What’s on YOUR Christmas Wish List? If Money Were no Object What Would YOU Wish For?

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Ok so what’s on YOUR Christmas Wish List? Blogmas Day 16 here and going strong. It’s a late entry tonight but it’s before midnight so it counts.

I gave George some ideas for my Christmas and picked out a few things for him to wrap. I mainly remember asking for a new bedspread quilt and dishes. I told him I’d have to pick out the dishes, and I never did. He never asked either if I was going to follow through and find any. Normally he would, but I think he and I probably have enough already for each other. Do we need dishes? No we have plates to eat on. Do I want new dishes, yeah, but I want them to be the right ones and ones that I will have probably for the rest of my days. So I want them to be special. I would feel stressed right now to try to find them on a whim.

Normally I have a lot of ideas and things on my wish list. I threw a few at him but, honestly, I don’t really have a lot that I expect Santa for nor that I am really even looking forward to. That might seem sad really, but we’ve been so busy and I think mainly just getting some PTO time in December is probably the best gift I could get.

Having family come home for Christmas far outweighs any gifts. There will be gifts, don’t get me wrong. But for the first time in a long time – I just don’t have anything really strong that I’ve asked for that I am looking forward to Christmas for.

And it’s good to realize that I’m somewhat detached from such a wish list. I think I am most looking forward to the New Year, having some new goals, some new ideas, and mostly just looking forward to doing simple things at home, while working on some pretty tremendous goals.

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If money were no object, what would I wish for? Might as well have some fun. These are not in any order of importance. But I’d probably redo many areas of the house, or just buy a new one, to complete these wishes. Most of these can’t even be wrapped. So I guess $$$ would do, lol. And trust me, this list is akin to what I would do if I won the lottery almost, b/c it would take that amount of money, ha!

  1. Redoing the laundry room since I spend so much time in there. I think it would be cool to have a bigger laundry area, with a TV, a chair, a table, and a place to sit and fold, a nice area to iron.
  2. Have a walk in pantry and be able to organize it where you could actually find things.
  3. Have the most awesome kitchen, organized, and able to reach things easily. Have pretty matching glasses.
  4. I’d take out the pub table and put a small 4 seat table there where you could work on a project. I’m almost too old for a pub table. But the pub table would be a cool thing for a family room or TV room as sometimes you want to eat where you can watch TV.
  5. Have a nice organized spice rack where you can find what you need without having to empty half the cabinet.
  6. Have an upgraded sink, stove, microwave, countertop. Everything is getting old and out of date in this house, especially the kitchen. So I’d love to sharpen it up.
  7. I’d paint the inside of the house again and do the trim up in all white or a very light grey and make it lighter.
  8. I’d make the den we hang out in a lighter room. I think I would take out the green and use another color but I’m not sure what it would be.
  9. I’d make the sunroom a room to be used all year long instead of just 2 months of the year. It’s turned out to be a wasted space.
  10. I’d hire a landscaper to make the yard look nice, and someone to remove the old concrete table that is depleting in the back. I’d have them take out the sticker bushes in the front and put something in it’s place that is likable and pleasing to look at.
  11. I’d change the front door into a more modern door and one that I actually had a key to.
  12. I’d change the living room curtains from a wine color to off white curtains. Actually I’m probably really going to do that in spring/summer.
  13. I’d get a new bed/mattress to sleep on for me. The one I’m sleeping on is pretty old and starting to sag.
  14. I’d completely redo the bathroom. It’s all really outdated.
  15. Let’s throw in a new car. I think mine is over 100,000 already and I’m ready for heated seats, car-play, and updated technology.
  16. Let’s throw in a luxury travel van. And some money to travel on. And a friend to go with me b/c George doesn’t want to.
  17. Some new everyday wine glasses that match.
  18. Upgrade the house to being smart so that you speak and it happens, lol
  19. I need a couple of updated battery powered trash cans with lids that lift with arm movement so the dog won’t get his nose into so I can keep them on the floor again instead of my desk and night stand (bed room and my office, lol).
  20. I would get a different setting for my diamond ring so that it would it would be unique and different.
  21. I’d get an Apple laptop for on the go.
  22. Have enough money you didn’t have to worry about subscriptions/apps that charge, so you could enjoy the apps you want without feeling guilty.
  23. Go on a shopping spree and redo my wardrobe.
  24. Enough $ where I could retire now without having to go to work everyday
  25. I’d buy more expensive facial and hair products, and makeup.
  26. I’d pay someone to help me learn how to use my camera, lol.
  27. Go on a few trips.
  28. Have a 2nd or 3rd home according to the season, and enjoy decorating those too, lol.
  29. Get another dog.
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So how do you like those wish lists? Santa is shocked. How could pull all of that off? If money were no object those would be wonderful items for a wish list, if you were to list material things.

But the best thing to wish for is being with family and watching them open the gifts you selected for them. I look forward to that. As for the rest of it, we will improve what we can and when we can, provided we both agree. I continue with the phrase, I’ve had all these years. The house may fall down around me, but at least I’ll eat well. lol

Have a wonderful weekend!

4 responses to “What’s on YOUR Christmas Wish List? If Money Were no Object What Would YOU Wish For?”

  1. I have an Amazon Wishlist which I share with my friends. It helps tremendously on getting and giving what we want.
    If I could get anything, I want an actual Townhouse or Condo..Heck, let’s go with an actual House! I would also want all my bills paid off so I can start over. And, to enhance this dream, I will take money to start building my Cat Adoption Center to help in homeless cats find homes.

  2. My dream wish would be for a new Lexus. I have always wanted one.
    I would like to remodel my kitchen, new floors and countertops.
    And I would love to travel to Switzerland.
    That’s all. Lol..

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