Hot Day at Work, Mid-Year Review of Annual Goals

Hot Days at Work.

It’s been really hot at work. Today it reached 82 in our accounting office. I think I’m good with a fan up to about 78 but to work for a long period in 80-ish temps started getting to me over a period of time. It bothers my sinuses for some reason, it makes me feel achy and tired. Today was day 3 of this. I was beginning to lose my patience. And several of us had talked about leaving to go home early- depending how we felt.

I took 3 cold wet paper towels and put them in the freezer. I had two sets and I alternated between them throughout the day and that is mainly how I did it. I’m not used to that. Yes I know people in factories work in sweltering heat. I paid a lot of money and worked really hard so that I could have an office job and not work in that kind of work condition. That may be blunt, but it’s true.

Luckily, the a/c came on and worked its way to 78 (lol). There is an amazing difference between 78 and 82 believe it or not. I still left early just shy by 15 minutes of working 8 hours after you subtract lunch. Storms were starting to fire up, and I was really feeling unwell from the day of heat. I was verging on a bad headache, felt like my blood pressure was up, and just didn’t overall feel good – blah, lethargic mainly. In other words, I was DONE!

Cooling things off.

Yesterday, I stopped and got an ice cream on the way home and it really perked me up. Today I wanted another one but refused. I cannot do this in a repeated fashion. But the Baskin Robins Very Berry Strawberry was so good. I forget what a treat an ice cream cone can be in the summer. I think once a month is good! And I’ve had two in the last month. We are also blessed with Haagen-Daz as well in our area. But I need to stick with my Halo ice cream as much as possible and I’ve been missing out as we’ve bought groceries in Lebanon close to Mom’s and usually getting our groceries when we get hers. It’s too far for ice cream to travel. So I’m determined to go get ours over this way this weekend.

Turkey Blessings in July

George made a nice little dinner for us last night with panini sandwiches with the left over turkey, some pepper poppers, and some really hot corn tots which I by-passed. . Believe it or not I actually had turkey for both breakfast and lunch today. Breakfast with crackers and mayo. And lunch I had a very small microwaveable pizza and more turkey, lol. Weird I know but you use what you have.

Miss Messpot Maddie

I washed Maddie’s pink blanket so I tried to put this blanket in her crate. She was so excited about me putting something in her crate, she wouldn’t let me spread it out. So I just put it on top of her.

She is so close to getting to sleep with me at night. But I’m afraid I won’t sleep well just yet. Dexter and she were both on the bed last night. I’m afraid I’ll squish her. Afraid she will get off bed and go roaming in the night. And I’m afraid she’ll “ack” on the bed. She has been sick a couple of times. I guess we are still in adjustment mode for now and she loves her crate and I love my sleep. So I think I’ll wait a while. I love having her near but for now, I’m doing what I know works. We’ll see about the future later on. Sleep is important. I really think she will stay in bed with me and be fine. When I do try it, it’ll be on a weekend night.

Vacation Video coming Soon…

I’ve been working on the next video which is our Panana City beach video. It’ll be up and live on Saturday at 7:00 a.m. on YouTube.

Mid-Year Review of Annual Goals

So all is progressing but somewhat slowly. Given all that we try to do, I have very little time to work on my personal goals. But I at least try and push them through when I can. It’s not where I’d like to be, but it’s all forward motion. Except for the basement, lol. I feel like I am failing at being frugal, but it’s mainly that we have spent a lot of vacations and eating out with family on special occasions and such. Life is just so expensive now. Our lifestyle is harder now I think due to inflation but the income doesn’t increase much. So it makes it hard. I look at my position too across the industry and I really could be making more than I am and work from home at that. (Things that catch your attention and make you go hmmmm.)

So I won’t beat myself up over the goals, as long as there is forward movement. I just do what I can and hope for the rest.

Goals for July

This doesn’t even touch my list, but here’s a few things I added to my “Notion” for July. Notion is where I park my thoughts, goals, tracking, and much more. Yeah there is a YouTube on that too (not be me, but talented others).

Gotta go eat dinner. Take care.

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  1. I had a bowl of watermelon for lunch. So refreshing on a hot day. I hope they get your air-conditioning fived. This weather is like a oven when you go outdoors.

  2. I certainly know I would no work in that heat. We are asked to keep our office at 76 but that is not bad when the temperatures are in the low 90s here and with a feel like of over a 100. Maddie looks happy. It looks like she and Dexter are making their places with each other. I had watermelon this morning and I will have the rest of it tomorrow. I am sure Ken will be helping me with hit. He is taking some to work as he says it is refreshing when he is having to work on packing up crates.

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