Boojum Brewing, An Upgrade to Business Plan, and Other Updates

In Waynesville, NC, after a morning of shopping, we had lunch and a flight at Boojum Brewing. And then we continued on shopping until we were finished with all the shops we wanted to do there, and we headed on to Asheville.

This post is being brought to you by an upgrade to WordPress using their Business Plan. lol I maxed out on the $8 per month plan and have now have the $25 per month plan! Only problem is you have to pay all at once. Which is never good for this time of year. I’m all set for the next year and get a few more perks and lots of storage! I had already wanted George this would happen. But I was not going to NOT blog or NOT post pics anymore, and certainly wasn’t time to start a new blog when I’ve decided to grow this one. So – paying up is what I did today. Then went and told George it finally happened. All those pics yesterday sent me over the edge and today it would not allow any more media til I upgraded. So here I am, all upgraded and my hobbies are starting to be more expensive! If I wasn’t here though I’d be perusing Amazon ha! – so….better off here. Now back to the regular blog post. Merry Christmas to me! Another year of blogging.

Well the beer flight tasting was really good. I tasted the IPA’s mainly in my flight. Probably best for me to have a mix and not all IPA’s as they were all very mighty in presence. While it was fantastic, I really had my fix and drank wine or herbal drinks the rest of the weekend. ;-0

The food was incredible! These fish tacos were amazing. They were crunchy, served right out of the oven hot, and the sauce was zesty and wonderful in flavor. My new iPhone cam did a pretty good job here!

Highly recommend this brewery and this place as a stop off of I-40 in Waynesville in Western North Carolina and about an hour away from Asheville!

And since I had to spend blog time renewing my plan, I won’t post as many trip pictures today to save time. I do have to work today, of course, lol. But I’ll catch you up to speed over the last day.

Other Updates

The Enneagram Book

So I’ve been listening to this Enneagram book and it’s a real eye opener. I had already taken the test and determined my number. I’m going to take it again though after listening to this (and when I can find time). But I am definitely seeing myself and understanding myself a little more and how others react. Wow, it is such an eye opener. For so long, you think something is wrong with you – because others don’t understand you or misread you – and it’s sooooooo eye opening to realize that you are just being you and how you were wired, and that even though you have a person(s) criticizing it, it’s ok because it’s how you are wired and there is nothing actually wrong with you – the person just doesn’t understand how to deal with your persona – you are not crazy. Sure we all have flaws and this book helps you to understand how to deal with that. Before I reveal my number though, I want to 1) Take the test again, which I think you can find online for free 2) Study up on my number again. This is a spiritual and Christian centered thing, and while I’m still learning about it, it is to guide you so you can use the information to better yourself as a person, by simply understanding yourself better, how you work, how you relate to others, why you say and do things a certain way, and how to know and fix your flaws, and how to boost your persona for God’s glory and channel the energy properly. Whew! That was hard to put into a description but I think I did ok.

Mom’s Security System was installed yesterday! I’m sure she feels much better!

It’s the last day today at this office near Opryland Hotel. Our packing has been going on for the last week and today is IT! This office has served us well. I was so excited to move here. It was so much closer to home and so much safer than the other location we came from. I was sad to hear that we were leaving this site. However, now that my office is 60 degrees every morning, after they (whoever that is) screwed up the a/c and heating system – I’m ok with leaving. I had to use little appliances to offset their erroneous system at hand, and have to leave my jacket on til my little office heater hits closer to 70. lol. So I hoping the other place is more comfortable since this one has become less so. But it served us well. I will never forget standing in this parking lot and watching the eclipse. I also had been in this location when Katy was a baby as we loved the Outlet Mall. We came here to Christmas shop a couple of times. Now it’s office space.

Today I will go in and work on a few critical things and then will pack up as we have to be out today! I brought home things from my fridge and the rest of the items that are not going to work – or at least yet. I will assess what I need as far as decor and storage and such and start over from scratch. So what I leave with today will be heading back in with me to work on Monday. And we have to be ready to rock b/c it’ll be time for another payroll.

Here’s the new dishwasher that was installed. Basic and plain, but you know, I love it. It seems sturdier than the other one and it fits better and is installed more evenly. So good job to all involved. It’s just a basic dishwasher ordered with the one that had the most reviews as that means that more bought it and parts will be made for it – a recommendation from our maintenance person that tried to fix it but the parts and labor would have been $1200. Twice what the dishwasher would cost as new. I need to mop my floors but when would we have had time? Yeah at 8:30 at night maybe instead of watching a show, but not gonna happen then! And neither at blog time at 5:30 in the morning! ha. Maybe sometime before Christmas I’ll get them mopped as we’ll have a little one about the floor!

Little Bit is enjoying having a Fancy free bed (Mom’s dog is “Fancy”) – now that my smell is back on the bed, he has taken his nap spot back for the winter while we are here. At night he goes into the basement where we have a haven for him and litter box and food and water.

Tree is up – with it’s colorful lights and George wrapped two gifts last night. Still no word on where George’s stocking is (that is so strange) – it has to show up. But I went to Target after work and bought him another one and also bought the things Mom needed so we can take them to her tonight as we take her (or go for her) to do her grocery shopping again. She will need a lot as Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken are coming this weekend.

I will put sheets on the bed and put her bath rod up. Not sure if her shower curtains have arrived. I’m also taking her some Christmas cards and also bringing things to wrap River’s gift. I don’t guess she will have a tree. I am not sure if we could get to it. lol. I know where two small trees are but I think the ornaments are packed. What the problem is – is that we have a lot of perfectionists involved here – me being one of them – that sees the flaws of “what is not done yet” and our jobs are never done (thank you Enneagram for your insight). I don’t know that I have ever identified as a perfectionist so much but darn and gosh – I must be. I will always see that one thing that isn’t done yet. I’m learning that about me. It’s looked upon as a complaint. I’m so glad to learn that “I’m actually ok” that there is not something wrong with me. lol It’s very freeing. I just have to learn to deal with myself and be a better me so I don’t drive others crazy, but it’s good to know I’m not crazy myself. And that is what is going on with Mom’s house. A couple of perfectionists see all that has not been done versus what has!

And oh my gosh, I’m hoping to make sense of this mess in my office. Everyone’s Christmas is sitting right there! I’ll be working on that very very soon! I need to update my list so I know what I am missing and can kamikaze shop next week after work. Geez will we ever pull everything together?

Ok gotta go do this last day at work!

Have you ever done the Enneagram? Oh it’s so enlightening. Soon I’ll give you my number! ha.

Moving Continues, Antique Revolving Bookshelf, and Cedar Tap Brewery Visit in Lebanon, TN

Mom’s Antique Revolving Bookcase, aka “The Beast”

Yesterday, instead of doing Christmas decor, I decided it best to go on and get Mom over to the new place and do the Christmas decor Saturday. I’ll be a day behind on the decorating and I might have to short cut some of it, but it is what it is. I can decorate better when there is less going on in the house, so it sounded like a better plan.

So much to my surprise we had two full car loads of Mom’s stuff and could have used a 3rd and 4th if we had included the remnants of the basement too, with the fragile lamps and clocks. We also were not able to get all of her clothes. We plan a 2nd double run to her house today to take things and unload, further disrupting my Christmas decorating. Mom said not to come, but we forgot to send Thanksgiving leftovers and quite honestly I need the closet space as I’m also moving bedrooms this weekend. And George is just going to have to help decorate the tree while I get the other stuff going. I’m not going to have time to do it all this weekend. I don’t even need to be writing this blog but – old habits die hard and I like to do something enjoyable while waking up and drinking coffee.

So for the pic above, George is working on Mom’s revolving Antique book case. It doesn’t matter how hard I try, I end up getting involved in having to move this darn beast. If this house sells, the book case sells with it. lol. I’m just kidding. But it hasn’t stopped me from nicknaming it “the beast”. It’s too fragile to hold books but Mom puts crystal bowls on it for display – you know – she loves her glassware.

George was able to get it on the dolly – only one wheel was on it properly but somehow we managed to balance and toggle through her house to the farthest corner (of course) of the house and I was leading. The dolly wanted to slide away so and the bookshelf fall back onto George. I had to have the dolly slide into my foot to stop it continually and every time I did it hit George in the head, lol. Mom had to go hide and couldn’t watch. I don’t blame her. I didn’t want to be there either. I had begged for us to get help – someone other than me. There was not much lifting involved but there was some when things would start to go awry, I would put more weight on me and we had to move it further back into the corner once we set it down.

I tried to help Mom do things but I don’t know where she wants anything to go and she didn’t either. She said she wanted to figure it out on her own little by little. I would be the same way I guess. She is functional with kitchen, pantry, fridge and appliances, washer, dryer, clothes, and finally bed set up. She has all of her day to day items there now moved from here. So it’ll be pieced together over time and we’ll bring in more boxes and such week to week.

We went and did her huge “move in” grocery run. She is well stocked. The store was out of her frozen corn she likes but we’ll get it next time. Since we had forgotten the Turkey and dressing – I felt bad and it wasn’t near as good of a dinner but we brought in Fried Chicken and Baked Beans and Potato Salad for her dinner – already cooked so she would have something good and not have to cook anything.

We surprised her on her store run by throwing in a few treats for her sweet tooth – butter pecan ice cream, nutty buddies, and ice cream sandwiches. George threw in a few things he knew she liked. Mom was paying for it, but she still seems to like the surprises when we throw them in. She had wanted to go to the store but decided against it after packing her immediate day to day things. She had to stop several times – she just can’t move much without overworking her heart.

George had been wanting to try out Lebanon’s new tap room “Cedar Tap” near the square. So we went there at my suggestion beforehand. We often like to catch a brewery and tap rooms are ok too that have the local favorites from around and also even some from other cities craft breweries to try.

They had a Czann’s on tap and even though it was dark I liked it. It didn’t taste stout but tasted like a medium brewed beer as I call it. I like one large on taste and have kinda left behind the pilsners and lighter beers for the kolsch, hoppier, and even IPA’s – east or west coast, and also the hazy too. My taste is evolving over time. It was a nice and fun much needed break in between our little work day there at Mom’s.

We then did all the grocery shopping, and put all that up and George worked some on her “flex room”. And then headed home.

Tired as I was, I moved Mom’s hanging clothes to the sofa until we load the car today. And I made my bed up with sheets and pillows and moved my night things over – I take a probiotic at night and have some sleep spray I use, Vicks under the nose if my nose is stuffy, and iPhone charger. I will say that the bed felt good and was more supportive of my back and frame – especially if I sleep in the middle where the old mattress has not worn down. The mattress in my office served me well and was quite supportive for what I needed as well as soft, but it felt good to sleep on a more firm mattress. I think I like a soft top but firm underneath. It felt good to be back in my own bed.

I’ll eventually get all my clothes moved over to the other closet. Not sure how much time I’ll have today and tomorrow to do so. But I am going to go get another cup of coffee and see if I can rustle up George to bring up the Christmas boxes. I don’t think I can do it this year getting them from the basement all the way up here. My body has taken a beating this year and I’ve aged tremendously from the last, my muscles are deteriorating for some reason. I may have to go back on the wellness company’s vitamins that I do only periodically now, and make myself to do the shakes, because I felt the best when I put the nutrition in my body. My muscles were the main reason I joined the company in the first place.

Anyway, I’m going to get off of here and go get the 2nd cup of coffee. Here are some of Mom’s lamps and clocks we will be taking to her. They are in the basement downstairs which is a storage area of sorts where the previous owners took the upstairs cabinets and installed them downstairs when the remodeled and we are glad to have the extra storage space. I didn’t want you to think this was my kitchen, lol.

The lamp on the left is an old lamp from George’s parents. A nice lamp but needs new shades. We just don’t need it upstairs right now. But Mom’s lamp is the white one. And below in the pic, the pretty beige one is hers.

I’m hoping these are the missing TV remotes. I had texted Mom to ask but she just said “ok” so I’m not sure if these are the ones or not. But there might be some cords in there that they need for her Roku. So the TV is not set up yet.

Oh and Fancy dog, the statue – we gotta get it over to her.

Ya’ll have a great weekend. It’s going by too fast. But I did get my Christmas cards in the mail. Wooooo Hoo. Something accomplished. And we are waiting on Lowe’s to see when our dishwasher will arrive and be installed. They were supposed to call yesterday but we heard from no one. So hopefully they will call today. Might not be delivered until next week though. We shall see.

I am going to go work on Christmas decor or swapping my closets if I can’t get help.

Ya’ll take care. What you doing this weekend? And are you getting alerts? Or just having to remember to come by and see me? Trying to figure out what is going on.

Our Day out in Hendersonville, TN: Sam’s Club Run, First Watch Brunch, and Yazoo Brewery

George and I had a meeting in Hendersonville with our financial advisor and as we do, we like to hit other things in the area – usually favorite shops, a brewery, a favorite liquor store for our wine and happy hour stash, and of course trying new or old favorite restaurants.

Yesterday, much to my surprise, George did NOT have a line up for us. And I got busy and also used to him planning things, so I didn’t really think much of it other than – “we’ll pick a place for lunch, hit a brewery, and Sam’s”. I think we both strongly desired to hit Sam’s Club. So we really ONLY had decided on Sam’s and the rest was up in the air. Totally not like us to not have a scripted plan of order – you know how we plan – and you know how we check off our lists. lol

So the meeting went well and we are thankful with all going on that we didn’t have to take off work or a vacation day for this meeting. As you know our life is a little crazy right now trying to fit it all in with the time we have. All the numbers are looking good for me to retire at 62 and George at 65. He’s three years older and we will retire at the same time. I can’t believe it is so close. In my side bar (or at the bottom, I think if you are on iPhone/iPad) I have a ticker saying how long it will be. Right now it’s 3.2 years away. 😉

After the meeting we went to this liquor/wine store in Hendersonville called Pour Vous and we got there just in time for the Saturday 1:00 wine tasting. We tasted 4 wines and bought one of them. The lady behind the counter was bubbly and talkative and very enthusiastic and also gave generous pours, lol.

Then we went to the restaurant pictured above “First Watch” also in Hendersonville, TN (laughing at the couple intently on their phones). That couple could be us except I’m probably just taking pictures of everything. lol

OH MY GOSH! I absolutely loved this restaurant! Loved the food and the vibe. We even had a mini brunch drink with our meal.

While there, I took pics of some of the wood for phone wallpapers. I’ve been looking for a good one for the fall backgrounds. You can snag them if you would like.

I’m using the 2nd one I posted right now. I love wood. I don’t know why but I love natural colors and textures and not so much a glass type of person like my Mom. She loves ritzy bling and glassware and shiny things. I like rustic but I do love the look of lace against wood. Anyway here is my first two “phone pages” of apps with this background. I’m pretty fond of decorating my phone since I’m on it so much!

Afterwards, George and I went to Sam’s Club. And do you know how entertaining this was? lol lol We had a blast. First of all, all the sample people were there! Yay! It was a VERY COSTLY entertainment though. I think this was a $497 excursion. However, George picked two pair of jeans, underwear, and socks for me to wrap up for Christmas. He also bought all kinds of vitamins, supplements, deodorant and soap. I bought a big huge thing of laundry detergent, a bunch of Dove hand soaps, multiple tomato basil spaghetti sauces, multiple cans of chopped tomatoes. We bought olive oil, bubble waters, mega amounts of crackers for the holidays, a bottle of Quilt Wine which was only $29.99 for the holidays (used to be about $44) and Katy and I have a story about our $80 purchase of Quilt in San Antonio. Friend Lauren had suggested this wine once when I was in Oregon – didn’t get to have it in Oregon but bought it when we got home and have loved the complexity of the flavors. (Good call Lauren). So the Quilt just brings back some memories and laughter and is a special occasion wine- for us anyway.

I texted Katy that we have Quilt Wine, so she must come for Christmas!

So back to Sam’s, we bought all kinds of meats, that were on the bottom there – chicken, pork of all kinds, and you know – I think we didn’t buy any beef. It was very expensive, but we did buy lamb. Lamb was cheaper than normal as was the chicken. We bought like 10 chicken thighs in a huge pack for $5 and then separated them into two packs when we got home.

We bought enchiladas for dinner that were already made and just ready to be cooked. I bought a big thing of pimento and cheese for $5 b/c it’s about that much in the store for a small one. And I bought “loaded potato salad” already made b/c I knew Mom would love eating off of it this week. I also bought a couple of salad kits.

George bought some sushi. And we bought Mom some of her Welches bubbly drinks that are popular this time of year. She’s asked for them for over a month but no one has had them. Well Sam’s did and we bought the red and white and apple cider so she has enough to last til summer of next year, lol.

Also we bought her some of those good frozen hamburgers which they had not had last time. You just microwave them but they taste like a burger out somewhere. They are Angus and so good. We are hoping this helps Mom with her burger cravings as she is not driving up here to leave and go get them. No burgers are not good for you, but when your 77 year old Mom asks for one, you provide. She has not been asking for much, so I try to think of things that will make her happy while she is here for these last few weeks. Their shelves were VERY WELL stocked, unlike our grocery stores. We also bought River a toy/book. So we may have to go to Sam’s sometimes and get her the chicken she likes from there as well as her burgers, lol. Anyway needless to say we stocked up!

We packed and loaded the car with all the Sam’s treasures and packed everything in two coolers with ice. Then went to Yazoo and had a beer and headed home. I got the flight. We enjoyed the outside at 65 degrees but as the sun went lower in the sky and the shade and hefty breeze took over, we retreated indoors. Happy that the tables were spread out.

It looks like a lot when you get these flights. I think it was equivalent to a couple of beers. But I like getting the variety of flavors. And I really find I enjoy a couple of IPA ones now – even the crazy and hazy ones. lol.

So we went home and unloaded into the various freezers and fridges, lol. Mom’s freezer is in the basement and while we have eaten well and eaten a lot out of her big freezer and our medium size one, and our normal freezer that is in the fridge and also we have another fridge downstairs that we keep overflow in that also has a freezer. We are well stocked for a long long time. We keep eating but we keep restocking with good deals when we see them because we keep hearing the prices will soar or that things won’t be available. So I feel good about our finds. It would not have been so expensive if we were not also Christmas shopping.

And then when we got home, I had this wonderful card from Terri, a blog buddy from across the years. This was so sweet and just warmed my heart. Thank you Terri for your kind words inside!

When you get something like this, just because, it just makes you have faith in human kind again. To know people genuinely care enough to address, stamp, and mail a card! It made my day and my day was special too already. So thank you again Terri! I will repay your kindness!

So today….after this blog, I’m showering, heading to the store, and making Chicken Rotel Spaghetti Casserole – I know we had the big Sam’s run but I need Rotel and Velveeta particularly for this recipe. George was fixing a roast for tonight and me the Rotel casserole tomorrow night. But we bought a rotisserie chicken at Sam’s for me to slice up for the chicken. We figured we should let me do that since the chicken was already cooked. Oh and Mom has a few things on the list too that she needs so need to go to the regular grocery store and I can’t seem to find little Dr. Peppers so I may have to get big ones for her.

I also have to finish laundry, change George’s sheets, iron, reset my vitamins for the week, and vacuum, clean bathrooms, and such. I hope to find a bit of time for doing things on my agenda but we’ll see. I’ve already done my devo for the day. I do that every morning with coffee – prayer journal and devo in my chair corner of course. I look forward to it every morning. I do admit that sometimes I wish I could dive into the blog but I’ve made myself put God first. And it’s been a good habit, and the best habit of the year I think.

So I will probably be back in the morning and post pics of anything today. I can’t believe how fast a weekend goes by. I’m going to leave you with Fancy girl, who has been a real sweetheart during her stay. She is very much my Mom’s girl. She doesn’t want to leave her side. A very loyal dog. But lately she has taken to 1) Getting more excited when we come home from work, which I take to mean she has accepted us as part of her “pack” 2) Going outside with me instead of having to have Mom there too 3) Coming to check on me and say hi at various times of the day. I’ve been giving her more food off my plate, saving her bites, and making sure her water bowl is filled at times. I think she has noticed and has started to appreciate me a little, lol. She is sweet so I’m leaving you with her pic today. Oh I just noticed you can see Mom’s reflection in the window there. Oh well.