Prepping for a Fall Dinner Party for Our Life Group

We worked so hard this weekend cleaning and cooking and getting ready for our life group on Sunday. It’s always fun us working on a project like this but by 3 p.m. yesterday I was worn out and was tired the entire day on Sunday. I wasn’t sure I had any life left for the party itself.

I’m not sure our place is “ideal” for parties because of Dexter. Maybe some should have thought we should put them up in the back or something but none of us would have had any peace as they would have barked loudly the entire time. Truth is, the dogs settle down and get used to everyone and then we can go on with the party. Everyone came in at different times so the dogs were having to be readjusted to each couple. George and I got busy with everyone and getting things ready and another lady nicely took over Dexter patrol and calming him down. I was so grateful. The thing of it is, the dogs ARE a part of our life so they come with the package. But we got through it.

I was not in the mood for conversation because I was just plum done. But I was grateful for the company and companionship of friends. As the host I felt I needed to keep conversation going. Everyone else was quiet too it seemed. Honestly the day was gloomy itself with a dark overcast and misty. It made the house dark and less cheerful. But I was grateful for everyone coming that could be there and grateful that everyone is committed to the group.

One lady asked nicely afterward as they were leaving if it wouldn’t be appropriate to include a Bible Study. I said I think that might have been the original intent, as when we joined they were watching The Chosen, but that it morphed into lunch, fellowship, and we gather for prayer requests so that people could actually get to know each other. Everyone just got back from church and so it seems fine to use the time to fellowship and support one another. If we’d had a Bible Study too, it would have been too long. Everyone is ready to go home by 3, having been at the event 3 hours already. Already someone had to leave at 2. So we just did what the others did, eat slowly, enjoy the meal and conversation and gather for prayer requests and dismiss.

George’s BBQ was great. He worked hard on it.

We had lots of sauces.

I made twice this much potato salad but here it is, part of it. The rest in the fridge. We have a lot of food left as we cooked for probably 25, lol. We only had about 10. Only about 14 would have come. One had a funeral to do, Mom didn’t want to come, and another couple was out of town on a mission trip. So we are eating left overs at work. And we’ll have to freeze the rest of the BBQ b/c of the fact that “Hello Fresh” delivers today. I’m taking Mom out tonight to get nails done and get “catfish” and George will be eating at home and eat leftovers tonight and then we’ll do Hello Fresh the next two nights.

I had to go to Pop Shelf yesterday afternoon as I had not thought about getting fancy napkins. We usually have some kind of white napkin and I decided to get plastic utensils – the kind that are really nice and shiny and look metal. We used my regular plates and my china. Funny to use a mix of plastic utensil and china, but it was fine. I also needed plastic cups. I had to get football cups. Then I found we already had cups after I bought them. Oh well.

I enjoyed the distraction of Pop Shelf. It was nice to get out and shop. I bought a few Christmas items too. I videoed what I put in my buggy, so you will see it if you watch an upcoming video a couple of weeks from now.

The men ate in the sun room which worked as there was 4 men and 6 women. Can you find Dexter in the above pic? I see Maddie straight away but Dexter’s face is peeking out.

I totally forgot to get a pic or a video of the entire spread. We were busy talking and getting everything ready to dive into plus deal with the dogs and so taking pics and videos was the least on my mind.

Dexter enjoyed the sun room being opened. We do too. We can open it in the fall and spring.

I forgot to say how well we have eaten Friday night and Saturday night. We bought Chinese. We got 3 entrees and a Pu Pu Platter. Oh my gosh, we ate for two nights spitting it all. But that meant saving time and not messing up the kitchen and having to cook for ourselves while we prepped for the life group.

So my friend in our life group got the final page of the Durable Power of Attorney re-signed. And so that is a relief. It is done. I will give Mom a copy also. We can mark that off the list. I’m so grateful. I was worn out before the party so after washing dishes and clean up, and doing more laundry, paying Mom’s bills, and changing my sheets, I collapsed into the recliner to watch Sister Wives and Maddie was so happy to finally have a lap!

Sleep was good last night. And I marked “Have Life Group Over” off the Bucket List.

Still a bit tired this morning. But ready to tackle the week and move on to other projects. Video is ready to be worked on. And should be pretty easy. However, I’ll miss tonight’s editing since I’ll be with Mom and we have plans Friday night, but I’ll just have to work harder at getting it done. At least it is in Final Cut Pro ready to be edited and the footage is not as long as some have been lately.

Ok over an out! Everyone have a great week! Gotta get out the door for work. Take care and let me know how your weekend was.

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  1. Evening Sonya, as I typed that I realised it’s probably lunch time or thereabouts with you it’s 7.45pm…your sunroom looked gorgeous for your entertainment on Sunday. I hadn’t realised it was so big…and yes I did spot Dexter but not till I saw the wee one first !! I’m just sad that you were really to tired to enjoy it fully, but hope it won’t put you off the next time it comes round to your turn…..Glad you got the power of attorney signed and now you can relax and forget it. Hope this week at work goes well and that you find time to relax……Take care xx

    • With both things done, I feel a weight lifted. We will always do it when it’s our turn. We sometimes have to plan ahead though as the schedule fills. Now we are thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas! All coming together!

  2. Your meal together with your life group from church looks lovely and your sunroom is a wonderful area to entertain in….love the pups sharing in the get together!!
    I think it is just nice for church groups to enjoy eating together without needing any bible lesson….sometimes people just need to share being together with like minded people and breaking bread!!
    We did get to a few garage sales before we headed out of town for a birthday celebration Saturday and then we went to a few antique stores after the luncheon we attended was over. And my husband checked out a gun store while we were there….I stayed in the car and did word search puzzles to pass the time…!!!
    Church on Sunday of course and then we hit the country market for some food items and water…we can’t drink the well water on our place so we have 5 gallon jugs we fill each week for drinking and making coffee.
    Lunch at home and then laundry…that’s about it and then the weekend is over!!
    I can just imagine how tired you were after your busy weekend….!!!

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