7 Reasons to Stream Free YouTube Shows

The other day I was thinking about what I watch on TV and my phone. I realized just how much I depend on YouTube for everything now. In true fashion, I wanted to share 7 reasons why you should stream free You Tube shows too. You might want to consider this if you have not already. It’s not just a place to park your favorite videos anymore, or to watch random videos that have gone viral. YouTube has captured a huge chunk of the internet universe and has more to offer than ever before.

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It’s Entertaining

YouTube is the first place I head to for solo entertainment – aka entertaining myself. My husband doesn’t necessarily enjoy my choices, but if he tried I know he could find some vloggers or shows that might interest him in subjects that he found interesting. You just search your subject matter that interests you.

Curiously, I began watching sailing vloggers and RV bloggers as I love to travel and don’t get to do it as much as I’d like. From that I’ve morphed into watching weekly vloggers behind the scenes of just living their lifestyle: in New York, in Italy, as an influencer, as a chef, and even more local video vlogger channels that do thrifting. If you make it to the end I’ll share some of my favorite video channels.

There’s Something for Everyone

Obviously, the subject matter on YouTube is varied. There are so many people having channels on YouTube and with so many things that are being shared. You can easily find your niche. Perhaps it’s a company you are interested in, a field you want to pursue, a hobby you want to do, travel, reality TV, learning something new, or a DIY project. It’s truly amazing the variety of channels. This is where you can find your people!

  • Travel to places you know you’ll never get to go to
  • See what it’s like to___________ (fill in the blank).
  • That project you wanna do? Check out the DIY videos on it.
  • Are you a techie? You’re gonna love it. Stay on top of the game.
  • Gamer? Oh gosh. Dive in.
  • Need therapy? It’s out there —-totally FREE.
  • Education – yep it’s there. Pick your subject.
  • Need a weekly show from a vlogger- you got it!
  • Your hobby- yeah – find your people! They are waiting.
  • Need a Bible lesson on the way home? Amen, it’s there.
  • Need to feel inspired or need some creativity ideas? Oh it’s there too.
  • Exercise program? Shame on me for not doing more!
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YouTube’s Algorithm is Awesome

A first time YouTuber may argue with that statement, ahem…but YouTube is configured to conform to YOU to keep you watching. Yes it does have ads, but it usually lets you skip them after a five seconds if not interested. Surprisingly, the more you watch that you like, the more it suggests of those same video categories. Often you find a few surprise nuggets to watch when you log in and see the suggestions in your feed. I’ve found so many cool channels by YouTube’s suggestions. Not interested? YouTube takes note. It won’t suggest that one anymore.

“Save Your Stuff” With Subscriptions (It’s free too)

Ironically, the term “subscription” might sound like it costs something – but it’s free. There is a version of YouTube that you can pay for, but most of the content I am referring to is free. A subscription is just a term for who you “follow”. You subscribe, so they don’t get lost and you can find the channels again. It’s like saving a file as your own. Just hit the subscribe button. You DO have to have an email and password to start your account – quick and painless – then when you go back to YouTube, your favorite things are saved.

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Find Your Community of People with Your Values

By streaming free YouTube shows, you get an excellent chance at finding the kind of people with your own set of values. What you watch is “your vote”. Like it, and you will be offered up more content like it. YouTube has successfully paired me up with people I want to see, people I want to hear from, people who I want to mentor me, and groups I want to be part of.

It Can be Social or Private

Unlike most streaming shows, you can comment and like – which is part of that “community” I was referring to above. You can let people know you like their content, ask for future content, and give feedback. Often creators change their content based on viewer feedback. But if you don’t want to contribute you don’t have to.

You Pick When YOU Want to Watch

You can pick up and watch when YOU want to. If you missed a show on a channel, it’s still there if you subscribed, go back and pick up where you left off. Nothing to record.

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Some of My Favorite Video Channels

Finally, here are the shows I have watched lately. Most of these have weekly shows and I’ve subscribed to them so I won’t miss out.

Sailing Project Atticus. Sailing with a baby on a new-to-them boat.

Alexis Eldredge. A dancer/actor living in New York. Shares life, lattes, breakfasts, how she keeps organized (or not). Shares New York living. Street walks and subways.

Little Blessed Nest. A thrifter DIY’er living in KY, that just lost her husband. Takes you into thrift stores, decorating for seasons, and lately some outdoor projects. Very spiritual, family oriented. Has a dog and a cat.

Catherin Manning. A YouTuber living in Birmingham, sharing her life, redoing a house on the lake, life with two dogs. Single and a baby on the way. Keeps her man a secret. Very real. Fun to watch and keep up with her. Will they marry? Will he move in? (To be continued).

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Chelsea Callahan. Also a New York blogger. Very real. Honest about life and living. Gives lots of interesting tips on New York life and how to get an apartment. She is often pretty funny. Chelsea makes her videos fun.

Kara and Nate. Travel to the mega extremes. Unique. Very funny. These two have charisma that could beat Hollywood’s own. They could be a major show. With 3.56 million subscribers. I think they already are.

Jetting Julia. Flight attendant. Formally based in Dallas, is now based in the North East, currently moving there. Has a golden named Luna and a boyfriend too. Very sincere, loving and kind soul. She loves to read and also has a reading YouTube channel. Julia shares her flights and takes you with her on her layovers.

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Life with Lexx. Just moved to Alaska. Setting up her apartment. Has a dog and a boyfriend. She is an every day person, down to earth, could be your next door neighbor. Lexi is often very funny.

Eamon & Bec. Travel a lot, established a tea company. Has a cabin in Canada. She is a cancer surviver. And they just found out they are pregnant. 1.22 million subscribers. Humor and tears -real life shared here. Two fine people!

Kris Reece. Christian therapy and counseling videos. The best I have ever seen on YouTube.

Do you have a favorite YouTube channel that you watch? Please share! No? Well there is always mine! You can watch Less Hustle More Coffee here. Go ahead and subscribe!

Enjoy your streaming of the free YouTube shows! You might want to invest in some ear plugs too. Watch while waiting or on the go! Or watch on the telly at home! I love my YouTube subscriptions.

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