Christmas Jewelry: Getting a Festive Look? Several Options for Online Ordering

Do you have much Christmas jewelry? I don’t. You are looking at it. Honestly I don’t wear a lot of themed jewelry. For some reason it just seems “too much” on me. I am used to wearing a few basic pieces and then I stick to them.

Although, I will say that I have enjoyed these few pieces here. The bigger ones I just cannot wear all day long. These are my “Texas” earrings. Everyone wears BIG earrings in TX. I threw in the big red and blue ones with rhinestones b/c they are festive, but they are not really Christmas themed, but they work – if you know what I mean.

I really enjoy wearing the white snowflakes in January. I used to have silver snowflakes and I lost one of them.

I mostly have worn the red Christmas ball earrings through the years. Those are vintage and came from Dillards long ago back when I still worked there.

The ones on the far right are Brighton and those have lasted for many many years. I think Katy was a teen when George gave me those. They are really good earrings. I have a bracelet made by them and had another set of earrings that were Brighton that I found in TX at what I think was the “wrong price” in a store, but once the price is on it, they aren’t supposed to change it so I got a good deal — but sadly they finally lost their luster because I basically wore them out. It wasn’t fine jewelry but the number of days worn versus the price – I got my money’s worth several times over.

I’m thinking the bottom ones might be Brighton, as it kinda looks like their style.

Here is a link to —–> Brighton. If you want to give a SPECIAL gift, give the give of Brighton because it is durable. Or buy yourself a gift. At the date of this posting, this blog is not sponsored, lol. But those pieces have far outweighed any other jewelry, and quite honestly even some of my fine jewelry, which of course can be delicate anyway.

Upon doing a quick search for Christmas jewelry on their site, I came up with these cute pieces. They are a little pricey, but as long as. you don’t lose them they will last for a very long time.

I have a charm bracelet that I love, but had to give up wearing it because it was too loud and it bothered me. Matter of fact I gave up wearing bracelets to work because it bothers me when I’m writing and typing with my arm resting on the desk. But I treasure my charm bracelet and will keep it forever. I have a Christmas charm on there because I love Christmas. George gave me most of the charms as we did life together. It was cute/sweet.

And then there is Amazon which you could order and maybe get them quickly, but to me they were just “ok” in selection. Should it bother me that they had replica of the $40 Brighton? Or are they the same ones for $12 only you get two pairs? Hmmm.

Amazon’s were definitely interesting. Have you noticed all the brands have weird names now? Like PJKJEUU? And NVENF? WTF? (What the fart?). What’s happening to Amazon?

Now go look at Etsy! Ohhhh I am so sorry that I have not bought more from Etsy. I’ve had good luck every time. Their website is beautiful and I love the way it works, as you can set things to favorite and find them easy. Many things are affordable, many are very good quality. I have bought jewelry from Etsy a few times and always a good experience. I know everyone has to start out “new” and needs to be given a chance, but for me I chose to buy from those that have a lot of transactions and try to find those with 5 stars.

So there are some choices here. It might be a bit late to order Christmas Jewelry for this year, but maybe not. Check ship dates. And you might find some sales on these things for next year, after Christmas. I’m going to remind myself to do some shopping on Etsy next year for gifts. I also like to support the local stores if I can. I see a lot of these folks are offering free shipping. So support your communities and the little guys and “USA” when you can.

Just giving you some ideas.

Dentist appointment this morning and numb until like noon. My bottom lip felt like it had a redwood tree sitting on it. I could not say anything that started with the letter “f”. No cursing for me today. Just kidding. I don’t use the f-word usually, lol. I cannot say I’ve never used it, but go ahead and try forming a word that starts with “f” with your mouth. Since I could not feel my bottom lip, I could not tell how to pronounce anything that started with f. My boss and I laughed so hard today, when I tried to say “I can’t feel my mouth” or something like that. I can’t “wheel” my mouth or something weird came out. I need to “finish” it, came out as I need to winish it. lol

The Lord provided us with beautiful artwork in the sky this morning, after days of rain and grey, we had sun and beautiful pink and puffy clouds.

You can see the sunrise coming up behind my car.

I meant to tell you that the salon gave me a free gift last night. I had forgotten about it and noticed it in the car this morning. I put some on. It’s Lavender lotion. I think they gave them out to their loyal customers. We have been loyal. So loyal he asked how Katy was doing and if she had two kids yet? He said it’s been enough time. lol. I said “no just one” and it’s hard on them because all the Grandparents are here. I wish we were closer to them.

Ok so tonight we are heading out to eat at Mom’s as they are fixing dinner and then I’m off tomorrow and will wrap and clean and do laundry and eat dinner with Susan and hopefully get some video editing done. I’m hoping to get the next video up but I don’t know if it will happen.

Ok so anxious to hear if you have any Christmas Jewelry you wear this time of year? I think Blogmas is fun. Just randomly getting to talk about various aspects of Christmas and enjoying this time of year because it is so different than the rest and of course we know the REASON for the SEASON most of all!

More tomorrow. What will it be? lol

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  1. As an elementary school teacher there is always themed jewellery – jingle bells, Santa, Christmas lights etc. They go nicely with the ugly sweaters 😉

  2. Well Sonya, here is your boring old pal once more commenting on your great Vlogmas. Loved reading and looking at your Christmas wear !! I have to admit I’ve never thought of wearing any special….Christmas……jewelry. However you’ve made me think and this year I will especially as we are going out for dinner on Christmas Day for the first time ever. I always wear my Garnet stud earrings so no change there ! But I do have a beautiful garnet neacklace Mary bought for me on a cruise one year, I will wear that this time and think about you when I put it on. I think one reason I rarely put different jewelry on is that I find it very difficult to fasten things. Only having one arm that works properly makes fastening anything at the back almost impossible, however where there’s a will there’s a way. I can ask a friend probably at church xmas morning ( we have an early 9am service )
    I had to ask her to put my earring back in that had somehow come out overnight !! She was very happy to do it. I do smile when you mention how BIG things are in Texas….we have always thought things were “ big in Texas “ but thought it was just a temark ! Hope you’re having a lovely day. God Bless

  3. I use to have several pairs of earrings Christmas related. I wore them for years.
    Now I only have a brooch that’s a silver wreath with red and green, that I cherish.
    I’ve had my ears pierced since I was 12 but they are very sensitive to some metals. Some costume jewelry I can only wear for a few hours at a time. I’m going to look for some earrings in silver for next year.

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