Spending a Day in Nearby Nashville: Shopping, Eating, and a Brewery

Good morning friends. Just sharing the latest post HERE. George and I really had a great day out doing some shopping and eating in Nashville. We always find a good time while getting done the things we need to do. I hope you enjoy it.

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Mom and I are going out to lunch and find her 2nd rug today as she didn’t like the first one for the area she wanted it in. And I have a load of housework and laundry to do as well as video editing as next week is busy on some of my editing nights.

Trying to get Christmas orders done and my list done and so forth. Quarter end was finished early at work because I was given the info in time and actually set up for success. I appreciate that very much. It saves the company $$ in late fees when I get the info in time to actually process it.

George’s job…every day brings new speculations. No one really knows what will happen. No one knows what will happen with any of our jobs really. Our own company’s sales have been soft so….anyway, we just keep going along and doing the best we can with what we have. For now Hello Fresh is cancelled and we’re eating meat from the freezer. We have pretty much all the rest of the year’s plans (dates) planned out. Busy times.

Have a good week everyone. I hope you enjoy the video and again here is the link. You can watch it HERE.

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  1. As always a great Vlog. So enjoyed watching you shop and pleased you managed to get so much done. I can’t believe all the grocery type shopping, I’ve never heard of I would think 80% of the things you bought it all looked so good….and I fear expensive LOL
    Glad you enjoyed your Italian Meal….I’m amazed that you are allowed to drink and drive after you enjoyed the beer etc. Over here the drink and driving rules are pretty strict nowadays….Well hope everything goes well in the coming week for you both….All well over here in my little village of BOX…..Take care looking forward to next weeks Vlog xx

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