Sharing Free Christmas Cell Phone Wallpapers and What’s Happening at Our House This Week

For Blogmas Day 12, I’m sharing some of my Christmas Wallpapers that can be used on the phone. Credit is given to Canva. This is not an advertisement and I’m not getting paid to mention it. But I use Canva all the time. I have a paid membership. But you can join for free, and you will still have lots and lots of free options. I will be using these on my phone during the holidays. And I wanted to share with you so you can feel free to snag them/download them if you would like. Or there’s lots more on the Canva website. Canva is awesome. They help me do what I need to do.

Here’s several more scattered about through the blog entry and I’ve added one for winter as well. It’s so nice. I plan to use it in January.

So what are we up to today?

Well, I am in the midst of finishing up the wrapping. I have wrapped about 25% of George’s presents and have a few more things to wrap for him. I stopped when his car pulled in the garage. I get off a little before him so I will have opportunity all week to finish and can sneak wrap if I need to.

I also tested his stocking and I did a pretty good job but I need just a few more little things – so I will either stop somewhere on the way home from work one night or will go out on Friday and finish up when I’m off. I have another day scheduled for this Friday to finish and that will include doing some cleaning – like vacuuming and doing the floors.

We’ve talked about the food some for Christmas and I’ll begin a grocery list of items for things.

I am laughing so hard – Dexter is going for a Christmas grooming tomorrow along with a doggy daycare day. He gets a bath, nails trimmed, ears cleaned/groomed, teeth brushed, and get this……it also includes a “blueberry facial”. LOL LOL LOL I wish I could be a fly on the wall.

This is a fun one. I may use this as the background wallpaper.

Here’s the Winter wallpaper that is so pretty and spoke to me!

So I’m trying hard to still stay on task with the Nudge Challenge. In case you are doing this one, here’s a reminder. You don’t have to actually do the challenge, but this is something that is good to remember this season to keep us healthy, thriving, and keeping us going.

I do a pretty good job of these daily. I keep fruit around me and get in the Vitamin C and I also take a vitamin C supplement daily this time of year. I do a pretty good job of getting in the greens daily. George has also been better about adding greens to our dishes, and Hello Fresh certainly adds greens and veggies.

Early in December, I didn’t do something every day for Christmas. But we’d done a lot of stuff in November and I had to catch up from vacation, get over the Vertigo etc. But now in the last 5 days or so, I’ve been harder at it. It’s all coming together. My plan to start early was helping but mostly I think it was the extra vacation days where I have set days to focus on it aside from my regular schedule.

I have been good at Self-Care – getting rest, taking breaks, breathing deep breaths, and stopping to do something fun – like playing a computer game or watching a show to lessen the stress of the season. And the thing I’ve been worse at on this challenge is the extra body movements. I have hardly given a thought to exercise, since our trip and feeling bad. So that is the WORST point that I need to make immediate improvement on. And of course the Blogmas and Instamas, I’ve been 100% at hitting the target. A few days I forgot to post on Instagram but I try to keep it going with stories and of course I’ve made every day in December with Blogmas on the blog as my gift to you to offer up Christmas related content that is helpful or sharing in some way about Christmas.

Hope you can use a cellphone wallpaper. Snag away.

Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken made it to Mom’s. Did Mom remember to text when they arrived? No. But I checked and they had arrived today and were heading out to eat. That is the main thing. They are safely at Mom’s for two weeks. We will be getting with them to schedule some eating out with them. We are doing Hello Fresh tonight and Wed night. I also am getting my nails done Wed night but I may see if they want to do something tomorrow night as Dexter will be all tired from grooming/daycare and won’t mind if we are gone. Maybe we will get to eat with them a couple of times this week anyway. We’ll see.

We have mainly been seeing Mom on Sunday’s only due to our trip and getting ready for Christmas and the lack of doc appts too. It’s a stress packed time of year. So I’m glad they are here and also they offered to take Mom to her doc appt next week. They will keep her busy and entertained. I fail as her social director and she won’t do anything with senior groups, etc.

I won’t have to miss a half day of work this month since they are taking her to do the eye injection doc appt which means I won’t have to work an hour over on Tuesdays for at least 4 weeks (an hour a week). The gift of not having to work over on Tuesday for 4 weeks is amazing! I’ll take it.

Ok I think tomorrow I will share my 24 hour layered salad. I’ve shared it before but I’ll share it again for Blogmas.

I’m working on “Christmas brunch suggestions” as a blog entry for one of the Blogmas days. Do you all have a favorite Christmas brunch tradition that you and your family like? Mom always did a country ham breakfast. I will share our traditions when I do the blog entry itself- coming soon – stay tuned. But I’m gathering ideas and doing some research as to popular ideas for a Christmas breakfast or brunch.

Hope your week is going well.

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