Turning Tears into Hope and Acceptance of Things to Come

We had our Thanksgiving around 6:30 Thanksgiving Evening. It gave us the day to do other things, including chores and relaxing coming off of a very short work week but with long work days packed. It was just the two of us. Dinner went from elaborate to least work possible since Mom wasn’t coming. We had refined the menu down to a basic Thanksgiving meal for two and agreed on the meal’s contents days earlier.

I’ve been a bit emotional and trying to figure out why. Most of the time it’s the lack of vitamin B or D and yeah maybe I do need an increase this time of year. But I think it’s just that so much has changed and morphed over the years and not being with ANY of our family just seemed odd. Not being able to plan and count on anything is frustrating for me. Then at home with Maisy and Roger’s age, knowing they will not be with us for much longer, along with all the COVID mess, and everything else, just made for a whirlwind of undercurrent of emotions. All that said, as per previous posts, I have been grateful for our 4 days off, low key. It does have its perks.

Long Lost Family

I got a text from my sister who I hardly get to talk to, long story, but that started the tears of Thanksgiving- eh, well maybe not entirely – as my eyes watered while praying earlier in the day. But actual spill over tears ran down my cheeks when I got my sister’s text. She cares, after all, I was thinking. Grateful that she texted me. I miss our older sister selves when we could share our lives and support one another and share our moments of humor. That drifted away. I always thought we’d have each other. And true there is a lot to work through with all of the mystery that has happened in the last couple of years. And my guess is just a lot of misunderstandings among other issues.

I’m always open to repair and mend and trust again, but it will take some work on both of our parts. Neither of us wants to be judged by the other, cursed by the other, distrusted by the other, and neither of us will be the doormat that puts up with such.

I’m not normally open about this on my blog. But it’s already known among most people that know us – that things are not right on my side of the family. It’s NO SECRET. And that is all I will say as this is not the place to park or air those things – but I think it’s the perfect place to say I am in hopes that all can be repaired and I’m thankful for a Thanksgiving text – whether out of duty or love – I will take it. I had kindof given up in a way, thinking I’ve been misjudged through it all. One can’t always wallow in hurt and pain and life has to go on. And I suppose that is what I always try to do. Well most of the time. But it gave my heart delight to get a text. It gives a small glimmer of hope.

Where’s the Sweet Potatoes?

I was thinking how wonderful that the one thing that stayed the same although slightly changed, was at least our Thanksgiving menu of turkey, stuffing, pea and asparagus casserole, japanese sweet potato, dressed eggs, and key lime pie. One can count on that!

No doubt this Thanksgiving is hard for George too in his own way. His Mom gone, no longer a big celebration with the extended family as we kinda had branched off doing our own meal with Katy and Cody, and then they got married and live out of state. We followed them there for Thanksgiving a couple of times which was perfect for us. A perfect time of the year to go to Texas too when the temps are mild.

Then I switched jobs into payroll, although easier on me year round than the stress of HR was, it’s a little more stressful during the Holidays. It makes it harder on others when I’m on vacation too (there’s really not a lot of people that I am allowed to use to fill in for the actual payroll- just one person or maybe two with the smaller admin stuff ) so I vowed not to do that to my boss again this year at Thanksgiving this year. And she normally is off at Thanksgiving and I was happy for her to be off this year. She was so good to fill in for me and take on double work the year before. I remember crying last year but it was tears of joy getting to see my girl on the day and how blessed we were to be on the ranch with them. Lovely memories.

Long story short, my dedication to work kept us from getting to have Thanksgiving with Katy and Cody which impacts George too! He REALLY loved being out there the week of Thanksgiving. We had hoped it would be our annual thing. We all did. But then being loyal to work and not wanting others to go through a hard time while I’m gone and not wanting to usurp a long time employee’s normal Thanksgiving week vacation, I bowed out for this year. Just trying to be fair and reasonable and responsible. And so there’s being burdened with all that this week, not only for me, but for him too and my Kate and Cody. I feel the burden for having us all miss what could have been. It was really really sad not seeing family on Thanksgiving for both of us. And while we try to be all grown up and accepting about it, the current of it’s undertones was very powerful on Thanksgiving Day. But we had each other.

Then there is the Maisy girl three days in of lethargy, not eating much, and only wanting to sleep. Yet another change coming I feared which totally exposed and made any tense nerves become raw by afternoon of the big day.

Pea and Asparagus Casserole

We put on Thanksgiving music (light jazz) and ate on china. George carved the Smoked Turkey from Aldi’s – already cooked with excellent flavor and just had to be heated.

Smoked Turkey from Aldi
Stuffing, George made this year with bought stuffing.

When we fixed our plate, I was looking around for the sweet potatoes, one of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes, and one that was on the menu. I didn’t see it. George had decided to delete them from the menu the day of, unbeknownst to me. I was so shocked over it, but didn’t want him to know that I excused myself with an urgency to get to the restroom. The tears spilled.

No SWEET POTATOES? He changed the menu even after we agreed? If he didn’t want to fix it why didn’t he just say so? It was just going to be baked? It was easy. He said he felt with the two of us that we had enough to eat. I shed my tears and came to the table but I knew he’d be able to see I’d lost it. I was embarrassed to shed tears over sweet potatoes. I really didn’t understand why I was so emotional. So I said “I’m sorry I cried over not having sweet potatoes”. The realization that I had done so- I think actually made him feel sad and then mad, spouting that he always disappointed me. I asked him not to be that way that I think I just was surprised and realized that it’s the first years of my 58 years of life (except as a baby) that I’d not had sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving and in a year of such change that was the straw that broke the camel’s back! He began to get them and bake them and I told him it was too late now as we are eating and he promised to fix them for the leftover dinner the next day. That didn’t happen either but it wasn’t a big deal then as we had been through so much yesterday, the day after Thanksgiving, that it just didn’t matter anymore. A very tiring day indeed with had with Maisy and the vet. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Key Lime Pie

We were both quiet during the meal of Thanksgiving. I was mad at myself for spilling tears over the missing Sweet potatoes and trying to figure out how such a thing could make such an impact. I felt silly, but couldn’t speak as I just thought I would really sob my eyes out over EVERYTHING if I did. George certainly didn’t say anything. He knew I was disappointed. He felt bad that he had disappointed me. I felt bad that he felt bad and we both felt bad that a meal we looked forward to had brought unhappiness instead of making the most of the situation. I could kick myself. I mean how could a Thankful heart which I’d been in prayer of all day counting my blessings, turn into such a downward cast on a meal? Oh. My. Heart. It just feels! I can’t help it. I detach and detach from things but life just hurts sometimes.

But by the time the pie came around we were into Netflix, and it seemed like a normal day at that point. Bedtime came early for me and I was happy to be in bed – rid of the Thanksgiving holiday let down of sorts. We both agreed tomorrow would hopefully be a new and better day.

I was a bit stronger with the holiday itself being done. I told George I realized after sleeping it was (all of the above stuff I’ve just written about) and not over sweet potatoes and it was likely the growing concern over our Maisy that set me to edge. He said “I know”. I was grateful for the understanding and not the blame. I guess 29 years of marriage came in at that point so that we knew not to blame each other for all the other circumstances happening around us that makes us less than happy.

Roger and Maisy
George Looks onto the pair in a Somber Moment

Thanksgiving night I snapped a pic of these two laying together. Both older dogs. But with Maisy’s condition worsening over the last three days, I could feel the impending doom of the days to come. With them laying close, I decided I should take the picture. I feel like one or both of them will be gone soon. I thought it would be Roger first, but now I’m not so sure.

Bed Time

It had felt good to curl up with my doggies Thanksgiving Eve, us all together in a knot, and George there too eventually – not knowing how much longer these cuties will be with us.

To the Vet We Go for a LONG 2.5 Hour Wait!

Waiting in the Vet Parking Lot

So the next morning we took a much weaker and sicker Maisy to the vet. She is not eating much at all, not pooping much of anything but an odd gel of a poop in small batches. Sorry for the graphics but giving you the picture of this situation. Her tummy all swelled up. Sad, lethargic.

Countryside Animal Hospital, Our Vet here in Mount Juliet

We could not get an appointment but they agreed she should be seen and took us as a walk in. We had to wait in the car – no one waits in the lobby during COVID. But we were able to come in this time into the exam room once finally called after two and a half hours of sitting in the car. Thank goodness for cell phones and that they let us use the restroom when we couldn’t wait anymore.

Maisy walking some in the sunshine, while waiting at Vet

They recommended x-rays and bloodwork and fecal tests. Often we waive those out until necessary and we’d not run the bloodwork or x-rays on her ever but we both agreed this time to do it so we would know what we were dealing with and could be prepared to make decisions if we had to.

Here are the findings which is best to just paste in here instead of having to retype it all.

Maisy’s Diagnosis

But basically she has three main issues: fluid in the lungs (a bit, not a lot), liver enlargement with increased enzymes, heart disease (huge heart murmur), inflammation within her intestines.

We have five meds we are giving her – for liver, for heart, for fluid on lungs, and for her intestines. We know this is a LOT going on to heal from. Lungs can be healed, heart condition controlled for a while, and the intestines in control with probiotics, but the liver is tricky. The vet did not tell us these things, but I’m not ignorant of these things. There is only a tiny of sliver of hope we can bring it into control with the meds. The meds I’m not familiar with. But I know when the liver is involved it can be a bad thing for sure.

So we got home and began to try and give her the meds. She squirmed, spit them out, would eat, we tried tricks that everyone told us. It exhausted us all. We had to stop trying and let her rest, and let us get some new ideas and some more resolve.

Much like anything else in life, giving a dog a pill, has a learning curve. With Tugie, our poodle, it had been so easy. Just wrap it in meat or cheese and pop it in. Boom. Done.

This one is a fighter. At least she is not trying to bite us. Just wiggle away and clenching teeth. I learned she had a place on the side of her mouth where she was missing a tooth and you could wiggle a finger in. We corner her on the sofa (no getaway), with me beside her and George hovering over. He works to get her mouth open. I pop the pill in as far past the tongue hump that I can toward the back of the throat. He holds her mouth upward and closed with one hand and massages her throat with downward strokes. The little pills are easy and the bigger pills not so much and they take numerous tries. George gets mad at me for trying to hover over her mouth too early but I’m trying not to miss my moment. I’ve asked him to say when he’s ready for me to drop it but he won’t do so. I don’t know what he can’t just say Ok now. It’s hard for me to tell when it’s time to drop the pill. But men don’t like a woman to give them ideas (no directions, no better ways of doing things, no instructions) – at least that is what I’m seeing with nearly all the men I know/have known. I’ll say 99% because there might be at least one of you that is different. LOL LOL LOL But I will say regardless of his stubborness to say when to help me out, we at least would get it by “take 3”. There are 5 meds so do the math. Up to 15 repeats of all this, TWICE a day!

So after a brief learning curve, we were able to get the meds in last night finally and again this morning. That is a gift in itself to be able to work together to get something done. I looked at it like “Candy Crush”. The first game board of a new level is new and you have to learn the trick for getting that game board cleared. Each time you get closer. That is what happened with us getting the pills in. Just keep trying, learn and tackle new approaches, and don’t give up.

She is sleeping a lot now, not wanting to eat anything today, a bit of staring and such, drinking a lot of water. Meds are kicking in. No doubt her tummy is in bad shape with the meds now on not much food. Still she has not vomited so that is good we are not dealing with that. Shhh don’t tell the evil spirits as we don’t want to deal with that. If she starts we’ll be calling the vet as it’ll be a new symptom.

She still wants to follow me around for the most part to sleep where I am. She will pee and poop some. Drinking lots of water. Loud sounds at 1:00 in the morning when we went out coming from her backsides but couldn’t see what happened. I guess I should take a flash light but at 1 a.m. who wants to inspect such in a dreary sleep state out in the morning when skunks and fox and coyotes abound and the fact that it is a time that criminals are awake doing their things. I hate to be outside in the middle of the night.

We are supposed to go to the vet again in 2 weeks. We are waiting to make an appointment as George may be working from home longer than just a week due to COVID and he can work it around lunch or end of day. If things don’t improve with her eating, we know we will be going in soon. It was a $444 dollar day yesterday. But we had to know what we were dealing with. The vet did not suggest anything about making hard decisions but mentioned the words “concerning”, “older dog”, and in two weeks we will “figure prognosis then”. They (vets) are trained not to devastate you but to slowly bring you to the light of understanding. I’m sure they know this regimen is not likely to work. She is wasting away – other than her large little belly. In this past week she is much lighter. I do not want to sit and watch this over the next few days. But I am willing and wanting to give the medication a chance b/c what if we truly could have a happy Maisy again for another few months or a year or so. We have to know that we’ve tried. I can’t send her off not knowing that we have not tried. I’m a realist. You all know that. I’ve lived my 58 years. I know how things work.

I’m ok. Yeah it hurts. But I’m ok. I have a slight hope but know the odds are against us here. I am grateful for all the time we have had with her and for the days, how many ever there are with her. I don’t want her to suffer and don’t want us to watch her waste away but we will give it up to the two weeks or less if she continues to get worse and not better.

I have told her all along how much I love her. Every day. Every night I sing to her those words. Every night I thank God for her. I know that God gave me my Maisy at a time that I needed her most. Her love, her loyalty and her followership, has saved my psyche on many a night. My own private buddy in which no other void but God and a dog (God spelled backwards) can fill.

I know that the Lord provides. He will get us through this. He knows what He is doing. He knows we love our fur babes. He knows what lies ahead for all of us. I’m trusting Him. It may not be easy. I know that He provides brighter days ahead and that He provides comfort during the bad times. He even provides the sweet potatoes of life, when the time is right. And as George has said “Things will work out as they are supposed to”. He also trusts His Master.

So Thanksgiving has come and gone but guess what? I see the Sweet Taters on the counter and while everyone elses are close to gone by now—I’ll be getting mine today!

My chin is up and I’ve gathered the Fall Decor and will be putting out Christmas and trying to do some of the things I said I was going to do yesterday but didn’t get to do.

Inside I’m bouncing out of the sad wallows. I will take the sunny day as it is right now and begin to give us some holiday cheer and decorate. All is as it will be. It will all be alright, whatever happens. God says we must learn to lean on Him and trust and I know He is inviting me, and has for some time, to DO JUST THAT.

Thanksgiving Day, Relaxing, Restful, and Quiet

Wow, today has gone by fast! We’ve not even had our Thanksgiving feast yet. It’s set for 6:00 p.m. for just the two of us.

Yesterday when I came home from work, I was “spent” I suppose. Although around 2:30 I began to get weary at work and could feel it, but I kept plugging away until 4, getting the most critical things done that would put me in a good spot for Monday and the beginnings of the next payroll. Arriving anywhere from 6:15 to 6:45 and getting up at 3 or 4 most mornings this week, along with working 10 and 11 hour days plus drive time took a toll. We have been busy in the evenings as well. We had a beer before dinner while getting things in the house done. We had a late dinner of salad and pizza last night and watched Below Deck and then at 8:30 I headed for bed. I couldn’t even finish the second beer George handed me to go with the pizza. I wrapped up alongside the Tugie blanket Katy gave me for Christmas with Maisy at my feet. That blanket provides such warmth that radiates back from your own body heat. I feel like a kid with a favorite blankie! And I fell into a deep sleep while praying.

I slept until 1 a.m. when Maisy wanted up to go out. I knew I was awake at that point and didn’t try to go back to bed yet. I fixed SleepyTime Tea and played candy crush until about 2:00. It takes about an hour for the tea to set in. So we went to bed again. At 3:00 or 4:00 Roger wanted to go and George took both Roger and Maisy out this time and I slept and slept and slept and slept. I didn’t wake up until 8. Strange for me. But it’s made the day go by very quickly.

Me waking up with Coffee and Sailing YouTubes, a perfect relaxing morn!

It took 3 cups of coffee to get me awake while I watched a couple of YouTube sailing favorites. The grogginess was as if we had partied down all night. lol But no, there was no party, just me being exhausted. I sat down to blog this morning but couldn’t do it as my brain was so fuzzy and not awake. By the time the coffee set in, I had done laundry and few things around the house, and took a shower.

My body felt a bit nutrient deprived. I don’t think I took vitamins yesterday as we’d been busy and I did not get to repack the supplements. Amazing how a day will make a difference. So I packed in my greens, took my vitamins and supplements this morning. My bod said “thank you”. You can see our updated Thanksgiving menu in the pic below with the greens, lol. Although we had crossed off dessert, in a weak and excited moment of grocery shopping Tuesday night, our arm just happened to reach in the freezer and pull out a Key Lime Pie to put in the cart! 😉

Drinking my Greens, mixed with my stress formula, and reviewing the VERY revised T’Giving Menu!

I boiled some eggs for our dressed eggs, which was my part of Thanksgiving. I enjoyed the little time I had in the kitchen until the part of not being able to find the spices I needed.

Spice Cabinet #1
Overflow of spices in Spice Cabinet #2

George came to the rescue as he knows how to find a needle in a haystack as he does most of the cooking. In this pic above you can see my little “egg maker” in the middle shelf, left hand side. I used that to “steam” the eggs to make “boiled eggs”. It holds 7 eggs so I did two batches. And then put each batch into a bowl of ice water.

A Bowl of Boiled (Steamed actually) Eggs
Tarragon Deviled Eggs

This is a recipe I used to do the eggs with because I absolutely love Tarragon. I decided to try something a bit different and used yogurt instead of mayo. It was a success. I did however, go ahead and add pickle relish instead of just the juice and I added a bit of regular mustard as it was just needing a bit of something. I also doubled the batch plus some since I had 14 eggs and not 6.

George brought some “encouragement” up from the basement fridge which has always been where the beer is. I was happy the other night to find a really good tasting lo-cal IPA.

I guess it provided the encouragement needed to finish the job. We’ve snacked on a few (the plate not pictured) as we really are not eating lunch today. I had a piece of toast for breakfast spread with garden vegetable cream cheese and some shaved ham on top (deli meat). But nothing else yet but some dressed eggs or deviled as you may call it. I use the terms interchangeably but probably use “dressed eggs” the most.

Katy and Findlay out in Texas

We’ve talked with our girl a lot this week and have texted a lot back and forth. Here is a pic of Katy’s turkey. She fixed it I guess for the first time ever. It looks wonderful coming out of the oven. She called George for tips.

So I decided to put on makeup for George since it was Thanksgiving and he wouldn’t have to look at my pale tired face. And I did my hair. I trimmed it recently and cut about inch off I think.

Isn’t it weird how black my hair is considering how brown it used to be? I always thought it would go from brown to gray and not brown to black to grey. I’ve cut it recently. I’ve been surprised at how I’ve been able to cut my hair for most of the year and it look like the cut I’ve been trying to get for so long. Just amazing that I paid others trying to get my hair to do this and no one could do it but me it turns out. That is hilarious, well kinda sad really. I could have saved a load!

The below side pic is not as good as the above one. I still have an issue getting both sides the same. I think it’s mainly in the styling and the way I can curl one side with my right arm and it’s harder on the other side to do it the right way with the same arm. But here is end result.

Good thing I put make up on because we were invited to a 3:00 p.m. family zoom call with George’s side of the family. It was great to see everyone.

And our dinner will be ready before too awfully long. But I do have a prayer request from you. My Maisy girl has been very ill. Mainly Malaise and seemingly constipated, and not wanting to eat much. Tomorrow, if not better we will take her to the vet. She does not want to eat and does not even enjoy going outside. She just wants to sleep. She tries to follow me but often she is sleeping a lot. I feel so bad. Her tummy seems really full. I’ve prayed for her to have a BIG GO and to feel better. I’ve asked God to heal whatever woes her. I hope HE will. She is not a young dog. It may be more than her teeth now as evident with her tummy and bowel situation. Makes me very sad. I’m trying not to let it bother me but she’s my Maisy and I’m worried about her.

Even Roger has had way more energy than Maisy. But he still has some good sleeps too.

Cracks me up that he finds “shade” in the funniest ways. Like this box, in the above pic, blocking the sun.

We have fixed Little Bit up for the winter. Here is his “condo set up” on the front porch. Did I fail to mention that we are red necks? Yes this is on our front porch! The only people that ever visit are the UPS people, so…..

But while we are home, Little Bit gets to come in some so his preferred spot is below! lol

The box on the left is a styrofoam Omaha Steak Box with Katy’s old bathroom rug from when she had the bedroom bathroom here. lol I hope his claws don’t get hung. But I think he is hanging out in it – I’ve not seen him yet as he’s already out of the box when we leash up the dogs and head out. Maybe one cold morning we’ll catch him slowly arising from the box. To aid to his condo experience we’ve given him an open box with an old pillow and he loves that one right now when temps not too cold.

Photo by Polina Kovaleva on Pexels.com

So tomorrow, there are several things on the list but these will stretch into the rest of the weekend, if I dare plan anything as it’s still 2020, but here’s what is on the agenda:

  • Pulling up all the fall decor.
  • Setting up my Office Desk for home for two days a week (again)
  • Putting out the Christmas decor
  • Doing Christmas cards
  • Mani/Pedi – Self done
  • Vitamins/Supplement refill
  • Begin Wrapping (Prob won’t happen tomorrow, but what if it did?)
  • A few more orders on line (maybe)
  • Hang a picture I want to hang.
  • Watch some shows
  • Maybe work on iMovie
  • Read some
  • Do a devo, spend time with God
  • Clean on the house a bit
  • Continue to count our blessings
  • Continue to pray for Maisy/take to vet if not feeling well
  • Redoing my iphone background to something more Christmasy.

And I’ll end things there! Love you all my blog readers. Thank you for being here. Thank you for commenting or just showing up to read giving me reason to continue to blab about how I’m feeling or what is going on in my life. I’m blessed by your presence in the cyber world.

And I’m so thankful to have 3 more days off. I put so much stress on myself always and it’s nice being here in our home for 4 days in a retreating situation of sorts. The stress is rolling off. The world is falling away for a few moments. God is Good. He hears us and He listens. And He is also here with us in the retreat of a weekend! How cool is that! If my psyche was a picture right now it’d look like this! Just thankful for down time. We don’t normally get this 4 days in a row unless it’s a true-on vacation scenario. It’s almost like the calm holiday I’ve always wished for except I miss the family and our gatherings. But I talked to Mom today and we saw George’s famly at 3 p.m. over Zoom. However, my sister texted me today and I was overjoyed to hear from her. It made my day! Now if we can just get Maisy girl well. But God is in control. It’s His Will whatever happens.

Photo by Evgenia Basyrova on Pexels.com

Thankful Venting!

Photo by Gabby K on Pexels.com

Hello all you lovelies out there. Just a quick pop in to say “Hello”. We have been working hard to try and meet a 5 day schedule in a 3 day work week. So I’ve given up personal time to give more hours to the work front so that employees have stubs in their hands and critical things get done. Extra work was assigned, a day late and a dollar short (very literally) but we were I was able to bite it off and chew it up and get it done, no problemo. What I had planned to do will just get moved to next week and I should be able to catch it up then. Not worried. Not one bit. Life is really all out of our control anyway. I’m just living as a feather in the wind these days.

Was given a $25 Walmart card for Thanksgiving by work. And will enjoy picking something out with that. I usually get something for the house that we will use. Like those cute Pioneer Woman Casserole dishes I bought last year. I think it was last year. Might have been the year before. Hmmmm that is making me think of making a taco casserole. 😉 I think we are going there (Walmart) this weekend despite my wishes not to with this virus being so prevalent.

Every time I see or hear the “C” word for virus now it just starts to make me mad. I guess it irritates me that we can’t live our life, can’t count on any plans, and what plans are made are cancelled. I’m tired of the masks. And don’t give me any speeches about how we will continue to wear them blah blah blah. I‘m already aware that we will continue to wear them every darn-where! I’m wearing mine – come look and see! But regardless of the number of speeches people give over it, I’m still tired of wearing it and I have a right to be tired of it. So just let me state so without the repercussion. If you preach anyway, just know I’ll be rolling my eyes back into my head. Yes I get it. It protects us, but hear me – oh hear me- I’m STILL tired of it regardless of who it protects or helps. That fact is not going away. Can you tell I’m over it already? Yes I’ll wear it to protect everyone but if you didn’t catch that, I’m still tired of it.

I am not even going to say the C word if I can help it. I think I’ll give it another nickname, like Clarence or Corky or even better, Chitti. Yeah this Chitti virus sounds good. But I’ll have to think of another one so I won’t be accused of cursing. Chitti really is a name, but no doubt we know what meaning we would assign it.

Wouldn’t it be funny if everytime someone said the C word for virus that everyone had to honk like a duck! That would certainly make things more entertaining while we were stuck with it.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Speaking of ducks in a row, George and I are ready for our two person Thanksgiving. I think we may have had one other Thanksgiving that we had alone just the two of us. I think we ate out that day. I don’t remember why. I think we celebrated with family – what little we have left – on Friday and ate out the actual day out. But this year thanks to the Chitti virus and so many not properly quarantining after being exposed it’ll just be us for 4 days, with our plans having changed now to protect Mom.

So we went to the store last night for a “few” things and came back with a cart full. We have a wonderful eating weekend planned. And likely will be back to Aldi and Walmart for a few things as well over the 4 day weekend.

It’s 2020 so an underground tree could come out of the earth and swallow us whole before we even set a bite into the turkey so dare we plan it, but we have a lot of food in the house and plan to have a good eating weekend. What happens really remains to be seen.

Maisy is not wanting to eat much. I’m not sure if it’s her teeth or something else. She often has a bad spell of a day here and there, and sometimes a spell of 2 to 3 days and then she gets her spring back. She definitely is not feeling good. A little malaise, a little frown on her face, nose pointed down, tail down. If she doesn’t improve we’ll have to make a vet appt and see what is going on.

I was going to film our day tomorrow but I’ve changed my mind. I will film parts of it, and certainly take photos if I think of it, but not from start to finish. There is just no point. I will, instead, film and photo much of the putting up of the decorations. We will be focusing on the house over these next four days, getting the tree up and decor out and gifts wrapped. That is the plan. But like I said, the earth could fall sideways and ruin dinner, and rocks could fall from the sky and we wouldn’t get our decorating done. So afraid to say what we will actually do. But I am looking forward to being home for 4 days and working in the house and getting things done, if the Lord and the world will allow that to happen.

And all that said, I really AM thankful for our blessings. Thankful that Chitti virus has not shown it’s spikey head yet into our world, thankful for all that we have been given, for our freezer full of food and our house and favorite gadgets and hobbies, and for any family left that still loves us of course. And most of all for a God who looks after us and won’t let anything, even a Chitti virus, or any of the other devils that come rolling our way on a daily basis, separate us from His Love.

Oh and we have a storm coming!

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com