Time Saving Tips for Self-Care While Caring for Aging Parent

Happy Saturday morning everyone! Several of you have asked how I manage to get so much done in a small amount of time. I often do not think I get ENOUGH done but I sat down and came up a list of things that have helped me to shave time and to self-care while taking care of Mom’s needs. You can watch the video here.

It was a shock to my life when we started all this. I didn’t know what to expect or how much time it would take being in charge of another person’s calendar, schedule, groceries, errands, household needs, and appointments, and now finances. But we are making it work somehow. I’m sharing what is working for me.

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Time-saving tips while care giving an aging parent.

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  1. As always a great film. I do enjoy watching your expressions etc. I think you are amazingly organized…even if you don’t realise it sometimes…..I unfortunately have not got parents now so they don’t need my time. Although Mum did for a few years before she died, however she and I lived together and I was retired by that time so I found it quite easy and I thanked God for giving me the opportunity to take care of her, (but often had to remind myself how well she had looked after me when I was in need…). One thing I wondered about when listening today was how every day you felt you had to have a change of clothes ? I’m sure when I worked I only changed maybe once in the week and I had to travel to work on public transport for 40 mins each morning and again coming home in the evening…so don’t remember getting dirty enough to have to wash. Mum had a saying…
    “The washing is worse than the wearing”. Meaning clothes wore out more by washing than wearing so to save time and money don’t wash quite so often !!…..Anyway love I think you do a great job. Oh another thing just popped into my head, why don’t you book Fancy in for her next trim before you leave having picked her up…or book the same day time every month ? Have a great week ahead. Take time for you and George Dexter and Maddie. ❤️

    • I guess here in the states we change every day. Especially in the South. It gets hot, sticky, and stinky real quick.

      We did have Fancy scheduled and the lady broke her arm and then had to quit. They were able to reschedule all but the August appt. At the salon they wouldn’t let us schedule more than three months out. But they finally let me do it the day I called. Getting a Saturday appointment is hard in these parts.

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