Things to Do and See in Panama City Beach, FL

I’ve put together a video of our vacation which houses many things to do and see in Panama City Beach, FL. Many of you saw the pics a few weeks ago. But you can watch the video clips all fused together into one here.

There are sunset dolphin cruises, wonderful beachside seafood restaurants, and the Man of the Sea museum. The latter of which is especially interesting considering the recent implosion of the submersible Titan.

The Man of the Sea Museum was very interesting learning about SeaLab. I’ve included some clips of visiting it. Underwater exploration is interesting and scary. We learned a lot by watching the short video there and having a Navy Seal diver shed light on the past experimentations and its successes and losses. We also got to tour Sea Lab I which is on the premises.

While I am sharing our good times in the area, I would like to point out beach safety. There have been some drownings in the area due to strong surf. Please do not go in with red flags. In some cases even knee deep can sweep you out to sea. If you do get caught in these rip tides, don’t panic, simply swim parallel to the beach and don’t fight it, just swim out of it parallel until you are out and then come in. I have to do my little plug for safety!

Hope you enjoy our little clip! Have a wonderful Saturday!

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  1. What a lovely glimpse into your time at the beach etc. The Condo looked wonderful, I doubt if I would hardly have moved from sitting people watching from the balcony ….The places you ate out at all looked absolutely lovely. Only a pity we didn’t see much …if anything…of Kate Cody or especially wee Roo….I can understand Kate not wanting him to be seen to much, but it’s a shame he won’t have a nice film to look back on of his time with you and George on his first real beach trip. ( I know my nieces loved nothing better that looking back at themselves when they were quite tiny playing up at Grannies in Scotland )
    Thank you again for sharing your vacation….George as always seems to be able to put in bits of humour !! Thank him from me. Ok…..

    • Yes I’m sorry about the family not being on there, but I respect their wishes. They prefer low profile as todays world is just so bad. So I don’t shove cameras in their faces. I get away with Grandma pics in my blog but try not to share too much. Our trip was fun and over way too fast.

  2. I enjoyed your vacation pictures. Makes me want to go to the beach. We may go for a long weekend in Sept. How did your grandson do at the beach? The picture of him and his gramps was cute.

    • He loved it -we had a little pool making towel you put over the sand and it holds sea water after you pour it in and makes him a little pool of water to sit in and play in. That worked great. He loved to put his toes in the water at the edge. Have a great week!

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