Work Day at Mom’s, Hot Dog Fun, Cheap Shopping Spree, and Letting Go of Life’s Callouses

Yesterday we went to Lowe’s and bought the TV Wall hanging device and then headed over to Mom’s. George got the TV hung and hung up several more pictures. Mom and I went into the garage and I loaded the car with items for Good Will and a few things I decided to keep. I think we unpacked two boxes. That was it and she was tired and needed to sit down. At this rate, we will never finish. Mom says we got a lot done, but to me we didn’t. There’s so many boxes left to open. Much of it just doesn’t have any where to go. There’s still a few items she is missing and so as we move things around perhaps one day they will be found amidst the sea of boxes. She is looking for some more pictures and also some kitchen items, and some of her china, and some of it is probably just in a poorly labeled box. I really thought we were planning to attack the boxes yesterday and make some severe progress while we were there, but she tires out so quickly. She can’t breathe well as I hear her panting terribly when she stands and walks. I think her heart is just not pumping well enough for her to move around much or be on her feet much. At least some of it can go to Good Will though and all in all it is just her deciding to let things go. Much of it she is keeping and putting back in the boxes. And that is ok too, but we have about 3/4 of the garage to go through still, after the original move in. We have moved those boxes around and around and around since her move in Thanksgiving weekend. It just goes around in a circle. lol

Looking Back

Every time I think of it when looking back, and I realize it’s March and how much was done during the holidays, I just cannot believe it. I felt the same at the first of February. Three months of setting up another household after moving her in on Thanksgiving. Three months of shopping, buying, ordering appliances, ordering beds, ordering supplies, organizing, moving, unpacking – on top of holidays, festivities, two sets of company coming, hosting the family Christmas, taking two trips, doing month-end, quarter-end, year-end, and let’s not forget moving our company’s office in December on top of all that. When I think of this whirlwind, I still cannot believe how far we have come and how much has been done in such a short time with just the three of us.

I am always equally surprised (and if I am honest, dismayed) when Mom thinks it has happened so slowly. But I do understand she is used to doing so much on her own and she is no longer able to do so. I have to remember that (and she does too) that just because she can’t do things every day, doesn’t mean we can do those things she would have done every day. We can’t be two people. We can only be ourselves and while we can help and it will be slower than she wants because we have a life (or are trying to) have a life too and can’t be there by her side to do what she wants done right then at that moment. So to her, it must be taking forever as she is used to having what she wants and when she wants as she made it happen and she can’t now. Patience must be very taxing for her as well.

So I think this next weekend will be three Saturday’s in a row for doing Project Momma things and we will have to start focusing on some things here at our house after our trip. I enjoy our time there, and glad to help, so don’t get me wrong we don’t mind helping but we simply can’t spend most of our spare time there. We just need to be able to get some of our things done too. Life was already out of balance! lol. And eventually we will hope to be on a set schedule so we kinda all know what to expect and how to plan, but I don’t know if we will. Someone will probably always be disappointed somewhere til we figure out how to make a day longer than 24 hours and not feel the impact of it, LOL!

And after the past year and a quarter, we are waaaaay behind on getting things done and also getting to enjoy hobbies, see friends, other family etc. I hardly plan anything anymore with friends because it is so taxing to our time. It’s sad. But we usually need what spare time we have left to get groceries, do laundry, run errands, sleep and get done what we can at our house after doing Mom’s things. When we do get away it is a blessed relief to have some fun – anywhere. I mean late yesterday afternoon we thought about going out and doing something fun and we were both like – no just head home – maybe we can get a few things done. Yes, don’t bother, it’s just me fussing about time again like I have my whole entire blogging life. We just all live busy lives I guess. But when you are focused and determined it really messes with you when you are not productive or becoming less so. And well, we are taking care of another person and it’s just going to be an adjustment we may not ever figure out. And yes, I know you are thinking it – yes, I DO have to continue working at trying to let go of the fact that the other sibling is not helping. It’s a daily “bless and release” I have to do in which I’ll speak of later in the blog entry today.

At Least We Ate Well

I fixed hot dogs and Mom had a wonderful salad and dressed eggs. George beautifully decorated his hot dogs. I was impressed. Mine are the two dogs on one bun with chili. Mom had already attacked hers so I didn’t get a pic, lol. I thoroughly enjoyed this yesterday and loved the BBQ Chips which I don’t usually allow myself to have on a regular basis. Only at a party. And well….this was a working party, lol. It makes a Saturday work day fun when you can include a fun meal inside of it.

A Cheap Shopping Spree

What did I do? Shop. I usually make a habit of going out in March to find a few tops. I didn’t get to last year and I won’t get to this year either (weekends are all booked up and I have to much to do at home) so I spent the afternoon and evening on Amazon looking for tunics and shirts. I mean I got into the BOWELS of Amazon. lol I have never spent so much time looking on line for something. I’ve discovered that Amazon will begin to throw some cheaper and some different things at you in the searches after you have kept looking for so long. lol. It wasn’t until I began looking at men’s t-shirts to use as some casual tunics (because they are much less in cost than the women’s) and had put them into my online cart. I found cute men’s striped t-shirts a 2-pack for $10 and another for $11. I didn’t buy them because that is when they opened up their back items to me and began showing me cute women’s things (finally) for a less price. They were holding out on me! That was really strange. So I bought women’s cutely designed shirts for $16 to $19 instead of the mens for $10 and $11 but don’t worry, they are in my “save for later” list. I didn’t want to spend too much in one whopping spend. I bought 3 or 4 tops yesterday and a camera “sheet cheat” for $24.99 to learn how to use the darn thing. lol

I don’t have time to watch videos on it so I bought some cheat cards on a chain, maybe I’ll have time for that. I started to buy a book (like I have time to read either) but I think this will be best as you can throw it in the camera bag. I will take a pic of my purchases when they come in. I want and need to learn the basic concepts of photography and videography. We have spent so much money on this camera and lenses and I’m so dismayed that even on basic things (especially video) I usually come out with crappy work that can’t be used because I grab the camera and film without really knowing what the settings need to be. I don’t want to keep settings on automatic, I want to be able to take amazing pics and do a good job with lighting and colors on videos as well. I just erased an entire video segment I taped as a preface to the flooring video -because it was yellow and I looked horrid, so I’m not even going to put sloppy work out there anymore like that. I just hit delete. Even the coloring didn’t help much. I looked horrible that day anyway and the camera angle did not do me any favors. I just can never find time to work on these skills. Because whatever time we have is eating, sleeping, blogging, doing laundry, maybe some housework as I do other things and I try to get my videos done as it usually brings me joy, peace, and happiness to put those together. I am determined however, and I will somehow find pockets of time to learn and grow in this area. I’m nudging forward ever so slowly. And it brings such joy when I finally have time and make ANY progress at all.

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Speaking of Joy and the Baggage We Bring

Today’s lesson in the Activating Joy book, was talking about the callouses we have in our heart. Areas where our heart has been hardened. When you begin thinking of one, you begin thinking of so many others – a person here, a person there – areas where you have been wronged, or have not been properly heard, and maybe not even apologized to. I have things in my life I’ve held on to. Oh the baggage we carry with us all the time that has shaped our thinking and taints our future decisions, how we handle things, and how we think of things and yes- makes our heart hardened, sour, and gives us a horrid disposition if we let it. I suppose this is where the forgiveness comes in too. It’s all connected.

I think for me any lack of forgiveness and hardness, comes from not being heard and/or not being understood, and/or not being able to say what I need to say and then harboring that inside and allowing the bitterness to stay in our hearts. I guess that is why when we talk to God about it, (or blog about it- ha) we at least get to say what we need to say and Him, being a higher power, can at least do something about it, or you all – my blog friends too – in which you sympathize and support me. And we can sometime proceed to let it go once we’ve acknowledged it. But it takes a step further as it often comes back because we have memories! There are some pretty big things I’ve given to God to let Him handle, otherwise the baggage would have been too great for me to successfully handle. There are other things I’ve chosen to hold on to. Usually things that slap me in the face every day. Those are harder as they don’t really go away. I could choose to change things but the changes would be very dramatic and so I choose not to be selfish and change those things. I just learn to live with them and try to forgive it over and over again.

Even this last week I had someone that did not believe me when I told them something and they had to see proof for themselves. It really stung and also hurt my feelings at the time as well as another person’s. I decided life had much too many other irons in the fire to let it reside within me. The person is not really an important person in my life on an everyday basis anyway, so I don’t really feel the need to set things straight or give boundaries with the person.

The dealings you have with people, either give you a positive or negative feeling (I call them cookies or chips) for every encounter you have with them and honestly this person’s cookies/chips they have dropped in my pockets over time are heavily weighing in on the negative side pocket. I’ve just come to accept that the fact that I feel bad every time I have an encounter with the person. I rarely have any positive feelings after an encounter because they try to install some kind of fear, emit their distrust, or make me feel guilty that I’ve not just sold my soul for their own efforts. I’m not the only one either that have felt that way.

Bless and Release

So what do you do? I just rolled my eyes (not at the person, just internally or behind a wall, lol) and I read a verse of Scripture for support and went on.

I didn’t let it impact the rest of my day like I would have in years before. You can’t really tell what is in a person’s mind and I realize they can’t really tell what is in mine. And while it was disappointing, degrading, and patronizing – screw it. So what if they don’t trust me and had to see proof. Their unbelief is on them and in their hands. It just showed them that what I said was in fact handled. But how embarrassing for them. Although I doubt they were embarrassed. I would have been. And other than using it as an example, I’ve moved on. I have chosen to not let this situation or any in the past have a holding or a callousness in my heart. I don’t have good feelings in my heart but I don’t think I can change that because it wasn’t a good thing that happened. But I’m learning to have joy remain in your heart that when you think of how people have hurt your feelings or let you know they think of you in a negative way or how they have mistreated you – you let the thought happen and then release it. I’ve heard it call “blessing and releasing”. Pray for the person – which I realize I did not do and need to have done. So I am doing that now, lol! OOPS.

I think as long as we have memories we will always deal with hardness of heart, forgiveness, callousness. But if we can recognize the feeling or memory, pray for it, and bless and release, God will soften our heart and not make it a pain staking issue taking up residence and space in our hearts, not allowing love in otherwise. I still think I have a lot of work to do in many areas. I’m very sensitive, introspective, and an introvert – and I think when you are – things stay with you longer, bother you more, and maybe take longer to resolve? What do you think? I could be wrong on that. I’ve only been me so I can’t say, lol.

iPhone Home Page

Every now and then I like to update my apps and move them around – I made a couple of changes. The home page are things I use most often and need to get to quickly. I have started putting a photo in my widget at the top to remind me of my focus this month. I’ve really been trying to “nudge” toward learning the camera, as mentioned, so I’ve put a pic of the camera at the top so that life doesn’t override and smush out my own personal goals. I just need a few minutes of learning time wherever I can pick that up. I loved that picture of the camera as found on Canva. I used it earlier in this blog entry.

I also have really come to love the iPhone’s reminder app. But I realized I had it set on Reminders to show in the widget instead of my “Today” list. So that way I see the focus for today. Notice I have 12 things on my little Reminder app there on the bottom. It amazes me how sometimes it can take a week to get one thing crossed off sometimes. lol. So guess what I’ll be trying to do today? Get some of those things off my list. Here’s today’s list anyway. It’s in the video format b/c a screen shot could not capture it in one photo, lol. I could get more done if I didn’t blog every morning or every other – but that is the one thing I won’t compromise on.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I’m going to go fix eggs with spinach, finish laundry, vacuum, dust, conquer some things on the list. And maybe try and have some fun. I hope to find a wee moment to work on the flooring video. I have to retape a segment to preface it. I trashed the one I did earlier.

George wants to do a good will run so we can get the stuff out of the car. I don’t really want to do that but I want it gone too, lol.

Oh well, we’ll see what all we get done. Hope you made it to the end, lol. Weekend posts are longer! 😉

Preventing Diverticulitis, A Good Book, and Weekend Ahead

Good morning! What an incredible and much needed sleep. The world is going by this morning as I awake at almost 8 a.m. A whirlwind week has passed with worries of quarter end which has gone very slow and with data issues this time due to system failures and unbalanced data. I have had some other stresses as well, causing me to do some extra podcast listens on certain subjects. Mom’s house walk through and closing and subsequent move is nearing in with less than two weeks to go. The “challenge” sitting in the back of my mind with great failures this week on the days we have been hurried, slammed, or without sleep. Not enough water, eating horribly and on the go, and not even having time to look at the check list much less try to improve anything. My head needed the long break and I’m grateful for it. I have the whole two days before me of this weekend to rest, rejuvenate, and get some things done.

The above paragraph is about the only thing I have to share personally, as it’s been mostly all work and no play except for this awesome author I found with a great narrator and I treated myself with a mani/pedi yesterday after work.

Since not much else to talk about I thought I’d type up some information about diverticulitis for a friend and blog reader that has had some recent issues. Instead of just typing a long email to her, I will type it here as it might help someone else.

So if you are not interested in this part, then just skip down to “The Weekend” heading below. 😉

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Diverticulitis: My Efforts at Preventing It

Diverticulitis can be very serious, depressing, and devastating when it hits, especially if it cannot be kept in control, the colon gets damaged, and surgery is required. And quite frankly the problem is worse in areas where our “Western Diet” is mainly embraced. Almost any other culture has “better numbers” (fewer cases) with a different cuisine, especially those with more of a Mediterranean culture or just about any culture where less enriched bread, less red meat, and less processed foods are found in the eating culture.

I have been part of a Facebook group for a few years now. It’s a support group and mainly the group tries to help one another “get through this” and also shares what works, what doesn’t work, and those going through surgery get some really good support from those having gone through the same, or just from people who care.

Having seen a lot from this group I’ve learned that diverticulitis is very different for just about everyone. What works for one, might not work for another. But with enough people on there, I can see there are some trends that tend to work for a lot of people. It also seems that it depends on how damaged the colon is as to what will work or not. Some people tend to have very sensitive colon walls, some just seem to have diverticula pockets, while others have perforated colons or colons so damaged by diverticulitis repeatedly or severe over time that their colon is just breaking down and obviously sections have to be removed at that point. Sometimes instead of just constipation and diverticula (pockets in the colon that things get stuck in causing blockages) the issue can be infection and in that case it’s best to have the doctor prescribe the antibiotics. And quite frankly it’s best to be under a doctor’s care anyway when this is going on because it is nothing to mess with.

I’ve noticed that some can no longer do spicy foods. I, myself, can eat spicy foods, but I can’t eat ketchup anymore – and this is a very good example of how everyone is different. Ketchup and some tomato sauces, but not all, will burn my colon wall and create blisters. I know it does because I know what it does to my mouth! Then I have trouble with pain in my stomach. Many people also seem to have a problem with lettuce, but I can eat that – but I question kale as it has a sharper edge to it and harder to digest. I’m afraid to eat it as I had an attack twice when I had consumed it. Maybe it was it, maybe not. But each person has to try and learn their specific triggers. That said, I truly believe it is mostly the western diet with our processed breads, meats, oils, etc that cause us our issues.

It seems to me, the best one can do, in addition to prevention entirely, is to try and minimize the situation before it gets too bad, when it does happen. So without going through all my experiences I’ll just sum up a few tips here.

Prevention Itself

Let me list some of the ways that I’ve found keeps me from having issues.

  • Drinking lots of water
  • Keeping the “flow” going good (preventing constipation at all costs)
  • Daily Probiotic (research the best kind for diverticulitis)
  • Switching up the kind of daily probiotic each time you end a bottle and start another
  • Eating less red meat, processed meat
  • Might have to eat less spicy foods if that bothers you
  • Eat softer lettuces if you can tolerate it as opposed to raw and tough edge kale
  • Severely decrease bread consumption with it’s fillers and enriched flour ingredients
  • Choose whole grain or possibly sour dough (less is good)
  • Eat more fish and chicken
  • Eat less fried – the oils are not good for you and can lead to unhealthy gut quickly
  • Listen to podcasts or YouTubes on healthy gut or avoiding leaky gut- it’s so helpful
  • Increase vinegar foods – pickles, salad dressings, slaw with vinegar, or even a tbsp of apple cider vinegar daily if you can stand it.
  • Eat a lot of fiber foods – bananas, apples, beans, etc.
  • Increase your greens daily
  • Increase fresh fruit (not juices but fruit)
  • Exercise
  • Less alcohol as it’s very drying to your system
  • Take blood pressure meds with water pills or any water pills in the daytime when you are awake and can replenish your system with water as these dry you up inside your colon too
  • Drink less ice tea as it can be dehydrating, I have found – for some reason.
  • Don’t overeat – isn’t this the hard one?
  • Greek Yogurt – once a week
  • Protein Shakes like the wellness company I do
  • Lower stress levels
  • Eat much less sugar!

When You Get Constipated, Feel Bloated, or Haven’t Had a Movement

Sometimes your gut begins to get out of whack and you need to get it back in control before you dive into a diverticulitis situation. Each time I’ve gone down the path with a spell of diverticulitis, I had constipation, bloating, and no movements or hard movements (sorry TMI) – either starting to happen or did happen. It’s time to get serious and get it under control fast. In addition to the above I do the following.

  • Don’t eat until you are really hungry again.
  • Continue drinking a lot of water perhaps enhanced by hydrating types of liquids (Gatorade, Isagenix Hydrate)
  • Eat soft foods only, cooked veggies, soups, fiber foods, maybe even some yogurt
  • Coffee or herbal teas
  • DO NOT eat steak, pizza, bread, hot dogs, sandwich meat, kielbasa red meats, etc.
  • Fruit is probably ok – apples, pineapple, etc. Although keep in mind some people cannot handle the texture of the skins within pineapple or the seed like things in strawberries.
  • I have a special drink I like to drink called “Hawaiian Ginger” by Goldthred, which I’ve found only at Publix and quite by accident. It tastes like a Moscow mule (ginger) w/o the alcohol. It puts the stomach in a better pH.
  • Avoid foods that are harder to digest like raw veggies at this point
  • Avoid sugar and desserts
  • Avoid alcholic drinks but I think 1 small glass of red wine might be ok as it’s pretty good for the stomach, but keep in mind alcohol is dehydrating and that is opposite of our goal here. But the Bible says a little wine is good for the stomach, lol.

When You Have Pain in the Colon

I want to be clear here that you likely might need to just see the doc, but there have been times for me now that I have been through this several times, where I can pull out of a situation if I’ve just started having slight pain having been constipated and not pulled out of it.

  • Switch to liquids only immediately: water, coffee (it helps with movement), herbal teas, broths
  • Exercise and move
  • Massage the tummy
  • Take a hot shower and allow the hot water to hit your tummy area (we’re trying to get movement here)
  • Pray for movement
  • When the movement comes and pain subsides upgrade to eggs, jello, creamed potatoes, Mac and cheese, white rice, jello (no not the healthiest) but it sustains you til you can eat again. You have to switch to foods that are easy to break down for the time being. Then switch back to healthy when the scare has passed.
  • If you have excruciating pain or it doesn’t go away and correct itself, you might need to go ahead, call doc and get set up on antibiotics. If you can’t take Flagyl (one of the antibiotics that most can’t tolerate) there is another choice – not as effective but it’s worked for me.

While Under Doc’s Care / While Going Thru Diverticulitis Attack

If you can’t stop it and find yourself in the midst of an attack, give yourself a break. The world will have to stop itself til you get better. It’s no fun to go through. We love to eat and it’s bad enough you can’t participate but use this time to do a few things you love around the house. Watching shows, reading, taking a walk, planning things to do when you feel better, catching up with friends if you feel like it, play computer games, be a kid again. Converse with those in a support group like on Facebook. And try to enjoy the down time. It’s really the best way to cope because it is scary, and you feel alone.

Keep Certain Foods in Stock

I keep those drinkable bone broths available, instant Mac and cheese cups, instant potato cups, and jello. That way I can switch immediately when needed. I keep them at work and at home. I also find that the wellness company shakes also give me nourishment, protein and vitamins during these potential attacks. Once full blown though usually milk products not recommended. But some of these shakes are plant based and might be ok for sustenance in the period unless you are having to do clear liquids in case of testing etc. And those Hawaiian Ginger drinks. I’m going to have one of those today as I’ve eaten horribly this week and I feel very full, bloated and feel that non digestible feeling starting to happen as we’ve eaten horribly this week.

There’s likely very obvious things I’ve forgotten to mention. I’m not a doctor, but this is how I personally cope with this. I kinda know when I’m likely to have an attack and it’s during times of overeating, stress, being very busy, no exercise, probably not enough rest, we’ve eaten horribly. I have had one of those weeks this past week so I know I’m in a danger zone right now. And I need to turn it around. So I’m in that first zone up there where I’m beginning to feel out of whack and I’ll do my Ginger drink, hydrate drinks, lots of water, take a walk, move a lot (I’ll be cleaning today). I’m going to eat soft foods – probably eggs with spinach mixed in, and just not eat a lot today. I’ll likely avoid pop corn b/c I can only eat it when the flow is good. :-O I’ll probably skip breakfast and have my eggs for lunch.

The Weekend

Well let’s see. Believe it or not – those that like to make fun of our list making – we really don’t have much of a list for the weekend itself. Oh I do have a list that is ongoing, personally. But I will do household chores and laundry first. Mom has some things she needs help with ordering on line. I will also do some Christmas shopping on line. I want us to list our Thanksgiving dry ingredient items and go ahead and get those in the pantry. I’ll go to the store tomorrow. Also will get some things bought for the work week and this last week of quarter end crunch. It’s likely to be a very long week. I may not get to blog as much as I may have to give up personal time this week and go in early and stay late. I do get my hair cut next Wednesday. Unless I have something significant and fun to share, I’ll likely just hold off blogging until something is interesting that I want to blog about. Right now my brain is all over the place. I’ll probably switch to doing every other day either blog or video editing. I started editing the next video, of course. I’m hoping to get some of it done this weekend, but I am also needing to work on a Christmas project for George that will take some time and I fear if I don’t get it done this weekend, it’s probably not going to get done! Sadly. and Likely Not. But we’ll see. I’m just excited to have a Saturday and Sunday at home.

Ok over and out. What you doing this weekend? Did you throw out your onions? (Recall – google it for details). We kept ours as we’d been eating off the bag and hadn’t been sick.

Our Day out in Hendersonville, TN: Sam’s Club Run, First Watch Brunch, and Yazoo Brewery

George and I had a meeting in Hendersonville with our financial advisor and as we do, we like to hit other things in the area – usually favorite shops, a brewery, a favorite liquor store for our wine and happy hour stash, and of course trying new or old favorite restaurants.

Yesterday, much to my surprise, George did NOT have a line up for us. And I got busy and also used to him planning things, so I didn’t really think much of it other than – “we’ll pick a place for lunch, hit a brewery, and Sam’s”. I think we both strongly desired to hit Sam’s Club. So we really ONLY had decided on Sam’s and the rest was up in the air. Totally not like us to not have a scripted plan of order – you know how we plan – and you know how we check off our lists. lol

So the meeting went well and we are thankful with all going on that we didn’t have to take off work or a vacation day for this meeting. As you know our life is a little crazy right now trying to fit it all in with the time we have. All the numbers are looking good for me to retire at 62 and George at 65. He’s three years older and we will retire at the same time. I can’t believe it is so close. In my side bar (or at the bottom, I think if you are on iPhone/iPad) I have a ticker saying how long it will be. Right now it’s 3.2 years away. 😉

After the meeting we went to this liquor/wine store in Hendersonville called Pour Vous and we got there just in time for the Saturday 1:00 wine tasting. We tasted 4 wines and bought one of them. The lady behind the counter was bubbly and talkative and very enthusiastic and also gave generous pours, lol.

Then we went to the restaurant pictured above “First Watch” also in Hendersonville, TN (laughing at the couple intently on their phones). That couple could be us except I’m probably just taking pictures of everything. lol

OH MY GOSH! I absolutely loved this restaurant! Loved the food and the vibe. We even had a mini brunch drink with our meal.

While there, I took pics of some of the wood for phone wallpapers. I’ve been looking for a good one for the fall backgrounds. You can snag them if you would like.

I’m using the 2nd one I posted right now. I love wood. I don’t know why but I love natural colors and textures and not so much a glass type of person like my Mom. She loves ritzy bling and glassware and shiny things. I like rustic but I do love the look of lace against wood. Anyway here is my first two “phone pages” of apps with this background. I’m pretty fond of decorating my phone since I’m on it so much!

Afterwards, George and I went to Sam’s Club. And do you know how entertaining this was? lol lol We had a blast. First of all, all the sample people were there! Yay! It was a VERY COSTLY entertainment though. I think this was a $497 excursion. However, George picked two pair of jeans, underwear, and socks for me to wrap up for Christmas. He also bought all kinds of vitamins, supplements, deodorant and soap. I bought a big huge thing of laundry detergent, a bunch of Dove hand soaps, multiple tomato basil spaghetti sauces, multiple cans of chopped tomatoes. We bought olive oil, bubble waters, mega amounts of crackers for the holidays, a bottle of Quilt Wine which was only $29.99 for the holidays (used to be about $44) and Katy and I have a story about our $80 purchase of Quilt in San Antonio. Friend Lauren had suggested this wine once when I was in Oregon – didn’t get to have it in Oregon but bought it when we got home and have loved the complexity of the flavors. (Good call Lauren). So the Quilt just brings back some memories and laughter and is a special occasion wine- for us anyway.

I texted Katy that we have Quilt Wine, so she must come for Christmas!

So back to Sam’s, we bought all kinds of meats, that were on the bottom there – chicken, pork of all kinds, and you know – I think we didn’t buy any beef. It was very expensive, but we did buy lamb. Lamb was cheaper than normal as was the chicken. We bought like 10 chicken thighs in a huge pack for $5 and then separated them into two packs when we got home.

We bought enchiladas for dinner that were already made and just ready to be cooked. I bought a big thing of pimento and cheese for $5 b/c it’s about that much in the store for a small one. And I bought “loaded potato salad” already made b/c I knew Mom would love eating off of it this week. I also bought a couple of salad kits.

George bought some sushi. And we bought Mom some of her Welches bubbly drinks that are popular this time of year. She’s asked for them for over a month but no one has had them. Well Sam’s did and we bought the red and white and apple cider so she has enough to last til summer of next year, lol.

Also we bought her some of those good frozen hamburgers which they had not had last time. You just microwave them but they taste like a burger out somewhere. They are Angus and so good. We are hoping this helps Mom with her burger cravings as she is not driving up here to leave and go get them. No burgers are not good for you, but when your 77 year old Mom asks for one, you provide. She has not been asking for much, so I try to think of things that will make her happy while she is here for these last few weeks. Their shelves were VERY WELL stocked, unlike our grocery stores. We also bought River a toy/book. So we may have to go to Sam’s sometimes and get her the chicken she likes from there as well as her burgers, lol. Anyway needless to say we stocked up!

We packed and loaded the car with all the Sam’s treasures and packed everything in two coolers with ice. Then went to Yazoo and had a beer and headed home. I got the flight. We enjoyed the outside at 65 degrees but as the sun went lower in the sky and the shade and hefty breeze took over, we retreated indoors. Happy that the tables were spread out.

It looks like a lot when you get these flights. I think it was equivalent to a couple of beers. But I like getting the variety of flavors. And I really find I enjoy a couple of IPA ones now – even the crazy and hazy ones. lol.

So we went home and unloaded into the various freezers and fridges, lol. Mom’s freezer is in the basement and while we have eaten well and eaten a lot out of her big freezer and our medium size one, and our normal freezer that is in the fridge and also we have another fridge downstairs that we keep overflow in that also has a freezer. We are well stocked for a long long time. We keep eating but we keep restocking with good deals when we see them because we keep hearing the prices will soar or that things won’t be available. So I feel good about our finds. It would not have been so expensive if we were not also Christmas shopping.

And then when we got home, I had this wonderful card from Terri, a blog buddy from across the years. This was so sweet and just warmed my heart. Thank you Terri for your kind words inside!

When you get something like this, just because, it just makes you have faith in human kind again. To know people genuinely care enough to address, stamp, and mail a card! It made my day and my day was special too already. So thank you again Terri! I will repay your kindness!

So today….after this blog, I’m showering, heading to the store, and making Chicken Rotel Spaghetti Casserole – I know we had the big Sam’s run but I need Rotel and Velveeta particularly for this recipe. George was fixing a roast for tonight and me the Rotel casserole tomorrow night. But we bought a rotisserie chicken at Sam’s for me to slice up for the chicken. We figured we should let me do that since the chicken was already cooked. Oh and Mom has a few things on the list too that she needs so need to go to the regular grocery store and I can’t seem to find little Dr. Peppers so I may have to get big ones for her.

I also have to finish laundry, change George’s sheets, iron, reset my vitamins for the week, and vacuum, clean bathrooms, and such. I hope to find a bit of time for doing things on my agenda but we’ll see. I’ve already done my devo for the day. I do that every morning with coffee – prayer journal and devo in my chair corner of course. I look forward to it every morning. I do admit that sometimes I wish I could dive into the blog but I’ve made myself put God first. And it’s been a good habit, and the best habit of the year I think.

So I will probably be back in the morning and post pics of anything today. I can’t believe how fast a weekend goes by. I’m going to leave you with Fancy girl, who has been a real sweetheart during her stay. She is very much my Mom’s girl. She doesn’t want to leave her side. A very loyal dog. But lately she has taken to 1) Getting more excited when we come home from work, which I take to mean she has accepted us as part of her “pack” 2) Going outside with me instead of having to have Mom there too 3) Coming to check on me and say hi at various times of the day. I’ve been giving her more food off my plate, saving her bites, and making sure her water bowl is filled at times. I think she has noticed and has started to appreciate me a little, lol. She is sweet so I’m leaving you with her pic today. Oh I just noticed you can see Mom’s reflection in the window there. Oh well.