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Surprise! I have done an extra update. I had enough to say and enough material to have another post – only scheduled in advance! 😉

Celebrating Father’s Day

Well, our daughter Katy is in Texas and not here but George always (as do I on Mom’s day) gets to pick his outings for the weekend. George picked Mori Mori a local sushi place in Mount Juliet who are well known for very good food. First of all, George made his fingers in the way just to be doing a photo bomb lol. He loves going here. Not such a pleasant up close photo of me but whatever. He’s a happy camper getting his sushi fix. And tonight he wants Greek food. Yay me! I like all that stuff too.

My food was too much. I got a meal but also a smoked salmon sushi roll. George helped me eat the sushi and I had a bite of his tempura appetizer. I love the salad with the ginger dressing, their soup, and then gosh their awesome beef bulgogi. These were thin strips of beef cooked with veggies in some kind of marinade that has a sweet taste. (Think General Tso’s chicken in a beef marinade.) Yum! I could not even eat half of the bulgogi, but guess what is for lunch Sunday? lol About to go heat it up. Yes, I’m typing this on Sunday to be posted on Tuesday.

Self-Help Options to Get Started on Finding Your Joy

I saw this on Canva about “Self-Help”. I think it’s a good place to start. I know these things help me quite a bit to enjoy my life. When you are all work and no play, it’s true that you get burned out in life and many other things can cause you to lose your “joy”. If you read the previous post you will see we’ve managed to get some time back in our lives and it has “upped” the quality of my days and my joy as well. Wow this is the first time I think I’ve “scheduled” a blog entry ever!

Self-Care Options to Get Yourself Back on Track with your “JOY”

Ways to Show Love to Others

I saw this on Canva too and I really think this is a good graphic to show how we can improve our relations with others and show that we love them. I need to improve on these and I know a few others could take some lessons, lol. I really think these things show we are “trying” and a great way to show we care about others in today’s world – especially the people we are around the most. These really put a test to your selfishness rating, your ability to not be classified as a narcissist, and to not be called “toxic”. I think sometimes we don’t realize just how toxic we can be to someone else. I’m talking to all of us, not just me or any specific person. I’m just as guilty as any. But these actions below are wise words. Words most of us really were not taught in any class room or maybe not even some of them in our youth. Even if we were, our adult “examples” might have been conflicting with the words they taught at times.

I’m just very impressed with this. And it speaks volumes to what I’m working hard with myself on and wish a few others would do the same. Wow! Sounds so simple huh? Can we do it? I think we can! It takes control over one’s tongue, a bit of patience, a bit of letting go of one’s own desires, remembering our promises and making some effort to do so, honestly enjoy giving, and trying not to complain. Oh gosh, that last one is hard. Sometimes they all are. I love this graphic so much.

iPhone Wallpaper

Save this one if you like for yourself. I love this. Found that on Canva app too.

Well I’ve done two blog entries today. And I need to get some things done on my Sunday! Mainly all the laundry finished but I have Dexter’s quilts and blankets, and our sheets to do today. And we will see if I can find time to work on video. I did the vacuuming yesterday as I had tracked grass through the house when I forgot to change shoes chasing after Dexter. I’m just so glad to get some extra time.

Ok, gonna try to take pics of the dog and Hello Fresh for you guys. I’ve been so involved with the real time (I think we call it “being present”) that I’ve been bad about taking pics. I have taken some video footage for the vlog though. And some for Instagram.

Over and Out…Another Post on Wednesday and it’ll be Live one -well, nothing prescheduled, Lord Willing.

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  1. Hi Sonya…thanks as always for your blog I do enjoy reading what you have been up to. This is a very short reply as I’m on holiday for a few days up near Edinburgh. Yesterday was nice sunny and warm….for Scotland ! A quite a bit cooler than Box, but we had a lovely drive to the sea to a couple of delighful little harbours one a busy active fishing port, the other not quite so busy but has a large lifeboat…I would love to have seen it launched but glad that it didn’t have to !!
    I’m so pleased to feel through your words how much better your feeling these last few weeks. Hope Dexter is still …trying…..to behave. God Bless dinner is ready must go.

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