New Dog, Yard Sale Haul, and Time with Family

Good morning! Happy Saturday! Busy weekend here! But here’s the video for this Saturday. You can watch it here. We see family, pack for our trip, and enjoy life with the new dog, Maddie.

Have a blessed Saturday everyone! Much love!

4 responses to “New Dog, Yard Sale Haul, and Time with Family”

  1. I love your yard sale finds. You really got some steals. Those tops look brand new.
    Maddy looks like she fits right in to the family.
    Happy 4th of July.

  2. What great finds at your yard sale…such bargains. I liked everything your tops are great I think you suited the pink very much, indeed as I was looking at things as you put them on I was nodding my head and smiling but the pink one had an extra smile and nod as I thought Oh Sonya you really suit that one. Wasn’t quite so sure of I think it was the second last one the kind of mustard colors…the table runner was a fantastic buy. I just wish we had such things as yard sales around here. We have car boot sales but usually on a Sunday and that’s church day so we rarely get to them anyway they are never close by….I just love wee Maddie who could resist her cute wee face she obviously loves you. But then so does dear Dexter, just a pity he is so much bigger and therefore not so easy to cuddle etc…but I’m glad they have settled in together without getting to jealous….Thanks for a great video and comments..
    Roll on next week. Hope the week to come brings time for you to rest….God Bless

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