American Made Cleaning Products and Mean Spirited Comments

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Interesting topics for sure today about American Made cleaning products and a few mean spirited comments. What an assortment of topics! lol. Here we go.

Very Behind this Week on Everything

I’m among the living! It’s just been a really busy week for some reason. I caught up from vacation last week but for whatever reason (mainly due to others not doing what they were supposed to) really delayed payroll this week. Then there were other payroll issues, things that cropped up that I’d never seen before. So I got behind on Tuesday then I had a crown put in this morning at the dentist and so I got a 3 hour late start today at work when I was already behind. Hopefully tomorrow I will catch up. But critical things were handled for today. I work on critical things in the morning.

World Bible School has been behind too. I didn’t get finished grading yesterday. I forgot when I got home and dove into video editing. I apologized to God later. I think He forgave me. There were just like 12 lessons suddenly in one day. I only have time for about six at lunch and I forgot I wasn’t finished. So I worked on it while waiting at the dentist today. And again at a quick lunch today I finally finished God’s work.

My American Made Cleaning Products Came in this Week.

A lot of things I’ve ordered came in this week. Here’s what all I got from the American made manufacturing company that makes these products. The spray bottles are empty because the products come concentrated. You add water into the bigger size along with the small bottle of concentrate. The Melatonin sleep spray was from Amazon though. It just happened to be there.

I also bought a couple of organizing tubs to put under the kitchen sink to house things in that I can just lift up if needed. It will make it easier to find things when I stoop over. I can just bring the whole container up and get what I want out of it. I hope it works. If not I’ll use the container somewhere else.

I also ordered some smaller organizing containers for the hallways shelves to organizing things with. I have a lot of categories of things to house there. I’m going to be working on that project this weekend (Saturday) and attempt to film it. So stay tuned.

It has been cloudy and rainy all week, but you know what? I kinda like that. I’d rather have a rainy summer than a hot summer. I’ll take it.

An Awesome Pic of Daddy in His Office

I found this pic in my album on Facebook. It’s Daddy in his office at the house where I grew up. Seeing this reminds me so much of me. I forgot how he loved to spend time in his home office. Just like me. I get my writing from his Momma, my Mam-ma. But I guess I learned to be passionate and love “office time” from him. I also like my office time at work. So I’m just an office person I guess. lol. Good thing I like it because I’m on the computer all the time. I don’t remember that typewriter, but I do remember the first computer.

So What about those Mean-Spirited Comments?

So I’m kinda glad I’ve been busy as it kept me from sinning. lol. There were some comments made on my YouTube channel and on my personal Facebook page on a video post by a family member basically saying unkind things, calling me a liar, and just being quite frankly being mean spirited as an attack on me and my character.

I am happy to say that I did not call the person and blow up which is the modeled behavior I’ve witnessed a lot of and how I used to handle things. And I think I would have played into their hands if I had.

Some People Like This Survive on Negative Energy

I don’t know about this person, or if I do I won’t say it here. But….People like this tend to like stirring up this kind of energy. It makes them feel important and alive and in control. Kind of odd but that is what the therapists say. That did not come from me. They always say they don’t like boundaries and it makes them mad and to expect push back over it. But those type of people, if the shoe fits, have to get over the fact that there are other people in the world besides themselves. This person has no choice but to accept it or continually be aggravated by her own thoughts.

But I self-parented myself and just tattled to God over it and am happy that I have had some training on how to handle this type of behavior recently, along with God’s leading/teaching, and some therapy. I’m happy to say that I was able to laugh and let it roll off.

So I don’t think this is considered gossip since the person posted it for all to see in her own name and I’m not saying who it was here. If she didn’t want it public she wouldn’t have publicized it on those pages, but anyway this just shows what all I go through I guess. I didn’t have to do a thing to show it. People often let their true nature be seen. God gets the revenge. Not me.

My guess is it was a “deflection” I suppose toward the video topic. There was not anything in the video that should have been offensive unless of course one is harboring guilt over something and not wanting to face that and deflecting it back on me. I wouldn’t know about that though and it’s not my concern. It’s not my issue. I don’t know a person’s inward heart but I can see the outward result from it. And yesterday I saw “hate” coming out from the comment and it was very sad. I just wondered what my other family members not longer with us, would have said. It made me more sad than mad. I was glad it didn’t make me mad. For once I felt pity. I can’t change people like this and just really attempt to avoid people that act like this.

In the last video, I just wanted to share all my ways that I’ve tried to make the situation better so that we handle my mother’s needs as we handle our own lives too. I don’t need to defend myself, as I know my heart what I meant in the video and so does God. I also was very clear in the video about making sure I was doing the right things, being mindful of the needs, trying to fit everyone’s desires in, confessing and repenting of our human failures where we fall short. But I suppose none of those things were heard.

I wish people today in these end times could just experience love, and gratitude, and be a little more understanding and unselfish. But this type of individual will never see things your way and would just accuse you of being selfish yourself. You can never win. They turn everything you say around you. And they don’t know how to negotiate is it’s their way or no way. They won’t even accept that you might have an opinion of your own.

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All I want to do is be able to see my dogs and enjoy some time at home with spouse for a few hours of the weekend, while helping to take care of a parent’s needs, and keep our own house up. If the needs are that great and not being met, in that fashion, then it’s time for assisted living or some other type of leveled up care.

So why try to fix anything? People won’t ever change. Their view point won’t. I gave up a long time ago. I’ll be glad to answer questions and explain if asked, but otherwise, I’ve basically just given up. I just do what God tells me to. And that is all I can do. Because I have already learned that I cannot please people like this, no one has been able to for any period of time, and several people have already left the scene because they couldn’t handle the pressure put upon them.

Ironically, I was proud of the person this past few weeks on some things and some positive behavior and was going to suggest we get together to do a few things, but after slamming me, completely threw that idea out the window. Am I a glutton for punishment? Nope. So forget that.

I’m glad God is able to handle the pressure. I just give it to Him. If there is anything that He and I need to work out with my own heart, we do that. But only God can work in some of the hearts of the others. I don’t know what to do for them. He has to deal with them. I’m done. Tribe spoke and all that. Washed my hands of their heart. It’s totally on them.

And that is all I have for today. I am off to edit the next video which includes Maddie!

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  1. Hi Sonya, As I type this it’s 6.45am. You will hopefully still be asleep. Hope it’s a good sound sleep….Anyway I’ve just got to say how proud of you I am. I have seen such an improvement in the way you react to adverse comments. The short time you spent doing that therapy thing ( sorry can’t think what it was called !!). It has been hard I know but you must feel so much better…..I hope ! Looking forward to seeing wee Maddie at the weekend. And of course big Dexter LOL and even daft George who always makes me smile with his antics LOL. Till then hope work gets better till the weekend. God Bless

  2. Don’t let the mean spirited comments shut you down. Raise above! That is what I hope t do with the reviews, some will be good and some not so good.

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