Oops! Kinda Snuck in Some Geek Time!

Good Saturday morning! At least it is morning as I type this. And Thank the good Lord for Saturday mornings. Even Maisy let me sleep in until 6:30 at least and George got up before I did for once and made coffee and took Maisy out. She woke me up though scratching on the door wanting back in bed with me. And then barked at me til I got up. lol

Friday went well – mainly working on the difficult returns. I made some progress on it, having to enter wage and hour data for every person that worked in one of our plants on line, and I ran reports and did some numbers. I had to look up all the data first and write it down on notebook paper, since I can’t print anything out at home. Anyway just tedious but I got through that and a few other things. Still have more work to do on the return. This one state takes several days, and usually three of us to do, lol. Most states are very easy to file but Oregon requires you do most of their return “all in one”. Sounds simple, but it’s not. There are several websites, several portals, several different kinds of taxes figured various ways, and about a 50 page book of instructions, which were written in code, lol. But anyway that was my Friday. Still have to file unemployment reports once I get the data from my uppers and finalize these last returns and then life can go back to normal. Well, whatever that is. Quarter end is a string of to do’s for sure. There are a few other things that have to be finalized for the quarter also – like the 941’s and such. And I almost forgot, with this next payroll that closes I will once again be up against another month end, in which I have several states I pay withholding for again. Never ends. I think I have only had one or two slow days ever since I’ve been on this new job. And that day or two I prepped for the tools I would need in upcoming weeks and quarters so it worked out great.

I’m also ready to take a vacation day. It may sound nuts as everyone is in quarantine. But even though we are home on the weekends, I am still working very much FULL TIME. Many of my vacation days are spent here at the house unless I have a trip planned. And it’s about time for one. But I don’t get a lot of time to do things I want to do. The minute I get into something of my own it’s time for dinner or time to watch a show together. I’m glad we have the time together. But usually on the weekends, I’m either working on chores or we are doing something here. Saturday’s and Sunday’s we are sort of on our own during the day but we are taking care of household things as well and prepping for the work week ahead mainly – clothes, food, ironing, and cleaning the house and doing things we won’t have time to do next week. We both kinda sneak in some self time on those days, but it’s gone in a flash and we still both have things left on the list we so longingly wanted to get done and also things we really wanted to leisurely do for pleasure – like reading. So to have an extra day at home to do some of these things relieves my “upset” about how short the weekends are. I need some geek time, ok? lol.

I cannot believe that it has been ONLY a month since the Tulsa trip. So much has happened since then. I mean really! It seems like it was 2 or 3 months ago already.

So in the midst of typing this blog I decided to work on a clip of George making a recipe last night so I could include it in the blog today. He fixed Chicken Pineapple Fried Rice. It was delish. He had already chopped all the ingredients up and did all the prep work. But I thought it would be fun to watch him stir fry. I mainly wanted to practice using iMovie. I have some pretty large video projects I’ve tried to start working on and they are huge projects to dive into. Very daunting. So I thought I would work on this little video. I know that video editing can take a really long time and also so can the uploads. And well to my surprise…FOUR HOURS LATER……

I still have so much to learn about iMovie but enjoyed every stinking bit of this 4 hour journey today that I didn’t really intend to spend. I love love love making these videos. So, I guess that means I have to work extra hard at getting some other things done that I REALLY need to be doing. And I hope you enjoyed the video. If you did let me know. I had to curtail it from over 5 min long to just over 3. Part of what took so long was listening to all the different sound effects. But I want to learn how to bring graphics and things onto it and be able to layer things on it. I really want to get into making some REALLY good videos with various types of photography along to music and kinda “tell a story” of sorts with it. I’ll get there. I’m tid-bits here and there in photography, videoing itself, and in making the videos.

Anyway, I’m going to go now and see if I can get some things accomplished. Wish me luck, lol! Oh and I guess you saw I completely “REDID” the blog theme? I did that just before videotaping dinner last night! And finished it up during our Friday night “at home” concert time watching Peter Gabriel videos. Even tweaked the colors this morning. George wasn’t too enthralled with my working on the blog during the video but…when I have something I want to do….I kinda like to finish it. I was ready for a change and just not quite so pleased with the last change. And to be honest not sure if I like this one either. So I may play some more. Anyway have a wonderful Saturday and I need to see if I can get some other things done that I need to do! Focus Focus Focus. But I just love my Geek Time.

Have a great day!

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  1. I’ve never used iMovie but does sound like fun you are much geekier then I am glad you got your geek time in. Who knew payroll could include so many different things I worked for a small company and it was a lot easier. We also had a payroll company that handled all the tax stuff. Happy saturday😊

  2. I love your video of George cooking! It was great! And, I truly know how much time and effort it takes to put videos together. You know I have a passion for making travel videos!

  3. Great video! I can almost taste that dish. Yum!!
    I saw the redecorated background. You’ve had a good day. I’m just reading & reading & reading some more. Playing with the dog & picking on the husband 😋
    We’ve had snow off & on since Easter. I hope my tulips survive. I think we’ll watch Rocketman tonight. Yay!

  4. loved the video. sounds like you have alot on your plate at the office. hope you get some down time soon. hang in there. stay safe. take care.

  5. I enjoyed your cooking video of your husband. I love chicken fried rice. I am definitely making some next week after watching your video. It is great he knows how to cook. Who taught him? His Mom?
    My husband fixes really great breakfasts. I enjoy those mornings.
    So far we have had a great weekend. I started watching a new series, Outer Banks. It is pretty good. Today is my day to pamper myself. mani-pedi. My hair is getting long. I need a good haircut. Mostly I just shampoo and condition and let air dry then blow out the top and touch up with my curling brush. Then pull back with a clip or hair tie
    All this makes me realize how much we take for granted. But I am thankful for what we do have.
    Stay well.

    • His Mom taught him. He watched her prep meals while they talked and then later on his parents were into real estate and sometimes too busy to get started on dinner so he would fix it for himself. He really enjoys it. I do too but not to the extent that he does. I have other hobbies I like much better, lol.

  6. You did a great job on the video. Looking forward to more. My youngest daughter and her fiancé are here and we’ve been watching ‘Breaking Bad’ Every night. Yeah I know, we are behind the times. Lol
    Take care, Sheila

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