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Well, it’s my morning to do video work, but I felt the need to blog and I’ll reverse the roles tomorrow morning or do what I do best by robbing Peter to pay Paul with time, lol! But I had to come in and record my dream.

Around 2:00 a.m. I woke up and mistakenly (ok…on purpose) looked at my phone and when I do that, it wakes me up for at least an hour. Then I go back to sleep. But last night it was spotty sleep. Cat naps, I guess you’d call it. And then this happened. Was it a dream? I guess.

As I slept I was awoken by this bright light. It was shining at the top of my window and it lit my room and I remember the blues of the room being so pretty as the whiteness of the light touched it. As I looked toward the light, I remember smiling a big smile as the light and the warmth and the purity of it hit my face. My body was trying to sleep though and yet it was trying to be awake. There was a struggle between trying to wake up and trying to sleep. I remember longing to be awake and needing to be awake but I couldn’t wake up. During the struggle to be asleep versus awake, I felt a tugging upward and the covers I was under fell around me in a twirl and laid on the bed. As I sat up in bed and rose upward, the furniture around me looked smaller. And then there was an another struggle between sleep and being awake. Then I woke up for real. I sat up in bed. There was no light, the furniture was regular size and I was still under the covers. I was shocked that it was not daylight outside and that I had been asleep. I sat up and drank water, and tried to think about what had just happened as it felt so real.

I tried to find a picture of the purist light as best as I could on Pexels. Above, is the best I could do.

This dream, or experience, whatever it was reminded me of the “near death” experiences that people have described. I wondered if I had just had one. Did I quit breathing for a long while? I dunno! Maybe it was a just a dream. But the similarities are strikingly close.

I also remember Katy telling me “bye” in a dream just before this when I woke up the first time. But it was Katy, Cody and River gathering their things and heading out the door and she was letting it me know they were leaving. That was kindof a play back scene from Christmas when I had a fever and was in bed and she came back to say bye. It was not that I was the one leaving. But I did remember that dream and her saying “bye”. I did NOT see flashbacks of my life before the light though. Nothing mattered at that point but the bright light until I noticed the furniture was small and then woke up.

Weird. But if that is what death is like, I will not be afraid of it. The light was beautiful, calming, welcoming, and nothing like it except the sun is the closest thing to it but the sun pales in comparison to this light. I always have weird dreams. This one tops most. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. So I had to come write about it.

Lunch Out at Slim & Husky

I had lunch with a friend at work at Slim and Husky. It’s been on my bucket list. It was so good. I am looking forward to George trying it. This one has three types of pepperoni on it. I’m a pepperoni freak. But I had them add spinach and they laid it on too, so I got my greens, lol. They used olive oil on the crust – at least at looked like olive oil. I hope it was. It was brushed on before they added the sauce and ingredients. So good. It makes me want to make pizzas at home. The crust was thin and good. It had corn meal in it I think.

They also make their own cinnamon rolls and had about 6 different ones or maybe more. I got the regular ones.

So much for cutting back on the bread. I guess it was good the pizza had thin crust so you could use the rest of the bread for cinnamon rolls, which I’ll have for breakfast today.

Inexpensive Hair Products I Use

A friend was asking me to send a pic of the hair products I use. So I gathered them up and took some pics.

*The Herbal Essences Curl Boosting Mousse is used if I’m in a hurry and I usually use it on dry hair. This particular moose will aid the curls to stay in place and will take wavy to a curlier status and will calm any frizz. I mainly use it in the back and scrunch it. I use it 1) if I’ve let it dry by itself and I will style the front a bit and then just scrunch the back and 2) Sometimes on 2nd Day Hair (I love that phrase as opposed to 2nd Day Air) I will just style the front a bit and scrunch up the back.

*The Aussie Hair Spray is wonderful, but I don’t use much. I lightly spray on most days if I have light curls or waves I want to stay in place. Just know that adding a lot of product makes it feel dirtier on days you don’t wash it, so I go light on it if I use it at all.

*The HS Professional Argan Oil – honestly I found it in the cabinet last night and haven’t used it in a while, but I think I will use some when I’m going to be using a flat iron or curling iron.

The fun thing about having a layered bob and enjoying growing it out a bit, is getting to experiment with the styles and various products, including various hair clips. I’m having a grand time with that.

*Herbal Essence Dry Shampoo – is good for 2nd day Hair of course. It really just makes you feel shampoo’d. I use it on the roots for a quick lift me up and a clean feeling. Just in a few spots. Usually not the front.

*My favorite product though is this American Crew forming cream, b/c I’ve finally learned how to use it. Putting just a tiny bit in my hands and rubbing them together then using my fingers to piece apart in the front, put hairs into place, fix some little wisps or make my layers do what I want and then the rest I crunch the curl in the back. It’s just enough to shape without weighing it down.

And I’m throwing these in here b/c they are the newest addition to my hair styling – I have only used each of them once. I will have to use them again before giving a review. I mainly just wanted to experiment but really haven’t had time to think about it. I forget they are there as a choice and do my regular thing!

I don’t really straighten my hair much, but I really should experiment with that as the stylist made it look good that way. I have experimented with the curling iron some and making the curls at the root but not the bottom. My hair is a little short for it to work but I moderately got some effect from it yesterday. I want to try that with the flat iron too. Anyway it’s fun to play when you have time. Mostly I don’t have time and end up just using my curling hair dryer with the brush like wand – making it straight as I dry it and then crunching it up for waves.

Ok I need to head out. It’s been nice to get to go out for lunch. Rarely get to and I’m going out again today.

Here was my breakfast yesterday. It was Rice Chex cereal, Whole Grain Cherios, Alpine Muesli, a package of Heart Healthy nuts, a banana, and Vanilla Silk Almond milk. It was really good except the cereal gets mushy too quick for me. This morning I’ll be bad and eat the cinnamon rolls, lol.

I was also very happy to find Cucumber Perrier! It made my heart glad. I love cucumber water with citrus. We make it at home sometime in just regular water, and we call it Detox water. It’s so good for your body. I love mineral water anyway.

Ok I need to get out of here. So ya’ll have a grand day. It’s Thursday and Cinco de Mayo meal is tonight at home. And also it is supposed to storm today and tomorrow. And I hope it doesn’t storm while I’m out driving around. I’m going to pray it doesn’t. The storms where tornadic in Oklahoma. But I don’t think it is supposed to be that bad here – although there is still the possibility – it’s just not as great. Right now it looks like a lot of rain! But it’s the spin up cells in the dry sector than can build up in the sun that causes the most problems.

OK I’m running wayyyyy late today. Over and out.


Sippin’ coffee here and wishing you all a good weekend. There is nothing like getting to sleep in on a Saturday morning. Instead of the 4 a.m. hour it’s more like 7! Trying to make up for missed sleep during the week. And a busy week it was.

Let’s review it: Work all day and the commute has gotten longer. It’s now 45 min and upwards to over an hour at times. I think road work might be to blame for part of it and just an increase in traffic volume in the last month. More working?

Monday – 5:20 doc appt for BP Rx renewal, Tuesday – Predators game (they won!), Wednesday – PM wind storms and stayed up late til passed, Thursday – Nails appointment, Friday – Publix Grocery night for Sonya (my 2 week stock up for work items). So the week was gone in a blink and I think I might have been tired.

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So I think me going to the store after work helps me a lot on time. I can casually walk through, look at labels, not be rushed and I have increased my buying level to cover what I might need in two weeks time (aside from any fresh stuff, which I just have George get as he goes the store a couple times of week). I used to go to the store at least once a week. But since our trip to Hot Springs, it seems I can lengthen it for two weeks. I also am back to doing a Target order about once every month or two. I order what I can through there for household goods, makeup, laundry, toiletries, etc. Also I supplement with Amazon for vitamins and some other personal items if I’m not doing a Target order yet. This gives me about 2 to 3 hours a month, it’s not much time savings but every little bit helps. I can get a lot done in 2-3 hours. But I’m losing it with the increase in commute. ::sigh:: Life is always trying to either suck your money or your time – don’t worry – I’m not getting started!!!! lol. (Some of you know me too well.)

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I had another dream last night. This time I went on a shopping weekend out of town with a friend. We had our own cars though for some reason and so on Saturday morning I drove on to a shopping location leaving the friend behind to get there on her own. We had not discussed which shopping location though (it’s a dream and it’s weird). I was going to call her to tell her where to go. But then I couldn’t find my phone. I didn’t know her number to call from anyone else’s phone. I felt helpless and sat inside someone’s boat which was located at the mall. (I have no idea why I wasn’t sitting in my own car. lol. Well if you are going to sit in someone else’s vehicle and you see a boat instead, why not sit there?) I stepped away from the boat only for a second to check out something and came back and thieves were stealing things from the boat and asked me if they were my things and I said “no I’m just sitting here”. I don’t know why I wasn’t scared. I guess because I’d been watching Good Girls. lol. The thieves decided not to take the goods. The owner came back to the boat and I explained my dilemma about my lost phone and my now lost friend since I couldn’t reach her and he tried to help me but I didn’t have anyone’s number and didn’t know who to call. But he let me hang on the boat. At the end of the day I decided I’d go back to the hotel because that is the only place that I knew my friend and I would ever meet up. But by then I’d lost most of the items in my purse and didn’t have keys, didn’t know where my car was and seemed to be collecting all sorts of things that didn’t belong to me as everyone was putting things in my purse to carry for everyone else. At the end of the dream there was a big party which had a show in which Rod Stewart was the singer and he gave away gifts, including marijuana as the state had recently legalized it, and everyone was smoking and passing it around (NOT ME!) and my friend was there and someone called my phone number and my phone was buried deep within my purse and there the whole time. And things started showing up again in my purse. Yeah there’s a lot of holes in that dream. And Rod Stewart, really? But weird dreams anyway. My fear is that I will lose my purse and phone and thinking about it yesterday because I had those other dreams, made me dream about it again. I had recently read about legalizing marijuana being prompted in a law and I guess that is where that came from. I care nothing about it but it would be nice to try CBD product and medicinal items without having to worry about any type of drug screen. As some have given people a positive drug test. Anyway interesting dream for sure.


So I have quite the To Do list. I won’t get all finished. I never do so most of these will carry through April until I can get to them. <Pause> I have to go get some more coffee!!

  • Give George my cell phone check (work pays us to allow people to call us on our personal cell phones – a blessing)
  • Laundry
  • Make sure Little Bit has water/food
  • Have my photo ready in my iPhone to show the hairstylist.
  • Find my pink jacket – it’s missing – in George’s car? My car? Work?
  • Pick a recipe to fix for next week to give George a break while he does yard work or music work
  • Check out the Wilson County voting lineup and do research on the candidates as early voting is starting soon
  • Move the bed in my office to downstairs. (I’ve broken it up but need George to help me to put it downstairs).
  • Set up my puzzle
  • Iron for next week and pick out clothes for the work week
  • Set up my BP meds and vitamin supplements for the next week in my weekly container
  • Start cleaning and opening up the sun room
  • Order Pics from Shutterfly. (I have two pics I have put off ordering since Christmas if not before).
  • Windows clean – that has been on my list for a long time
  • Work on next video
  • Learn to go Gifs in Final Cut
  • Measure my table in the sun room and try to find a similar one for Mom
  • Shop for her cabinet for her laundry room
  • Camera Lessons – need to do another lesson or two
  • Basement – Help clean and get rid of things in the basement

That is what I intend on doing today but like I said, it’s just going to snowball on throughout April and I have things scheduled that will pop up on my iPhone Reminder app as well. Mom also needs more help unpacking and Good willing, and we might work that in tomorrow after church and lunch out and AT&T store, if she can hold out without having her nap. But she will probably be too tired and we’ll have to schedule a Saturday. If we do that, I’ll be claiming Sunday as my home day and will do a devo there. I can’t give all of my personal time away as that is where the trouble starts when I’m left with only tired evenings or half a day to get a week’s worth of stuff done. I’m having to claim some time back this year. We are about a year behind on everything.


Momma sent Little Roo a Mickey Mouse when she heard he loved to watch Mickey on the TV. Katy said he was soooooo excited to see that Mickey was in his house! Then he asked to have Smokey the bear that we bought him in Hot Springs. So he played with them in his ball pit.

What are ya’ll doing this weekend? Whatever you do enjoy it!

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Spider and Airplane Dreams and their Interpretations

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Wow, I was’t going to blog this morning. It’s my morning to work on videos. But I had to come and blog my dreams before I forget. I haven’t even done my devo yet. I awoke and had my shower but just trying to figure out these weird dreams I had. I always try to google their meaning, and I did this just now. I always believe our psyche is working something out and I know in the Bible, God sent dreams/visions to people. I don’t think that all dreams are God driven or spiritual based, but I do believe it is our mind, brain, and soul, working out something, maybe even things we can’t work out on our own in the day. Had I not googled it, I would have gone on with – “wow that is weird, where did that come from?”. Now that I googled it, I get it!

Dream #1 ~ Bugs, spiders in their webs, a retreat space, a baby, and a person who tries to help but really doesn’t

Dream #2 ~ An airplane that doesn’t fly, a pilot that is injured, waiting to take off but never do

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Ok so in dream #1 George and I are going somewhere, we don’t get there yet and have to take a detour to spend the night in a hotel for at least two days (because we didn’t check out the next morning). I remember it was a temporary stop on our way to our destination. It was a La Quinta. And I remember thinking “oh this is a nasty hotel” (normally they are not – this is my dream, lol). There were bugs and gnats flying around and things crawling on the ceiling. At bed time we got in bed and I chose to close my eyes so I could sleep and not think of the insects or I knew I’d not be sleeping all night. Then George said “oh my gosh look at that spider”. As the night grew, the webs and the spiders could be seen all over the room, and many were the venomous big bodied huge kind. I could not sleep and went into a room next door and George stayed behind. The room next door had aqua colored carpet and no bugs or spiders, but it had a baby and I didn’t see it’s mother around. The baby needed a diaper and I began playing with the baby. I think it was a girl. The girls Mom (too old to be it’s Mom) was nearby but had not been watching the baby. She came into the room and I told her about the spiders. She said she was the owner and would give me an insect spray to use. I said “no thank you” because I won’t be going back in there I’m sleeping in this room tonight. She “ok” and smiled and said you can stay here tonight. She said “I hate cleaning that insect room because I get lice just cleaning it”. (lol, I’m laughing here at my dreams). Then the dream was over and I found myself in the next dream.

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Dream #2 had George and I in an airplane and I realized we never took off but are going down the interstate on I-65. I was puzzled and confused and wondering what was happening. The pilot was trying to take off but didn’t have room. Our wings were over the cars, lol. He (the pilot) pulled off the interstate because he couldn’t take off. When he got out of the cockpit he had one shoulder pinned down and said “shoulder injury – workman’s comp – they’re trying to accommodate me and I can’t pull the plane up to take off b/c of my injury so we are going to try a smaller plane”. I get on the plane and am seated by George and I state “I can’t do this. This is not safe. I’m getting off.” We end up all getting off and waiting in a waiting room somewhere. The pilot had a girl friend there but made her sit somewhere else so no one would know she was his girlfriend but would think it was another passenger. I woke up.

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Meanings of these dreams. Wow. So the meanings of the dreams when I looked them up are below.

  • The spiders in their webs. Being trapped in real life. And retreating from it, finding distractions, and talking to people who really don’t have a way of properly helping.
  • The airplane not able to take off. Having goals and aspirations but not being able to soar with them, not able to take them to flight. Not even able to get them off the ground. Having mentor or a leader who is not capable of leading the crew to their destination.

In neither dream, did I make it to the destination. I don’t really think this dream is foretelling as much as it is a dream for just explaining what is deep within my psyche. In other words, I don’t think it’s trying to say that I’m not going to reach my goals but that I’m delayed on the way. I think instead of foretelling it’s just a depiction of current circumstance. And I relate it purely to not being able to spend the time I want in my creative zones and in doing the things that really make me happy. The side notes are that I’m following and putting trust in people who are not capable of being a proper mentor for me.

I guess there are some squashed dreams in my life. Maybe several. And it was probably bubbling up from those. And the lack of time to work on current goals, aspirations, and projects.

I didn’t get to see the outcome of the dreams, as I woke up. They were really like a movie that didn’t get to watch the ending of and I got up from my sleep. So I’m not accepting that the dream is saying that I can’t reach my goals. I think it’s just telling me that at the present time, I’m feeling stifled, held back, stuffed down and not able to do anything just yet.

I suppose the ending can be written by me. Or life itself or others will write it for me. It will be what it will be. What will I choose?