Planning our Christmas Shopping Excursions and Taking Care of Mom

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Good morning! Just checking in. I don’t have any fabulous news to report. It’s just been a busy week of working and video editing and eating and sleeping – or trying to.

The sleep has been less good for some reason. Lots of wakeups across the night and then not wanting to get up when alarm goes off.

Trying to get quarter end done at work. Almost there. It’s been the least stressful quarters of all. I think I might actually make it on time this time and I have not had to work a lot of extra time over. And I’ve not had to stress and worry over it. I received the information I needed a lot earlier and that really helped to not get it right at the last few days of the month. It gives me a chance anyway of finishing on time where as before I had no chance. I think I have a 941 return to do and two Oregon returns instead of twenty or so like I would normally have at this point.

Shopping Plans and Excursions

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George and I have been planning our shopping excursions and also some time with our close friends. Knowing the schedule now holds us pretty much booked through New Year for the weekends, I decided to keep my promise to Mom for the occasional outing on Saturday. So this Saturday we are going to do a couple of things. My house will be suffering as will the to do list, for the rest of the year it seems. But priorities are to pull Christmas together! It’s coming together with a lot of our shopping done. I’d say at least most of the big things anyway.

We are also planning a special meal or two – nothing fancy – while we shop on our excursions. So that has been fun to select where we shall eat. A little reward for all the coming and going. Stay tuned for shopping and eating pics and videos of course in the Nashville area.


So, George took her Sunday to get a rug as it was his Sunday to do Mom errands and that is what she wanted him to do. The next day on the phone, she told me that she didn’t like it -that George said it had green in it and it didn’t. Oh my. She was on speaker phone and George was sitting right there as she blamed him for the unpleasing rug. He’s kinda resigned to take her shopping anymore now as I think it hurt his feelings and/or made him mad. I’m not sure which. I mean if you want to get technical – she pretty much called him a liar about the color right in front of him. She knows I use my speaker phone. So pretty blatant of a move on her part but it only means less help from George now. It’s only harmed herself and nothing good will come from her statement. I don’t know why she wants to do things like this, as she alienates people from wanting to help her. And to think things had been going fairly well.

So yeah guess what we are doing Saturday. Eating of course and then rug shopping. She won’t return the other, but another rug will be bought. I don’t think anything is ever bought unless you go to two or three of them before she is resigned to be happy with it.

She also needs/wants a bigger and better TV and probably actually needs that because hers has a blue tint. She also wants a new microwave and is not happy with her stove, so I guess those things are next. But it’s not in the budget.

I ordered her some black shoes that are like some I wear that are comfortable to wear. Who am I teasing though? Myself. As much stuff that does not work, why am I thinking that she will like these? Anyway, I had to try as she is vowing to wear her sandals all winter. I took that as a guilt statement for me to try to do something about it. So all I can do is try to help her find some shoes.

As you can tell, Mom is a full time job, but we are not retired yet, so we try to juggle. It’s a long story that I’m not wanting to go into anymore, but we are doing the best we can. So far we are still here, whereas the rest of the family have no interesting in helping and have had their own things going on. It’s just fact and that is not changing so we do the best we can and still try to remain sane. I question whether I am or not. So I dive into my video work for consolation and to have something fun to focus my thoughts on and keep me from going crazy-er!

Gotta go! Hope you all are having a great week.

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  1. Oh Sonya, mum really is a very unpleasant woman…sorry I know she is your Mum…but it’s true she really is very nasty at times. I think George has been a saint this past year. As have you….but. the time is sure coming when one or other is going to bite back and it will serve her jolly well right….let her stew in her own juice for a few weeks. See how she likes that……. I’m so pleased that quarter end is going well this time. Prayers are sure answered we just have to wait on the Lords time….Anyway take care, have a lovely weekend….

  2. I asked why she would buy a rug that is not available for full view Usually they have a stack of rugs so you can see the pattern before you take the rolled one for purchase I told her Homegoods have them hanging so see can see the full thing. I don’t know what she is going to do about the microwave as she is looking at about $1200 for the oven and then probalby$500or more to have the old removed and installed as it has to be an electrician to do that job Then she want be happy with the one she buys. I told her to get one and sit it on the counter and she does not want to do that. Everytime she talkes about the stove it is the dual eye and I think she has the temps backward in her head and she keeps saying she needs to get the instruction book and read on how to use that eye. As for a larger tv she needs to go to Best Buy, purchase and pay the Geek Square to deliver and install. When we purchased our larger one, Ken would not bring it home and set it up. Geek Squad delivered and installed and connected it up to the cable and all. I know it is frustrating when she get like this. She pushes all buttons she can push when all is not going her way.

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