Kicking off the Holidays with a Road Trip!

The next YouTube video is out. Blogmas Day 17 brings “Kicking off the Holidays with a Road Trip”. I was able to get enough done so I could work on this yesterday. And I hope you enjoy a few snippets from our recent trip to Texas with stops in Arkansas.

We take you on quick hotel tours of our rooms where we booked “suites” this time so we’d have a sofa/living area mainly to relax and read in comfortably. We share some snippets in Texas and a fun trip through an Antique Mall.

We also share snippets of Dexter going to boarding and picking him back up again.

I hope you enjoy the video (below) and if you don’t want to miss any future videos be sure to subscribe. You have to be on the YouTube website for that and my site is under the same name. Here is the link. Less Hustle More Coffee on YouTube.

I have embedded the video here for your convenience:

3 responses to “Kicking off the Holidays with a Road Trip!”

  1. What a nice video of your trip. I can see Dexter had a good time too. That place looks really nice where he stayed. I know you guys had to be worn out from that trip. That’s a long drive. I am happy to see the sun out today.
    We are staying home and getting house ready for Christmas.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Great video…as always. It’s very nice to see other areas in the US. I thought raccoons were a bit like vermin, I was surprised to see them on the deck. Roll on next video xx

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