Good Eats, Quarter End Again, and Other Weekly Updates

Pork Chops with a Sweet Cherry Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, and Pan Roasted Broccoli

Good morning! A quick pop in to say “hello”. This week is going by super fast.

Good Eats

I promised I would start sharing a pic of some of our Hello Fresh meals. We are just taken with this service and having fun with it. I enjoy picking out our menu for the following week on Monday’s. It’s hard to decide. I forgot to take a picture of our beef cavatappi last night though, oops. Oh my gosh it was some of the best food I ever put in my mouth. It was heavenly. We’ll be ordering that again. It had a creamy sauce. Was probably not low fat, but the tomatoes that were in it burst with flavor when you bit in. I may also recreate that one on my on. I’m going to recreate the enchiladas later in the week.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on

It’s Quarter End Processing Time Again

So it’s quarter end now that I have closed the last Friday payroll of June. And I will begin checking off the long list of of check boxes until it is complete. I’ll be doing not only my normal weekly payroll and weekly taxes that I pay for our bigger states with the most employees, but also doing the withholding tax returns and unemployment tax returns and our reconciliation report. It’s also month end so here’s kinda the run down.

___Pay Weekly Taxes

___Do my normal weekly routine: payroll, time entry fixes, PTO’s, garnishment check run to agencies, manual checks, and our 401k upload, and more.

___Pay the Bi-Weekly Tax for one state

___Pay 11 Monthly Taxes for the 11 states we pay monthly too

___Pay the 8 Quarterly paid Taxes for the 8 states we pay quarterly

___Do Withholding Returns in 26 states (Includes both our plant and Transport companies) for states that have withholding tax. This many do though.

___Do Unemployment Returns for all those states as well. Which is probably more than 26.

___Do my reconciliation report.

So in case you wondered why I’m so beefed up about getting it done. It’s a lot of extra work that has to be on top of your already busy week. So I have to try and get this “worked in” to my days.

How to Look Up a Phone Number Free

I found this website the other day and was able to find out for the first time in a long time, who called, lol.

It’s I’m not going to put the link in here, but you can try it if you want. Another time the phone number couldn’t be found. But I was pleased it worked for one of the numbers. I think we ought to be able to know who is really calling us.

Dexter Having a Quiet Moment

And here’s a video of him playing with a tea bottle I brought home yesterday.

Nails Done

I had time to go get my nails done. I have such mixed feelings. The cost with tip is over $50 for a dip. It just seems so high but it’ll last me close to a month. I feel guilty getting them done sometimes, especially since I also get my toes done. I like to get them done separately so I can enjoy getting them done without them hovering over me getting my nails done. I like to be on my phone and when my nails have foil on them while I get my pedi, I can’t do that, lol. So usually I go separately. I may look to see if there is cheaper prices anywhere. I bet you all say that is a good deal? Last time you did. I fussed about a year ago too. Well it’s something I will cut out if times get harder, but for now I’ll still do it as busy as we are. When I retire, I’ll do my own and just go periodically has a treat for a manicure so they can clean them up nicely from time to time. Then I’ll have more time to do them at home. I don’t mind doing them and enjoy it but only if I have time to sit there and do them and let them dry. Otherwise it is frustrating.

The Next “Less Hustle More Coffee” Video is Scheduled

This is ONLY the thumbnail – a preview of Saturday’s upcoming video that goes live at 7:00 a.m. Saturday

Wow, I can hardly believe it myself but the next video is scheduled for Saturday at 7:00 a.m. of Mom’s Walk-Thru of her new house and of our going through a local Christmas shop and celebrating her closing on her house. I think I have a schedule now where I can get them done more quickly. Scheduling it in advance is helping me. So all the videos will go up Saturday at 7:00 a.m. if there is going to be one. I was trying for every two weeks and this week I’m beating the goal by a week! We’ll see how it goes but weekly may be a challenge. Or maybe not if I can get them scheduled in advance and get a rhythm going. Before I would wait until it went live to start the next one. Now I just wait until I have it scheduled.

So, Over and Out. I need to get to work and Dexter is wearing me out this morning wanting more attention. It’s very difficult to blog as he gets into so much in my office. I have to stop about 6 or 8 times despite the fact that I have brought him toys to play with in here. Sometimes I have to put him back out in the hallway and close the door, so I can finish but I try not to as he is closed up all day. But you get to a point where it has to be done or I’ll be late for work. Most of the time he is calm but those two hours of the day. And one of them is always my office time despite the tennis ball playing we did earlier. It’s a wonder I get to work at all on time.

Oh and….

Meanwhile in Texas

Little Roo gets a haircut today. His first one. All his little curls will be gone. It’s time though. She waited as long as she could. Here’s a pic of the family at the beach! They had a fabulous vacation. Little Roo liked the sand but not the waves.

Ok will be back in a day or two. Take care!

Big Blog Stat Hits, Work Efforts, Nail Salon Results, and Icy Weather

Wow, so the blog reached over 100,000 sometime during the day yesterday. So the blog has been viewed that many times since it’s beginning. I’m thinking it was some time in 2019 (but without looking – that is a guess). So thanks if you have in some way been a part of this number, whether you are a regular, an occasional fly by, a bystander, onlooker, stalker, troller, advertiser, curious coworker, bored personnel on a fault finding mission, lawyer (this is getting fun now), former boyfriend, or boyfriend wanna be’s (yeah we are getting in the weeds with a magnifying glass on that one), or just fantastically a friend, family, or one who cares! Thanks for bringing success to the numbers! It’s really just a milestone – not even one I was going for and there are no perks that I’m aware of except for maybe more SEO (search engine optimization) or something. It was a nice little surprise to see that this morning! There are also 600 of you that follow by WordPress Reader and 708 of you that have signed up for emails. I’m kinda astounded to realize that.

Dipping into Pink for Valentine’s Month

My nails are so much better – no cracks and no longer 3/4 up my nail bed with growth! Forgive my lack of lotion smooth skin. It’s winter and not much time given to making them soft – just pretty much ignored my hands for last month or two other than a quick pop in before Texas to get them done. This time with a pinkish tone and only the slightest of glitter. I wish the glitter showed more than it does. You can’t even see it in the photo. I’m not one to be big and flashy, but a little sparkle is fine. I keep them short for two reasons 1) I’m on the computer all day and 2) I don’t like anything getting under my nails and shorter nails just seem cleaner. I’m considering going back to my French nails but not there quite yet. I’m still enjoying the color. I’m actually thinking of going to a minty aqua color for the first time ever – for March. For the sake of explanation. This is color I’ll do next – along the lines of the colors of this wallpaper. lol. Snag it if you wish. That will also be my March wallpaper, most likely.

So the pedi was awesome as well. My feet really needed the attention. I did my own before Christmas as I just didn’t have the hour and a half to go and get it done. I just can’t do what they do though at home in keeping the nails from going into the toe and in keeping them soft. So my feet are pampered and happy and while it’s not quite time for flip flops – they are happy feet. I loved sitting in the massage chair soaking my feet in the water, getting a face time call from Katy – which I answered – not caring that people were all around. I turned the volume down some, right as she asked River “did you poopie?” lol

The massage of my legs and feet were wonderful except for that ONE toe that I must have broken or fractured and it kills me when they massage it. But I got the lady that does a good job on everything. So it was worth the walk in. And this also greatly lifted my mood. I had to leave work at 4 though to drop off our UPS as I’d heard they had not been stopping this week so there is a UPS kiosk I can drop them off to in Mount Juliet. So then I was on the way to Pedicure land and a happy girl. And one more item off the to do list.

Saturday is Feb 5th and Fancy Trim, momma’s out to eat day, errand/shopping day, and grocery day. So I won’t get any free time much til Sunday. And I’m so looking forward to it, of course we have laundry, George’s hair cut, housecleaning and our own grocery shopping so not much time to work on any personal things I’d like to do (meaning not much free time for me) but what free time I get will come Sunday in some format or it all just rolls into the nights of next week. ::sigh:: But better than last month I guess. I plan tomorrow to make some calls to set up doc appts and such and get that off my plate. One of which I’ve waited for 2 years to do as I didn’t get time last year to go.

Work Mode

I am still in w-2 reporting mode since I didn’t get the w-2 information until 1 business day before they were due, so obviously still data entering hundreds of w-2’s in various states. I will say that I am amazed at what all I accomplished at work this past month. I’m going to tabulate this up for you guys without giving too much info away which work people would be horrified over, lol. But if I give you the stats – there’s no harm in that (how many states and how many reports). Once I get finished I’ll figure up the recap. I kinda want to know myself so I can tell my grandchildren after I retire – lol lol lol. You know bragging rights and all. Of course people at work be like – you couldn’t have done more? <—This is humor ya’ll, so if you are a coworker or employer, I’m only kidding – or am I? I really don’t know what everyone else is thinking so it’s hard to say. But I can tell you that I’ve mostly been met in years past with “it has to be done” when asking about the time frame to accomplish said goals. This time it wasn’t humanly possible but I’m impressed much I got done in a short period of time even though I am pretty positive no one else was and I won’t be thanked for it. But if we improve a few things on everyone’s part, I might be able to finish on time at some point in future year ends if I am here for them. But don’t get me started here. This year end about made me show my rear end instead. But I’ve bit my lip, cried tears of frustration, and did what I could. Not much blood, but a few sweats and tears. All that said, I’m still glad I left HR. I don’t think I ever want to wear that hat again! And again, I love love love what I’m doing right now. I even like QE and YE processing – it’s the amount of work within a short time that I don’t like. I don’t like having the pressure of so much to do in so few time frames. Again, I’m moving on. I’m getting myself all worked up here. But yeah, all that to say – I’m still doing the YE processing! And it’s month end again and I’m going to have to stop to work on that so we don’t get behind in everything else too. Oh and I mention I do payroll processing, cut our garnishment checks weekly, and pay weekly taxes too? Oh ok. Well yeah, there’s the normal weekly processing that still has to be done. Ooops I was getting off the subject. Let’s move on.

New Roof

I am not sure I mentioned this as it’s something George has been handling for us, but we are getting a new roof. We had enough damage from the tornadoes that insurance is coming through for most of it. This is a blessing in a way because now it’ll be taken care of in our retirement. We are considering the gutters also as they kinda go hand in hand. So this morning at 5:30 a few minutes ago – I was picking out our shingles. Going with black. I think it has looked good black all these years.

Ice Storm

So Katy and Cody are getting what appears to be some serious ice, a couple of hours west of Dallas. I will check with them and see how they are doing. The same storm is approaching us but we are not supposed to have quite as much ice as them. We are still set for meeting neighbors tonight as I think the freezing rain will happen after then, but you bet I will be watching the temps just in case – ALL DAY! I’m taking my suit case with rollers to work so I can take stuff home in case it’s bad so I can still get work done tomorrow. I’d rather not have to worry about it and would rather be at the office to tell you the truth as it is easier. But God is in control. I have little to do with it other than trying to prep and prepare so life goes on as smoothly as it can.

And that is all for now. We’ll see how the rest of the week goes. Ya’ll take care if you are in this winter storm’s path or even the torrential rain or storms that are south of it and ahead of it. Ya’ll stay safe and warm. Prayers for all!

Bare Shelves, Computer Woes, Now Hiring Signs, Missing Workers, and TicToc Laughter

Good morning “pretties”! How ahhh yah?

We have been pretty much all work and no play for the last couple of days. Busy at work, busy at home. I did stop to get nails done Monday. My theory of doing “the dip” instead of the French nails is working out well. I can go an extra week and get away with it. And the cost evens out a bit. Plus I had spent enough over time that I got $10 off this time. Mom and I go get our pedi’s tonight after work and I’m excited AND READY.

For the nail color I went with this color which I thought was good for August, a month that leads us closer to fall. Pretty happy with the dip. Our salon seemed to add more colors and I’m glad because before, I was not seeing many that I was interested in. I have to get them done short so I can type. I like them longer by a bit, but short is easier for me with all the hours I am on computer both here and at work. Short is also more sanitary. Too long seems “common” as my grandmother would call it. But I won’t call it that. We’ll blame on someone else, LOL LOL.

Photo by Dzenina Lukac on

Had some problems at the first of the week from a technological standpoint. I could not access my files and had to map out a network drive. I had never done that. My computer keeps locking me out of the drive I need for some reason every time I reboot the thing. I finally was able to google how to map a drive and get myself access. I can’t believe I did it. lol Story of my life. I’m not sure why it keeps happening. So I try not to reboot but it gets slow slow if I don’t reboot. It’s almost like someone is on the screen at the same time and making it slower. Like I would type a word and it would show up a few seconds later. That kind of thing. I can’t imagine anyone else being on my screen with me though but in describing how slow it was, that is what it was like – like someone was dialing in remote on your screen. And it has that feeling of not wanting to do what you want it too and reacting slow. So I reboot when it gets slow like that and then it locks me out. Usually I get IT but they were out. My luck. But I was able to get it googled and figured out and get to my files so I could get to my weekly checklist screen. I guess since we are a smaller company we don’t have as good of a set up or something? Or things are just so complicated they are over our heads or something. I really have no idea. I’m not sure what the problem is but it’s happened 3 weeks in a row. lol. But I was able to get in temporarily –this time. I’m scared to reboot. But will eventually get to where I’ll have to when it gets slow like that. At least I was able to google it. Google is a dependable source. I use it several times a day. Nothing like going in early and not able to log on, lol.

Anyway, these earlier days bring a pretty sun rise in my rear view mirror. Hot scorching days though this week. And we have heat warnings.

I did it! I ate lasagna without getting it on my white shirt. We also had pasta last night too. I don’t even need to be eating pasta. Just call me Garfield I guess.

For Those that Could Use a Little Encouragement on People Relations

I think there might be some trolls (stalkers) out there that could find use for this. I created it JUST FOR YOU too, on Canva! Smile, it won’t hurt. I promise. What is that saying? “Kindess Never Killed Anyone”.

So…..Monday after I my nails were done, I ran in the Dollar Store to get a few things while I was there. I was shocked at how bare some of the shelves were. Now I did see some boxes laying around and maybe they just had a bad weekend but I kinda think it is because of the state of our situation here with the variants. People feel it coming. We went to Kroger and saw some of the same thing but not quite as bad.

I mean, there should be no reason that the craft supply shelf should be bare should there? lol. Geez. It could just be the store management not able to keep up with things. Or most probable – NO HELP to restock. It makes me want to dive in and help stock the shelves, lol. You know I love to organize things. LOL.

The HELP WANTED signs are everywhere. I’ve never seen anything like it. And everywhere we go we have to wait, wait, wait. Even at my own work – I mean – look, I fixed my own IT problem right? lol You can’t get help these days anywhere you go. We just have to be patient (which I don’t have a lot of). People have high expectations of me always and so I always have high expectations of everyone else too.

What I really don’t like is working hard to pay for the rest of the world to sit on their bottoms and watch Netflix. I don’t really understand why things are the way they are in our world. I think we should help people when they are down but I don’t think we fund their entire lifestyle while the rest of the world works. Where is everyone? Where are the nations workers? Did they fall in a hole? Are they scrolling endless videos on TicToc? <—-I have been doing this at night and just absolutely dying laughing. I had asked God for laughter. I needed it. Here’s a couple that made me chuckle. I shared them on my Instagram.

I would say that probably that is me and George…

Meanwhile in Texas

Katy has started back to school. And having a bit of a hard time being away from this little cherub all week. She sent me this pic and said “count those arm rolls”. lol. He’s like the rest of his fam, we love to eat! He’s getting a bit of soft people food now.

Well, I better get ready and head to work. Tomorrow morning is video editing day so no blog. I should be back on Friday morning. We will be celebrating George’s birthday which is the 12th – for most of the rest of the week! That is how we roll. We are eating out a lot. And some excursions this weekend. So hopefully some good Nashville pics for you guys!

Friday I take Mom to the eye doc and so I have to leave work early.

ok, over and out ya’ll.