Weather Apps, A Flat Daughter, and a Night Out during Pandemic

Good morning! Here was my work scene on “Work from Home Wednesday”. I’m also working from home today. Have made a LOT of good strides on the “quarter end” and also the next “month end”. Really waiting on materials from others to be able to finish out and hoping that comes today, otherwise I’ll only be able to work on it a day or two next week after payroll closes Mon and Tues. I hate that the 30th is on Thursday and not Friday as that would give me an extra day. But it just takes time to get through it all on everyone’s part. So I understand. Everyones crunched. Hopefully we will not be late. If you have a week’s worth of work and only one or two days to do it in, it kinda is just that. It will be what it will be and there’s not much you can do. I think the first diverticulitis attack came during this week right around the end of January as I sat and sat bent over the desk, not drinking enough water, not stretching, not getting deep breaths, ignoring vitamins, and trying to rush. But I refuse to let the stress get to me and make me sick. I will have to stop and take little breaks and get up and down and move and get my fluids in for this final push and probably the most rushed of them all for me. I will do the best I can but I’m not rushing and making myself sick over it this time. It’s not worth it. Because once the bouts start it is hard to get rid of. Here I am having two more flairs of it since then. I’m convinced it’s not ONE thing that does it but several players of things involved that creates the perfect storm. Stress is just the first wave and gets it started.

But it helps to have your line up of “care” going as you start the day, so that throughout the day you can grab “whatever”. My vitamin regimen has not changed just yet. I’ll be setting that up this weekend for next week and figuring out the schedule and how I need to remember to take them all during the day. In a way this seems insane, but then again I remember just about every older person I know having a Tupperware full of supplements they lugged around when traveling somewhere, lol. Or kept them sitting on the counter in the kitchen as a reminder. I guess I’m joining the club.

This is the current lineup before the changes that are coming. Probiotics in the morning along with vitamin D and blood pressure meds and the a.m vitamin pack (multivitamins). My “fruits” drink which can be morning or afternoon. I try to alternate every other day with fruits or greens or a hydrate drink. If it’s afternoon, I pour an e-shot in there. I also have the Ionix stress reducer with adaptogens and several other ingredients that are good for you. I try to insert the Ionix in a drink or in oatmeal or just in hot water (tastes like apple juice) depending on what I’m in the mood for that day. You can also put it in shakes. It’s all very versatile. You can put the greens in the shakes too. I only have shakes a few days a week but not every day. I miss things like oatmeal and eggs especially if it’s cold in the mornings.

So I’m debating whether to upgrade and get one of those med holders that has the a.m. , mid day, and p.m. lol. And then every Sunday divide them out. Has it really come to this? lol

Of course my work set up on Wednesday was also complete with dog by my side. I had to be careful not to step on her, lol. She sticks her head under the bed for darkness. Her butt sticks out or sometimes just her tail. lol

Weather Apps

I found a new Weather App I really like. I guess I have 4 of them now and use them for different things.

MeteoEarth is the app. It gives you a world ball and you can see the weather satellite across the earth. I am zoomed in. I put Nashville and Breckenridge on there so I can also keep watch on Katy’s weather too.

You can add in various layers. Like clouds and winds and rain and hurricanes.

When it’s animated, you can see the lightning flash in the clouds. I would have to make a YouTube video or use another method to show you that. The app was free.

Why do I have 4 weather apps? Each one does something different for me that I don’t want to delete because of it.

MyRadar app is just great because I can pull up the radar immediately without fuss. That is the app I show a lot on here when I do screen shots. It also has the various layers you can add. When I fly, I add in the aviation layers to see if there is going to be turbulence. Sometimes I don’t want to know. lol

WeatherMate (The Pro Version I think, and it wasn’t very expensive) has the actual “weather radio” option on it. You can listen in to NOAA weather radio right from the app. The app has a LOT of bells and whistles as it comes to weather information and it has the forecast and the radar and is an overkill app perfect for the weather enthusiast. I don’t have time for that usually but it’s nice to have.

The Weather Channel app has the best “alerts” and seems to be dependable. The others either don’t have that feature or didn’t work too well. It could be a setting somewhere, but the Weather Channel one was user friendly and worked the first time. I like to get severe weather alerts – I even get alerts for lightning nearby, and snow and rain.

MeteoEarth is just fun and cute. And I will like it for hurricanes during hurricane season. But it really is good to kinda see the big picture of what the weather is doing. It truly gives you another angle at the forecast as you can slide the arrow along and see where the weather is going over the next day.

Dear Daughter’s “Flat Self” amidst COVID-Teaching of first graders.

Is this not the cutest idea. I want one!

I have to show you this cute pic of her. She had her friend dye her hair the color I always used. I was afraid it would be too dark for her as she has kind of a honey colored hair that looks so good with her complexion and her eyes. But look at it. It looks so good on her. Her friend Shelby, as they break the social distancing rule, helped her get it done. She and Shelby are such good friends. I love that she has a best bud like that. They teach together and do life together. Shelby came here and stayed with us and we showed her Nashville last summer. You may remember the pics if you read back then.

The Toilet Paper Arrived and now one can sit high on the throne again!

Hubster is happy. These days it is no longer about the hunt and the kill for dinner. Its about the hunt and the find of being able to pleasantly wipe your behind. Yeah that rhymed. And so did that. lol

So, the only way we could find anymore toilet paper was just for a minimum time to be able to order a big box. There was no small packages available – we had no choice but we took it. We will share with family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and even my close blog buds here if we need to. But hopefully your scores have been successful and as exciting as this was for Hubby. He has truly provided for us! We were getting down to the 1 ply stash, lol.

Close Encounters of a Feathered Kind

A screen shot of my video of the duck that wanted to befriend me yesterday. I was a little scared of him. But he was friendly. He was hungry. My coworker saw he was hungry and bought him something to eat. I got in my car. I wanted to befriend him but figured I’d get bitten, lol. He was cute. Might have been a she. I didn’t inspect. lol

“Big Night Out”

After work yesterday I came home and we went back out. We braved the “storms”. They mainly fizzled out for us and became spotty rain showers and the worst was way south of us.

First of all we went to the liquor store/premium beer store. I wanted a low cal IPA that I loved. They didn’t have it but George located another brand. They also did not have the new one I wanted to try nor the one I usually get that is gluten free. All the ones I like are hard to find. I bought a Chianti wine for spaghetti night. We’ll be having it soon. I bought turkey to fix instead of burger meat. I’m going light on the red meats – few and far between. Neither of us need it really but we have that whole 1/2 cow.

So next we went to Publix and filled a buggy full. We have added in some frozen things to fix easily. We bought pizza and I’ll be nervously adding that back in to the diet. I also bought one that has a cauliflower crust. We have been eating a lot out of the freezer b/w the pig, some of the cow, and the fish and chicken. So we had some room in the freezer to buy frozen things. I also bought some for work days as it’s just easy to grab a lean cuisine and go.

Then we paid a utility bill and then we went to a Mexican Restaurant at El Como and got our dinner. And because we could, we go Margaritas to go. What a nice perk during this epidemic. So far no problem with that. My tummy has been good this week and getting stronger.

I think that is about all to report. Except to say that I am joyfully elated about it being Friday. The weekend is upon us again.

Oh wait, I do have one more pic.

This is the scene by the end of the week with that week’s deliveries. So we keep it there til the weekend then I open all the boxes and wash my hands really good. These would include: shower invitations, vitamin supplements, toilet paper, target household needs and a couple of shirts I ordered from clearance, and I’m not really sure what all else it is. It’ll be like Christmas tomorrow.

Oh I was also shocked that Mom wants us to come down for Mother’s Day. I have to see when Katy and Cody are arriving here. They are coming for his brother’s wedding in May but whatever, we’ll figure out the right day to come down. I wasn’t sure it was a good idea yet as we are exposed to *some* others and often are out doing grocery runs. But she says she is ready to see people and wants a bucket of fried chicken. Sounds good to me. So I will check into that and we’ll put the date on the calendar.

And I need to go get dressed and set up for work and get a 2nd cup of coffee. And get this Friday rolling. I hear it’ll be a beautiful afternoon. So I may go for a walk after work today. Ya’ll take care and let me know what you are doing this weekend during your Pandemic part of the world? Are you free yet? Tennessee is starting to reopen but is doing it beautifully in phases. Davidson County is as well. There are 4 phases and they may roll back to any phase at any time if the numbers start to go up. I’m pretty happy with their plan. I give a huge thumbs up to their work on this and how the government has protected lives and tried to resolve the issues at hand without taking a year or two to do it. Kudos! My faith is somewhat restored! Just amazed at our leaders.

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  1. Neat weather app. I know you are glad to be working from home. It looks like a cheery spot to work. That is funny how your little dog stays close. It is a beautiful day here. I went and filled up my SUV for $18.00. That was $1.10 cents per gallon after using our Ingles card points.
    There were a lot of people on the roads. And a line at the pharmacy when I went to pick up my meds. Then we made a quick stop at the drive-thru at Cookout and got a barbeque sandwich. Long line there too everyone must have had the same idea.
    What a nice thing to do for the children the flat Katy idea… So many kids are missing teacher and their friends. Everything is still pretty much closed here. Except for grocery stores and eating places where you can get take out.
    I hope everyone stays safe and takes precautions for the next year. We are not out of the woods yet. So many lives lost and people sick.

    Enjoy your weekend.

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