Just Hanging Out: Life, Weather, Dogs, Plans for the 4th

Doggie Updates

Hey guys! All is well here on the Homefront. The week is passing by fast. I have been trying to fit as much in to the week as I can. I am lucky if I can find a few minutes to stay awake and read right before bed.

We pretty much are caught up from vacation at work and at home. Now just the normal schedule of every day life, fitting Maddie in (forgive me if I switch between Mattie and Maddie when typing – it really should be Maddie as in Madelyne and I’m trying to remember how we spell it).

She and Dexter get along pretty well. Sometimes Dexter gets a little too excited and it freaks her out. But we keep her cage open and she can hide behind things too. It’s still hard in places that Dexter and I would hang together – like the den chair and the bed. Dexter, is still pretty jealous at times. I try to stop and love on him and it seems to soothe him. He closes his eyes and takes it all in. It both breaks my heart and warms my heart at the same time. He is mainly sleeping with George now but will surprise me some and come back and sleep with me. Not much and I miss him. I’ve not yet allowed Maddie to sleep with me. Just in the room with me. I’m afraid I won’t sleep good with a 4:30 a.m. alarm call. But we’ll see. It’s all a work in progress.

Maddie is such a sweet little girl. I feel like life has been a little overwhelming lately. So much so and so many levels that all one can do is really just get up and give it to God every day. And that has made things relatively easy with less worries.

Who is in Control here? Not us!

I think He (God) has made it very clear that under NO circumstances are ANY of Us in control ever. Not Mom, not George, not Me, no one in my family. Why fight it?He simply allows us to follow within the coloring lines that He has set for us as His children. Time is short. We are just in this world for a moment and He has plans. So I’m trying to swim in the lanes He provided and while I do have ideas of my own and still have a bit of my own kingdom, He seems to be delighting in that and allowing that as long as I pray over it first.

So how are things really? Well, a family member is not well. I’ll post more on that later. Now is not the time. It’s not me, nor George, nor Katy or Cody or Little Roo. But it’s given lots of dark shadows to my thoughts. Still I know that God is in charge.

Our neighbor’s son is improving dramatically from an aneurysm. I didn’t mention exactly what was happening but we were pretty upset about that. And even so, our neighbors kept Maddie for us while on vacation as they had promised. Bless them. So much going on for them and they did this for us anyway. It helped that Maddie is a sweet distraction but they had to give their dog to someone to keep for the few days while they kept our dog. We are so appreciative. We keep them in our prayers and their son improves daily. I tell you. Sometimes neighbors and friends become like family. And that is a good thing.

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Coffee, Weather, and all THAT!

The coffee is good this morning. I may go get a 2nd cup now as opposed to taking a to go cup with me. As for the weather though. The air quality was horrible yesterday. It’s messing with my sinuses. George got the mowing done. I got my video done and the kitchen cleaned and the dogs fed. The heat warnings start today and then soon several days of rain. I will take the rain over the heat but the flooding is not good either. So hopefully all will be well.

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Plans for the 4th of July

We are looking forward to the fourth. However, we are not doing anything but staying home. I have a long day Monday of payroll closing and we will take Mom out on Monday night for a meal out. We normally feed her on the holidays at the house and I don’t want to take that away from her. But we’ll take her out to eat Monday night as a compromise and then George and I just want a relaxing day Tuesday of doing nothing but staying home and enjoying the day. It falls in the middle of the week and we don’t want to make a big splash of plans for the day. So relaxing sounded good. I plan to do some reading and writing and less “doing”. Holidays are the only days I can work in extra things like that. I’m going to write in Little Roo’s grandma book and read some, plan some, do my bucket list for summer into fall. And all that.

I can’t believe it is almost Friday. Fancy has a trim this weekend and I think we are having lunch with friends on Sunday after church. Then if Mom has extra errands we can do that then. She has a line up of places she wants to go and I don’t have a line up of time to take her to these places. So we’ll do some Saturday and some Sunday. Actually I think George may be the one to take her to do stuff Sunday. I forget whose Sunday it is. I don’t really have a weekend anyway since I’m gone Saturday doing Mom’s stuff. So that is why the 4th will be important. I’ll be trying to catch up.

I haven’t been frustrated about not getting things done. I have mainly just been going with the flow. It’s been peaceful at times even though everyone and everything seems to be going mad around us. I suppose that is God’s spirit He sends us to aid, comfort, and guide. That is a gift from baptism (emersion) according to God’s word. And I feel it this week.

Oh, took the dogs to get their shots, flea/tick meds, and heart worm meds, and Maddie is on the schedule to get fixed and chipped in August. Busy times as always.

Video will be live on Saturday at 7:00 just have to do the thumbnail for that. Ya’ll have a beautiful weekend. How is the weather in your area? Any plans for the 4th?

6 responses to “Just Hanging Out: Life, Weather, Dogs, Plans for the 4th”

  1. I can see the jealousy and hurt in Dexter’s eyes. He is use to being an only dog in the house. And getting all the attention. I hope him and little Maddie ,ale friends.,I am glad you are still loving on him and let him know he is still your big baby.
    Enjoy your 4th of July. I have been really sick this past week. I went to Dr. Tuesday. I got some med s and can tell they are helping some. My Dr .kind of shocked me when I saw him. He had a big cut on his nose. Looked horrible! he had fifteen stiches. He had a place on his nose the size of an eraser he said and it was skin cancer. They had to cut all around the place to try and get it all.
    I hate that for him and hope they got it all. Reminded me to use sunscreen.
    The smoke from the wildfires is awful. Hope they get rain or get the fires under control in Canada.

    • Oh wow. Yes. I try to wear sunscreen too. I had an interview once where a guy came in with his entire nose bandaged. I felt so bad for him and it was hard to concentrate. It unnerved everyone I introduced him too. The looks on their unexpected faces! Yes Dexter has surprised me with his human emotions. He acts like he’s mad at me. It hurts my feelings lol. We will figure it out. I will keep giving him love.

      • yes, air quality is code red. Which is unhealthy to breathe. I guess I need to order another clean air machine. Yes I think Dexter is a bit mad. Dogs do have emotions just like we do..

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