Making Pasta Salad, New Dog Video, and Table Decor

Good morning. Well, here’s the video where I make a non-traditional pasta dish that was so flavorful by using beef broth instead of tomato sauce. Also footage of us meeting our new dog, Maddie, for the first time, and putting together the table for our holiday. I hope you enjoy it. It’s been a fast and busy week.

You can watch the video here. If you have not subscribed, be sure to so you won’t miss the videos. Have a great weekend! What YOU doing this weekend? I’m cleaning today and will video the hall closet redo. We went to an 80’s party last night and I will share some pics of that tomorrow. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Great Vlog as always. Starting at beginning I do love your new nail colour, think it looks better than you had on before…then your hair, I think it’s been cut really well this time. I love that you’re letting the grey show through. I think that the colour our Lord gives us is the colour that suits us why should we go change it. I personally love grey hair I think it makes us actually look younger not older. I think it’s just that we have been made to think of grey as being dull whereas other colours look bright ? I can’t see it. There is a lady I know who insists in colouring her hair black and she certainly looks old trying to look young LOL…bet if she just let her hair go grey she would be so pretty. Wee Maddie is just a delight and I keep praying Dexter and her will get on ok so that they can become good company for each other…loved seeing how excited Dexter got at the dog park ! Your dinner party decoration was great and I know you all had a lovely time….Roll on the next Vlog…..oh forgot to mention your pasta recipe looked interesting. I’ve never seen that kind of beef stock over here though….but I suppose our beef bistro gravy might act the same…I will have a try next time we are having pasta….Thanks again. Night Night. God Bless xx

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