust. And I began coughing…..a. dry. cough. It was not consistent, but just every now and then. By mid afternoon, not having slept much the night before, I began to feel weary. I knew I was tired and it is allergy season and sometimes I’m mildly impacted by that especially in my nose/ears. George told me to take my temp. I told em, “neh, I’m just tired”. But I took my temp and it was 99.2 in one ear and 99.6 in the other. I told him – “oh no, I have a dry cough and a mild fever”. So I went and rested and George told me not to freak out. lol. I laid down and cat napped but mostly just rested. I took my temp again and it was normal. George says your temperature jumps up and down during the day. I’ve always had a low grade temp when I’m tired. But I figured out that it is an autoimmune thing – that stems from eating too much pasta – enriched flour, too many carbs and sugars, and not enough greens, veggies, and fruit. Coupled with lack of rest, it begins to attack my body. We’ve really increased the number of carbs and sugar lately, and I’ve not been good with that SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY THAT I DO’s much to get much protein in since it’s been chilly in the mornings and I like hot breakfasts. So that was a scare yesterday even though that is completely normal for me. I think that every time we cough or our fever hits 99 we are going to think we are all getting it. Katy said “maybe the ‘Rona came and went. lol

And last night I slept 7.5 hours straight through with no wake ups! I feel fabulous and well rested this morning and even happy and less worried about all the mess going on. I really do feel safer being at home, if we haven’t already been exposed – that is the thing. My mind began going at east about this the moment I got home yesterday with my final things. We really are safer at home instead of dragging these germs around.

As I began doing my cleaning at home, passing by my office set up and George’s office set up, I realized that I am the Office Janitor, lol. Our home is now an office complex. We have 4 desk areas with computers set up around the house. Our “personal” work stations and our “work” – work stations. So we have an office complex going and our kitchen is the break room area. I like our office complex. It even has a laundry room and his/her bathrooms and comes complete with his/her pets. 😉

I also did loads and loads of laundry and still actually loaded up with dog blankets to wash. They sleep on them and they sweat – especially Roger – and I just have to wash them every now and then to refresh them. So I will work on laundry some today – before work, during lunch, and fold afterwards. I am pretty disciplined and will get a lot done on the work front.

I am glad not to have the commute, glad not to have to put on makeup, and can wash my hair every other day, and will have time to make my bed, and we won’t have to pack breakfast or lunch. The synergy this provides is amazing. I’m excited about it now that I’m hooked up with a mouse and keyboard and extra monitor. My only issue is that I can’t print but to a PDF. And that will likely be my biggest challenge. But who knows maybe this is what it takes for us to learn how to work without wasting so much paper. It’ll be a test for sure. I still have a legal pad though b/c I will have to have a PTO list for each plant’s payroll folder so nothing gets missed. But that will be on ONE sheet of paper instead of printing out each PTO request. So while this time is not good for the company, there may be some new things to come out of it. I may ask to keep the set up at home in case of snow or other issues (like if I have to take Mom somewhere, I can still get work done at home) so I’m always able to work at home if needed. I think it is a good idea. The laptop itself is too small and cumbersome w/o the larger keyboard and mouse. And I have two screens even though one is so much smaller, but at least I can drag over the file to the big screen of the one I need to read. So maybe they will let me keep this set up at home for as long as I work there in case of this being an issue. We’ll see.

Anyway I am going for another cup of coffee, reboot the laundry, get some boiled eggs started in the cooker as I want boiled eggs for breakfast! And probably an orange. Need to get some fruit in. And I’ll take my vitamins and get my water set for the work day. I am dressed – although in my gym pants and Dallas Cowboys t-shirt, which is one of the best perks at all. Still will not let myself work in PJ’s though. I mean if I felt bad – yes, but I’m showered and dressed. I think that is important for the “energy setting” for the day. For me anyway. Still need to maintain that routine of grooming early and feeling good to start the day.

I posted this on FB yesterday. George found some chicken. lol

We have an 8 a.m. conference call. And I’ll already be working long before then. Early to work, early to get off. lol And Maisy will be by my side. I really do feel more safe and less anxious than any time in the last 3 weeks. So I’m glad we are hunkered down. And I hope that we are not exposed already. But if we are, we are.

What a weird year huh? Had we known what 2020 would bring, we’d have tried to stay in 2019. But I think of our neighbors who have lost their MOM and now having to go through this. And this is just starting, with cases about to blow up everywhere and there will be more deaths, so it’s going to be a hard few weeks for us all. I hope we don’t get it and I hope none of our friends do. I hope we have not hunkered down too late.

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  1. I can imagine how nerve wracking it must’ve been to start coughing and have the slight temp. Scary in these times! Keeping you in my prayers that you don’t have the virus!

    We wouldn’t have believed it a few months ago if someone told us that a virus would take over the world, everybody would be quarantined to their homes and car manufacturers would stop making cars and start making ventilators. I still keep expecting to wake up and find out this was just a bad dream.

    I’m glad you’ll get to enjoy working from home without the commute. That’s a great set up you have! Hopefully, you won’t run into any problems and all goes smoothly. That would be great if you could keep the set up to work from home on occasion. A lot of companies might realize after this that working from home can be successful and it might become the way of the future. Who knows?

    Glad George was able to find some chicken. lol

    Have a great first day in your new office!

  2. Glad to hear that you feel more secure at home. Ken is off and he is suppose to go back Monday but there is consensus that they will probably be closed for at least another week. So far our offices have not closed, but I do expect they will close the Walmart locations due to all the exposure there. Our customers are coming in one at a time and if they come in and someone there, they are going back to their cars and coming in when they see the others leave. We are wiping our desk and all down between customers. Customers are bring papers leaving them and coming back when we have them ready and they are the only clients there.

  3. Well NY set up a mandated stay in etc. The flights from NY to Florida went from 20 a day to 160, people coming here because there is no mandate. Our Governor says this is not going to work. We are not closing our state down, but they will be met at the airport with law enforcement and Medical team. Temps taken, and they will have to go into 14 day quarantine, They may think they can go to family but they have to do the quarantine firs, as they plan to stop as much as possible from coming into our state. They can quarantine or go back to NY, where they are quarantined. He stated he would not lock down our state, but has been working hard to stop the spread with the things in force. South Florida has a lot of cases and they have been containing that. other areas like ours have a few cases, but not as saturated. I thank him for taking steps in the beginning to contain and appreciate him to stop other people from coming in from lockdown area

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