Fall Camera Shots, Baby Showers, and an Evening OUT!

I was in the laundry room – you know – doing laundry and ironing and all that great stuff. I looked down and laughed. Maisy was all in the sheets and hanging out with me. When we left to go vote, she actually slept in there. So I’m thinking of making her a bed there for when we are gone. Roger seems to take over the dog beds (all of them) and so she won’t get on them unless I have a clean blanket over them. So I think I will just put a blanket there for while we are gone then Roger will go for the softer bed and leave her area alone.

Not long ago I used a credit on Audible to download Hamilton. I was shocked at what my credit was bringing me. Wow! Thirty Five hours of listening time. THIRTY FIVE HOURS!

It seems that when I go back and forth from house to car – it doesn’t sync. Maybe there is some setting I’m missing, but I have to listen to it over again usually (you can’t fiddle with things in the car while driving). So I decided I would have a dedicated laundry time book going since I spend a lot of time in there every week. So, yeah…wonder how many months it will take me to get through this one? lol

Got the kitchen clean! It wasn’t too bad but I did have a few dishes to clean up after the Friday night spaghetti dinner.

She is my special girl, following me around the house wherever I am working.

Friends asked us out to dinner last night and we had a splendid time. On the square in Lebanon, TN eating at a new to us place called “Town Square Social”. Oh my gosh. It is wonderful. An old building with modern touches and yes a very social atmosphere. I don’t think there were a lot of social distancing going on. It was crowded. And we had a great time eating off of this WIDE range of a menu. It had bar food, but it had salads, tacos, burgers, pizzas, wings, mac and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, Nashville Hot dishes. And the food was special, not your average. (Sorry dudes in the windows).

We had wings, chicken nachos, and pizza for the table. Then we each ordered our own meal, knowing we would likely have 2nd’s for another meal today. The pizza was from their wood fired oven and was just a piece of heaven. I want to go back for more! We are putting it on the calendar to accompany a Lebanon Christmas shopping trip one Saturday.

Lebanon, TN is about a 20 to 30 minute drive from our house. Reaching it’s outskirts in about 15 but the innards of the city is probably more like 30. It’s a small town with quite a bit of growth lately and of course we have decided to “rediscover” what it has to offer with this upcoming trip. (Yay more to video, LOL).

Here was the brick inside the building. I took a pic mainly as it is “texture” I can use as transition pieces between videos.

So I took some pics outside with the camera and some video of the fall trees and George mowing. Really just wanted to see if I could video properly. I also did some videoing inside the house. Just kindof redoing some of the video I had messed up earlier having it on the wrong settings or SOMETHING!! Everything came out ok. I guess I took both raw images and jpeg images and need to learn more about that. As I got a TWOFER (two for one surprise). I think I had it on the settings that the guy in the video told me to have it on. I’m anxious to see the differences b/w the two and to learn more about what it is doing b/w the raw and jpeg. I have no idea what I’m doing yet. But. I know more than I did and was happy with the images from yesterday. George did a great job cleaning up the yard a bit and doing a final (maybe we’ll see) mow.

Here playing around with the focus spot through the lens. Focusing here on the bench chair in the woods.

Here focusing on the closer object, the leaves. I love, love, love, being able to do this where it is blurry in the background!

LOOK! It’s a drive-by greeting!

So the leaves are starting to turn with the recent cooler temps. The day temps are still very warm 60’s to 80’s.

You can see the cemetery begin to come into view.

And there is our house from the cemetery.

And a focus in on the leaves in front of me…

The camera did a wonderful job of capturing the detail on the tombstones.

And of course this morning, I had leftovers as I watched The Wynn’s getting back to their boat in Tonga. Yeah I know, so much for diet mode. Thus drinking lots of water, not planning on eating again til dinner, and planning a lower calorie – perhaps even a cleansing day – for tomorrow!

Just kind of a cloudy day today with a bit of rain moving into the area apparently. I’ve been behind on keeping up with the weather! Some days I’m surprised. That is NOT like me.

I’m going to be working on the iMovie some today I think. But I do have some other things I need to do – like a Target order for some household supplies. A friend at work is having a baby and I need to send something to her house. That is what I had planned all along that way she doesn’t have to wag it from work to home but it’ll be delivered. We can’t have any kind of parties at work, celebrations, or birthdays now, due to COVID. No sharing of food or anything. They did set up a table for her at work with balloons and flowers. It was very pretty. But lonely with no people or love surrounding it.

Katy had a shower yesterday given by her friends. I am not sure what I can share/not share. I think she didn’t want a lot shared by video but I think she is ok with a few things in the blog. I’m pretty sure I’m safe to share these few things if I rub out some details of the location. They are not allowed to share anything with company logo, or property etc. The shower is not on the property though. Isn’t she pretty, my girl? I put a star over the ranch name. In case you wonder what that is, LOL.

This is how big the baby is!
Party kitchen, it’s just Gorgeous!
Caramel Apples

The shower was so pretty. Looks like a wonderful fall theme related to pumpkins “Little Pumpkin on its way!”. I can’t wait to see all the things she got for the shower. Looking forward to that facetime call! And that is all she wrote for today!

A Day in Abilene, TX and Perini Ranch Steakhouse in Buffalo Gap, TX

Adrianas Taqueria, Breckenridge

We started out the day with a breakfast burrito in Breckenridge TX. We took two cars today so Katy would have her car as we would be headed to Abilene later in the day.

Bacon and Egg Burrito, Adrianas Taqueria

We went back to the ranch house and each of us worked on our “piles”.

If you see yesterday’s post you’ll see the big tangled mess I had in the floor. A bit of reorganization led to this. Looks much better.

I really did not need to bring all the shoes! I have only worn one pair since I’ve been here.

We then set out for Abilene after going thru Chicken Express drive thru. I ate mine while George drove and then we switched up!

Wind Turbines, near Abilene,TX

We shopped around Abilene and then found a tap room that was open, much to our surprise.

Carters, Abilene

We enjoyed shopping for the grand baby buying some clothes.

Taylor County Taproom, Abilene TX
Taylor County Taproom, Abilene

Then onto grocery shopping! we loved Market Street.

We love grocery shopping! Just mainly looking for different items we don’t see back home. We bought sacks to wrap the baby items in. The grocery store was cute, and with a Starbucks!

Market Street, Abilene TX
Market Street. Abilene TX

Then we headed out for our dinner reservations. We managed to fill the afternoon time nicely. So we headed out to Buffalo Gap on the outskirts of Abilene to our restaurant.

I loved this area. It reminded me of home a bit except for the mesquite trees. The trees were gorgeous and numerous.

These were taken thru the windshield. So the color is green. I also think that the sun/heat make the pics look more yellow green and grainy. I take pics thru the window all the time and it rarely looks this bad. But you get the idea.

I would compare this area to Brentwood- less the congestion in our area near Nashville. The houses were big and there were some very unique hills. Til we got to buffalo gap and it reminded me of Savannah with sprawling trees over the roads- only smaller ones.

Then there was this as we pulled into the Perini Ranch Steakhouse property. lol

George changed shirts and shoes in the parking lot. Nobody was around thank goodness lol.

Perini Ranch Steakhouse, Buffalo Gap, TX

We pulled on around closer to the restaurant as we had reservations at 7:00.

Perini Ranch Steakhouse, Buffalo Gap, TX

We got a drink at the bar and was taken to our seat to wait for Katy and Cody.

It was about 105 degrees and they led us outside and out of the a/c. I said “oh can’t we get a table inside?” But George said our reservation choices were outside at 7 or inside at 8:30 and that was too late. But we made do. Our table was mostly in the shade. It was not humid at all. And I went to bathroom and got a paper towel and put ice in there from my ice water. I kept my neck and face cool with that since I don’t do heat very well. So the heat was a non factor. Then I spotted the kitties!

See him?

Then there more kitties! I loved this!

George in his new birthday shirt!

Doesn’t George look nice in his new shirt?

See the paper towel on my neck ????? lol

There’s kitties in them there bushes.

Above was my view of the back of the restaurant.

Fried Quail Leg appetizer

We had a fried quail leg appetizer. It was very good. We ordered and George opened “his gifts” lol 😂 lol 😂 And we have them to Katy and Cody of course.

Then suddenly I had a visitor! since I had hand sanitizer I petted him. His name was Squeakers. Or might have been a she. lol I didn’t ask but I think it was a HE.

Prime Rib, Perini Ranch Steakhouse, Buffalo Gap, TX

My steak was about as awesome as they can come. I got the Prime Rib.

Our waitress was great and she even brought a glass of ice!

Grilled Zucchini, Perini Ranch Steakhouse

I loved the zucchini but it was way too salty.

This kitty kept climbing up the tree!

Just as cute as can be! They were very entertaining.

Texas Sheet Cake, served cold

This fudge cake dessert was heaven in a slice. It was mine! Katy got jalapeño cheesecake.

Jalapeño cheesecake, Perini Steakhouse, Buffalo Gap TX
Katy and Cody

We had a great day packed full!

The road back home seemed long but we got back about 10:30 as the ranch here was about an hour and fifteen minutes away. We looked at the stars as we came back and it was completely black except for my phone that I turned on the flash light so I could see.

We were in bed by 11 after taking dogs out!

I know Katy and Cody are tired. Just a lot going on. We’ll be out of their hair tomorrow as we leave in the morning for Hot Springs and head home. I know Katy is concentrating on school and being pregnant and Cody busy on the ranch. It’s nice of them to let us hang. But our time coming to an end. I’m sure we’ve overstayed at this point. But glad they’re being patient with us and our stuff and our doggies and our shenanigans- as defined by however they would define them.

Today we are staying in except for a mid day run to the store for tonight’s dinner and to grab lunch somewhere.

It’s supposed to be 110 today. That’s a bit extreme and will be the hottest temp I will have ever experienced in my lifetime. So we decided to hang back and rest. Not much else around to explore that we haven’t already and we don’t really need to be out in this in case the car broke down or something. But tomorrow we will leave war and I bet Hot Springs won’t be as hot.

Lots of military planes about this morning- some very loud. George said there was a base near Abilene- these are fighter jets we are hearing. Interesting. Scared me at first.

This was a long one. Let me know if you made it to the end.

We’re Gonna Be Grandparents!

We are so excited! Do you know how hard it is to sit on top of THIS KINDA news? Our little grandbaby is due Jan 19th!

So we will be going to Texas quite often! We have a trip planned to TX before long for the gender reveal party. And again early next year for the birth. As far as after THAT? I guess anything goes and I’m not sure. I’ll be wanting to see my grandchild and THREE WEEKS of vacation is not quite gonna cut it. Eventually they say they will be moving back here. But…if not…we may have to move to Texas. :-O

We are incredibly excited. And it has been hard not to tell the world. But finally the day has arrived to share with everyone. George and I have a bottle of bubbly for today’s happy hour. Don’t you know we would celebrate it up right?

Katy picked out a name for me….Nonni or Noni. I’m not sure how you spell it yet. I’ll let her decide. I think it’s Nonni and Pops.

So Katy and Cody told us when they were here for a wedding a few weeks back. The timing worked where they could tell us in person but we have had to keep a lid on it til the formal announcement. We did pretty good I think. We had to slip it a bit at work to begin asking off for the gender reveal PTO (Paid Time Off) in plenty of notice. I’ve mentioned January (birth) already as well- was at first told no – and then was told it was ok. Although I’ve not formally requested the time, we have discussed verbally and I will ask for the due date off and the week after with a big asterisk “*” and “Depending on Birth”. I’ve promised to give it all I have in January to make it all work out. Jan is a horrible month to be off. The month with the most responsibilities.

As I said I was told no at first and my head was beginning to explode as I was trying to ponder whether I should just give my notice or be fired when the time came, because I knew when the time came, our car would be pointing SouthWestward once the baby came. I mean who would not take off for their grandchild’s birth? Especially when they have one child and it’s their first grand child. There is no stopping us. We would make all kinds of sacrifices. I was a little rattled at first for a few days after realizing I would probably lose my job if I went to see my grandchild. I asked family to pray for this because I love my job and didn’t really want to lose it, but I was prepared to as there is no way in hades I’d NOT go see my grandchild at birth. As my boss put it, “what kind of employer would we be, if we didn’t let you go?” Well, that was kinda what I was thinking, lol. But I’m glad it will work out. For once, I decided family was coming first. I’ve given my left toes to try to make employers happy all of my career. Not really, but it seems like it sometimes. lol So I was prepared for life changing events come January. And happy now that it’s one less thing to worry about. This doesn’t necessarily resolve the future of getting to see him/her. But I guess we’ll figure it all out. Besides as I always say, “The Lord Plants Our Feet”. I wasn’t sure how it would work out. I still don’t know for sure but I will trust Him!

So since we have been off work this weekend, I’ve just been pbbbbbthhhh!!!! That translates to I have not wanted to do anything but relax and do what I want. So you know what I did right? Yes, I finished the new video yesterday. I plan to post it tomorrow. Just finished with the Thumbnail and I’ll get it posted tomorrow morning!

I kinda feel bad that I have not been motivated to do much else. I just needed some mind rest, time to get lost in creativity and editing, and as usual “trying to make something of nothing” which without the music would not work. lol. I can’t carry it alone! It takes a LOT of creative magic, lol.

So Thursday night after work, George and I were going to go through the drive thru and bring Slim Chickens home with us. However, the drive thru was a longer line than to go in and get it and eat outside on their patio that had only one other table on it. So we did that.

Of course, masks come off when eating!

We were placed at this table because the others needed to be wiped off. But our dinner was fabulous. I had a combination of wings and chicken tenders. I love chicken tenders and don’t get them too often. I try to get grilled. But here, I’m not able to resist. I love this place! If not for Covid I’d be here continually!

Of course, we were happy to have a clean table, but I felt bad as it made us look like we were not following the rules when other people arrived. And they also sat people down at the table next to us. I’m not sure if we are at 50% or 75% in Mount Juliet now. It’s starting to get confusing. lol. But Nashville’s cases have sky rocketed. Of course with people making it politically and racially charged they keep saying it was the protesting. However, I don’t think that is what they are finding. I personally think that everyone relaxed a bit b/w Memorial Day and Father’s Day and everything in b/w. We ourselves went to a graduation party and have had dinners with friends.

Above is a screen shot of the news. Of that though over 7,000 cases are recovered and 111 have died.

I have not worried much about my To Do list. Maybe I should have. I think I missed a dentist appointment but I’m not sure they are even open. So I need to call Sunday. They may have charged me for it. I NEVER let that happen but we’ve not gone or done anything so my schedule hasn’t even been worth looking at. I thought it was in July. Well guess what! It was. It’s already July and it was supposed to be Thursday. lol

If they do charge me, what can you do? It’s my own fault. Although normally they call and send emails/vmails. I did get a call from someone I didn’t recognize but I’m pretty sure I have them in my Contacts so I guess maybe they are not open. I don’t have messages anywhere from them.

So, we are in relaxed mode this weekend. I’m ok with that. I am doing laundry and the house is fairly clean.

I plan on sitting back and reading, watching videos and netflix, and just enjoying the 4th holiday.

George is cooking Pheasant today. It’s soaking in the brine and we’ll see how that goes. Cody gave it to us from a hunt he’d been on. It’s been in the freezer.

So check in tomorrow and we’ll have video up! Ya’ll have a good 4th. Are you doing anything fun today?

Happy 4th to you! Here’s an old Graphic I made when I was first learning Paint Shop Pro.