Another MLM Company and Father’s Day Weekend

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It was a very productive “reset” of a weekend. I did get a lot of sleep time in. And was able to make some progress in cleaning the house, get orders done, celebrate Father’s Day, get groceries, church and get Mom out of the house. And joined another Multiple Level Marketing club. But only as a customer.

First of all I got the Amazon orders done, ordering Mattie a new bed as she has pretty much scratched the other one to pieces. I washed her blankets. I wanted to give her a bath but decided the best time is while we are showering, so we’ll do that next weekend. It’s uncomfortable for me to bend over the tub to bather her that way. So we’ll have to just do it while showering. Best to have one of us to hand her off to for drying. Next weekend likely.

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Another Multiple Level Marketing Club: What Have I Done?

I spent a chunk of Saturday ordering from a company (Melaleuca) that manufactures and sells cleaning products, beauty products, some healthy items, vitamins, supplements, and so forth after watching a video a friend sent over. And since there is no middle man (referral only) they pay you cash back. It’s a club. They had it to where you could join for $1. And get $100 back in products over the first few months. So I did it. But then you have to order so many points worth to get the money back. You can save money if you use the products though. I think it was about $150 dollars that I spent buying cleaning products, beauty products, laundry products, and personal products. And then I got $20 to use on my order. And then also they credited the shipping back to my account to use in products for next month too. We were just about out of everything anyway. And I ordered a new mopping system.

The products are American made, and have safe ingredients that are not harmful. The whole thing reminded me of a modern day Amway only you get rewarded and get money back for your next purchase. There is also a Market link that you can shop other retailers and get deals and money back that way too.

In order for me to continue to use this though it will have to provide the following:

  • Be cost effective in the long run
  • Not cost me extra money in the short run nor the long run. If I only need product A I don’t have to buy product B and C too to save money. That is not saving me anything. Already I spent more yesterday than I would have at the store or online.
  • Products have to be something I like and convenient to when I want to purchase them.
  • Products have to be easy to use. I don’t want to have to be mixing up product with water etc all the time. I wanna grab and go.
  • Products have to be good and do what they say they will do. And be great. I don’t want to settle just to be in a club.
  • I don’t want to feel like I’m in a box and have to order just from them to be able to save
  • I don’t want to pay shipping EVER. And I don’t want to have to spend extra to save on shipping costs. I did that yesterday because I was already so close. But I still had to pay for it and they gave me the credit back. That kinda made me mad because I don’t want to pay for shipping up front and then get credit, so that is already a ding with me.

I said I was not going to do MLM anymore but here I am trying it out. We’ll see. I’ll let you know. I signed up to get referral credits, but I’m not selling it. I don’t want to get all cooped up in that again. I could see yesterday the deeper I got into the more ifs, ands, buts, and rules there were. lol But we’ll see. I am not one that likes to be restricted and don’t like having a bunch of rules and quotas. But with Target pressing propaganda to our kids and not handling that issue well, I’m starting to trade with them less. So I will try this out and see if “It works for me”. I’m not working for IT!

I’m not opposed to MLM from a selling standpoint as it’s paying a person instead of the middleman, but I’m just over the concept I guess of the “secretive”, “you are missing out”, “influencer”, “get rich”, “live your best life” type of propaganda. Just be real. If you have to be secretive and the products can’t sell themselves, then something is wrong. So we shall see.

Also, something that is so good, why does it have such a strange name? No wonder they don’t tell anyone about it. lol People be like, whuttttt?

Maybe it will arrive and I’ll be like “umm this is the best thing ever”. But I am not going to throw my money into something so the top people can take elaborate vacations and brag about it on social media. Period. Nuff said. Tribe spoken, and all that.

Father’s Day Weekend Adventures

We ate out with our neighbors/friends at Thai Samurai. Oh my gosh what flavors. It was great.

We also made a grocery run with Mom after church and after Firehouse Subs. We went to Al’s in Lebanon and bought a few things. Mainly fresh fruit and veggies. I came home and chopped up some stuff for each of us to take to work – celery, carrots, cucumber. Our counters are so messy with stuff sitting around. But it’s our grab and go, and do it quick lifestyles, that make it kinda necessary.

I changed up the cookbooks in the back ground to match the summer vibes and give us some ideas for cooking.

Well, I did so much in the house yesterday. Saturday I spent my day with that club, picking out things and it really hampered my plans on my to do list. I was mad at myself for that. So I had to end up “working” in the house on Sunday. I had been planning on using Sunday for light things taking into consideration God’s plan for having a day of rest. But it was not to be.

I washed the living room curtains, ironed, finished laundry, vacuumed the house, cleaned the kitchen, chopped veggies for work, cleaned and dusted my office. Ordered some things for Mom, checked on my sister.

I didn’t get to do much personally that I wanted to do but I did get my video set up to edit this week. This next one you will see Maddie.

Now I will need to add her to the intro, lol! Maybe I will just do another one. We’ll see.

Better get ready and get to work!

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  1. Oh my gosh that was a lot to have to spend on cleaning stuffs etc. I’m sure I wouldn’t be spending that in a year !! However I hope you find everything comes up good and it’s been good value no doubt time will tell….I’ve never heard of that sort of thing over here…..It was good thought that you fitted so much into your two free .. days. LOL
    Hope work will be good for you this week.. take care. X

  2. I save alot of money at Walgreens. They run good sales on paper products and cleaning supplies. Then I get cash rewards back.
    Sounds like you did get alot done. Good for you.

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