Black Abbey Brewing, Phillips Toy Mart, Trader Joe’s, Half-Priced Book Store, and CoCo’s Italian Market and Restaurant.

We had a great Saturday excursion. As you know when we plan a special day out, we plan it right. So the deal was to kick off our first big Christmas shopping excursion. We planned a trip all the way to Phillips Toy Mart in Bellevue, but on the way we stopped at Black Abbey. Over a year ago, I think, George was given two extra beer tickets (buy one get one free). We sat inside for a bit and then it warmed up and we moved out side into the crisp cool air and pretty blue skies with fluffy clouds floating by. For the first time it really felt like fall.

I needed food. Like girlie food – grapes and pimiento and cheese and crackers, lol. But I was hungry and ate what they had. A brat and chips. No complaints here. It was great. I have been trying not to eat enriched flour as much, but that effort went out the window yesterday. As you can see the brat was small. And the bun was actually really good.

Phillips Toy Mart, Trader Joe’s, and Half Price Books in Belle Meade

After that we went to Phillip’s Toy Mart in Belle Meade. We bought River a few things. And our niece something and Cody something. This place is on the other side of Nashville, so we don’t get over there often. Honestly both George and I hung out there some in our 20’s. He went to Vanderbilt and I went to Lipscomb but we didn’t meet until later when we both worked at Dillard’s. We have both lived in the area before.

Then we headed over to the White Bridge Road area close to Belle Meade and went to a bookstore there. I think it used to be a Pier 1 or next door to Pier 1 – at least in that shopping center. After that we went to Trader Joe’s. We don’t have one in our area so any opportunity is good. We took a cooler. We bought some of our favorite things. I video’d the “haul” and video’d our day of course. So if you are interested, this video will be coming up.

Surprise Surprise, Bought More Books Involving the Sea

George was the one wanting to go to bookstore, and of course I never mind. But I wasn’t going to buy anything. And then I saw “The Sea Wife” and then I saw Lyn Pardy’s book “The Care and Feeding of a Sailing Crew”. As you know, I love reading books about being on the water. I am not sure why. I think it might be reading “The Dove” when I was younger and just being in awe of this kind of adventure. I’ve always enjoyed reading books about climbing Mount Everest too (but then realized they were pretty much all the same). I’m kinda finding that out about sailing too a bit.

The Pardy’s are well known in the sailing world for their many years and talents sailing the world and letting others know how to do it effectively. I also listened to the Boat Galley Podcast in which I listened to her talk about being on the water. So I’m excited to have this book. The other one is a thriller.

I’ve always been kinda captivated about packing up and going on an extended adventure either by land or sea. Sadly, as you know, George does not fancy either of those modes so much. He doesn’t want to be cooped up in small spaces or living quarters, and he likes his hotels, and he prefers to fly most of the time. Luckily he will allow my little trip on the ocean for dolphins, or various dinner cruises. Someday though I want to sail on a day trip, although as time passes I wonder if I can survive the moment now that I am older. So I take to the books to “spend my time on the water”. I also have my memories of us at the beach and I also have my day dreams in my head, my pretend condo seaside that is not subject to hurricanes and I don’t have to pay for. lol. Maybe I will write a book. I always say that, and I would like to. I already have it written in my mind. I think they could make a movie out of it. Maybe I’ll make my own. lol. Hey it’s fun to dream. If only I had a thousand lifetimes to live out so many scenarios.

So yeah, I came home with those books, unexpectedly but I could not leave them behind! So I let myself have them. I am thinking of 2025 when I will have time to read daily. I then began thinking (daydreaming again) of what that will look like and began scheduling my day. I want to have time to walk also. So walking and reading that will fill up two hours of the day. Cooking more and cleaning and one load of laundry daily so that is up to a half day now. I can be more intentional with the vlog and YouTube so that will be fun. And I will probably do some work with the assisted living unit that is supported by our church, b/c I want to visit and help do things there with the older people. And I will pick up the postal side of learning with the World Bible School. I will be able to do more for and with Mom. And I’ll be working in our basement to organize and get rid of things in anticipation of our next move. I think for the first time ever, I have about two years planned out. So exciting. And yes, buying two books and blogging about it made me talk about retirement. lol

Can’t wait!

Eating at an Old Italian Classic Restaurant in Nashville

We then ate dinner at a restaurant that has been around for a while in the Nashville area. It’s Coco’s Italian Market. But they are a restaurant also. Their food is divine! And prices reasonable.

First of all, we ordered these Italian Cannellini beans with the pancetta, which was crisp and spinach. I love this dish. It was so good. We are going to make it at home.

I got the chicken marsala dish, which was out of this world in flavor. I didn’t eat it all. I’m having the leftovers tonight. And I ate a roll because it was fresh and really good dipped in the beans sauce.

Yay! What a great weekend.

Power of Attorney Signed

The documents are signed. I feel relief. However, one of the forms did not have witness statement (affidavit). Geez. I felt so bad. So I have to get one of those forms and get that to our person that was the notary. She also knows our witnesses and will have them sign the other form, b/c they did see Mom sign it. I was so grateful. I prayed that God would provide for us and he did. We took our notary and her husband to lunch afterward and we had a delightful time. I’m so happy to get to know them.

I really enjoy this couple. I love how laid back she is. I told her that today. She has a personality that is similar to my Dad and his Mom. I have to have every detail lined up and she just goes with the flow and I love that. I can learn from her. We hope to hang out with them more! George really likes hanging around them too. They are fun. They are in our life group.

Speaking of life group, everyone is coming over Sunday. I’m trying to be like my friend (our notary) and be all laid back about it, lol. But we have a lot to do. We will get it done. Gonna be a busy week.

I’m trying to get TWO videos done though, so not sure how that will work, but I have an extra one I want to do this week. We are off Saturday to clean and cook. More on that later. I’ll catch you all about mid week. Or sooner if something interesting happens.

How was your weekend? I love hearing from you.

8 responses to “Black Abbey Brewing, Phillips Toy Mart, Trader Joe’s, Half-Priced Book Store, and CoCo’s Italian Market and Restaurant.”

    • Oh I wonder about these shots sometimes. I’m so sorry. I quit getting them because I got sick more with them. I’d be sick from the shot and then still get the flu – glad you feel better.

  1. You had quite a fun and busy weekend!! The food from Coco’s Italian Market looks wonderful and it is good to hear how much you enjoyed it!
    It never hurts to have a few extra books to read. I worked in a Christian bookstore right out of high school for a year and spent most of my paycheck there. 🙂
    I spent the weekend getting over my Flu Shot too…. but if that is going to ward off the flu it was worth it.
    I did manage to get some laundry done and bake my husband a chocolate cake.
    Glad you got your power of attorney business taken care of….my mom has hers set up already with her lawyer and I am it when she passes. I had a brother but he passed away 13 years ago so it is only me to take care of things.

  2. Forgot to add that I am excited and waiting to see your Trader Joe haul…..we don’t live close to one either and I love to shop there whenever I get a chance!!! They always have something new and fun and delicious!!

  3. You know, you could save a lot of money for other things by getting books from the library, whether it be real books or ebooks to be read on a reader. I never had a driver’s license, so it’s been like a miracle to me that I can sit in my easy chair and be able to check ebooks out and return them. I also like that I can make the print larger if my eyes feel strained. Plus you don’t have to decide what to do with all those books that you’ll never read again when you’re done with them. You can even get Reader’s Digest and many other popular magazines to read on a device.

    • Yes, thanks. That’s true. I was afraid I wouldn’t see these again. George has a list of hard to find books he’s looking for. I do have kindle and Libby. Most our books are free as we have a lot of credit thru McKayes. I don’t get to read and love looking at the books on the shelf for when I do. Can’t wait.

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