Getting January off to a Busy Start, Welcoming German Blog Readers, and This Weekend’s To Do List

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Just a pop by to say “hello”. It’s just been a bit crazy the last few days. Work has been busy, home has been busy. There have been lots of fires to put out at work, lots of changes. And I’ve been able to get month end done, but now it’s time to work on quarter end processing and then after that, year end processing – getting all those payroll tax returns done for the quarter and annually, and w-2 year end reporting done.

In addition, I have been making appointments and changing appointments for Mom. Have been trying to plan our vacation in spring – flights booked, Dexter booked for boarding (although have to call b/c I did not get a text notice of his reservation), approval from work, but still have to get our AirBNB booked.

I’ve also been in conversation with our friends regarding our “NorthernLattitudes” party coming NEXT Saturday (just a name for our little dinner party where we will eat foods above a certain latitude line). We all have our “assignments” and I have my recipe. I will decorate our tables up with silver, white, and shiny things – in representation of all things snowy and icy for our northern latitude party. More on all this later but expect things like: meat pie, poutine, creamy apple dessert, salmon board, nuts, cheeses, and a few undetermined sides. I looked up northern sides and found cauliflower salad and creamy green peas – lol. Maybe they don’t want me making sides, lol.

George and I have been discussing our BUDGET. With things getting tighter and also close to retirement, we want to analyze and tweak a few things and really watch our spending. But he is all on board with our trip upcoming, our continuing to do some things to the house while we are still working. We have to do some updates to the kitchen and also some electrical things fixed.

So, we have so much to do and such little time. We are already noticing how quickly the quarter is filling up. I’m still in “New Year Setting Mode”. I’ve not been able to work on videos due to all the house resetting, new year resetting, birth-daying, and so forth. It’s all a fun festive time. I still have to do my new Bucket List and get it up. My goal was to do it last weekend but I just ran out of time.

I have a book picked out to read. I had it picked out a while back and was not able to find time to crack it open as I wanted to finish my Adeleija book.

So it’s called “Black Wave”. I got it without the cover. It’s about a family’s adventure at sea aboard their boat Emerald Jane – looks like they sailed from New York to French Polynesia. So you know I’ll love it. And it will be a quick read most likely for me.

I was absolutely happy to get rid of the long and growing red nails with the faulty Santa hat that looked like I had a white sticker stuck on them at first glance, lol. I waited til they grew out a bit. And decided to go a week earlier than planned to get the red off and a more subtle color in. This is called “Blushing bride”. I think I wore it last year in Feb. There was one more white that wore in Jan. I didn’t see it right away so just picked this one. Love it.

Lots of Visits to the blog from Germany

So I’m just gonna go ahead and ask the question. Is there anyone out there from Germany reading my blog? I’ve noticed a lot of hits lately showing up from the Frankfurt Am Main, on Oracle Network – several times a day. There’s like 3 or so IP addresses. I read where people can “get” German IP addresses easily by doing some research on the IP addresses that were hitting my account.

So is anyone out there that’s been reading the blog? Please let me know. I see you out there quite often. Yes I can see info on the traffic that visits my site. I was going to show you a pic, but I’m not sure I should reveal all the IP addresses, although I think it’s public information anyway if you know where to look on my site for it. Still I had rather not broadcast other people’s IP addresses as I think privacy is a best policy. But that said, I suddenly have a LOT of interest from Germany. So “hey there” folks, nice to meet ya.

I don’t mind showing where the IP addresses are coming from as “pictures” on the map after I googled near their locales – or at least where the main internet service is connected to: lol. These are my images as I took a screen shot. I happened to notice a “Butlers” store, lol. I happen to know some Butlers. Pretty sure it is not their shop. lol.

Anyway I’d love to hear from our German “friends” if you are out there. If you are up to no good, we’ll have to see about that as well. lol. I’m trying to think positive. We do have a LOT of “German” interest it seems.

So I will close with that. Other than to say here is what all is on the agenda for the weekend. It’s a lot:

Weekend To Do List:

  • Unbox and put up the new dishes that arrived. I hope they are in one piece. My birthday gift from George
  • Put out my normal Nic-Nacs.
  • Do my Amazon orders
  • Go to the flooring company and see what they can do for where Dexter messed up/chewed up the carpet
  • Car wash if not raining
  • Dust
  • Work on the Bucket List
  • Write in Grandma’s Journal
  • Church
  • Go do birthdaying with Mom
  • Take Mom to Lowe’s
  • Do research on my new weather station my Aunt and Uncle gave me
  • Do research on the new Alexa Show my Sister gave me. (I totally was blessed with these new gadgets!)
  • Edit some videos – I’m itching to do so if I can get past all the New Year “stuff”.
  • And a whole list of other things related to all my goals which as always get parked on some list til I can find time turned over from some secret rock along the way.

Life is just dang busy right now. And it’s not slowing down any time soon. But I’ve decided to roll with it, laugh more, live more, share more – all that so I’m just going to enjoy what life will let me have and then see what all I can do with it.

Right now we’ve had a fabulous Hello Fresh dinner – pecan crusted chicken and a fresh salad of spinach and arugula with apples and a vinegar based dressing. I’m going to put on my PJ’s and we are going to watch the end of the Elvis movie with Tom Hanks (well Tom was IN the movie, he’s not watching it with us, lol) and then we will watch another of the latest Yellowstone.

I will be ready for sleep and then getting up and seeing what all I can get done tomorrow. I’ll probably be back on Sunday. I’m gonna have to NOT blog every day so I can start to get some things done. But Christmas and New Year blogging has been fun for sure.

Hope your first week of January has been a good one.

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  1. Your dinner party sounds like fun. Can’t wait to see what everyone fixes. We went to Olive Garden tonight. It was good. My husband and I have both noticed how much groceries have went up. I have never seen prices rise this fast. am seriously thinking of having a small garden this year. I am going to find someone who has chickens local and buying my eggs from them. Husband paid 6.18 for a dozen eggs. The store brand. I usually buy Egg lands best. I will not pay that. I don’t like eggs that good. I maybe eat 3 or 4 a week.
    I am not sure what is going on. My husband said they were about sold out of eggs when he went. They didn’t even have egg lands best.
    We too are watching Yellowstone. We are behind only on season 2.

  2. Hi Sonya, first thank you for your Christmas messag it was so lovely but believe it or not it only arrived yesterday ! That’s taken almost a month to arrive as I looked at posted date. I know we have had a postal strike but I still think to take so long is rediculas…..but of Xmas etc are still arriving !! and that’s posted in the UK !! Well 2023 has well and truly started and got you working at breakneck speed, I hope you can soon find yourself a bit more relaxed. We had a great day yesterday at the theatre with my niece and husband also had a nice lunch out, I had a happy urge bowl of chowder something I’ve loved ever since I had my first bowl in Canada many many years ago….it was delicious…..Hope you have a lovely Sunday. God Bless. Xxx

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