Food Triggers for Sensitive Colon

Good morning! It’s Friday! And it feels good. My head is definitely headed toward the weekend where I can work on some things that I want to work on. Foremost being Ellen’s baby shower that is not until June but I do need to discuss it with her, and with Katy who will be helping me so we can get our plans in order, get names and addresses, see where the registries are and so forth so that when we are a month out I can send whatever invites. I need to order some invitations, and sign up for zoom premium – probably will wait a month for that. We maybe able to have the actual shower by the date in June if we are not still social distancing. Or we may do a combo. To do the real shower I need 1 month advance notice. For invitations and for my house cleaning and pulling together shower needs at the house. Since I work FT all week long, I can’t just throw things together in a weekend, it is a series of deep house cleaning and gathering items and takes me a few hours each weekend. Have to save time for normal things like laundry, grocery, and such. So we will figure it out. But it’s very much on my mind and I need to start planning parts of it anyway. I often less the house go as far as deep cleaning all areas of the house at once. I just work on something when it gets bad, but when you have company into your home – you have to deep clean everything at once. lol. So the virtual shower is appealing for sure. But we’ll see where we are with social distancing mid May and make the call as the invites have to go out and I have to have time to get the house ready and still be able to do the basic functions of life – like sleep, work, do laundry etc.

I need to do my little vitamin study and get those ordered, particularly my Probiotics.SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY THAT I DO has them but I want to compare price. And I need to work on that whole list of things that I can never get to.

I woke up this morning feeling half alive. lol. I think it’s because I’ve been more persistent at taking the vitamins and nutrients I have. I feel like I can think more, have a more positive outlook, and just over all feel better. I didn’t realize how bad I felt I guess, but I do feel better having had my SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY THAT I DO’s “fruits” drink and the SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY THAT I DO’s “greens” and drinking more of the e-shots and Ionix stress formula packets into hot water, oatmeal or these drinks. I call them my “concoctions”. I add the ionix and the e-shots to it and it’s really yummy and makes me feel good. I guess I just got away from doing these things as I was drinking bubble water – which also can be a trigger for certain stomach conditions, like ulcerative colitis. I don’t necessarily think I have that although it can’t be totally ruled out, but I read an article this morning that listed all the same foods that I had listed in the back of my mind that seem to create the perfect storm for my own issues which can be a combination of constipation, diarrhea, sharp pain, sensitivity, and diverticulitis flares.

Steak (especially if not tender), pizza, processed meats like hot dogs, pepperoni, raw veggies, popcorn, nuts, corn, caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods, fatty foods. I think if I eat one or two here and there I’m good but several in a row can create the perfect storm.

I think it’s not particularly any specific one food item doing it, but a combination of repeated offenses. There are the diverticula that can catch things in it, cause infections in the lining of the colon and so forth causing the other issues. There also could be polyps that need to be removed or it could be the colon is just damaged. But I’ve noticed that these food items mentioned above akin to what the article mentioned seemed to give me problems (on my suspect list) and cause a flair and some can keep the flare going if I introduce them too soon. I also think overeating can be an issue as it’s a strain on the colon to keep up. We do a lot of overeating at dinner time. And I’m trying to increase my fluid intake during the day and also at night while we are watching TV. I’m limiting alcohol and carbonated drinks – right now they are eliminated but I’ll introduce one or two in my week. But not one a day as I had before. And I probably should eliminate the caffeine if I can. I think I will try to find some “half caff” k-cups for the afternoon coffee and drink that with an e-shot either by itself or in with fruits or greens drink.

I’m determined to make a difference. I want to get better! Losing weight and having less stress will help too. I’ve tried to work on the stress part. Sometimes that is out of my control in today’s world but I’ve at least made some changes – even though it still tries to follow me, lol. I’ve done about all I can do to avoid stress that I can think of – besides just staying in a white room with white noise all day long, lol lol lol. – That would be a sanitarium I think right? lol lol lol

Well, I guess I better get in here and fix some breakfast and start the laundry. I’m working from home today so instead of having to commute, I can do these things instead.

I have some withholding returns to work on today. I’ve saved the most difficult and time consuming ones for last. One of the states has often taken 3 of us to try to figure out, lol. So I’ll be slapping at the calculator today. lol. Will be getting ready for PR next week again and have a line up of things to do today to finish up the week.

I’m also going back for more coffee. I do not intend on infringing upon my two morning cups of coffee, lol. It’s the ones later in the day that are up for negotiations.

Now that spring is here I’ll be having shakes more often. I had a few last week but the temps got chilly this week and I wanted eggs, oatmeal and such.

What all are you doing this weekend in this Pandemic state? Oh by the way I noticed the interstates were about half full going home yesterday. What the heck? Also noticed more airplane marks in the sky and also can hear the traffic again from my house. I think the country is opening up without approval, lol.

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  1. We are a day ahead of you, so as I type this it is the end of my Saturday. We did a round trip of about 200kms today dropping deliveries to self isolating people, stopped in at IKEA to grab something we needed – was definitely the fastest and strangest IKEA trip ever – and have now returned home for afternoon coffee and to make dinner.

    Tomorrow someone will build a couple of IKEA flatpacks and I will do a 5km walk in the morning. Other than the walk it will be home time all the time. 🙂

  2. hope you can get a handle on your health issues. it’s no good to feel bad. i had a lupus flareup this week and it was horrible. the pain was just awful. so i can understand your discomfort. hang in there. i’m drowning in a sea of mediocrity here.

  3. I have been feeling really tired. Just tired to the bone. I hate to hear you are feeling bad. Maybe you just need a day off to rest. So much happening every single day. It is mentally exhausting. I am trying to eat more healthy and getting my sleep so not sure what is wrong.
    We have had really pretty weather. I got some sun yesterday. I feel better if I sit outside on my porch and just enjoy nature. The trees are blooming and birds singing.
    Hope your weekend is good.

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