Vacation in Panama City: Donut Hole, World Market, Sharky’s

Morning vibes
Dexter Check
Maddie check
Breakfast at the Donut Hole

Breakfast at the Donut Hole is a long tradition from 30 years ago in Destin. Now there’s one near Panama City at Inlet Beach.

Vegetable Omelette and Hashbrowns
Donuts to go!
Look at those cakes
World Market

I enjoyed the shopping at World Market. That was a lot of fun. It’s been a while.

It’s fun to look and get ideas. Seriously considering buying rugs like this for porch and indoor (dogs). If I can find right colors/sizes. They are plastic. lol

Poppy and Little Roo ride a train.

We also went to some area shops which had a train. Poppy fit! I was worried!

Trying on a hat! lol

Then we went to eat at Sharky’s and ate. It was by the beach and there was a big shark out front.

Sunset time on beach

I’ll have another days worth of pics but I’ll wait to post. Gotta get ready, packed and get checked out soon.

Please pray for our travel today. Katy and Cody and River have to drive 3 hours after their flight.

George and I face strong to severe thunderstorms at time of landing. I’ve prayed myself but would appreciate prayers for all of our travel- smooth flights, and safe travels and no delays. We have to pick up Dexter and Maddie, get groceries, call Mom and get a lot done today so we can go back to work tomorrow!

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  1. We use to have a World Market in Ybor City. It left but right now since the area is so hot, it would probably do very well. Speaking of hot, we are having a hot summer here! I look forward to thunderstorms, of course after your vacation! Or send it farther South.

  2. Oh dear Sonya, I hope as I write this that your well on your way home now and that flights are on time and that there has been no thunderstorms etc etc….Look Forward to hearing you’ve landed and are safely home, both dogs home as well, bet Dexter greeted you excitedly. and even wee Masie I hope she has remembered you both and Dexter. Take care. Looking forward to hearing what happens next…..also hope Kate Cody and wee Roo get home safely….

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