A Little Chaos and a Little Fun

Good morning! Happy Saturday! Sharing our video for this Saturday. The video’s are always a couple of weeks behind real life. We had a fun little week, mixed in with a bit of chaos during the work week and trying to get responsibilities done with a car in the shop, and Mom having several doc appointments. But we made it through. You can watch it HERE.

We are off on another adventure today. A day of shopping and fun. I am having some pain today – and it feels a little different. Not sure what is going on but I’ve prayed and taken acetaminophen and that is all I know for now.

Enjoy the video.

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  1. I did enjoy your video today…..the shopping looked like alot of fun…with Bob even!! lol
    You did a great job cutting your own hair….I am only brave enough to trim my bangs when they get too long…so I am impressed with your cutting and styling skills….Hope you have a great weekend!

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