Supplements, Shower Planning, and Blog Theme Changes

Caught Roger sleeping with his little stuffed animal by his side. So cute. He heard me though and woke up. The precious little baby. I am looking forward to when we get them groomed. Have been debating whether or not to try to order a grooming set and watch videos to learn how. Ugh. It’s so much better paying someone else to do it, lol.

It’s been a good weekend. Katy and I talked yesterday and did some planning on Ellen’s shower – our nephew’s wife who is due Aug 19. The shower not til June, but needed to get our heads wrapped around a few things. I’ve also talked with Ellen this afternoon about the “plans”. I want to get invitations ordered before long and asked her for a number count so I know how many to get, and for her to be working on names and addresses. But I only need the count for now. Then as planned, mid-May we’ll have to make a decision whether to just do virtual or a combo of here and there. Definitely want to stream it even if we have the actually shower here so that Katy can be present. She is so kind to help with some of the details.

So we had a good chat about that today. And I feel better to sort of have some plans in place however it turns out.

So I spent some time today doing on line orders. I needed to do a Target order as my “preferred method” of getting in some extra “to go” foods for work. I’ve about eaten all the chicken salad and tunas (canned chicken and tuna). I had better luck on the last order getting the chicken. All I could get was the already made up chicken salads. I like making my own. And I like the bigger cans. However, they were all out. ::sigh:: I bought some weird off brand. I think I only bought one can b/c I wasn’t sure about it. I figure we’ll have to just order some things next weekend anyway and have them delivered fresh or just go in and get them with our masks. We’ll see.

We have as of today a total of 171 in our county. Of course in the state there are 6762 cases – many or Memphis and Nashville. I work in Nashville and their cases are now at 1680 – up about 83 from the day before. So this thing is slowing due to the social distancing but yet growing. So I don’t see an end although they keep talking about it. But once the nation goes back out there it’s just going to blow up? Or we just always going to have to avoid one another? lol

I worked really hard on getting my vitamins/supplements ordered. For now I’m keeping my main multivitamin with THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT CO I USE. It’s pretty good for what you get and I like the a.m./p.m. packets. It was about twice the powerful pill than the Persona vitamins were. And for about half the price. However, there were some suggestions that Persona vitamin website gave me for my personalized pack that are good for digestion issues and also those that have high blood pressure situations and high cholesterol. So given those conditions the suggestions included:

  • Peppermint – with anise seed, ginger root and peppermint leaf
  • Ginger extract
  • Turmeric (Circumin)
  • Probiotic Lactobacillus rhannosus
  • Vitamin C with Bioflavanoids
  • Quercetin Plus with Grapeseed Extract
  • And a supplement with Magnesium and hops flower with L-Theanine – a supplement pill Persona called “Herbal Rest”
  • And the multivitamin as mentioned above and mine exceeded their amounts so no changes there yet.

So I did go ahead and order some of the supplements after doing some research on them. Most were extremely helpful in digestion issues and some in heart and blood pressure and cholesterol – as suggested.

I did find a Probiotic I was happy with. My current one with THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT CO I USE is about to run out and it was about $40 for a month. I found some similar for less and that will last for – I believe 2 months. So I will try these. If I’m going to be taking these all the time, I want them to be less of a cost. Since I’m not “selling products for THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT CO THAT I USE” anymore I don’t really need to order for myself and since I”m below the spending levels now to get my $200 free product every now and then I can’t use that to pay for it. So I’m making the switch there.

Now did I order ALL these things above? Not all but MOST.

Don’t laugh! I read some things about Peppermint and it kinda lended to there not being a lot of supportive research on the benefits long term – but suggested peppermint teas and use of peppermint oil here and there and not long term. So I already have peppermint tea and I have peppermint in my nightly Isaflush supplement that has magnesium anyway. But….I ordered some Altoids, lol lol lol lol.

It had peppermint in it! I ordered a variety pack from Amazon. I will use these. lol lol

I DID buy the ginger extract and the turmeric and also the Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids. I tried to buy non-GMO if that makes a difference. Tried to do the veggie capsules so they actually will release naturally.

But I decided against the Quercetin. It mentioned that it might inhibit some meds there were a few things that just mildly made me go “nehhh” not right now. There were some side effects and I just decided to pass on this one. The Persona supplement had Quercetin in with the grapeseed extract. So I just ordered the Grapeseed extract by itself.

I did NOT order the “Herbal Rest” supplement like Persona had suggested as my “XXXFlush” (FROM THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT CO I USE) is very similar to that with mainly magnesium as the main ingredient. I’m happy with the IsaFlush – it is the one that has some Peppermint in it. And also I take three squirts of “Sleep Support & Renewal” which has Melatonin and a Nutrient Complex of tart cherry, L-Theanine (which was suggested in the Herbal rest by Persona), lemon balm leaf extract, and chamomile.

So I think adding some additional digestive support, immunity support, the probiotics, and some of these also aided in the free radical support as well as a heart healthy approach. So all these are now ordered. Many of them dealt with inflammation in the body as well.

Part of my problem I also wondered is – my blood pressure pill has a water pill in it. As much coffee as I drink. I have that BP pill. I will have a glass a wine when I get home – I may just be getting dehydrated. So I’ve really been trying to make a conscious effort to have more water and more of my nutrient drinks.

Anyway, let’s see, other interesting things today – is that I woke up this morning in the middle of a weird dream. Since I was able to sleep in – I was able to remember my dream. And I was somewhere and was about to catch a plane to Lisbon on an airliner called Liffen lol lol lol. I was at some hospital somewhere and was trying to get home but had to go to Lisbon first and get on this airline I’d never head of. On the way out of the hospital there was a dead body in the bushes. How callous of me in the dream to ask “can I still go to the airport?” – I wanted to go home. lol

My only guess is that Ozark (yes there were some dead bodies -it’s as intense as breaking bad as there are drug lord’s involved and this family is trying to break break free from them.)

And oh yes, I cannot forget this weekend’s mad dash at trying to find the perfect blog look.

I’ve spent hours at this desk trying out, customizing, and playing with widgets, and picking designs and colors and -phhhhbbbbttttt. Nothing pleased me when it was all said and done. I had recreated the old blog looks and it disgusted me. I wanted a fresher cleaner look – so I ended up with this design and I’m pretty happy with it.

One thing I liked about the other blog though was the ability to have a pic at the top that suited the season or represented the happenings of the time I was in. And this one does that but it has a fresher design to it. I can still add backgrounds if want, but I’m happy with the white crisp look.

I spend a lot of time in that chair there. (The little sloth of course representing my Tugie poodle that I miss so much). I have enjoyed it sitting there on my desk as it has “poodle hair” and looks just like Tugie! Here is Tugie below beside Roger. This pic made me smile!

So I also got in some show watching on You Tube. I’m a bit blue the weekend is almost over. I could use another day. What would I do?

  • Work on my iMovies
  • Read
  • Do a Bible Study
  • Watch Sister Wives (Catch up)
  • Play on PSP and create some things for the blog
  • Order some photos for a pic frame I have
  • Do my Magazine project (recipes, places to visit, and things to try, ideas to think on) – I can’t wait to do this, it’s like I’m saving it up!
  • Cleaning in a lot of areas that need deep cleaning
  • Picking out some recipes
  • Working on my many to do lists

See I could really use the creative fun time.

And that is why I long to have Less Hustle and More Coffee! ;-). I love my Geek time, my play time, my creative time. It makes me happy!

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend! And enjoy the upcoming week!

6 responses to “Supplements, Shower Planning, and Blog Theme Changes”

  1. I find vitamins confusing. It’s good you do the research and know what you need. You just might be able to have the shower in your home.
    Your blog looks good and is easy to read. Easy on the eyes is what I mean.
    The doggie pics are precious. I know you miss Tuggie. Roger is a little heartbreaker.
    Tomorrow is Monday and here we go again.
    Breathe 😷

    • Well I saw a Persona ad and it has a quiz and it kinda did the first narrowing down for me. Then I just compared to what I had already and on the stuff not taken before I made sure it seemed safe. I told George I’d have to get a box to put em all in. lol Like most seniors will have a box of vities on the counter lol

  2. Hi Sonya, I love that you are getting some geek time. You know I think you are really incredible to be able to do all that sort of thing. I find downloading an app difficult enough LOL. Yes I can see you laughing at me !!!….however this weekend I did manage to actually join a Skype meeting my geeky friend at church talked me through downloading the app. This is because our lovely Minister Elizabeth wanted a few of us to be able to join up for a chat. We did that on Saturday four of us had a trial run which was hilarious as other than Tony none of us new exactly what we were doing. We hopefully are having another on Tuesday. I can’t stop long this morning as Mary will be over shortly . It’s a lovely morning a chilly start but will shortly warm up, I have decided summer might stay so I have put on a dress this morning will have to look out some pop socks in a neutral colour. I have been wearing navy ones under my jeans.. I might even try on my new leg later. It will be easier wearing a dress, I won’t have the palaver of taking jeans off to put new leg on etc .. Must go. Here comes Mary. Take care love, this virus is a nasty one. I was able to get Masy groomed on Friday Maggie came and collected her took her to her house did her wash and trim she looks lovely now thank goodness. Maggie had been told by the vet…..she works part time with him….had said she could do the dog again so long as it was in her house. So she called me at once to arrange it, she is so lovely……love your new look and the photos of the dogs Love and God Bless Sybil


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