A Fall Salad, A Taste of Autumn, and Daily Self Reflection Journaling

The sunrises are so pretty in the mornings. Soon it will be dark I suppose. But God greets me in this season with beautiful skies and also beautiful artwork and colors when I cross the lake and the water and the sky form a fusion of pastel colors.

Eating Well As Always

We have eaten pretty well this week. And we did a FREEZER DIVE to the bottom to see what all we had. Something we have to do about every two years or so. I made a list. We have about 70 meals that will feed the two of us. We updated our kitchen chalk board with all the possibilities so we don’t have to remember what is in the freezer.

Stauffer’s has a pretty good ravioli. It tastes as good as the lasagna they have. We got the family size the other night and couldn’t eat it all.

Do you want a great FALL SALAD? I took spinach, added “ready to go bacon” (of course the crispy home fried bacon is best), blue cheese (I suppose you could do feta?), apples from the bag that you buy that is already cut and has the lemon juice on it, and crispy fried onions like you put on green bean casserole. The dressing we used olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and a little more lemon juice.. It was really divine!

Meanwhile in Texas…

Little Roo got him a “Boo Basket” from McDonald’s. Look at that face. He’s got on his Mickey shirt. Mickey and Bluey are his best digital friends!

A Taste of Autumn

Playing around with my iPhone camera. A few of the trees have changed but some of them are just still green or turning a light green or faded yellow.

Yesterday I brought my scarves and winter PJ’s up along with the winter purses, and a few winter only shoes. I have 2 tubs that I swap back and forth. I put up a few “unloved” shoes and tee shirts and summer PJ’s back in the tubs for next spring.

Fabulous Weekend

So we had a great day yesterday. Maddie got her trim and George and I did yard sales, went to Tractor Supply, Walmart, and I got an Acai Bowl from Smoothie King. It was $11 but it was absolutely wonderful. It gave me energy and made me feel good too. I plan to get another. Maybe I can do that about once a quarter. I can’t do it on the way to work b/c it’s a bowl and it would be too hard to eat and would melt, but I can get a smoothie there sometime. But the Acai bowl was wonderful. I got the basic recommended one for the first time, but I’ll branch out next time.

Sunday and Update on Mom

I’m sure I mentioned the power of attorney was done. I’m so glad. It’s all finished and copies made. Mom is wanting a TV, rug, and a new microwave. She got the rug today. George took her today to do her errands after church. I’ll be doing next week. Today I came home and finished laundry, cleaned the kitchen, changed purses, cleaned up, work on the video files for the next three videos.

I finished up the clothes swap and addressed a card for Mom, and paid a bill of hers, and dusted the bedroom and changed George’s sheets. I still didn’t get to any of my stuff on the list I want to get to. There’s never enough time after responsibilities. But I’m used to that now. I hope, but only if I ignore things that are important, can I get to it. Oh well. I keep trying.

Daily Journaling

So I started a daily journal this week. It had been on my list to do a journal via Notion. Not a full out blog but just a journal to do two things:

  1. Keep in touch with myself. Life gets busy and my thoughts get drowned out by not getting enough time to think, reflect, rehash.
  2. To keep a record in between blog entries here. Often I cannot remember three days worth of what happened and I come here and forget to tell you things. Now when I blog I can look back at my journal entries. It’s nothing elaborate. Here is today’s for example.

Here’s the main page. I keep it in a calendar. Who’d have thought that would work. I had to watch a YouTube on how to do it. It was pretty easy. You can see the questions and my answers below.

Random thoughts….

So, everything is going well. I’m very content. I have had less frustrating days. I’m not sure how or why other than: I’ve been praying for contentment. I’ve been praying for help. I’ve been reading a lot from the Bible – increasingly so – like 2 to 3 times a day. Not just ONE and DONE. And Notion has helped me to feel sane by helping me organize my thoughts, my orders, my lists, my dreams, Christmas, Mom and all. I’ve started a new book, continuing to read one I started in Panama City. Have put in a few puzzle pieces. I’m coming along with the house projects and happy to have finished some Mom projects. The video subscribers are increasing fairly quickly in recent days and I need to get a handle on a few things before it gets to climbing too fast. I’m holding back on doing some videos that I know what will bring in people b/c I want to wait til I have a few things in order. So there’s a few things I want to do that I can’t ever get to. We are in our busy season also. So it’s unlikely I’ll have extra time. But I may have to ignore something in order to get them done. lol I keep trying! I keep prioritizing.

Our minds are very strongly on retirement now. Pretty sure George’s job is winding down. Probably will know something in the next few weeks. It will be ok. Whatever happens. He can do early retirement or he is also fine to keep working if they keep a minimal staff. So things are about to get exciting with change, I think. As the new year approaches, even though I’m way behind on 2023’s lists, I’m exciting for the 2024 year. It will be a transition year for us as I will be retiring in 2025. I cannot believe it. It’s coming fast. In 2024 I’ll start getting ready to train someone for my position and will begin typing notes and updating the payroll notebook.

Our conversation at the dinner table have been interesting for sure with plans, twists, plots, and turns, lol.

Over and out. The typing is getting slow. That is how I know it is getting too long.

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  1. What a perfectly lovely blog todays has been. I’m so very happy to “feel” that you are much more relaxed and happy these days. There were some fairly recently when I was real worried about you and prayed extra hard for God to lift the worries from your mind. Those prayers certainly work as reading todays blog proves ….As I type this at 4am on Monday morning ( having woken up, and before trying to get back to sleep)
    I am sending much love for a good week ahead for both you and George xx

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