Making Maddie Official and Snuggling During the Storms

The calendar has turned. July is here. Typically July and August have not been my favorite months, mainly because of the hot and humid air that settles into our area. But I’m trying to make the most of it. It’s kinda like January and February on the flip side. Much like the first of the year, I try to make July as a “reset month”, reviewing goals, realigning to goals, reflecting, and planning. Above is my work calendar for payroll. (My personal one is week by week). This year, just like all years do, is flying by.

Making Maddie Official

All four of us got in the car to go get Maddie a tag and collar. She will wear her harness on longer walks but we wanted a regular collar so we could put her tag and name on it. Of course her appointment to get fixed and also chipped comes in August and that is what will really make it official.

Since we were out we stopped by Aldi and George ran in and got us some pizza for dinner. Trying to be a little more frugal. Much cheaper to bake our own. Not as good as eat out/take out/delivery pizza but it was pretty good for us since we’d not had pizza for a bit.

Friday Night Bites and a Cozy Movie Night

After the Friday night pizza, we set in to watch some shows. We tried to watch Flight Attendant but the movie was digitally having some issues. (Finally got it to work last night though).

The last two days it has stormed badly. Especially Friday night. It lasted a long time Friday night. We were all cozy inside. We are working with the dogs in their “getting along” on the beds and sofas and chairs. Dexter submits, bless him. She is going to be alpha dog for sure. Her bark and leaps at him amazes him and he doesn’t know what to think of it. He wants badly to get along with her and he wants to play. She too wants to play but then chickens out and will bark and leap at him. At this moment she did not growl at him. She is trying too but not as hard. Once he was on his feet again, she growled. lol

Saturday’s Outing with Mom

Mom and I went to Cracker Barrel and had an amazing breakfast. She bought mine for taking her out. We took Fancy and dropped her off for her trim first. But look at the Breakfast Benny that Cracker Barrel now has. It was so good. It was egg, bacon, and hollandaise sauce, scallions and tomatoes on a biscuit! This lasted me until dinner! So good. You don’t have to get your eggs runny if you don’t want it. I did! Mom didn’t.

Then we went to Kohl’s to get Mom a purse she has been wanting. Kohl’s is almost to Nashville but we went as she had seen this purse and that is mainly what she wanted to do. So she found what she wanted and bought two of them – one for summer and one for winter. Today when we picked her up from church she said her stuff doesn’t fit it in right. I don’t really know what to say. I thought it was awfully small when we looked at them, but she said it would work perfect if her phone fit and it did, but I think she had more than she realized that she wanted to fit in it. Not much that is bought works so I’m not surprised. I don’t know if she wants to return them or not. I don’t even know if she kept the receipt. And I don’t know when we’d have time to get over there again. Unless we go after church one day.

We picked Fancy up and I took Mom home and we agreed to get groceries today after church. I wanted to get home before the next round of storms. I made it within 3 minutes. I was nervous driving home because I did not want to drive in the gust front. It hit as I topped the stairs at the house.

The dogs were wanting to be snuggly because of the storms. Dexter wanted his Momma. So this is what we looked like.

Dexter is perturbed at having to share lap time. How human is that face with emotion?

Sunday’s Stories

Upon hearing that we had asked friends to join us for lunch after church, Mom bowed out saying that she wanted us to take her home and then bring her groceries to her after that. So we took Mom home and then met our friends in Mount Juliet and Jonathan’s after church and Sunday school. (Sunday school was great – good conversation). On the flip side I don’t hear much from our life group. Everyone is so busy I think.

Afterwards we did Mom’s grocery shopping as well as ours and then drove back to Lebanon to take them to her. And drove back to our house. It was so hot out that I refuse to eat the sandwich meat. It was no longer cold – not even cool. So I have to go back to the store and get sandwich meat. I also want ice cream. I have been wanting ice cream for weeks but it seems we always have to be a while before we can get it to the freezer, so I’ve not bought it. I want some Halo. So I’ll go to the store tomorrow I guess. Well no, I can’t. We are taking Mom out tomorrow night. Well hell, maybe one day I can buy ice cream. My life is a such a dang puzzle. It shouldn’t have to schedule a trip to get ice cream from the store. Yet I’m gonna have to. Maybe after we take Mom home tomorrow we can go.

Tomorrow I have a very long work day doing as much as I can of the Mon/Tuesday pay day processing. I’ll have to finish on Wednesday. We are taking Mom out so I doubt I will stay and finish tomorrow but I’ll get as far as I can.

Our 4th Plans?

american flag waving in wind

I’m happy to say there are none. By that I mean we are staying home. We have been gone all weekend and having the 4th at home on Tuesday was our saving grace. Despite being gone all weekend, I’ve managed to get most of the laundry done and the kitchen cleaned, and bed sheets changed for both bedrooms, trash cans emptied, toilets swished, bathrooms refreshed, two households of groceries bought. And I’m pretty tired.

Tuesday I plan not to do any major housework, although it looks like I may have to vacuum. I couldn’t get that far this weekend. And I’ve not had time to vacuum the bedrooms in the last few weeks. It’s time.

Tuesday I plan to do mostly bucket list, planning, recapping, reviewing and just having a blast in my office. In order to do that, we are celebrating with Mom on Monday night – going out for a burger.

Gotta go. This post is long enough. I really want to blog every day, but it’s just hard to do. I’ve had so much crammed into my days. Then when I do blog they are long and it takes more than two sittings to catch you up. lol

At least I’m handling things well. A lot of self therapy and thanks to YouTube therapy on line. While I’m still figuring things out, I at least know how to self-parent my emotions better. Today – this afternoon- I was a bit grumpy because I’m tired and have over done it this week with work and no rest on the weekend. My muscles are screaming at me and after so long I just have to quit, sit, and rest.

What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. Hi Sonya,, you always do such a great blog. I do appreciate you taking time out of your busy day. I loved the photos of the two dogs on your …knee…what fun they are. It’s good that they are making friends…..That breakfast looks wonderful, I’m not surprised that it kept you going though till dinner…..I hope this week will be a nice one for you you I’m glad you’ve got at least one free day. I’ve had a nice weekend. My niece and husband Beth and Max took Mary and I out for a mystery trip yesterday for Mary’s birthday. We ended up first at Weston Super Mare a nice seaside town. Only problem was after a hot/warm week it broke down and it was cloudy and windy we were dressed for summer but it felt more like spring ! Mary had to go buy a cardigan as she only had on a light T shirt. We didn’t stay after a nice lunch as the sand was blowing into our faces ! So we went inland and came home via a beautiful area and village called Cheddar you may know Cheddar Cheese ? It originated and is still made in Cheddar. It was warmer there as the sun came out and the wind had dropped. Max drove home on the back roads through the countryside. Itwas beautiful… we had a lovely day….

  2. Pretty blouse and love your haircut. It has been 95 degree here and just started raining. Hopefully, it will continue and the garden will get watered. We will stay in and not have a war zone with fireworks outside tomorrow.

    • Thank you! It’s only 90 right now. And our air is off at work. I have a fan blowing on me. It’s 79 in here which is not too bad. It’s usually too cold and the heater is on lol 😂. Have a great 4th!

  3. Your breakfast looks good. I need to make my husband take me back to Cracker barrel for breakfast. ..We are heading out to cookout with friends and family. I baked a apple pie to take. And fixed a big pot of fresh green beans with country ham chunks to take to the cookout..
    Poor Dexter looks depressed. Those eyes show his misery.. He is so jealous he can’t hardly stand it. I bought one of those thermal bags at Sam’s. It helps keep our cold things from spoiling. It might help you too. One needs ice-cream on these hot days for sure.
    Enjoy your day off.

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