Country Opening Up, Diverticulitis, and Other Mid Week Talk

Look what dear daughter did! She is a hunter for sure. I stole this from her social media. She is a woman of many talents.

Well the news is sounding better about the virus. I’m really just baffled by it all. The cases are going up which is what we see in the graphs – even during the shutdown and social distancing. Up 28.9% from last week, yet we are talking reopening the country. And I’m hearing we are flattening out – ummmm, but the graph is going up. So the argument there is that the testing has increased but the ratio of those testing positive to the number of tests done are going down so therefore we can reopen.

This is why numbers can be so confusing. You can twist anything around to “fit the need”. I’m not in either camp really. I am just about as ready as anyone else to get back to a normal life where can go and do and see people, despite the fact that I love love love being home more since I’m an introvert anyway! That part has been a dream. lol. And I do get the fact that business and the economy has been harmed. I also appreciate the fact that the government looked out for people or society as a whole. I get the fact they are in the middle of trying to keep people safe versus tanking the economy. They acted swiftly despite all the accusations that they didn’t. I mean considering the fact that the country was basically shut down – that anyone including our president – give pause at doing so – is understandable in my opinion. I’m not being political at all – I am just speaking from a human being’s standpoint and how I would have reacted if it was me. Shutting down a country is a scary thing to do but it was brave and necessary. I get that it is complicated. But I guess we cannot be “safer at home” forever or “stuck at home” or however you want to refer to it. I guess the fact that this has got people’s attention – maybe if we ease back into society with ‘rules’ it will be ok. That is my hope. However, we all know that people live to break rules because everyone has to be their own individual self with their own individual will according to how they would have it. So we all know how it will go. Unless this virus is killed off by the summer heat – then – it’s gonna get bad before it gets worse.

So people are showing signs of having antibodies in certain regions. I’ve not looked at this much and don’t know a lot about it but that is promising.

Well in case you have been wondering, I’ve been several days with NO pain now as far as the diverticulitis. I’ve not even started the new supplement routine, although they have started arriving. All were to have arrived today in one shipment but some arrived yesterday, some coming today and some tomorrow, lol – I tried to help the deliver guy, by scheduling it to come at once but it is all coming different times.

I definitely think the probiotics help that I began taking again that I already had from THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY I USE, the mid day supplement I take for metabolism that has green tea, cinnamon, pepper – I forget what all. And I’ve taken a digestive enzyme with dinner, and then at night magnesium. I’ve also, much like my Dad used to, drink a couple of glasses of ice water with and after dinner – replacing an after dinner glass of wine or decaf coffee.

This is making me savor that happy hour beer or glass of wine as a really special treat. But I’ve also with the same fervor, told myself to enjoy the ice water. And it really is becoming something I’m looking forward to after dinner. I fill my cup FROM THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY I DO with ice, add the filtered water, put the top on and add a straw. I go through two of these.

So, it’s been a couple of work days AT WORK the last two days. Today I am at home. It’s easier to blog on those days as I don’t have to put on make up or have a commute. I enjoy each day whether it’s at home or work. It seems about perfect to have two days there, one here, one day there and then one here again, that way I can toss things back and forth, print every other day and so forth. It’s been easier to get things done having only one day at home in b/w the other days.

The parts that are challenging is wagging work files back and forth. And judging how much work you will be doing for the time at home. Bring it all? Or not? It’s hard to judge. But I’ve learned to overload myself so I have what I need. It’s frustrating to get into something and part of what you need is at work or vice versa. So that big white tote bag is what I use to go back and forth. The flowered bag I got at the Mercantile (Pioneer Woman’s shop) and love it. I actually use it as a carryover work bag – I put lunch in it, vitamins, snacks, water, drinks, anything I need for the day. My computer glasses also are in there. An umbrella is in one end and water bottle can be put in the other. Each end has a pouch. This bag is perfect for my carryover bag! But lugging purse, work bag and my lunch/carryover bag all three – is a bit much sometimes. I brought a lot of stuff home yesterday (files) in the big white bag for doing taxes and such and I like to have never made it up the stairs. It’s month end again, so more states to pay.

I had to laugh at Monday’s selfie. I was trying to smile for the camera but it ended up being a smirk. I guess my smiles are just smirks. lol.

I really intended on eating chili for lunch yesterday and testing the waters from a spicy standpoint. But after looking at the sodium content of 1700 mgs per can- I decided to go with something else.

I ordered Cracker Barrel. They had free delivery. And they have a limited menu right now but still the old favorites. I had grilled chicken, brocolli, and pintos. And I ate a biscuit and butter. And then later on mid afternoon I had the other one. I didn’t care. I just ate it.

George fixed shrimp and grits Monday night and then we had hamburger steaks and onion rings (cooked in the air fryer). I went back for 2nd’s on the onion rings and George had eaten all the 2nd’s. lol. He said “oh I thought you didn’t like them”. He said I made a face when he said we were having them for dinner. I don’t remember making a face. I could have wondered if they would be good for me but I didn’t say I didn’t like them. I tried to get over the fact that he ate the seconds – I didn’t care that he ate the seconds – it was just that my taste buds wanted them and I was so excited to go back and they were gone. So I ended up air frying some more. After all it was only 6 minutes at 360. So then life could go on! lol

Here was his shrimp and grits dish.

Sometimes frozen shrimp can taste fishy and I thought these were fishy. That has no bearing on George as a cook. The grits were great, the dish was great. But I think we needed a better quality shrimp for the dish itself.

Well, I guess I need to go figure out breakfast and get plugged in and set up for work.

Oh, I did get the baby shower invitations bought yesterday thru Amazon. So I marked that off the list. And I had some time after work and before dinner to watch a show – I love to watch the YouTube shows but have to sneak them in when I can because they are not George’s favorites. It was a perk to get to do that yesterday.

Ya’ll have a great day and I’ll likely post again on Friday morning.

How do you feel about our country opening again? I’m not sure exact date around here but think it’s going to be around May 1 for some things. Our business is coming back at work also so that is a good thing. I am guessing that by mid May or end of May that we’ll be back FT at work and at our desks all week. But that is just me speculating. I really have no idea. All it takes is one of us getting that dang virus to mess all that up.

Well, ya’ll be good!

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  1. I think it is a really bad idea to open things up. I’m in Australia and we are a lot more locked down than you guys are, but the government did not act quickly enough in some respects, particularly with regards to shutting down the schools.

    They were saying the kids are not affected by it (which is wrong! some kids have died) but even if they weren’t, there are teachers in those there classrooms, and many of those ended up with COVID as a result.

    And now they are suggesting they will open the schools up again on a “roster” basis. Again unless there are no teachers in the schools, this is a very dangerous thing. And if there were no teachers in the schools well that would be a very bad idea as well! :/

    There was a lady here who had a scratchy throat and “soldiered on” – she went to work, she worked in an aged care home. 42 people caught COVID and three of the residents have died. It only takes one person.. 🙁

  2. I think it’s too soon to reopen. I see a lot of deaths still happening. I do understand that something has to give. It’s scary.
    I’m glad your tummy troubles are better. You really did a nice job of cutting your hair! Looking good.
    Salons are going to start opening up for essential people/workers. That should be interesting. This will be interesting for sure. I hope your day is a good day! 🙂

  3. I’m in Massachusetts and its by far the worse its been . We are in the surge and the south is going to get hit pretty big with in a few weeks of us. All these states that are protesting makes me wonder if any of them have had people or loved ones who have been affected by the Covid-19. In my mind they are playing with fire.

    Our governor just closed the remainder of the school year and will re visit come end of Aug / Sept to see if the kids will be safe to enter the schools again. He is being very cautious. Which I like.

    I see it this way; if people want to be out there in an infected world then so be it. But when one gets sick or a loved one dies are they going to go running for help and expect it? Protesting in Georgia, SC , Virginia and mocking the health officials I think shows ignorance . I hope to God that they see some light soon.

    If you are an essential worker you HAVE no choice, but if you are not, stay home and take care of each other.

    Ok, I’m off my rant! lol I think I’m to close to it! EEK!

  4. Hi Sonya, Well your day will be well on it’s way, hope you’ve got done what you wanted to do…and are managing to leave enough time for what you really want to do !…wonder what George is making for dinner tonight, you are so lucky to have George loving to make such interesting menus nearly every day. I’m afraid I’m not very good at cooking anything interesting. Tonight for instance there was just Mary and me so it was. Tin of chicken in white wine sauce which is put into a Pyrex pie shaped container this is popped into the microwave for 3mins. Oh I added tonight a small can of sweetcorn before popping it in the micro after the 3 mins out it comes and in its place goes a packet of chicken and veg rice for 2mins. Out it comes heated plates …one thing I can’t stand is cold plates…. That’s our dinner Mary has set our table and everything is eaten cleared away all in just over half an hour.!! Tomorrow I feed Peter as well so I called our local butcher and asked him to bring me down a pound of best low fat mince tomorrow I will think what to do with it beside the usual potato’s. Peter is going shopping in the morning so will get me some vegs.. etc.. It’s been a lovely warm day again so I have been sitting out, it’s all very peaceful around here in the countryside..the loudest sound I’ve heard has been ambulances ! No idea what was going on but there were three I think, no need for them to have their sirens going there’s hardly any cars about,… Like you we have no idea of what’s ultimately going to happen with this virus, we get a government announcements every day and they repeat and repeat the same things..there is a shortage of this or that it will all be available later today…but tomorrow we get the same answers. The death toll has got a little bit less last couple of days but it’s still well above 16,700 and that’s only in hospitals there have been an excess of 1,55 + in care homes…It’s just so sad. I do truly believe though that isolation is the only way we will get through this until they find a vaccine and we pray that will be soon. There is a trial starting tomorrow, which they say is giving some hope…but how long the trial will last is anyone’s question….I’m just glad that Mary and I are still in isolation and Peter only goes into work when he is urgently needed it was once a week at first then it was ten days and now he thinks it’s just a week again, whilst he is there though they all have to keep there distance … we are as safe as can be having him come in every day. … Hope you continue to feel better, and have a great weekend. Love the photo of Kate…not so sure about the hunting bit..but I know it’s just the place they live in etc…It’s something we would never see over here. Love. God Bless Syb

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