Tennessee Autumn Mornings, Doc Visit Results, Upcoming Week

Good morning. It was a beautiful week in the Nashville and surrounding areas. I was making a point to stop and “smell the leaves” and visually consume the mornings – sometimes making me run later getting to work or getting caught in school/rush hour traffic. But it was a wonderful week, even though it was busy. Sometimes you just have to make yourself stop and take in the blessings. This week it was easy. You can watch it HERE.

Doctor Office Visit

So I mentioned yesterday that I went to the doctor as I was still having considerable pain in my lower abdomen at times.

At TIMES =Mainly meaning while going potty, for the 2nd nature of business if you must entirely know. It’s kinda important though because the 1st nature and 2nd nature of business are two entirely different systems and this is the 2nd nature of business.

OK now that we have the business part of this down, I can go on. Gosh, the things we do and tell for our reality blog audiences, lol. So off to the doc I go to discuss these things with the PA. (Physician’s Assistant).

So mainly the PA says she wants to send me for a CT Scan since I’m having this happen so often. I think it’s been 3 or 4 times this past year. It was 2013 when I had my first flare, 10 years ago she said. Recently we did a colonoscopy. But she said they needed to know what was going on.

When she discovered that I had done a urine sample she checked it and said it had a culture in it and needed to be sent off for testing and would be back Monday and that we’d see what the results were for that. She gave me a diverticulitis diet to follow. She did not want to prescribe antibiotics because she said if it wasn’t diverticulitis it might mess me up worse. ::sigh::

I explained to her that I had already been on the diverticulitis diet twice through – two cycles. And that I was starting the 3rd trip around the sun, lol: liquids, soft foods, then on to more fibrous foods. I reminded her we were going into the weekend, into a busy Thanksgiving work week and weekend, and that the Augmenten had helped me in the past.

She said she’d give me a steroid (prednisone) for inflammation, and could go ahead and prescribe an antibiotic for a urinary infection since there was something going on there. So I took her up on that thinking maybe it might help the other too. I don’t know if one thing could impact the other. Our nerves are so weird sometimes but clearly there is an issue at those specific times I mentioned in little print above.

So I got those filled. And she wanted me to take Tylenol (acetaminophen) every 6 to 8 hours for inflammation. I have taken those yesterday. So far I’ve not had any pain. I can tell the antibiotics are “doing something” in there. So we’ll see as the days progress if the pain goes away.

Monday we will know what the culture is. They were checking for ecoli I think. And that can impact your kidneys, but I wasn’t really having any UTI symptoms, so….the appointment was a little confusing for me. She DID say in my file the doc had notes of IBS in there (irritable bowel syndrome). So I don’t know. I think she is not convinced it’s diverticulitis. She said I didn’t really seem to have the symptoms or the progression of that. So I left baffled but at least had hope that this PA was using her knowledge to help me. And I was grateful for that.

In praying the other day (Thursday morning) God planted in my mind to go to the doc. But I wanted to cure myself. It was a busy week and I’d already had a dentist appt that week and couldn’t stay over one day when I needed to because Mom had a hair appt, so I was trying not to stress myself. But God kept planting it in my head to go to the doc. So I said OK and called and made the appt. I was immediately relieved and God also said “and you are working from home” as clear as day. And usually it’s easier just to work at work, but I reorganized my Thursday and packed for Friday working at home.

Everything worked beautifully. I worked on PTO’s and also some things for the upcoming quarter. Answered emails and did a bit of reporting that someone needed. It was kind of quiet and when I finished what I had brought to do, I was on call the rest of the time and checking emails. It was a very light day. I take most of the plants must have been off and even the office folks must have taken off. Nothing was going on. So that worked out. Kinda makes up for those long days of HR and those days spent in hotel rooms when I could have been home with my family. Nice to be salaried and get some of that time back.

Oops, I just had some more pain in my abdomen. Oh well. At least it is not excruciating. Who knows what the upcoming days will bring.

In the meantime we have time with friends today out on the town. And then tomorrow we will go to church and to Mom’s for a day of laundry. We will eat lunch and also make dinner over there. She’s always said she wants us to come over and help her eat some of the food in her freezer. So George said to tell her to thaw something and we’d figure it out and cook it. So we’ll clean some while there, help her get her bank account back on her tablet as she has locked herself out somehow. And put up her tree.

Upcoming Week Next Week

roasted turkey on black ceramic plate
Photo by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA on Pexels.com

Short week next week and a busy one. Busy at work doing 5 days in 3, including payroll processing, tax paying, and 401k uploads, etc. And a company thanksgiving pot luck, which I’ll likely not be able to attend as it’s on my payroll processing day.

We go to grocery Monday night, go to eat with my Sis and family Tuesday night which we are looking forward to, and then cooking some on Wed night, and then we are into the Thanksgiving Day. Looking forward to the time off and to Christmas decorations. I hope you all are having a great holiday period and that all is well with you and your family. I love you all and I thank you for reading and watching and supporting me, as I pour out my life and share.

Again, here’s the link to this weeks vlog posted today: HERE. If you haven’t already subscribed, please do so, if you would like, so you can easily get to it and know when there is update. Or a like or comment. Those things really help the channel. It is growing and that is exciting. I thank you all for supporting me in this weekly vlog.

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  1. Great Vlog as always. I loved the opening shots of the beautiful colours of the trees all around you, you are so lucky to live in such gorgeous surroundings. We have noticed just this last week that the trees look more beautiful every day, it’s actually quite late as usually the Autumn colours show by the end of October and yet here we are well into November….Of course I always love it when you peep into the cupboard and find us all there !!! I was thinking about the new, did you say black ? Like little one ? Anyway I think his name should just be plain. CAT…my wonderful sister always reconed that all dogs should be called. DOG….and cats CAT….after the first one next should be called dogtoo. Catoo. and so on…I laughed at her but I’ve often thought since she was actually quite clever….so there is your adopted new cats name CAT….so I’m saying, Hello cat, enjoy your new home…….Hope this week is a good one and you will feel better very soon.
    Night night. God Bless. Xx

  2. I enjoyed seeing all the fall colors in your neck of the woods. Glad you saw PA sometimes they are more helpful than Reg Drs. Since this pain keeps happening CAT scan is a good idea. My mom had to have a surgery for that kind of pain. I hope you feel better soon.
    The picture of Little Roo is so cute with his icecream. He’s getting tall . It seems like time is going by faster. My grandson is a teen now. His voice has changed and he is taller than my daughter. Time flies by.
    Take care …

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