Good Eats, Quarter End Again, and Other Weekly Updates

Pork Chops with a Sweet Cherry Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, and Pan Roasted Broccoli

Good morning! A quick pop in to say “hello”. This week is going by super fast.

Good Eats

I promised I would start sharing a pic of some of our Hello Fresh meals. We are just taken with this service and having fun with it. I enjoy picking out our menu for the following week on Monday’s. It’s hard to decide. I forgot to take a picture of our beef cavatappi last night though, oops. Oh my gosh it was some of the best food I ever put in my mouth. It was heavenly. We’ll be ordering that again. It had a creamy sauce. Was probably not low fat, but the tomatoes that were in it burst with flavor when you bit in. I may also recreate that one on my on. I’m going to recreate the enchiladas later in the week.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on

It’s Quarter End Processing Time Again

So it’s quarter end now that I have closed the last Friday payroll of June. And I will begin checking off the long list of of check boxes until it is complete. I’ll be doing not only my normal weekly payroll and weekly taxes that I pay for our bigger states with the most employees, but also doing the withholding tax returns and unemployment tax returns and our reconciliation report. It’s also month end so here’s kinda the run down.

___Pay Weekly Taxes

___Do my normal weekly routine: payroll, time entry fixes, PTO’s, garnishment check run to agencies, manual checks, and our 401k upload, and more.

___Pay the Bi-Weekly Tax for one state

___Pay 11 Monthly Taxes for the 11 states we pay monthly too

___Pay the 8 Quarterly paid Taxes for the 8 states we pay quarterly

___Do Withholding Returns in 26 states (Includes both our plant and Transport companies) for states that have withholding tax. This many do though.

___Do Unemployment Returns for all those states as well. Which is probably more than 26.

___Do my reconciliation report.

So in case you wondered why I’m so beefed up about getting it done. It’s a lot of extra work that has to be on top of your already busy week. So I have to try and get this “worked in” to my days.

How to Look Up a Phone Number Free

I found this website the other day and was able to find out for the first time in a long time, who called, lol.

It’s I’m not going to put the link in here, but you can try it if you want. Another time the phone number couldn’t be found. But I was pleased it worked for one of the numbers. I think we ought to be able to know who is really calling us.

Dexter Having a Quiet Moment

And here’s a video of him playing with a tea bottle I brought home yesterday.

Nails Done

I had time to go get my nails done. I have such mixed feelings. The cost with tip is over $50 for a dip. It just seems so high but it’ll last me close to a month. I feel guilty getting them done sometimes, especially since I also get my toes done. I like to get them done separately so I can enjoy getting them done without them hovering over me getting my nails done. I like to be on my phone and when my nails have foil on them while I get my pedi, I can’t do that, lol. So usually I go separately. I may look to see if there is cheaper prices anywhere. I bet you all say that is a good deal? Last time you did. I fussed about a year ago too. Well it’s something I will cut out if times get harder, but for now I’ll still do it as busy as we are. When I retire, I’ll do my own and just go periodically has a treat for a manicure so they can clean them up nicely from time to time. Then I’ll have more time to do them at home. I don’t mind doing them and enjoy it but only if I have time to sit there and do them and let them dry. Otherwise it is frustrating.

The Next “Less Hustle More Coffee” Video is Scheduled

This is ONLY the thumbnail – a preview of Saturday’s upcoming video that goes live at 7:00 a.m. Saturday

Wow, I can hardly believe it myself but the next video is scheduled for Saturday at 7:00 a.m. of Mom’s Walk-Thru of her new house and of our going through a local Christmas shop and celebrating her closing on her house. I think I have a schedule now where I can get them done more quickly. Scheduling it in advance is helping me. So all the videos will go up Saturday at 7:00 a.m. if there is going to be one. I was trying for every two weeks and this week I’m beating the goal by a week! We’ll see how it goes but weekly may be a challenge. Or maybe not if I can get them scheduled in advance and get a rhythm going. Before I would wait until it went live to start the next one. Now I just wait until I have it scheduled.

So, Over and Out. I need to get to work and Dexter is wearing me out this morning wanting more attention. It’s very difficult to blog as he gets into so much in my office. I have to stop about 6 or 8 times despite the fact that I have brought him toys to play with in here. Sometimes I have to put him back out in the hallway and close the door, so I can finish but I try not to as he is closed up all day. But you get to a point where it has to be done or I’ll be late for work. Most of the time he is calm but those two hours of the day. And one of them is always my office time despite the tennis ball playing we did earlier. It’s a wonder I get to work at all on time.

Oh and….

Meanwhile in Texas

Little Roo gets a haircut today. His first one. All his little curls will be gone. It’s time though. She waited as long as she could. Here’s a pic of the family at the beach! They had a fabulous vacation. Little Roo liked the sand but not the waves.

Ok will be back in a day or two. Take care!

4 responses to “Good Eats, Quarter End Again, and Other Weekly Updates”

  1. Quarter End Again!?! The year is half over. Gone. Buh-bye. And now the days will slowly get shorter. Ugh.
    That’s a nice pic of Katy & Co. Beautiful family.
    And that Dexter dude. Boy he’s so pretty. What a love ❤️ puppy.
    I like your nail color. Summery.
    I’m out of energy today & storms are on the way. I need a Reese big cup!

  2. Dexter is such a pretty pup. I wonder if he has some golden or lab in him. He is still young he will learn the rules the older he gets. I know it is nice to see a friendly face when you get home after work.
    Your nails look pretty. I usually get the gel. I had to stop for a while because my nails were getting thin and damaged. I may try the dip next time. That is what my daughter gets on hers.
    Beautiful pic of your Daughter and family. It’s so hot it will feel better when Roo gets his hair cut. I know it is hard though when they are little like that. I would save a curl and put it in the Bible.

    • Yes Dexter is a beagle and golden retriever mix! The internet called them “beagos”. I enjoy the gel and can make it last up to 4 weeks. My nails seem to hold up under it. River Roo did good getting his haircut today. They gave him a lollipop. He sat still and did what she said. He is a little man lol.

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