Good Eats, Quarter End Again, and Other Weekly Updates

Pork Chops with a Sweet Cherry Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, and Pan Roasted Broccoli

Good morning! A quick pop in to say “hello”. This week is going by super fast.

Good Eats

I promised I would start sharing a pic of some of our Hello Fresh meals. We are just taken with this service and having fun with it. I enjoy picking out our menu for the following week on Monday’s. It’s hard to decide. I forgot to take a picture of our beef cavatappi last night though, oops. Oh my gosh it was some of the best food I ever put in my mouth. It was heavenly. We’ll be ordering that again. It had a creamy sauce. Was probably not low fat, but the tomatoes that were in it burst with flavor when you bit in. I may also recreate that one on my on. I’m going to recreate the enchiladas later in the week.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on

It’s Quarter End Processing Time Again

So it’s quarter end now that I have closed the last Friday payroll of June. And I will begin checking off the long list of of check boxes until it is complete. I’ll be doing not only my normal weekly payroll and weekly taxes that I pay for our bigger states with the most employees, but also doing the withholding tax returns and unemployment tax returns and our reconciliation report. It’s also month end so here’s kinda the run down.

___Pay Weekly Taxes

___Do my normal weekly routine: payroll, time entry fixes, PTO’s, garnishment check run to agencies, manual checks, and our 401k upload, and more.

___Pay the Bi-Weekly Tax for one state

___Pay 11 Monthly Taxes for the 11 states we pay monthly too

___Pay the 8 Quarterly paid Taxes for the 8 states we pay quarterly

___Do Withholding Returns in 26 states (Includes both our plant and Transport companies) for states that have withholding tax. This many do though.

___Do Unemployment Returns for all those states as well. Which is probably more than 26.

___Do my reconciliation report.

So in case you wondered why I’m so beefed up about getting it done. It’s a lot of extra work that has to be on top of your already busy week. So I have to try and get this “worked in” to my days.

How to Look Up a Phone Number Free

I found this website the other day and was able to find out for the first time in a long time, who called, lol.

It’s I’m not going to put the link in here, but you can try it if you want. Another time the phone number couldn’t be found. But I was pleased it worked for one of the numbers. I think we ought to be able to know who is really calling us.

Dexter Having a Quiet Moment

And here’s a video of him playing with a tea bottle I brought home yesterday.

Nails Done

I had time to go get my nails done. I have such mixed feelings. The cost with tip is over $50 for a dip. It just seems so high but it’ll last me close to a month. I feel guilty getting them done sometimes, especially since I also get my toes done. I like to get them done separately so I can enjoy getting them done without them hovering over me getting my nails done. I like to be on my phone and when my nails have foil on them while I get my pedi, I can’t do that, lol. So usually I go separately. I may look to see if there is cheaper prices anywhere. I bet you all say that is a good deal? Last time you did. I fussed about a year ago too. Well it’s something I will cut out if times get harder, but for now I’ll still do it as busy as we are. When I retire, I’ll do my own and just go periodically has a treat for a manicure so they can clean them up nicely from time to time. Then I’ll have more time to do them at home. I don’t mind doing them and enjoy it but only if I have time to sit there and do them and let them dry. Otherwise it is frustrating.

The Next “Less Hustle More Coffee” Video is Scheduled

This is ONLY the thumbnail – a preview of Saturday’s upcoming video that goes live at 7:00 a.m. Saturday

Wow, I can hardly believe it myself but the next video is scheduled for Saturday at 7:00 a.m. of Mom’s Walk-Thru of her new house and of our going through a local Christmas shop and celebrating her closing on her house. I think I have a schedule now where I can get them done more quickly. Scheduling it in advance is helping me. So all the videos will go up Saturday at 7:00 a.m. if there is going to be one. I was trying for every two weeks and this week I’m beating the goal by a week! We’ll see how it goes but weekly may be a challenge. Or maybe not if I can get them scheduled in advance and get a rhythm going. Before I would wait until it went live to start the next one. Now I just wait until I have it scheduled.

So, Over and Out. I need to get to work and Dexter is wearing me out this morning wanting more attention. It’s very difficult to blog as he gets into so much in my office. I have to stop about 6 or 8 times despite the fact that I have brought him toys to play with in here. Sometimes I have to put him back out in the hallway and close the door, so I can finish but I try not to as he is closed up all day. But you get to a point where it has to be done or I’ll be late for work. Most of the time he is calm but those two hours of the day. And one of them is always my office time despite the tennis ball playing we did earlier. It’s a wonder I get to work at all on time.

Oh and….

Meanwhile in Texas

Little Roo gets a haircut today. His first one. All his little curls will be gone. It’s time though. She waited as long as she could. Here’s a pic of the family at the beach! They had a fabulous vacation. Little Roo liked the sand but not the waves.

Ok will be back in a day or two. Take care!

Losing another Family Dog | A Tribute to Findlay

I’m sorry to say that Ms. Findlay (my grand dog) did not make it. She had a blockage in her intestines. They did surgery. Her bloodwork wasn’t good so they did a plasma transfusion (?) and that did not work and they went back in for a 2nd look and found 8 inches of infection in and around her intestines and put her down because her survival rate was next to nothing. Bottom line, she just couldn’t heal properly from this. Everyone is a bit devastated. They didn’t get to have proper good byes or be with her like you usually do. No one knew it was going to be this serious. Everyone prayed. God had other plans. My daughter recognizes that and knows God knows what He is doing and knows the reasons why. It’s been a hard year for dogs in our extended family. It’s been a hard year for everyone in many different ways. As my daughter and I talked yesterday she said “God is building character within us”. “The end times are getting closer” and basically the heat is being turned on so that the focus is applied where it needs to be.

Our hearts hurt however, at the loss of our very unique and loving little Findlay. Dogs have such personality, each one. Findlay was playful, loving, funny, and sometimes had us scratching our heads as she loved her dog beds just a little too much, lol (she humped them, lol). She loved to chew on things including her beds. She wanted the stuffing out of them. She was curious. She was smart. She was energetic. She was mostly potty trained and would run around in circles in front of you to let you know she needed to go out. She was mostly obedient. But most of all she LOVED Little Roo. She was a good little girl and learned to say she was sorry when she made a mistake (Katy taught her, lol). The kids (they’ll always be our kids) will be sad and hurting for a few days. The pain will get better. The fond memories will remain. But they will miss her. And we will too as she will not be there to greet us when we arrive in Texas in November.

I’m asking my blog buddies to leave comments in today’s entry for Katy and Cody to give them love and encouragement after the loss of their little sweet Findlay girl. It’ll be a hard few days. But it will help them so much to hear your words of comfort.

I tried to find the video where Findlay was chasing bubbles and Little Roo was laughing. I could not locate it. But our thoughts are with them today and we will all miss our little Findlay. She has been a great pet. I’m glad Little Roo got to meet her but he probably won’t remember her when he grows up. He’s just too little.

Thanks in advance for any comments and encouragement you can leave for my daughter and son-in-law and Little Roo. I appreciate you and I know they do too.

Bye my little Findlay girl. You rest within our hearts always. Give my love to Roger, Maisy, Tugie, and all our little fur baby friends when you see them in God’s “Rainbow Bridge”. And thanks for being the wonderful little being that you were!

Prepping for Fall / Tagine Cooking a Moroccan Dish with Chef George

Farmer’s Market Tomatoes, Mount Juliet, TN

What a productive Saturday! George got out and ran some errands – mainly yard sale, farmer’s market stop for tomatoes, and a store run. Then he washed his car, worked on finances and other things on his list. I enjoyed my day setting about the house, doing laundry, dusting and putting out the fall decor, cleaning out drawers in the kitchen and reorganizing a few things. It was a beautiful thing.

Do we have enough onions?

We were going to need some more onions for all the things we were making this weekend so George bought another (and probably the final) bag of Vidalia onions. We love them for their sweetness. Likely though we’ll be having to eat some baked in foil to eat before the spoil. And that is ok. They are good with butter salt and pepper and baked like that. I like them finally chopped though or at least in rings where they are thin when they come out of the oven.

I opened the drawer for something and was just appalled. I cannot stand disorganization. This was unacceptable. It’s like a hurricane went through the drawer. It’s probably been 3 years before it’s been cleaned out and organized. So yesterday, even though it was unplanned, I quickly just took everything out and reorganized. Some things did not go back in but went in other places.

Not Acceptable (BEFORE)
Ahhhh, much better (AFTER)

I counted NINE things of tape. I had bought more because I thought we were getting low. HELLOOOOOO, they were just hidden.

Ummmmm, really?

So yeah it’s nice to have the right size stopper for a wine bottle and a short one so it will go in the fridge. But, ummm, do we usually have this many open at once? I mean, really?

Saying Good-Bye to Summer Decor

I put away some of the springy items. I’ll put these back in January after Christmas for nice clean fresh look. With so much going on downstairs, I think I’ll just pop this box over in the sunroom out of the way until January. Probably no one will notice nor care. We are not in there much. But the sunroom is clean though for these fall days where we will temporarily get to enjoy some time in there.

I also picked out a few cookbooks to pick some fall/winter recipes for the next few months. My cooking is minimal but I like to find recipes to fix. Sometimes George will fix them or I will fix them. More often than not, it will go on the board or a list for months before I ever fix it – if I even do. But it gives me great fun to think about it. I just have a tendency to overplan my life and fleshing it out is harder to do, but I enjoy thinking about it and planning it anyway. But sometimes I really do end up cooking and a few things have become a classic or fixed again: BBQ meatloaf, Irish Stew, Spaghetti, Alfredo, Amish Pork Chops, Air Fried Hot Chicken, Soups, Salads, and Chocolate Fudge Pie. We’ll see what happens, but these are on the coffee table by my recliner – well Mom sits in my recliner and I have a sofa end recliner, temporarily. lol. I’ll look through and pick some meals. Maybe I’ll make a list like George. What am I saying? He has a whole excel spreadsheet!

George’s Tagine Cooking

His dish looked so pretty last night as he prepared and cooked a beef, leek, and onion dish with peppers and tomatoes.

It cooks in the cone shaped clay cookery called the “Tagine” (Moroccan type of cooking and also his Christmas present). You kinda stir fry the meat and veggies a bit with the “diffuser” so the clay doesn’t crack with the heat. You can see the handle of the diffuser coming out of the back. Then he puts the lighter veggies like tomatoes on top and it steams it when you put the cone on and the steam comes out the top. It looks like a volcano. It cooks pretty quickly. I think the main thing is like any other dish – the chopping and dicing has to happen first.

Yeah the spoon is on the wrong side I think right? But we don’t pay any attention to those rules here! As long as there are utensils near by we are good! I had these other place mats underneath, already there as I wasn’t sure these would show up (delivered by Amazon) by dinner time. I just set them on top of the other placemats. I think I kinda like it that way! It also keeps them from sliding around so much and gives it more depth. What do you think? With the other place mat or by itself????

So the fall placemats came in yesterday mid-afternoon – just in time for the fall decor! The are reversible. I think there are poppy’s on the other side? I didn’t spend a lot of time looking at the other side, but I think it will be cute for February placemats with the red. Anyway, I loved the look of the placemats. I also added a can of silverware to the table since I had two sets. Now to make sure the correct set gets added back to the “can” on the table so it’s there when we need it. I’ll have to manage that one.

Of course this dining room table is big enough to house us on one end and George’s office on the other end. He is working one day a week from home. It was a “summer thing” and not a “dreaded illness avoidance” type thing. Anyway, we are graced with the back of a computer while we eat (rolling eyes) but what can you do? His other personal office is in Mom’s bedroom, LOL. Bless him, he gets to go in there when Mom’s in her recliner. I told him we could move out a china cabinet or move something around in the living room temporarily or even in his bedroom if he could let go of some stuff but he didn’t want to change anything around. We’d already moved a lot. But this table was about the only quick option for his work. I’ve worked there before too and it is a good set up for temporary time frame.

I’ve shared so many photos already in this blog post. So tomorrow I’ll share some of the fall decor pics.

I’m not sure what today’s plan is. I’ll see – we had talked about having a big breakfast today. But then Mom and I said we might grab lunch out before going to the store. I’m going to the store. Not sure if she is going with me or not. I am going to get a few things for the work week mainly. I don’t really want to go anywhere tomorrow on Labor Day. I guess a store will be open for a few hours but I’m not getting out tomorrow.

Today’s plan still a bit up in the air for the brunch or lunch but I’ll be doing these things today:

  • Ironing
  • Soaking the beans for tomorrow’s baked beans
  • Changing George’s sheets
  • Changing my watch band to the tan one instead of the white.
  • Work on some Christmas lists, shopping ideas – I might not have time later
  • Pick out my free audible book for September
  • Unset my alarm for tomorrow morning
  • Might start the puzzle
  • Work on photo/video files
  • Pick out 3 recipes for the future so I can be ready to go
  • Help plan the menu board
  • Work on the project list if any time left
  • Kinda like to make some homemade bread but thinking that is planning too much – depends on time. 😉

Coffee tastes better on a morning when you don’t have to rush out the door. I’ve already done my devo and reading for the day. It’s currently raining and will likely continue over the next few hours or so – I think. I’ve not really checked the weather. I just checked radar and it’s here!

What are you making for Labor Day? And When are YOU fall decorating?

Meanwhile in Texas

River goes to a college football game

I had to google which game it was. I think it was AT&T stadium – Stanford vs K-State. Look at this little booger! He is half a person already! I’m sure he is heavy! He is a big buckaroo for sure! ;-). Bless him. Those legs! I have to show you his football shirt! I guess he’s gonna love football!

And we’re off….Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! This 3 day weekend has been such a blessing so far.