Back to the Eighties and a Closet Reorganization

Started off the weekend with a little eighties party and ended up doing a major closet reorganization for the rest of the weekend. A little fun, a lotta work!

Our neighbors invited us to their Eighties Birthday Bash. What great fun! This was Friday night. I went to GoodWill and bought disco tights and glitter tennis shoes. I made some leg warmers out of George’s old tube socks. I also made wrist bands. And I tied a lace bow in my hair like Madonna. For once I cracked George up, lol. I put on LOTS of makeup.

I wish I had this t-shirt when I was growing up. But I’m proud to have it as an adult. I loved snoopy. And the message would have been perfect as a teen, lol.

We had just enough time to “preview” the video that went live on Saturday morning. If you missed it you can watch it here.

Weekend Closet Reorganization

Oh it’s been needing this for a long time. I guess I don’t have before pics. Sorry. I do in video format, but no pics of before. It was so cluttered, you couldn’t find anything and everything was just thrown in there. It was organized over a year ago or sometime before we got Dexter. Then I needed mop and towels and such back there and it just got crowded. I decided to buy some bins to put things in and then label them so I’d be easy to guide yourself to the right place.

It really is amazing how many bottles of hand sanitizer I have – and eye glasses cleaner sprays. I have so many travel soaps and lotions and specialty smell good soaps that I have collected. I don’t need any more of all that. Most of the travel soaps were from hotels through the years.

Here’s the top part of the closet. I got that part done this afternoon.

It feels so good to get this done. I’m so happy with it.

I also made spaghetti last night. So it was a busy day. I also did the laundry – several loads and cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. I also video’d Saturday (and some of Friday night).

The weekend has been busy that is for sure. I was busy working, cleaning, cooking yesterday and we finished watching a movie called Soul Surfer. I recommend this if you have not seen it. We watched it over a couple of nights. I think we started it Thursday. It was really good and has Helen Hunt and Dennis Quaid and Carrie Underwood. It was made in 2011 of all things, but we are just now seeing it. I loved it. It has a good message. I had never heard of it.

We went to church this morning. Mom called out around 7 or so saying she was not up to par.

We had some stuff happen last week (aka drama) so I had predicted she was not going to go today. It was just a guess. It was also going to storm today. So numerous reasons for her not to want to go. We have a cycle of “stuff” we go through – especially the week(s) after we travel after we’ve interrupted the normal schedule. I’m getting attuned to said cycle and very good at predicting what is to happen. I myself had a very peaceful week. I just tried to put trust in God and let Him call the shots and figure things out. I’ve said long before, I’m kinda “done” with a lot of “stuff” so I just let Him deal with it. It’s been nice.

A Surprising Find

Guess what I found at Publix? Beach Rose! It was very dry but crisp and yet refreshing drink. We had it in Panama City. Katy and I loved it. So George said get it. I did!

George also made Scotch Eggs for us. It’s a boiled egg with sausage around it, fried. He might have done it in the air fryer. Not sure. It’s dipped in a dijon mustard sauce. Very good.

Family Face Time and Random Things

Can you see George and I in the bottom right corner? We watched River eat dinner tonight.

He is learning to use the potty these days. He has successfully done so a few times.

I spent the afternoon cleaning up my office, after I finished the closet. I have set a few July goals to keep me focused.

I don’t want to be too set to focus though on July. It’s quarter end month starting this Wednesday after I close payroll (the last payroll of the quarter). I won’t have much time this month. But I do have a few things I want to do. Half the year is past and I want to reflect on what I’ve done and what I need to do. I need to move forward on some different goals I have for the last half of the year ( as a part of my annual goals). I need to infuse some goals into my iPhone to do list so it gets on my radar.

So, I’m going to quit typing. Dinner is almost ready. I’m not hungry anymore since we had that scotch egg. It was very filling. I mean that was like eating a whole breakfast.

Anyway, over and out. What did you do this weekend?

8 responses to “Back to the Eighties and a Closet Reorganization”

  1. Oh my Sonya, what a great weekend you surely have had. I’m so pleased for both you and George. I LOVE the photo of you both it brought a big grin to my face!! It’s such fun for you both to let your hair down….As for your cupboard tidy…well it’s looking fantastic, I can hardly believe you hang on to so much. ( I’m one of these folks that buy things just before I need them usually having only one extra as I don’t like to run out of things ). Other than my food cupboard where I admit to having it full of tins of food etc etc…..
    My weekend has been very quiet it’s been very hot and even worse humid. I love nice warm even hot weather but humidity just about kills me. I find it even more difficult to breathe and being humid it’s even not comfortable sitting out. However I have been able to sit out in the evening when it got a bit cooler. It’s been great reading out till after 9 ….
    Hope your week runs better than you expect and 1/4 end is not as hard as usual. Take care. God Bless xx

    • I think much of the closet had been collected over time and much of it gifted. Some stock from Covid or sale. Some bought because we didn’t know we already had it lol. I think there were 5 cans of air freshener and about that many disinfectant sprays! lol

  2. You and George did good on your costumes. I like the tennis shoes.
    Your new little dog is cute as can be. Poor Dexter doesn’t know what to think of her. The way he looks at her is funny. He has such expressive eyes.
    I too worked on closet and cleaning out my bedroom. It is a job for sure.
    We have been watching Joe Pickett a series. It is very exciting, one never knows what is gong to happen form week to week. Your little grandson is growing up so fast. It will be much easier once he is potty trained.
    It is a beautiful sunny day here. It rained for five days last week

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