Mid-Week Mind Dump: Feeling a Bit Overwhelmed

Good morning friends. Just a little update, midweek. Time is moving so swiftly. There’s a few things to report.

Phone Confusion with Mom

First of all, Mom. Somehow she has confused herself with the phone numbers. She is texting someone else and thinking it is me. So when I see her again I have to see her phone and make sure she has my correct number. It was in there before and I’m not sure what she has done. Anyway, it’s kind of humorous as to the things she is texting to someone. She needed some very personal supplies. But she’s texting some unknown person. Is it a neighbor? An elder at church? An old friend? A business? lol And when I text her, she NEVER answers my text anymore. So maybe she blocked me thinking I’m a business? I have no idea.

She asked where her supplies were and I didn’t know what she was talking about. She said she texted me and told me to order them and I said “no you didn’t”. I don’t know who she’s texting. I sent her another text after we got off the phone telling her that her supplies were ordered to please text me back when she gets this so she knows it’s me. No answer. I think she is getting to where she just can’t use technical devices much anymore. I don’t know if she just can’t see it or if she just can’t cognitively do it or comprehend it anymore.

We had to deposit some checks via phone the other day and it really made her so nervous just trying to find the checks. She said she had written them out and had them laid about, but we couldn’t find them. She later found them. They were right under our nose in the chair which was pushed under the table. Who’d have known. We tore her place up looking for them.

Thanksgiving Plans

table setting on thanksgiving
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Next. My sister and I and the family are going to meet for Thanksgiving at a nice restaurant in Franklin. We have the date and time set and my sister is making the reservations. This is exciting. Mom is going too. It will be before Thanksgiving but the week of Thanksgiving.

We are planning to do a Thanksgiving meal at our house as well. I’ve told George I’d like to invite friends or someone that is in town and not going anywhere. But we’ll see. It may just be the three of us: Me, George, and Mom for the main day.

Weird Noise that Goes “Boop”

brown wooden scrabble tiles on white table
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For several months there has been a noise that goes “boop” and it sounds like a woman and it almost sounds like a pipe turning, but with a human voice sound. I figured out it was happening when we flushed or used the water. Until today, I realized it did it and no one had done anything. I’m really confused. George never hears it. Of course he never hears anything, lol, so that doesn’t mean much. It bothers me that I thought I had it pegged but don’t anymore. So I just said “Boop back at ya”, just “boop” away! It is the strangest thing. It’s just like a woman entered the room and said “Boop” in the most perfect voice ever.

Mac Trouble

silver imac apple magic keyboard and magic mouse on wooden table
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I’ve had more problems with the Mac. I think it is mainly my back up drive and Time Machine trying to time stamps while I am working with some really big files. And it prevents me from working in Final Cut Pro. I had to call the help desk and they helped me. I am so thankful. Of course this threw me off schedule and I totally just scratched the project I was working on. It was a little over my head anyway with what I have time to do right now and I think it was God just saying “no not now”. I get in a really horrible mood when there are computer issues because I’m always on a time frame and in a time crunch and there “ain’t no time for that”. So I scratched the project and went for doing the regular video of the week, which was pretty simple to edit this week. It’s uploading currently as I type into YouTube.

I don’t know how to keep the problem from occurring other than just not to do the project type I was working on. But others do it so what is the problem? Why can’t I? But I also set my back up to back up once a day instead of every hour. I’m not sure why it was on every hour. I need to make sure it backs up overnight too but haven’t had time for that.

Overwhelmed a Bit

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Overwhelmed is not the right word. But there is not a word to describe it. I just am dismayed, or grieving I guess, at the lack of being able to do some things. Even the important things. There is no use in berating myself over the head over it. I just simply have to accept what is. But I’m in serious need of having some time to catch up. And it is not to be. It’s only going to get busier and busier. So I just prioritize and do the best I can.

Life group is coming over Sunday. I have Saturday off and so my spare time will be going into that. So no real good time off coming my way any time soon. It’s quarter end too, so not good to take any time off for myself then either. I have to reserve that for Mom’s doc appointments. I’ve tried to get as far as I can and doing pretty good so far into what I can do.

I’ll just try not to think about it, but it’s hard when you sit down to do something – anything- and have to stop in the middle because it’s time to do something else. It’s just a little overwhelming. For example, it was time to eat dinner Monday night and I was on the phone with Apple. George just brought dinner to my office. I was also FaceTiming with family right before, and texting with 2 to 3 people about some things. I also had to get the papers to our notary so she could get the witness page redone correctly. Everything seems to happen at once.

I am needing to close this out and get to work. It’s so dark still and it’s 6:30. I’ve been hesitant to move until I’m ready just so I can finish something. Yay I got the blog post done. And it’s typing really slow. I’m going to have to get rid of Yoast I think because I think that is slowing me down when I get this many words. It’s recapping my blog entry to give me suggestions on structure. I don’t need that mess slowing me down. I will use my own structure. LOL I thought it would help with SEO but it has not. Mainly because of me. I don’t want to spend an hour and a half working on changing my blog entry to suit SEO. I don’t have that kind of time.

Retirement is looking pretty in just over a year!

So how’s life going with you?

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  1. You make me thankful that I’m old and retired! It has to be awful to have no time for yourself. I hope the time flies by until you can retire and have some time for yourself

  2. I am pretty sure even in retirement you will be super busy!! But enjoying life more!!

    Your mom’s phone call problems reminds me of my mom….she is great at dialing the wrong numbers and yelling at people that don’t even know her…..I refused to give her my cell phone number but she does have our home phone that she can call. And she has a push button thing for emergencies that she wears around her neck and is constantly pushing it although she swears it gets bumped by accident!!

    Your Thanksgiving plans sound good….we are a second marriage, with his kids and my kids…we don’t have one thanksgiving we have 2…we usually have mine on Thanksgiving itself since they live farther…his all live in the same town about 20 minutes from us and we get together when they decide they can all come out….we live in the country on a dirt road…I have 3 kids and 4 grandkids….he has 4 kids and 12 grandkids….it can be overwhelming!!

    Hope you have fun Sunday with your church life group!!

  3. I’m sorry your stressed out but I always know when quarter end comes round your stressed….as for Mum it dosn’t sound very good, but again at her age it’s what you can maybe expect. I’ve had a lovely weekend my niece and husband took Mary and I down to Bournemouth a lovely seaside town on the south coast. The weather was unbelievable it was sunny and warm we had a wonderful time.
    Since we got home the weather is slowly starting to change and we have lost most of the sun and it’s slowly getting cooler till by the weekend I think we will be getting into our winter gear ….Take care xx

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