Christmas Festive Nail Art, Dinner with Family in Town, and Weird Dreams

Blogmas Day 14 here and here you have the “festivity” starting to come out in me with almost half of December QUICKLY over. I only have ONE more work day and then a 3 day weekend. A bit of wrapping to do, some household cleaning and then I’m also off the next Friday too, so we’ll morph toward meal planning, grocery buying, baking, and table settings.

Today I went to get my nails done. I do not like red. So…I had a time picking the right red color for me. This one was supposed to be more of a berry color that was a little more rosy, but the color did not turn out like the little paint strip on the top. I was a little frightened because until the final stage, this looked really orange. I was debating “should I say something” because I had zero intentions of walking out with orange nails and I would have said something. I did say that it looked different from the color on the box but I was ok with it once they put the final coating on and it turned it darker.

It was then that I posed the question. “Do you all do nail art here?” He said “sure we do, what you thinking?” I said maybe a snowflake or a Santa? And then I said “wait, how ’bout a Santa hat?”. He mumbled something in a different language to a coworker who mumbled something back and he said “Yeah we can do a Santa hat”. I’d seen a Santa hat before. And it was cute. I just did my nails in red though so she changed the colors up a bit.

This is the first time I’ve considered nail art. I have never been a fan of all the different types of nail decor. It always seemed to busy for my style. But since George and I play the role of Santa (and love it) at Christmas time, I thought the Santa Hat was perfect.

So I either have a Santa Hat or a tornado, take your pick. lol

Maybe this one isn’t exactly Christmas, but I like the idea of it. I love the dew on the plant there.

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

This was more the color mine was supposed to be. Maybe a little more maroon berry color. I’m just surprised at myself at getting the nail art, lol. I’m a little proud of myself for doing it. So maybe I’m about to hop into a new world. It was $3 extra for each one though, so nothing I will do too often.

Do you get nail art? Or designs? I’ve seen some pretty festive nail designs. I’m not sure that I’m all out yet, but this is a start.

So I have some news:

  • We had a big time out with Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken and Mom at Famous Dave’s last night. How fun! I might have gotten banana pudding, but I didn’t eat all of it.
  • My sister and I have been texting a lot in the last month. This is good. I think our relationship is coming ’round. We plan to have a get together after Christmas and meet to eat somewhere, including Mom. She has no desire to get back into a relationship with our mother, so no plans on helping with her care any time soon. I didn’t expect that though. She had drawn her boundaries, and I drew mine, but based on our personalities and experiences, our boundaries had to be different. I kinda get that now, but I tell ya, when the days get to be trying, it’s so hard to be understanding. But I’m trying and it’s a start. She thanked me for taking care of our mother. I was touched by that.
  • My therapy has ended if I didn’t tell you before. It’s been so busy so I’m not sure if I did tell you, but I cancelled it because it was something you had to pay for monthly $320 and not just per visit. I thought I’d get in 4 visits but only got in 2. I didn’t know I was wasting time and losing appointments. I just thought I could spread it out til I got 4 visits in. I don’t have time for once a week therapy. The company “Better Health” that I was working with, said if I went back and became a member again, they could extend and make sure I got the other two visits, but that I’d be charged for another month also. Umm no. So I let it go. George was willing to pay for it if I needed it, and if I really decide I need it I will. I just need to know how “not to react” angrily, keep my focus on my boundaries, and not be made to feel guilty for something I didn’t do or when I’ve tried to bend over backwards to please. I need to learn how not to be or feel manipulated and how to deal with narcissists. I think I’ve been given some good tools for that. George is a good coach too, whenever something is said he thinks I will react to, he is over there making deep breathing faces, lol – reminding me to breathe in a few deep breaths before responding, lol.
  • I’m looking forward to being off Friday. I am hoping that I can pull off doing a quick video to go live Saturday at 7 but that is a huge thing if I do. I am not sure I can. But I have some footage that might work for a short one.
  • I’m going to lunch with my SIL Friday who is coming over to swap gifts. We kept them separate this year. So it should be easy to do. I don’t think we’ll get to plan a Christmas time together but we’ll plan something later for all our birthdays. Since George’s sister and her hubby moved, it is hard to get together. But we are both looking forward to our girl time lunch and catching up. Now that Dexter is boardable, lol, we can perhaps go visit them more for a weekend getaway at some point.
  • I had some weird dreams last night. I guess it must have been the Famous Daves? lol. During the wild wind/rain event, I dreamed that I slept through a tornado and the weather radio went off AFTER the tornado had passed and offered up a poetic version of how it magically lifted up into the sky like pointed masculinity into a puffy white and grey cloud tinged with the nighttime darkness. Whatttt? Could my mind actually dream that? The weather radio people were into poetically versing the weather? Oh dear.
  • I also dreamed that Biden made an announcement on our cell phones, “Well it’s finally here. What everyone was hoping wouldn’t happen, has now arrived. Welcome to nuclear war. You can expect some bright and yellow explosions near you and should take precautions.” What???? I was at work – I think – I didn’t know any of the people. I wasn’t afraid though. I just took it in stride. Everyone else acted like business as usual and acted like it was a party. I ended up having to tell everyone what to do and I didn’t know much. Get to an inner room, close off windows and doors, vents, and don’t let the outside air in. Then I had to go potty. (I did have to go potty in real life as I woke up.) In my dream I had to find a potty and when I found one it didn’t have a door. I was alone though so I sat down on it and then….I saw him in the corner across the hall…he was looking at me….who is THAT? He was a little man (a midget) and he was staring. I decided screw that, I gotta goooo and I did and didn’t care who he was, lol! Why do I have such weird dreams????????
  • There was one more dream. And I am not even going to say what that was. And the night before I had another weird/bad dream and I won’t say what that was either. I just prayed it wouldn’t come true. I also prayed to God that I would dream some fun dreams for once instead of dreaming about my anxieties.

I guess that is all the juicy updates for today, lol. I can’t believe how fast the week is going.

8 responses to “Christmas Festive Nail Art, Dinner with Family in Town, and Weird Dreams”

  1. Your nails are pretty & very festive. I like some nail art but have never had any.
    Taking all the Fridays off was the best thing you could do for yourself.
    It’s nice you get to see your aunt & uncle. Your mom must love having them. Hopefully the doggies will bond.
    I hope 🙏 you & your sister can come to an understanding. I know it’s rough.
    I thought I had some far out dreams but yours are nutzo. Wow!!
    The Christmas wallpapers you had in a previous post are really pretty. Thanks 😊

  2. What a horrible dream. I hope and pray we never see a nuclear war. I worry about what is going on in the world but for my mental health can’t dwell on it.I pray for peace for all countries.
    Your banana pudding looks good. It is nice you have an aunt and uncle to see at Christmas.
    I know you enjoy time with family. I hope everything works out with your sister. I know you have prayed about it. I only have one sister too. So I can kind of understand where you are coming from. Life can be hard and one needs family to be there .
    . I am looking at my cookbooks trying to decide what I am going to bake for Christmas. I am going to make your sausage balls recipe. I bought the sausage today. I haven’t bought Jimmy dean sausage in a while. I was shocked a roll was $4.38, and that was on sale. It use to be around $3.00.
    Your nails look really pretty. I like nail art. I sometimes get a flower or a design on my big to in the summer. The girl who does my nails is very talented. You can show her a picture of what you want and she can do it just like the picture.
    Enjoy your time off. Take some time for yourself.
    I am getting ready to watch Megan and Harry on Netflix. I saw the first one and it was good.

    • Thanks for your comment today. I love 💕 to hear from you. I’m thrilled so many are trying the sausage balls. I think I’ll experiment some on the nail art thing. We are watching Meghan and Harry too. Next shows were coming out today I think. It is good!

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