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So a couple of months ago, I decided to make a list of life lessons learned “by decade” by listing the first thoughts that came to my mind while I re-visited all the decades of my life. Some may be on the side of healthy and some may lean on the side of what you would call sad or pathetic. Yet these were life lessons learned based on either the results of my decisions or actions or someone else’s. I saved these for a day where I didn’t really have much to blog about. We’ve not done much in the last 24 hours but work (finished quarter end – yay) and put the house together. So nothing really interesting to share. And so today seems like the appropriate time.

Before I begin this, just know these are the first things that popped into my head and I’m probably going to add a few that come into my head as I type. They are not all inclusive so if I go back a year from now I might have thought of a few more by then and may have totally missed some important ones, but it was a fun exercise. If you blog why don’t you do one too or just do it for fun. Let me know if you did! It would be fun to see what YOU put.

Life Lessons Learned Age 0 to 10

  • I didn’t have all the answers. No one could tell me where God came from. I wanted to know!
  • Don’t make people angry or there are consequences
  • Grandparents are good friends; visit them often
  • Tent camping is not all it’s cracked up to be, especially with the girl scouts who were mostly strangers.
  • Friends make life better and more joyful, plan as much time with friends as you can
  • Sweeter folk are better than sour folk
  • The love of a dog is something very special
  • Some boys are cute; some are repulsing

Life Lessons Learned Age 11 to 20

  • I found I was no good at sports and the school gym was something to be terrified about – changing clothes in front of others was terrifying – and being embarrassed about not being good at sports was equally so. The gym outfit was just horrifying.
  • I must be an introvert therefore if I do not like sports.
  • I could travel if I earned the money
  • I wasn’t cut out to work in fast food
  • Washing cars for $ was not that great of an idea
  • I learned that I loved retail shops, merchandising, and watching things sell, and loved being able to work in one.
  • I learned that I loved to write, learn, listen to music, and learn new things about the world beyond.
  • I learned it was thrilling to wear boyfriends jackets, and have a boy friend to write letters to, to meet at the movies, and I learned that I like to go skating and meet them for dates.
  • I learned to kiss a boy on a tin Lizzy ride (old car) at Opryland/Nashville
  • I learned to fall in love, give my heart away, how to become vulnerable and have my heart broken.
  • I also learned what I did not like about boys.
  • I learned I liked college and being away from home on my own but under the guidance of a good friend and a boy friend
  • I learned that college was much harder than high school and was not as prepared as I should have been but I still made A’s and B’s!
  • I learned I wasn’t as smart as I thought I was and there was way more out there to learn and that was ok
  • Quarter pounders with cheese rocked and Wendy’s burgers had rumored to contain mysterious protein but I ate them anyway

Life Lessons Learned Age 21 to 30

  • Good food and a good cocktail could make life triple better when enjoyed with friends/family
  • Life no longer revolved around ME anymore
  • Reading was more fun that I thought it was and was a good form of escape when needed
  • Love really is conditional after all.
  • Coffee just freakin’ rocks every morning!
  • What it feels like to be pregnant and to experience the joy of becoming a parent.
  • What it is like to love a child with all your heart and do what it takes to protect her always.
  • You can’t always put all your happiness eggs into one basket
  • Always seek your “Penguin Badge” (an activity to give you joy when life goes South or you need to rely on yourself – mine was learning to ice skate and I got my Penguin Badge!). But I have had a lot of different “Penguin Badges” of sorts in my life through the years.
  • If something is worth pursuing; pursue it with a passion
  • Be careful what I ask for because I will get it!
  • To travel is to broaden one’s horizons, learn new cultures, find new cuisines, and would set afire one’s imagination and creativity and it is exhilarating to see new places and get out of the box. I noted that I should travel as often as I could as it lit up my world with excitement!
  • Determination is key, goal setting is a must.

Life Lessons Learned Age 31 to 40

  • Family can be friends, friends can be family but just because they are one doesn’t mean they are both.
  • One’s relationship with God can be more personal than a list of “do’s and don’ts”
  • All things can heal if given the chance and the time
  • Being near the ocean or bodies of water soothed something within my soul
  • A glass of wine is mighty fine.
  • Spending time in cabins and hiking in the woods was much cooler than I ever thought it would be
  • To search for and eat good cuisine with your mate is one of the finest pleasures in life
  • How many seats, toys, and gadgets it takes to raise a baby/toddler, child.
  • Having it all (a family/and a career) was harder than I thought but I could still do it, but it helped to have a village.
  • Being a parent trumps all responsibilities, but again it helps to have a village.
  • Self improvement is a continuous way of life and should be taken seriously.
  • I learned I really liked computers and graphics and the world of AOL and gaming. It made the world more interesting and gave me happiness when days were bad. (Penguin Badges rock).
  • I noticed that I liked to control my world and make it my own around me.
  • I learned that small things we do can impact others in big ways and have a domino impact.
  • I learned that some men don’t always like having women in the business world and would sabotage your efforts in various ways.

Life Lessons Learned Age 41 to 50

  • That surprises can happen and you can do things you never thought you could if you opened your mind wide enough.
  • Even I could get a Masters Degree
  • Losing weight is hard.
  • A sunset can be really awesome; appreciate them often.
  • Always have a Plan B and maybe even a C in everything in life and be ok with it. Because A doesn’t always work out.
  • God doesn’t go anywhere and his love is the most intense we can have. People and relationships disappoint, but God will not if you love Him. He will disappoint you in the end though if you don’t!
  • True contentment comes from within and from our relationship with God and his Spirit when we are aligned. Other’s can’t solely be responsible for your joy or lack thereof.
  • Pleasing people – all of them at once- is just absolutely exhausting, and I cannot serve them all at once.
  • I learned I could allow others to make me bitter if I let them.
  • It’s up to me to surround myself with people that are good for me and limit or cut out those that are bad for us. And it’s ok to make those choices and changes so long as it meets God’s requirements.
  • People don’t always want to see the truth or face it, especially if it is in writing. Verbal goes away with the clouds and vapor and is acceptable at the water cooler or dinner table but the same truthful info put in writings in a blog stay put and make people mad even though it’s the same information just in a different format – go figure.
  • When you expose the truth, the truth punishes you if you tell it in writing.
  • Stay strong. Sometimes the truth needs to be told. Sometimes it doesn’t. Learn which. Not sure if I really learned this one! True strength comes from God and from deep within. With His help and my blog, I can be my own shrink!
  • No good deed goes unpunished. Do it anyway and silently roll your eyes (or blog about it, lol).
  • It felt good to park my life’s frustrations and excitements in blog format. I felt like someone/anyone cares.
  • Being older makes you bolder. I know more now than I did then. I am more confident now and have earned the right to be.
  • People will let you do all the work if you let them – at church, at work, or wherever you are. You decide what you can do and do that. You don’t have to do it all.
  • It’s ok to say NO
  • You don’t have to say Sorry to everyone if it is not your fault.

Life Lessons Learned Age 51 to Present

  • I learned how to preserve many of my thoughts until it was time to speak them and I learned they will rattle off in perfect time when the time came to say them
  • I learned I’m responsible for my own reactions and not someone else’s.
  • It’s ok to set boundaries and let others know how you would like to be treated.
  • I can “unhook” myself from situations, thoughts, people if I need to and want to
  • I’ve learned that Forgiveness is harder than I thought and I’m not sure there are things I can ever totally forgive, but I’m constantly working on it. How do you forgive those that don’t change and keep on doing things/not doing things they should – especially when it’s hurtful or painful. Still working at it.
  • I can change my career after all these years and be totally ok with that even when I worked hard to obtain it all my life. When my life evolves into something I am no longer passionate about, it’s time to change. Leap at the chance to do so.
  • If your vision changes, allow your life to follow it. Hobbies change, passions change, life changes and we only get the one life.
  • One part of life morphs into another.
  • I am learning to vlog, learning my camera, and that makes me happy.
  • Old passions can still exist. My love for writing remains.
  • Time is more urgent and quickly fleeting on this side of life, planning and being mindful of it is more essential.
  • Five o’clock somewhere sometimes means mid afternoon if you see a favorite brewery.
  • Food can be really bad for you if it’s not the right kind.
  • Losing weight is easy with certain plans but it comes back and must be a lifestyle change but I can’t change my lifestyle to make it work, LOL . Not giving up.
  • Grandchildren are the most awesome things.
  • Best to question everything and take nothing at face value.
  • I cannot trust the agencies and institutions and people that I once used to trust.
  • Sometimes I’m confused about this world but that is ok. It’s fine. It’s gonna be ok.
  • God is the ultimate source of guidance to take the place.
  • My spouse doesn’t have to be perfect even though I prod him to be (and it helps he likes to cook) and I’m so glad we were friends first because we can so easily be friends now and that is important on this side of 50.
  • My spouse must really love me if he is still here, and forgives me daily, and accepts me for who I am.
  • Start the day with your own mind, and with scripture or prayer before hitting phone, social media, or conversing with another’s ideas/goals. Having time for one’s on thoughts is critical to start the day, have mid day, and end the day with. I’ve learned to pause to do so.
  • Career aspirations are just not all where it’s at.
  • You are never too old to try, to dream, to have goals.
  • A storm doesn’t have to be a bad thing.
  • Nature is beautiful most of the time.
  • Don’t take health for granted and keep trying.
  • No matter how old I am, I still like learning and exploring – one way or another. And I still have long term goals!
  • I want an RV and want to travel more. Life’s biggest mystery….will it happen?
  • Retirement is shockingly very close and that is not a bad thing. Looking forward to being able to see what that looks like.
  • Taking care of an elderly parent is harder and more time consuming than I thought it would be but I’m up for the task and will do a good job of it. Patience is key on BOTH parties. I think we are doing an ok job so far. Learning to give and take. Time is the main thing while working. It’s really hard to do what all we have done this year.
  • I know more of what Life Lessons look like now that I’m in this category. I am too old to remember many of the older categories.

Did you like this? You should do this too! Either in your head or legal pad or journal. What if you had to pick ten to share with someone. That would be hard.

My life has been good but it’s had some rough spots. Like most of you, I’ve had times when I made bad decisions but for the most part it turned out ok. I’ve always been a serious minded sort. I used to be sentimental and had to give that up as it’s too painful. There are some sides of you that you really have to guard. I know me well by now. I’ve responded lovingly when I’ve been loved, I’ve judged when I’ve been judged, I’ve been defensive when I’ve been critiqued and picked apart and I’ve learned to critique and pick apart myself – mainly because I’m inquisitive though as to why things are the way they are, why life is the way it is and why people act as they do. I’ve been in a lot of situations where I felt like I could never please, I feel sometimes others think I can never be pleased because of my constant desire for perfection. I always want my life to be better, whether it’s me or my surroundings. I somewhere took it seriously when I was told to believe in self improvement and to make my surroundings better. I grew up in a neat and tidy environment and mostly where the women took control of nearly everything and I inherited that essence. We are a strong line of magnolia women. We know what we want, when we want it, and how we want it. I try to battle that down sometimes, but it is what it is. I’ve butted heads often with males who don’t appreciate what a woman can do and how strong a woman can be. I’ve learned that a real man is one that can take and understand and appreciate that a woman can be strong but vulnerable. And he can love and protect her. I think George does that pretty good, but sometimes he has to be reminded, lol. And so having said all that is kinda the basis of what all I’ve learned in life. Let’s keep on learning!

Life Lessons 60 to ?????????

*So much more to learn*

Flooring is Scheduled, Doc Appts, Tests, and the Battle for Time

The BIG NEWs is that the flooring will be put down this Thursday and Friday. George said “yes” to the dates because he will be working from home Thursday and also Mom will be here Friday. I was shocked, I was planning to take off for whatever day they were coming but needed to be able to help set the timing. I had asked George not to schedule it for this week, but it is done and under control and I really don’t have to be involved. So it may be my turn when they come put the carpet in. The carpet was not in yet. But that is a good thing. We will be able to put stuff in the bedrooms then while they put the flooring down in other rooms.

I have spent ALL week after work moving glassware and breakable items from my two china cabinets into the sun room. I started Sunday night I think and then Monday night and then last night George was already moving all the wine bottles from our three wine racks. Yes we have three b/c George makes wine. Although he hasn’t made a batch in a while as our year has been so freaking busy. But he does have a batch going now and another one to do after that one. Summer is the best time of course because it is warm enough in the basement for it to ferment properly.

We moved a lot of stuff last night, even Mom tried to help but she is just not able to walk around and do much. It wears her out quickly and she has to sit. So tonight we’ll have a last night of moving stuff. And really there is not that much left. Another hour with George and I moving things we’ll have it ready to go where they can move the furniture. (We just move the stuff off of the furniture but there was a lot of that when you think of china cabinets, wine racks, liquor cabinet, plus all Mom’s 8 containers of food from her pantry sitting in our living room.)

You realize how dusty and nasty things become when you start moving things completely off shelves and out of the corners! Oh my gosh. I have just about quit dusting and vacuuming b/c it was a constant battle and time I didn’t have this year. I told Mom, “when you have poop on your floor, why dust?” She laughed. With an old dog and carpets – it just doesn’t mix. We will still have carpets in the bedrooms but usually that was not where we would have the issues and we can shut the bedroom doors easily when leaving or when we are home if we get a new puppy and need to.

I woke up at 1:30 a.m. and looked at vacuums on Amazon Monday night. That also made Mom laugh! It is kinda funny. Except that at 3:00 p.m. the next day you drink coffee and it still doesn’t work. lol

So Monday I took Mom to the heart doctor at Summit. That was an experience. Everyone was nice but whoever worked at the front desk didn’t come in and so the office wasn’t open. So much for trying to get an early appointment so it won’t impact work. What have they been saying about this next generation’s work ethic. That our world is in trouble. I believe you don’t have to say much. Don’t even have to give an opinion. Just look around and see who is working, who is showing up, who cares and who does not. Where are there openings? Everywhere! Actions speak louder than words. So there that doc office was with elderly people barely able to stand, all waiting in the hallway for the doors to open. Finally someone opened up the office and began checking people in. Even the doctor himself was up front for a while. I’ve NEVER seen that! What is it they say? “I’m so glad I work hard all day to pay taxes so you can stay home and watch Netflix?” Don’t get me started, they also say. I’ll stop here. Not everyone has a bad work ethic. My daughter is the next generation and she has an excellent work ethic so they are out there, but I’m just saying – this doc office was having an issue and it became our issue.

Finally got her in there and filled out her paperwork. She could not see to fill it out. And then they called me back to the back side of the office where they check out and make appointments. Mom had to have an Echocardiogram appointment and so they gave me the sheet to call to schedule that and then they scheduled a follow up in 2 months (only it’s more like 2.5 b/c we couldn’t get our schedules together) so they could go over the results. They said the most recent one looked like she had a leaky valve, where the valve was not closing properly. They may have to go back in and fix it (heart surgery). Mom says she is not having any surgery until after she moves in her house unless she just absolutely has an episode because she is not feeling any symptoms of it. They also have ordered two more prescriptions for her. I went and picked one up yesterday after work, after getting gas. I’m so glad I noticed I was almost on E (Empty).

So yesterday I made her Echo appt while on lunch break. I tried to get her primary care doctor set up but the one we picked is no longer taking Medicare patients and the one she wanted wasn’t taking on new patients anyway. That was the one close to our house which has been so nice for me and my own appointments. Of course Mom will be 15 min away so it won’t matter anyway – we’ll have to find her a doctor that takes her insurance and get an appointment. It’ll probably be the weekend at this point before I can get a chance to research it. Unless I can do it from work at lunch one day.

My schedule is unreal – there is almost no time for anything but work, make appointments, do home chores, do what everyone needs, eat, go to bed. I DID manage to watch two YouTube shows last night but had to stay up past my normal bedtime to do it.

Then again at 1:30 in the morning I woke up. I think my mind is just not getting time to process stuff so I wake up in the middle of the night so my mind can think. God pops stuff into it. Like we have a 30 year anniversary coming up! Or is it 29. Surely it’s not 30 yet I thought. But 30 it is! We’ve not planned anything special and likely won’t get to this year. I was thinking by year end, when I do the Year End Review, it is going to be unbelievable what all we have done this year. And I feel every bit of it whatever “it” is! lol

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So work….my other big concern was getting the quarter end returns all filed and was given the data to work on it- I think Friday afternoon about time to go home. I was hoping to have had it last Thurs or Friday to work on it on my lighter days as most of the week I do payroll related activities especially Mon – Thurs a.m. So now that it is the last week of the month I’m having to RUSH through payroll stuff, work longer hours and yadayada, which is fine, but I’m just hoping there is enough time to get it all done. So naturally worried about that. Sometimes those folks who don’t have a good work ethic – at least they must be worry free. I on the other hand fret over every little thing wanting to meet the goals of my department and company. Sometimes you have to take life as it gives it and do the best you can. I have just prayed this week and will do what it takes to get it done, despite not really having had a good opportunity (meaning “time”) to do it. But what else is it they say “it is what it is” — I actually hate that phrase as I’ve said it so much in my work career over things you can’t control.

But it’s all good. My life is just one crazy TARTFART – that is just what came out of my mouth. I don’t know why. It just sounds about right! LOL LOL LOL

I was thinking if you put your life into a pattern what would it look like? LOL Yes, I actually think of such things!!!!!

I want it to look like these:

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But my life is more like this:

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And I better get on with it and try to knock out a bunch of payroll stuff so I can get to the quarter end stuff and have half a chance. My challenges this week are finding time to make all these appointments, worried about work, worried about being off for all Mom’s appointments and finding time for mine, lol! And now getting the flooring but that is strawberries on the ice cream and we have about got that whooped until it’s time for the carpet. Just relieved they are not doing it all at once so we have places to put things from some of the rooms while they do the other rooms. TIME is just the biggest challenge. It always has been. I don’t mind helping Mom, don’t mind working, but I am looking forward to having some down time whenever we can figure out how to get that worked in. 🙂 Just genuinely concerned about getting it all on the calendar and having something – anything left!

So what are YOUR Challenges this week?

Burgers, Babies, and a few Yahoos!

Good morning, as I type this, although it may be afternoon while reading! It is Friday! TGIF! It’s been a quick little minute of a week! Packed with lots of work and a little bit of fun aside in the small crannies of time when we are not working.

We took Mom to get a burger Wednesday night. She eats a LOT of burgers during the week normally but is not driving up here. So I try to figure out how to make her world more normal. She and Fancy would go out and “get a burger”. Fancy got her own – not the bread but just the patty. Fancy couldn’t go this time though as we were going in and sitting down inside the restaurant. We chose a restaurant that we could be served – Burger Republic. I love that place! It’s been good EVERY time we have been. And it’s nice to get a good side salad with a burger instead of fries. They have a gluten free bun but I got the regular one this time.

George and I also enjoyed a Calfkiller beer. I couldn’t tell you right now which one it was, some kind of lager. It had a good taste. We have been to Calfkiller brewery before a few years ago- near Sparta, TN but it’s a ways out and a good day trip. As for the name – well – named after the Calfkiller River. Then you’d have to research that one. What a name huh? The beer was very smooth and pleasant. I sipped mine.

Guess who had his 6 month check up and shots? She is keeping him entertained. He LOVES and NEEDS to be entertained. He loves to eat and keep busy!

We got to face time him at his dinner last night. Katy fed him fruits and greens. She said “watch his face when I give him peas”. He made a horrible face and spit it out. She has to mix his fruits with the greens to get it down.

There was a retirement party at work yesterday. It was the first time we had been able to eat and gather together in our break room in a year and half. It was nice. We still had box lunches though and not buffet. It was Panera’s box lunches. Pretty good!

Then at home last night we had pork chops and Mom made an awesome banana pudding. I was about to take a pic of it but Mom had already dipped hers out so I didn’t take a pic. Nobody wants to see half eaten pudding. So you will have to use your imagination. That said, it was really good. Nobody was eating the bananas bought so Mom made the pudding.

Weight Loss Encouragement

I still have my 5 lbs of fat I ordered from Amazon. I think it’s important to realize just how much fat you lose when you lose 5 lbs or any number of lbs. I saw this yesterday on social media and thought it would be good to share. So it kindof gives you some perspective and makes you want to try harder.

We have really been eating well and probably more since Mom has been here. So something has to give. We have more breakfasts on the weekend and eat more meals, and taking leftovers for lunch that are more fattening. It’s all been good but I need to be careful and cut back some. It’s just been kinda like a celebration though – now that the BIG MOVE is over. We have been eating a lot of favorite foods and sharing the joy of our favorite meals with Mom and hers with us.

All that said, we have Corned Beef and Cabbage coming this weekend. And going out for Taco Tuesday at a new place in town —you guessed it —next Tuesday. lol

Mom’s House Build Update

The wood came in finally. It was late. So I think we are a week behind schedule – maybe two. They told Mom they were putting extra crew on it to get it back on schedule. We’ll see. They do have a timeline though and it is a domino impact with all the ones being built down the line. So they were to begin framing the house this week. So exciting!

Looking at the chart here, we are three months away from closing. I’m thinking it’ll be behind that schedule but we will see what happens. Maybe by Thanksgiving or Christmas.

It’s looking like our holidays will be busy! But one thing is for sure – on THIS MOVE, there IS NO TIMELINE! Mom will be anxious to get in there and we’ll help her get there as quick as possible – making it livable. I told her I’d stay over a bit on some weekend nights to plump and perty her up! But again there is no timeline on this end of things.

We will have to have enough time to do some shopping and prep for Christmas.

A List of Yahoos!

  • We get to go look at flooring tomorrow! YESSSSSSSSSS!
  • Today is Friday and we are going to eat pizza tonight! (Not working on losing those 5 lbs just yet!)
  • I finished reading the New Testament this year already. Reading the books of the Bible backwards. I’m in Amos now in the OT. Started in Jan I think. Only 2 chapters a day. Very doable! Try it! Every morning I journal a prayer of thanks and needs, worries, requests, and then read my 2 chapters. It really sets my day off right!
  • I have been able to work on the next video – every other morning – doing voice overs and editing mainly, music is next.
  • I found 5 minutes to stick a few puzzle pieces in.
  • Made reservations for Mom’s birthday.
  • I’ve been reading a book on the Kindle app of my phone at night, lol. It’s called “The Next Wife”, author last name of Rouda. A simple read and very easy to read without much thought, but one that has me very hooked! Page turner.
  • Also booted out an audio book I was struggling through and began “Where the CrawDads Sing. It’s really good so far.” Making me look forward to drive time.
  • I have a chunk done on my to do list. I’m at the point where I can work on the gravy now! That makes me happy.
  • The weekend is pretty open. We will manage to keep busy but it’s a good busy!


And it usually does.

Ya’ll have a Good Friday. I’m working on Quarter End after my normal Friday duties are done, if there are no employee payroll issues (odds are good this week there will be) but we will do the best we can and then the weekend begins! Whatcha doing today yourself?

See ya’ll sometime on the weekend. Lord Willing’ and the creeks don’t rise. They might, rains coming!