Design Studio, Cinco De Mayo, Mom’s Day, and a Wedding Shower

Good morning! So Tuesday night I spent the night in Columbia with Mom, just beating the rain. I ordered us Uber Eats from O Charlies. We ended up getting it free due to a mix up on their end. The next morning we took off early for Nashville. Traffic was not as bad as we thought it would be. The red bird greeted us at the Goodall entrance on Wednesday for Mom’s Design Studio appointment. If you have followed my blog for long, you know that red birds to me are a sign “that everything will be alright”. It’s just a thing b/w me and God I guess. These are not ordinary red birds. I had two redbirds fly between me and Mom’s back door on the patio the day we arrived to pack. I was four or five feet from the door. It was a very close “fly by”. lol. And there that little bird was in an area of concrete with few trees around. “There’s your sign!”

The Design Studio was very organized and a nice lady was assigned to us and did a great job and was very helpful and cheerful. Here’s Mom’s colors:

The neat thing about the colors is that it is toned kindof in between beige and grey groups so her decor should be able to sway either way. We laughed at how Mom liked the beiges and I liked the grays. She eventually quit asking what I thought, b/c we were usually polar opposite in color choice. But usually in the end she decided on “the middle” color as the girl helping us would also offer her opinion, show pics and examples, and if Mom was making a mistake into a busy pattern she would say “you know this looks different on the floor – it’s very busy” and would show a pic and Mom would pic a different one. So it all worked and went very well. The pricing was not horrible for the upgrades and Mom left a happy woman! She got everything she wanted and then some. She was able to get the craftsman upgrades to her window and doors making them look extra special!

Afterwards we went to a tea room Mom was excited to go to in Brentwood called The Puffy Muffin.

I got a plate with tuna salad, chicken salad, and pimento salad, the cranberry salad, and poppy cake.

Mom got a creamy chicken casserole of some sort along with the cranberry salad and a roll.

I then took her back to Columbia, packed my stuff up and got out some cleaning supplies and began cleaning a bit on the house. It was not perfect but it was good enough I guess. Just a few more things needed dusting, cobweb removal, crumb removal and a few bathroom tinges, and swipes around toilet bases. All the usual things we miss when we clean the first time. But the biggest thing was making her sink sparkle white in the kitchen!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Then I headed back to Nashville and Tractor Supply to pick up a couple of picture frames I ordered. I got a sign for the front porch. I wanted one to lean against the house but this one was cheaper and not exactly what I wanted and will have to be hung. I will show a pic when it is ready. I’m on a mission to “up the game” on the front porch. Since Mom likes it out there and we’ll probably be hanging out there more, I decided to spruce it up. It’s been on the back of my mind to do anyway. But it’s not been as important but now it is!

Then headed home and was ready to be back. George made us a wonderful cinco de mayo meal of tacos, refried beans, and tamales. This was NOT our meal, we devoured ours and I didn’t even think about a picture so I’m having to use the Pexels pic. lol

Photo by Los Muertos Crew on

He fixed us some Palomas for our cocktail. It was great. We overate. I will tell ya that right now!

Then yesterday back at work, I went in early so I could do a check run with no issues and finish folding checks for our TN plant. Turns out I’d not have had to come in early after all as the person taking the checks went later in the day, lol. But that is ok. It was done on time and I had given myself plenty of time to get it done by the normal time.

I hit a big wall about 3 since I’d come in earlier. I was so tired and ready to be home but we had a wedding shower after work at 4:45 for a coworker. I think everyone was “done” with work and just sitting around waiting for shower time and a storm was coming so someone suggested we start early.

It was a short and sweet shower. They did a great job putting it together. Work won’t let us “gather” yet unless it’s outside even though restaurants and venues are pretty much back in business all over. So the elements were braved, and we flirted with the storm. It wrapped up just before the storm hit. I made it east to my house with the storm following me. But when I left work in the Opryland area, there was a confused duck in the middle of the road.

When I got in the house Roger had “lost” his diaper and I had carpet spots to clean in two rooms. ::sigh:: But then I fed him and called Mom. She had 9 people tour the house yesterday and has several today. She spent the day with her friend Pauleen so she’d be away from the house. It’s going to be a few hard days of having to stay away and keep the house clean. They expect multiple offers. Someone said to Mom that Monday was the deadline for offers, but I don’t know how that works. That’s different from how it used to be. I imagine she will have offers before then. But we wait and see what happens. Prayers that she gets robust offers in this market.

I sat out on the front porch with Little Bit for a minute to get some video of the storm clouds rolling in. Wait for Little Bit on here. You can hear the neighbors yelling back at one another about what side of the road to leave the trash can on. We have a new neighbor. The low hanging clouds came through and some rain and then it was over quickly. The bark was worse than the bite. At least for my area but I think there were some folks without power in the county I came from that I work in.

Sleep was pretty good last night and now I need to get off of here to go to work! Today is Friday. A fast week. I get my nails done today and then we have a nice weekend planned. We have a LOT we want to do this weekend. And it’s Mom’s day weekend. My own Mom said she did not want to do anything this weekend with the house stuff going on and she was tired out. The Puffy Muffin was Mom’s meal as I bought her lunch and gave her a card and then her gift is getting her toes done again when she gets up here. That way no gift to have to pack! lol.

So we have our “lists” going of things to do this weekend. And George made a Mom’s Day reservation for me – a brunch event put on by some of our favorite caterers. And we are going to run some errands and get things done here. Just a busy but yet probably laid back weekend at home. One can only hope! For now, we get a slow and steady weekend until we have to rush! We need to collect some boxes and stuff to wrap glassware in! Yikes.

More later! Ya’ll have a wonderful weekend!

Dinner in Donelson, Baby Faces, Police Visit, and My To Do List

McNamara’s, Donelson, TN

Yesterday had a bit of fun when I got to meet a friend/neighbor for meal in Donelson at an Irish restaurant, McNamara’s. A fun little place. I wish there were more healthy things on the menu! I had Fish and Chips. Very good. Very good, I say! But not low in calories or fat I’m afraid. Still, the restaurant is a favorite.

Are you ready for some cuteness? We love the different faces of my Grandson as his Mom captures them and sends. His Mom sent those to me yesterday. Here’s Little Roo! He has gained 4 lbs since birth and is wore his LAST newborn diaper yesterday! I especially love the last pic as I love seeing a baby kick and play with their arms!

Neighborhood Suspicions

When I got home last night the police was at our house! I had gotten a notification that someone was at my doorbell when I got into the car leaving the restaurant. I listened to the conversation when George went to the door. It was the next door neighbor. I heard him saying someone had stopped in front of our houses and took pictures toward the neighbor’s house. The neighborhood house is for sale. I figure it was someone that is looking at houses for sale and stopped to take a pic. But our neighborhood teen was at home by himself and came over as it scared him. George looked back on our security cam and was able to show the car and you can see the flashes of lights while taking pics. So George told him if he was concerned, he could call the authorities so they could do periodic drive bys. The car had not done anything wrong as far as I know. George said it was odd to be doing that at night instead of daytime. I told him, “not really, most people work all day and someone looking at houses would most certainly ride around after work looking on their own before involving a realtor if they decided to do so”. I would do that! lol The police was leaving as I arrived. But I was glad to know what was sort of going on before just showing up and the police is there. I woke up at 1:30 in the morning and thought about it. Of course I laid there for an hour. But I figure it is someone looking at houses. It seems like any time mentions anything in our neighborhood that is suspicious it always involves a black car or a black truck. lol. And this was a black car.

Anyway, this week is surely moving on! Tonight I have free. After being gone the last two nights I’m glad to be coming home tonight.

Upcoming To Do List: Am I Busy? LOL

So the upcoming to do list is to begin looking/learning about elder care and looking at options for Mom for a move to Mount Juliet so we can aid her in her needs and spend more time with her.

I will be looking at my subscriptions and seeing which to cancel. Evernote is one I’ve decided to cancel to the free version and will move the file storage over. I will keep the free version and move files over to my cloud drive if needed. I needed it for my side hustle business with the health company I use but since I’m no longer doing the business, it’s not needed.

I need to sew up by navy blue pants as the hem fell out and I miss wearing them!

I have to figure out how to install the Nest device – an extra sensor in the house. If we cannot figure it out we may need to return it if it is not too late. It probably is. I’ve not had time to do anything with it.

I want to work on the new Intro and excited about that. Probably won’t be til after I get back from Mom’s. I’m going to see her this weekend. Spending the night with her Fri night.

I need to catch up on all my shows which is going to be hard b/c I won’t be home much. I also haven’t seen the latest Sister Wives show.

I need to order Ring Light and Rode Microphone and wind muff sometime in the next month. I think the microphone will help in the house but need the muff for outdoor shooting. My new lens arrived for zooming. So we need to set up an excursion so I can play with the new lens.

I want to set up a “Health Tracker” so I can force myself to look at “markers” as to how I’m progressing. It helps hold oneself accountable and lets you know your trend before you step into those tight jeans all of a sudden. I talked about doing this last year and in true fashion I begin to get so detailed and fancy with it that I begin to give up as it is too much. So I’m going to keep it simple – weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and a couple of measurements – waist, bust, arm? I have a goal size I want to go to. And don’t want to solely depend on the health and wellness company I’m doing, to be able to sustain this. I will definitely use the products but I want to be able to do this when I retire also, so I need to figure out a diet and regimen that is sustainable now!

That said, I have a Cracker Barrel and Culvers cards to use up! lol

I want to study some Vlogging YouTubes and do my Canon lessons.

I want to learn how to do more things with Canva for use in my videos.

We need to look at flooring and do our research there.

And I need to do the next video.

Catch 22, a Skunk, and My Maintenance Period

It’s not always easy to be me… and I seem to have more Grit than Grace but I got through Monday! It was Monday on Steroids for sure. Very glad to have come in Sunday. I think we all looked like one of those really fast old movies where everyone is running around really fast. We all had so much to do and I’m sure no one needed to be bothered, but yet there we were all needing things from one another, and bothering one another for what we needed. It was quite the day. I made it through knowing we’d be having dinner with Kevin and Susan later (BIL and SIL).

How appropriate to eat dinner at place called Catch 22 as that seemed to be a theme of the day, LOL. One I won’t go into here but it did strike a funny chord within me.

Catch 22, Mount Juliet, TN

That is not our car, by the way, but I took a pic of the restaurant for you. I ate lighter yesterday for breakfast and lunch so I could eat better for dinner. Catch 22 has a few salads for those low cal options but I wanted more than just a salad. I had been craving a burger, and they have one of the best burgers around!

The BA Burger with Bacon, Swiss, and Avocado, & Arugula with a side of Potato Salad

I got a flight, of course. You know I love to do the flights of little beers to see what different ones on tap taste like. I was thrilled that Czann’s had one on tap there. I’m so glad he’s in Mount Juliet now.

Calendar of Last Week’s Plans During Snow Week, LOL!

I opened my calendar yesterday to be able to make some plans in it and write things down as I thought of it. I didn’t have a lot of success (no time for planning, only doing). My mind was all over the place on the way to work and I could not wait to sit down and capture it all with pencil and paper, but when I unlocked and set up the work day, and transitioned to all I had to do there, everything left my mind before I could write it all down. Oh well. It will all come back to me in time. But, as I opened my calendar, I had to laugh at last week and how busy it was. Do you want to see for yourself? Here ya go!

Well yeah, I did more than that obviously, but I didn’t need to write anything down! There were no appointments, no grocery lists, and any to do lists were on my Focus Matrix app. Most of the to do lists were things at home anyway. Work has it’s own list on my PC. I don’t really use this calendar here for work – it’s my personal one. But I think we should thank the Lord for such a quiet week. No fuss, no pomp, no circumstances – well not many anyway.

Skunk Visit

On the way to the restaurant we saw a skunk. It was weird. I didn’t really see much of a stripe. I had the window rolled down but these things can spray 10 to 15 feet, so I didn’t want to make a splash or get his attention! In the video below you can hear us chatting about how close to get and how far he sprays. I rolled up the window!

When Will there Be another Video on the YouTube Channel?

Ok well I am going to wrap this up and get ready for work! It’s my 3rd day in the week to work. It’s payroll closing day. That’s all I know for today. But I’m very excited that soon it will be March. We will have more chances for spring weather. It’s supposed to be in the 60’s today I think. I’m also looking forward to having some more personal time to get things done. But…will not be until Sunday, or after work maybe. I kinda need to go to the store and get a few snack items. And of course, you know I have a whole list of things I want to do always. I really want to get this long list of things done so I can get back in the rhythm of making videos. So much has postponed it with Christmas, working and doing year end stuff, going to Texas, catching up from all that, upgrading Big Sur, getting the back up drive set up, setting up my video files on the external disc, and just trying to get critical things done around the house, etc.

It’s hard to have a consistent YouTube Channel when you work FT. But I’m slowly working through the maze of things blocking me from making progress. I know you are probably tired of me talking about it, but I have had to do some “must dos” before I can go any further. It’s kinda like sailing in a way. You are anxious to get back at it but you got to stop for repairs and then provisions and get ready for the long haul. For now the channel is a hobby, it’s not monetized, and I don’t want the pressure of having a set schedule yet. I can probably manage one every month, but that would have backfired coming out of the end of the year with all we’ve done and had to do in 2021, so it’s been longer. The longer I wait the harder it is to get back going. But I have made myself wait. I am determined to get some of these things done that I needed to stop and do before getting back to my creativity zones. Let’s just call it a “maintenance period”. That’s pretty much what it is!

Anyway ya’ll take care!