Decorating with Holiday Holly Using Versatile Vases and Dexter Got a Doggy Blueberry Facial

Today is Blogmas Day 13. I’m in a hurry today. We are eating with family tonight so it’s a busy little day here. I decided to show you the little vases I have and the “holly plants” I got at Pop Shelf. I have used the three floral vases every season. They are white so you just stick flowers in for whatever season you are in. I think it’s added a lot of flair to the look and feel.

So two are in the kitchen and one is in the bathroom. These get moved all over the house, wherever I need them to be. Sometimes a table center piece.

I’ve had a lot of fun with them. You can find the little vases on Amazon. These came in a set of 3 different sizes. Hint, they make great gift ideas too.

So George picked Dexter up from doggy daycare where he got a bath, toenails trimmed, ears groomed, teeth brushed and got a blueberry facial! I wish I had a pic of that. Can’t you see him with his head wrapped in a towel and all bugged out in his blueberry mask? I swear one of his eyes looks like like blueberry – like instead of being blood shot, it’s blueberry shot, lol. I hope he’s ok. He kinda had a look on him that said, “Momma, don’t ever let them do that to me again, ok?”

I’ve not checked him out much as he just got home but I’m anxious to see if Camp Bow Wow did him up right. Were the nails trimmed, does he smell good? He did not come home with a bandana like they some time do. I need to sniff him up and see if he smells good. lol. Bless him. He seems tired. He just gave out a big sigh.

I went to the store after work and got a few more presents for work peeps and then George a few more stocking stuffers so his should be good now. And then got my Rx meds (blood pressure) while there. I bought bacon and sausage. The sausage is for the sausage balls. I will put the cheese on next week’s grocery list. I just remember last year having some issue finding sausage at the last minute. So I went ahead. I’m glad I did not have to work the extra hour like I do most Tuesday’s. Since I don’t have to take Mom to the doc, I was able to get this extra errand run and out of the way.

So how are you guys doing? Can you believe how fast December is going? Are you getting things done? Are you behind or ahead?

Take care everyone.

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  1. Sounds like Dexter got the works. I know he feels better even if all that bathing was stressful. I bet he didn’t know what to think.. Great job getting all your Christmas shopping done. This year Christmas has been different. Time is moving too fast. The weather is so warm here it doesn’t seem like Christmas. I am finished shopping. I did almost all of my wrapping today. I am tired.
    It is wonderful your Mom has her company to help with her appointments and such.
    I am getting ready to watch a Christmas show. Hang in there the weekend will be here before you know it.

  2. Great posts this week. I simply have not had the time to do a proper comment but I am reading.
    I love the holly in the white vases. I have to remember that for next year.
    And…I’m making sausage balls using your recipe. I’ll let you know the results.
    I bet Dexter is just devine. 🙃
    More later.
    Nite nite

  3. Morning Sonya, I’m glad you’re almost ready for next weekend ….I think I’m almost there thanks to a friend who went into Bath for me and got a couple of jumpers for Mary ( she has lost so much weight she has nothing that fits ) so warm jumpers were my idea for her….I don’t like driving into Bath cause finding parking place is horrendous…..Mary I know is panicking as she wants to get a few things. A neighbour offered to take her but the icy weather has put that off. If she dosn’t I think next week it will be less cold and I will take her myself and she can go around shops by herself while I have a cuppa…..That’s good that you got home that bit earlier…..Poor Dexter he must be a bit confused going to and fro not really getting time to bond with anyone in particular …other than you and George of course…..hope his eye is ok… Take care today…God Bless

    • Hope Mary gets her shopping in. Do you have Amazon she could do?
      Dexter is doing fine. His eyes are ok. He rested while we went out to eat. But he’s going with us later in the week to meet my Aunt’s new dog Cherie.
      He’s being a good dog. He tried to get into a couple of presents- soap and hot sauce. lol At least he’s left the tree and most everything alone.

      • Glad that Dexters eyes are ok. He is such a lovely dog albeit a bit on the big side !! Unfortunately Mary can’t use the internet ( she has limited reading ability ) however I kind of mentioned it to my niece tonight and she asked Mary if she would like to go shopping with her !….very diplomatic…..of course Mary was pleased so now I will have to try to drop more hints …if I can think of anything !!……Peter brought along a T shirt he ordered for me for her it has a Kangaroo on it her fav. animal hope it’s the right size I’ve not actually taken it out of the bag, I must do that tomorrow…..Hope your week is going to,plan…God Bless

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