Proper Sake, Coco’s Italian Market, Friendsgiving, Plumbing, and Medical Results

We had a really nice Saturday with our friends at Proper Sake. The main thing was just getting together for a Friendsgiving moment and catching up. Everyone enjoyed the sake and I tasted it. I didn’t want alcohol in my tummy. So I had one of the only two drinks that were non alcoholic, some kind of mango spritzer over a really big ice cube. It was really good.

Then we went to Coco’s Italian Market. Had a great time there. I was unsure of what to eat, but went with salmon and cooked veggies on a bed of Alfredo noodles. It was heavenly. It was all so good. I did not eat but a few bites of the noodles, but they were good.

Afterwards Lisa and I got coffee and their coffee was wonderful. We bought some in the market afterward.

I rarely put our faces on here, but I just don’t ever want to lose this pic. I love our friends like they were family. They ARE our family!

My sweet friend Lisa.

Sunday we went to church. Mom didn’t go because of her gout. So we went and then went home and got the dogs and the laundry and lunch and took it back to her house.

This pic is while George was in Publix grabbing our lunch of chicken, pasta salad, and potato salad. Bless him. He got Mom and him the fried and me the grilled. Publix has a pretty good lunch. This cracks me up below! lol. Dexter just sits in the seat like another man, lol! I was expecting them to start talking about how their favorite teams were doing.

George started on the laundry while I tackled her floors with the vacuum and cleaned her counters, and microwave and stove. George put up her new Christmas tree, changed her fan switch to the winter direction and then cooked dinner. I tried to hook up her printer but the black cartridge wouldn’t work so I could not get her copies made for her tax rebate applications. But I gathered her w-2 information to make copies of that. And swished her toilets. George ran to the grocery, and I rebooted another laundry set up. I ordered her gift to River from Amazon and ordered some red bird lights for her tree. And I fixed her bank account that she had entered the wrong user name for and blocked herself out. She can get in it now. I think she thought it was my fault but she had typed over the user name and it was wrong. Thank goodness she found the book it was written in.

I stepped outside to get some fresh air and see the last of the sun setting. I was burning up. The steroids is my guess. It certainly gave me more energy the last few days. So the breeze outside felt so good. I had also been working hard.

So we ate lunch and dinner there and headed home and soon thereafter bed. Dexter hops on the bed before Maddie many nights to get some love and attention from me. I love to snuggle up to him and sing to him. I know he misses that. So he often jumps on the bed first to beat Maddie to me. And Maddie comes running and always jumps and lays on top of me. This happens most nights. After Dexter moves off the bed, she remains on my hip on “Dexter look out” until she feels the coast is clear and hunkers down with me. George grabbed the camera. There is nothing that de-stresses than the love of a dog – except the love of two dogs. 😉


So, Monday was busy today. I worked and George stayed home and took a PTO day because of the plumbing. We are not certain it is fixed but hopefully it is. The pipe was replaced but it was still having issues and they think the blockage moved. So they have gone in from a different direction and tried to flush it or snake it or something. I think it was in an elbow. Anyway, George said small loads worked but he’s not tried a big one and won’t have time to try for a while. I was so hoping it was for sure done but it remains to be seen. I know the guys were working hard to figure it out and it’ll be fixed. We just have weird plumbing at this house. I told George I was going to move if we couldn’t get it fixed soon. lol. Of course I’m kidding (for now at least). But do without a washer for 3 weeks and you’ll be pulling your patience as well. We are on the 3rd week but at least we have clean clothes from Mom’s.

Then we went to Walmart after I got home and bought our Thanksgiving items we needed and also our angel tree gifts that we got names for at church. WE ARE SANTA. I promise we are, lol.

My house is a mess b/c the laundry room is spread out over the house. And the fact we’ve not been here in who knows how long, other than sleeping.

The rest of the week will be just as busy. Dinner with my sister and her family and Mom a couple of counties away. George is getting Mom on the way back in from town since he goes by her house.

And Wed night we’ll be doing some prepping.

We are both looking forward to Thurs, Fri, and Saturday. Friday and Saturday will be very low key. We will decorate and wrap our angel gifts.

So I’m going to get to bed. Probably no video editing for me until Thurs or Friday and I’ll be struggling to get the upload done. I have to go in early tomorrow and Wednesday to try to get check stubs out. But hopefully can cram it all in Thus and Friday. I’m only a few minutes into editing. I tried to get some done this morning and last night, knowing it was going to be hard this week.

Ok over and out. It might be Friday when I post again. We’ll see. Take care and have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Love you guys.

OMGosh I almost forgot. The urine results were negative and my stomach pain is almost non-existent now. This has been the weirdest thing. But things have to change eating wise. Ok over and out.

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  1. It’s been nice to wake up and read your account of the weekend. I’m glad things healthwise are good. Just wish they could find out what causes those outbreaks…Glad you got the washing done at Mums and got giving her house a bit of a clean. Does she have someone come in and clean for her ? Love the photos you’ve put on today… you I think the one of Dexter sitting by George is so cute, he really is a lovely dog…..Well as I type this I expect you are still asleep but will soon be up and heading to work. Hope all goes to plan for today and that the rest of the week is just perfect. Hope you can rest plenty over the Thanksgiving few days. HAPPY. THANKSGIVING TO YOU AND GEORGE…

    • Thank you Sybil. Just woke for some water and checked my phone. Raining so hard here.
      Mom does not have a regular cleaning person. I need to find someone. I haven’t had time to call and get a quote. And it will cause her to have to close some investments as she already spends 300-600 more than her monthly income. I have to call during the day hours but have to work too and I do World Bible School at lunch break. So waiting til I can get PTO time in December to call. I think they probably won’t answer after hours. Have a good day! Back to sleep! lol

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