How Do We Stay Married?

We are sharing our anniversary weekend in Today’s Less Hustle More Coffee Vlog. You can see the vlog here. It’s been 32 years.

I’m so happy to be home today. We are getting ready for life group tomorrow. So lots of cleaning today and I’m making potato salad and getting the house all comfy and dining tables all set up.

Anyone watching the eclipse today? I’ll probably peek out but I don’t know where our glasses are so no staring. I think it might be cloudy anyway. And I’ll be pretty busy.

Have a good day and let me know what you thought of the video. Just a glimpse of our anniversary Saturday. Have a good little weekend yourself. Love you guys.

6 responses to “How Do We Stay Married?”

  1. Enjoyed watching your 34th Anniversary celebration….looks like you two have a great relationship and alot of fun together!!
    Your flowers for your anniversary were sure bright and colorful….and so many of them…how special!!

    It was cold and cloudy and windy here so no sign of the sun or eclipse!
    Spent the day at a celebration for my husband’s 100 year old aunt…I had never met her but I would have never guessed she was 100!! She was active and the life of the party…it was great to see!!

    Hope you got your potato salad made for your church group dinner tomorrow….that is something I have never made …. potato salad…I like to eat it but have never made it!! Do you have a special recipe for it?

  2. Happy Anniversary. That is a big accomplishment this day and age. . I enjoyed seeing where you went out to eat. Everything looked good. Dexter looks like he has grown since I saw him last. He is such a pretty dog. I hope your dinner went well.

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