Doctor, Plumbing Issues, Laundry, and Working From Home

In two hours I have a doc appointment. I had some more pain as I mentioned yesterday and that continued some at work. It’s not all day but just at certain times. Without going into raw details. But it’s not healing as quickly as I hoped. I can usually turn it around pretty quick within 4 days but we are on Day 8 currently. So I called the doc and seeing his PA this morning to get Augmenten. I don’t want any other antibiotic. I can’t take the others, they make me bed ridden and sick. But the Augmenten has worked every time. I’m probably not spelling it right but Google spellcheck doesn’t know what it is apparently.

Since I have spent exactly 5.75 hours in traffic total on Wednesday and Thursday combined, I told my boss since I had a doc appt today I’m working from home. I managed to get all the critical office tasks done so that I could do the non-critical things today from home. It’ll take a pretty minute to get the temporary office put back up and hopefully I can get plugged in with no issues as it’s probably been a year since I’ve worked from home. But I’m SICK of the traffic. I also need rest. And it’s been a struggle this week. Every week is a struggle of sorts but this one while having diverticulitis on top of everything is about to send me over the edge. See yesterday’s post, lol.

I’ve been eating the soft foods but tried to advance into eating chicken and tuna fish on Wednesday. It wasn’t a total failure but it didn’t do me any favors I don’t think except provide some much needed protein. If the antibiotics don’t work then I think we have a real problem on our hands. I have been very discouraged by this as it keeps happening and I don’t know how to make it stop unless I just make some extreme changes. I’m not going to be popular when I can’t eat and do what every one else is doing. So Saturday we are supposed to go to a Saki place. I will just be watching. I can’t participate. It’s going to be very hard, this new life.

Washing Machine Saga

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Well it’s not really the washer but the pipes that the washer drains into. It has to be replaced. I was sooooooo hoping that it could be today. But George offered that next week would be fine. So of course it’s not going to be an urgent fix if he’s offered it not to be. So next week it is, but we don’t know yet what day.

So we will be going into our 3rd week without being able to do laundry come Sunday. So Sunday we have planned to spend the day at Mom’s. So much for getting anything else in our life done. But we will do many loads and get Mom’s tree out of the box at least, change her fans, try to see why she can’t get her bank accounts on her tablet, and do some cleaning, and cooking while we are there. She has been asking for us to do that – some time ago but since we will be there for a span of hours and can’t get our stuff done at home we’ll have time to do it there. Weekends are spent wherever the laundry cycle is spinning.

We are meeting friends beginning at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. And progressing into a mid afternoon linner, I guess lol. (Lunch and Dinner). I will be glad to see them.

Hope everyone has a great day. I’ll post again tomorrow with tomorrow’s video, as to what is going on. I’m so grateful to not have to actually fight traffic for two hours today. It puts 2 hours back in my schedule and that helps a lot.

It was amazing how earlier in the week being off the schedule 2 to 3 hours really impacted the week. I finally caught it up to schedule yesterday but I skipped lunch to do it. I was further behind by the new envelopes I was given as the release liner takes more time than just the fold and seal ones liked we’d been having. I guess they are trying to find cheaper products, and cheaper they are in quality as well. These ripped on the sides and the release liner gets stuck 3/4 of the way pulling it off and you have to try again. Then the release liner statically gets stuck on your hand and it won’t go in the trash. So it took me twice as long to stuff checks but I watch a video while I’m stuffing since it’s mindless activity. So I didn’t mind. But it did further my time issue problem. So glad I caught up after that though. I just ate and worked and didn’t get any personal stuff done, ignored Mom’s list of things she needed me to do (call for house cleaning comparisons), and ignored World Bible School. I graded tests for WBS when I got home last night. I did not adopt any or send messages to those that fell off yesterday. There’s only so much I can do in a day.

Well, I’m off to get ready as I have to leave in an hour. Just enough time to reorganizing my To Do list for the day and pick which things I will do and in what order, and which things I will forward to some future time. I do a LOT of forwarding! But I’m used to it.

Meanwhile in Texas

We sent Jeni’s Ice Cream for the fam in Texas – just a little early holiday gift. They all love Jeni’s. River guessed that it was ice cream in the box. And when given one of the containers, he hugged it, as best as a little boy can hug a carton of ice cream, lol (2nd pic above). He’s happy!

I’m also wondering if a “Just Do It” shirt is good for an almost 3 year old toddler boy? Maybe it should say “Don’t do it!” LOL. (Katebug, it’s a cute outfit really. He looks so grown with it on).

Over and out. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I’m glad you’ve got a Drs appointment just hope they can get down to the bottom of what’s going on .You really shouldn’t be suffering all this. It must not be helping that your under so much stress at work and even at home at the minute. Oh how I so wish you could take early retirement love. If you don’t I really fear for your health…. Anyway looking forward to tomorrows Vlog and hearing how your feeling …..

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