Thanksgiving Day, Discovery Plus, and My Heart is in Texas

It was just really ALL good. A meal and a day I look forward to all year. I think mainly I really like the fact we don’t have to go anywhere. A day we stay at home, eat, lolly around, and are not expected to do much. You can let your guard down, breathe, not have to accomplish fifty zillion tasks. It’s all about the meal and being home and gathering whatever family can gather.

Signed up for Discovery Plus – What a Deal!

Was able to watch a few shows yesterday. And I must tell you that I went ahead and signed up for Discovery Plus with their .99 per month deal for 90 days and it goes to 4.95 a month after that. Was too good of a deal. That was where so many of my shows went. It was getting harder and harder to watch things on cable on demand. And Sister Wives moved to Discovery also. I can’t watch the current season unless I go there. Plus the Magnolia crew is on there (Chip and Jo Jo) and HGTV and all the house shows and food network shows like Pioneer Woman – she’s even in a Christmas movie on there – watched that yesterday. There is all kinds of history and blue planet kind of shows. And Bindi Erwin and her family have a show on there about the zoo/kingdom they do. There is some science stuff on there if you are into crime, investigation, and forensic stuff. I think it’s even worth the $4.96 per month. So yeah, I signed up for that.

Mom’s Ready to Go

So Mom is ready to go – almost. I was collecting up my Fall Decor and noticed a stack over in the corner by the door staged and ready. As I type this she is packing up the rest. We are waiting for George to get back from a “secret” Black Friday mission. We may never see him again if he is in all that mess. I’m not sure what all he’s getting into. He’s not supposed to be getting anything much as I already have my phone and also will be getting Final Cut Pro. I need to shower though, grab some leftover Thanksgiving for breakfast and pull up the car and start packing things in the car.

Putting UP Fall Decor

So the fall decor is going back in the box and we’ll be dragging the Christmas stuff out later today after we get Mom settled over there. We also will take her on a big grocery run, if there is anything left in the stores after this week. I heard that milk was gone – as if there was a major snow storm, lol.

I’ve managed to do most of our laundry already. So that is good. Christmas cards are done! We’ll be dropping those to the post office on the way to Mom’s.

The TMJ is still there but not causing too many issues. I’ll probably have to see to that after our trip if it’s not cured by then. Will be interested to see if going back to my bed helps any or if it’s the angle I’ve been sleeping in. I think it is tension mainly and I catch myself clenching my teeth when I’m trying to do things, straining my neck or holding it certain ways at times but my back has been hurting too along with shoulders so I think it’s still one of those perfect storm type of things where the alignment is off, the stress is on, and I’m older and not able to bounce back as fast. Possibly degenerative type things or maybe even an auto immune type of thing. My doctor has said he would test for some things if I wanted to go down that path of finding out what is wrong when I’ve had muscle issues before. But nutrition had kept things in check. After all we have been through this year, no amount of nutrients can keep me in check, lol lol lol.

Word Press Alerts

So someone mentioned yesterday that the alerts are not coming through again. I need to know if it is because of email or the word press app alert – coming through your device? I just read that sometimes the email alerts don’t work if I have a stand alone website “” vs “” as I use a google domain to be able to have a standalone name. That was important to me. As they tighten security, sometimes the emails are not going through. There are so many things that could be making it go wrong. I don’t know if it is on my end or your end. But it will help in my research to know if you are getting them or not or if it is an email alert or an app alert. So I know what I’m trying to fix.

Meanwhile in Texas

And you know my HEART is in TEXAS right now. It’s a shame we couldn’t have been there!

Happy Thanksgiving from us Turkeys here in Mount Juliet!

We are up today and relieved to have had a morning’s rest without alarms sounding. I slept 10 much needed hours myself. Not expected to have blogged today but we are doing a bit of a lot of things today. I’ve done my devo, have worked in the kitchen and made dressed eggs. Mom made her sweet potatoes. George made his pea and asparagus casserole from scratch last night. And the cornbread for the stuffing. I’m off to make some bacon for breakfast – we might have already snuck in a dressed egg. I’ve even worked on the video some. The table is set for a 4:00 p.m. meal today.

Last night we picked out a Whirlpool dishwasher. It was a very inexpensive but seemed to be packed with everything we needed. I picked out one I liked but it’s reviews were not too good so I let it go. The install will be some time between Friday and the 30th of November. It is in stock but we are scheduling an install and that includes a plumber if needed and also a haul off of the old, if I understood correctly. They will call us Friday to schedule. Til then we wash dishes. I’ve not fretted over it. We have all taken turns washing or putting them up and it’s worked fine.

I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have 4 days off with no alarms and a period of time in which to get a few things done. This weekend is a BIG transition weekend for us. Mom herself will be moved to her new locale tomorrow, I’ll take up fall decor and switch to Christmas, and we’ll begin thinking about our trip next week, and the office move the week after that, and my move into the guest bedroom and can bring the rest of my fall clothes up and scarves – I’ve missed my scarves this week.

It is a rainy cozy day today. I am so happy. Just to be here and no place we have to rush off to. Just be here, organize ourselves, rest, eat a wonderful meal and be happy for all God has provided and that we have each other as family – even if we drive each other crazy. Just the thought also that we have extra time in the day to read, work on a hobby, work a puzzle, or watch a show – makes me gleeful. The past few weeks have been so busy and on the go.

Here’s a BEFORE peek of our table – you have to laugh at George’s computer set up in the corner – even though he has not worked from home in a long time. I can never have my tables clean. I suppose he has been lucky I have not fussed over it as some wives would have done. Oh I’ve mentioned it, but I’ve not harped. I suppose that is why it is still there. I guess I hope that he would have heart to remove it on his own and see the need, but likely not. So I’ve chosen not to make a big deal but we’ll eat and take pictures of his stuff on the end of the table for all to see and that is my reality and this is a reality blog, lol.

Mom’s Sweet Potatoes with Pecan and Brown Sugar Topping

I have set an extra place setting for all the people that we wish would be there with us. So I’m headed off to go get a shower and make some bacon to hold us over til 4!

Still drinking coffee this morning! I’m looking forward to our meal.

What is YOUR favorite dish at Thanksgiving? I’m not sure what mine is.. I like it all. I wish we were having squash casserole! But there is only three of us. Our dinner is Turkey, dressing, dressed eggs, pea and asparagus casserole, cranberry, sweet potatoes, corn, Ms. Schubert rolls, and iced tea. For dessert: blueberry cobbler and pumpkin pie. I think I’m excited to have a turkey sandwich for leftovers too. And there’s cheesecake at some point over the next week or so.

Let me know what all you are making today or if you are traveling. I love hearing about YOUR life as well as sharing mine! Hope you have a fabulous day!

Meanwhile in TX. My grand dog had a spa day and came home with a big bow! lol

And I’m impressed at how well the new iPhone Pro Max 13 takes a night photo. Wow! Our neighbors have this up. Can’t wait to show River when he gets here.

Setting up Mom’s Kitchen and Why I Spend Time So Much Time in My Bedroom

Here’s Mom’s house with the sod put in. Things are slowly coming together. I thought of you guys yesterday and took some pics. Here’s Mom’s mail boxes that you can see in the distance there. You have to squint to see it. We can’t figure out how things work with the keys to the mail box or which mail box is Mom’s. There is no corresponding number. Mom is going to call the GoodAll folks today. They didn’t explain that very well. Most of the houses have mailboxes but at some point the post office said they would have to have mailboxes like an apartment. At least that is what GoodAll told Mom. But that does not make sense to me. Most neighborhoods have mail boxes, lol. I bet GoodAll just didn’t want to spend the money buying the mail boxes or couldn’t get them in, so they just had the post office put in that community box. That makes more sense to me. But who knows. The main thing is that Mom needs to be able to get her mail. Although she was very disappointed to realize she didn’t get a mail box at her house.

The trees (some of them) are turning a gorgeous color while others are still very green and showing no signs of turning. It’s just odd.

I started washing up Mom’s glasses, dishes, and utensils yesterday. Since they were in boxes, I washed them in the sink. We also did a load of dishes in her new dishwasher. Some things still sit in disarray on the counters as most of her main dishes are still in boxes and we need to get them placed first. But I think she has more space than she did before. I’m also looking for lids to Tupperware and all that. So we’ll get it done. I lined the drawers with the shelf paper but we didn’t bother with the shelves. Mom just wiped them clean But no need to line each shelf.

So I mainly emptied about 6 or 8 boxes yesterday and washed them. It doesn’t seem like much. But it takes a while to wash everything. I found a box that said “Thanksgiving” and I immediately opened it to give some holiday cheer. It worked. It made Mom smile.

Mom’s view is so pretty right now. It’s sad the tree line will be gone from the window and it’ll be the wall of the house next to her but she is hoping they put trees in between her yard and the next one. I think they will. But we’ll see. But I realized yesterday that beautiful scene would not be there for long. Still it’s nice to have the big windows so at least the sun can come through.

I went to get us a Wendy’s burger yesterday. Mom said to get the Baconator. I’d never had it. Oh my gosh how filling. We were having pizza for dinner and I couldn’t hardly eat the pizza as we were still full. Neither could Mom. George has two large pizzas to himself to eat for the next couple of days. I need to eat something light today. Like chicken broth, lol.

Mom has been working on her clothes. She can do about an hour and a half or two hours of work and she is done and off to the one comfortable chair that is there.

I had to laugh at the hangers! There are tubs and tubs of clothes to bring in from our basement. So quite a bit more to hang. She is also getting rid of some.

There is a problem though – some of her furniture is likely not to fit like she wanted. So her bedrooms are going to have to be “thought through”. The guest bedroom is very small. We’ll have to see what happens. I think once her bed and fridge arrive and maybe her security system – she will be ready to stay there. Plus a curtain over her sliding glass to the patio. That needs to be in place too. George is going to add some handrails to the exit of the shower – on the wall as you exit the shower in both bathrooms. And a rail coming out of the house in the back since they have a step there. Anyway, all that will have to be done over time. But George is making his notes and trying to see what he needs.

He is off all week and is moving her some today still. Mom has decided to stay here instead of working in the house today without me. :-O So nothing will be done until I’m off Thursday and Friday and can get her kitchen worked on some more. Also want to take her to some places so she can pick out her curtains, look at trash cans and a few other things.

I have a very short week this week to get things done at work but I am in pretty good shape. I also got 8 hours of sleep last night by going to bed at 7:30 and getting up at 3:30. (Time change as normally it’s 8:30 to 9:30 bed time, and then 4:30 alarm time.

Sorry (sorry, not sorry, lol) for being whiney in my blog yesterday. I guess it is not good timing on anyone’s part to be asking “more” from me! This is most certainly not the time. Things will be more toward normal scheduling – not quite as we’ll still be working her into our schedule from a distance, but at least we can do our normal routines at dinner time and most Saturday’s and have our domain back to the two of us. Sharing has been fine for a season.

“Come out of Your Space” Thoughts

After sleeping on it some more, after George’s asking me to “please come out of the bedroom more” – where I sleep, devo, blog and edit videos, I realized something. On Saturday’s while Mom is sleeping in the den chair, I come back here in the bedroom and do Amazon orders, work on video editing, read, plan, work on to do lists, etc. So I guess I have been back here more than normal. It has become my living room as she has taken on the main den with my recliner and the TV. Normally I’d be doing housework like vacuuming. Mom naps in the afternoons and/or is watching TV (all day) so I don’t go in the room as I don’t really want to watch Me TV, lol. And I don’t want to run the vacuum while she is sleeping. So I guess I really do spend more time in my room by default to have my own space, watch my computer for TV, or do things in here as to not disturb her and be able to see and listen to things I myself would like to. I’ve gone to bed earlier since she has been here. I’m just more tired and needing more sleep to be able to handle all these changes bot mentally and physically. So I will “come out of bedroom” more on the weekends when I can do things I normally do in the rest of the house. I will be glad to play my jazz on YouTube again in the den while I clean house. I can do YouTube exercise videos again. I played my housework jazz early on and Mom didn’t seem to like it – I think she asked if it could be changed to some thing else. So I never put it on again.

So, I guess I can understand that, but I’m not sorry for doing things this way as it was what I needed. So we will all just have to get over the “come out of the bedroom more” conversation. I just have to do what I have to do to get through til we can get back to normal and I can make as much noise as I need, listen to music, watch TV and do what I want and when I want and how loud I want in the house. It’s no offense to anyone, it’s just that I’m looking forward to actually being out of my room more so that makes two of us. lol lol lol I just didn’t want to disturb her and still wanted to do my own thing. I’m certainly not going to sit on the sofa and watch her sleep! lol I’d rather be working on my to do list and having fun doing what I do.

So I hate If I offended anyone by doing my thing. I am most certainly not going to apologize for that. I will just say others have to get over it I guess. I’m giving lots of time and effort to other people and I don’t think it is selfish to be able to have a few minutes to yourself to do a hobby. George reads, watches sports, goes to McKaye’s, putts around and does what he likes to do, when he wants to do it, and where. I don’t think any of us are any different. I know I could be better at vacuuming but I have a good excuse for that as mentioned above. Every time I go to vacuum she’s sleeping. She says not to let that stop me but that would be rude. I just can’t do that. I usually vacuum in the afternoons. So the floors need doing desperately but I told George I’d do them when Mom leaves so I can get it all real good and with two of us, there are fewer of us to mess it up as quick.

I knew this would happen during this season of time. This is the busiest quarter of the year and with the move on top of things and the extra responsibility – this is not the time to be asking more from each other, for sure. We have to take what we get. And that said, I’m sure work would like it if I showed up today. lol

I probably won’t be back til later in the week as I can. But we’ll see what happens. Tomorrow is my early and long day. Wednesday is my Friday. I will either blog, do a video edit (I miss it so much – it’s been about a week) or I will be working to try and get more work done b/c you know you don’t really get all your allotted PTO hours since no one is doing the work while you are gone, you have to make it up and it takes time to do that, so you end up working a bunch of your PTO hours to get it all back lol. SMH! (Shaking my head, for those that don’t know).

Ahhhh life is so strange. I’m excited for the season, and grateful for what we have, and what we can do. So don’t misread me. But indeed life is strange.