Tummy Troubles are Back!

Good morning friends.

Not really a lot to share today. All I know is “Go To Work”, “Come Home”, “Eat”, “Watch a show”, “Fall Asleep”, “Go to Bed”. And ditto the next day.

Not a lot of time for excitement and with this Pandemic, certainly no adventures. Saw this yesterday as I was leaving our work complex. So sweet!

And someone shared this…it was going around on Facebook. Read the titles of the Books and go across for the message. Cute idea.

I really like these verses. I did a screen shot of them as it was in a devo I did yesterday. This is very meaningful to me when my mind starts to dwell on bad situations or worry. I like another version but this was ok.

So for the not so good news, I began having some pretty sharp pains in my left side yesterday. I’ve had them off an on but these were pretty sharp and got my attention for sure. It happened about three times yesterday. My antibiotics ended Monday.

I’m hoping it was just something I ate that irritated it and that it will just go away. It’s pretty scary though. So now I just wait to see if there will be infection, a fever, or if it will just go away. I’m pretty tired of this. I mean really tired of it. We had fried okra the other night and it occurred to me that had seeds in it. Also the watermelon even though seedless has little seeds in it that are thin. So I guess I’ll have to eat light for another couple of days and see what happens. I’m kinda getting to the point of “whatever”. For someone that loves to eat, and lives to eat, this is the most torturous thing that can happen. So therefore it is happening. lol

But, through God, I’m just trying to be satisfied in whatever state I’m in. So what if I have to have surgery eventually – even during a Pandemic, then so be it. It is going to be what it is going to be. So what if I get COVID while in the hospital trying to recover. It’ll be what it will be. If I die then hopefully I can see Daddy and Mam-ma.

So once you accept all that, if you don’t have surgery and die, and just have a soft diet for a day or two or maybe another round of antibiotics – then it’s not so bad I guess.

Well, I mean, you Gotta be able to deal with whatever life is dealing ya. So that is my way of dealing with it. I will however, look at it from another angle and hope that it’s just going to go away, but I’m prepared for it not to in case it does not.

I think George was going to fix some kind of creole dish for dinner. I really worry that all this impacts him. He likes for us to eat together and I do too. He often will eat softer foods with me when I am not just on liquids. But with this thing going back to back continually he is probably crossing his eyes at this point. I feel so bad. I’m going to tell him he can fix his creole dish but I’m not going to be able to do anything spicy right now – maybe not ever. I guess I’m going to have to develop a “no no” list. I was trying to go with the camp that as long as things were going well you could eat most anything. It seemed to work most of the time. But, I’m just not sure that is the case.

I don’t think it’s stress on this 2nd round. I wish I knew what was going on. I think it’s time for a CT scan but I don’t think they are doing those unless it’s an emergency. And so I’m trying to not have an emergency. So the plan is to just eat lighter for a couple of days, take vitamins, drink a lot of water, and hope it soothes and settles.

I was doing a food tracker, but I quit when the pandemic started. I was just focused on other things. I also have no idea how long it would take for a particular food to impact you. I’m thinking 24 to 36 hours to reach the lower tract? I eat such a wide range of items too within that period so it’s kinda hard to narrow it down. The problems can also be numerous things too – it could be just a gut thing – with the wrong microbiome or it could be there polyps causing issues, or it could be that the particular stretch of intestine is just so full of diverticula that it has to be removed. That is why a scan is needed to see what is going on. So far I’m still digesting with this pain but if it stops, or I get a fever with it – then I’ll be calling the doc again. There is the option to go on the nasty antibiotics. I can only take them for a few days and then I’m done. I cannot stand them for long. I have never been able to finish them but I’ve been able to take enough of them that it fixed the issue at least for a long time.

So yeah, that is the thing that is going on right now – other than just working and eating – it’s dealing with that.

So….I am home today —working — but home at least. I have scheduled the most arduous and needy tasks for the work day and the easier ones for the home day. Anything that requires more printing and more files is done there. Any system changes, check stuffing, and easier things for the home days. I took all my files back to the office instead of having to wag them back and forth. I am just bringing home what I need to work on that day.

So anyway, I need to shower and get my computer hooked back up for today and get on our morning conference call. I think they are afraid someone will sleep in. I am self disciplined enough to not need that but if it makes them feel better I guess we have to do it. The last two days I’ve stopped payroll to get on the call. I’m usually working before the call and afraid I’m going to forget to call in, when I get to concentrating on something. lol. It is good for communication though if something needs to be shared. And that is something typically we have not been known for if one tells the truth. So it is nice to know what is going on.

So please pray for the tummy troubles. With so much else to worry with it sure would be nice not to have to worry about THAT. I mean when food and TV is the only thing to look forward to – you’d at least like 50% of your entertainment during these times to be good. I mean, Lord, please don’t take away my pleasure of eating too! Please make this go away and leave me alone.

2 responses to “Tummy Troubles are Back!”

  1. Oh.
    I love watermelon. It’s my favorite food. I remove all those little white seeds with toothpicks. It takes forever but it’s the only way. I hope your stomach straightens up🙏

  2. I think I would avoid anything spicy. Maybe with warmer weather get some fresh vegetables to cook. I have been craving green beans and squash from the garden. I hope my favorite produce stand opens soon. Yes a CT scan would help you to know what is going on. I would definitely have one.
    They show everything. I had one about six months ago.
    I hope you feel better.

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