Home Office Time, Organizing, and Planning

Monday was special. You know how Geeky you are when you say you GOT to spend most of the day in your home office! ;-). I did run through some things on my list like finding my tube files for making graphics. I don’t really use PSP much anymore now that I have Canva. But I wanted to make sure I had them and a back up of them. I do. I did.

I deleted photos off my phone/icloud and placed them in another place on my iMac which I believe is backed up also on the cloud but they are not in my sync folder at least. This has been the most confusing thing. I have to order a back up drive or an external hard drive. I don’t even know if they are the same thing or different. But I know enough to know I need one to work with the back up that the mac already has. And something to store photos and movies on. I’ve watched just enough videos to confuse me more, lol. Then I’ll forget and have to watch them again. lol. I love my mac but wish I’d converted over when I was a lot younger. The learning curve in your late 50’s is fun, lol.

I cleaned up my office by “doing the projects” that were sitting around in it. I had a lot to do on line on researching some things, redoing my order on the system that I do. And I spent a chunk of time thinking about the decor in the bathroom. I made an accidental discovery while working in there. I had a placemat in my hands that I was going to put up in the closet that were summer Tuscany with lots of greens and blues and a touch of rust. I then realized I needed those colors in the bathroom as it would brighten things up. So tried to find a similar photo and came up with this one.

However, I certainly can’t afford the real thing, but there are varied prices of this in a canvas print. Even embellished canvas prints with dabs of paint placed on it. That would have been my preference but I wasn’t looking to spend a lot of money on this project. I wasn’t even expecting this project but once I had the idea in my head it was persistent. So found a screen copy for $14.99 and it may look horrible when it comes in, or it may have a surface that reflects light. It is thru Amazon so if it doesn’t work, I’ll return it and maybe order the more textured one. We’ll see. I ordered the cheapest one but it won’t arrive until the first of November. So, dang it. I tried looking again, but just decided to go with it.

I DO hate that in the description on Amazon it says “ships within a week” and then you go to the cart after making your final long hard decisions and it pops up – ships in November. Drives me nuts! Then you have to start all over if that doesn’t meet your needs. Oh well. We’ll see but I spent a chunk of time on that.

I know that this doesn’t mean anything to you and it doesn’t look snazzy, but I managed to organize my bathroom drawers into something more functional. Yesterday was my first day trying it out and it’s great!

These bathroom cabinets are really old I guess but they are sturdy and hefty. These are the top two drawers above.

The next drawer is my make up drawer. I had all this on the counter in another container for quick access but it drove me crazy. I cleaned out this drawer and put my cosmetics in it. Now it’s still a little messy but I mainly needed to be able to find the smaller things in the white container and then I pick out my eye shadow and that is easy to get to as I just don’t wear a lot of make up now due to the masks. It’s pointless and it just gets all over the mask. So while we wear masks people will have to look at the real me. Especially at times when the mask comes off. Sorry!

Then the next drawer down is my brush and my curling brush blow dryer thingie. And other hair styling things like my regular blow dryer and curling iron which I rarely used. And flat iron which I used once and looked like Phyliss Diller. Bless her.

Anyway, I’m happy to have the counter back to looking “guest worthy”. I already posted this pic below but I’ll post again since I’m blogging about it.

It made getting ready a little more fun yesterday. And soon — no sorry —later – I’ll be getting the new art work in there. I also ordered word art for the other side. And I have another wall also that could use some love and something different and I’ve not figured that one out yet. After these two are up, I’ll figure out what’s next.

George fixed Coconut Rice for dinner with Cold Noodle and we once again sat in the Sun room to eat it. It was a little warm in there but not bad.

Dinner was amazing. Not shown were the wonderful rice wrapped veggies and imitation crab. He used butter lettuce this time, carrots, and the imitation crab sadly was much better than the real crab last time. ha. We had left overs for lunch and that was good.

So I was pleased with our weekend and our Holiday. I got a lot cleaned and organized and a few things planned and ordered. Computer organization done. Soon will be ready to dive into the next video. We’ll see how it goes. I do need to get into my email next as it’s 1,130 now and I just need to spend a couple of hours getting that back down and making sure nothing is important there.

A lot left on the to do list though even after my successful weekend. Once it’s done I always fill it up with more! Love learning and love being creative.

Anyway, so yesterday – back at work. Payroll went just ok. I had one plant that had not done their time edits and that threw my plans off for about an hour. And another plant had some piecework issues that needed fixing which caused some delays and a few wacky things happened also and I confused myself when I found an error after I was too far in to fix it. It did not help that I had not slept but half the night, the night before. For whatever reason I couldn’t sleep between 1:30 and 4. There were some cat nap snoozes and drift offs here and there but only around 4 when it was time to get up. So that did not help me any. I DID sleep last night though. And I DID manage to rush the payroll through to get 2 days (Mon and Tues) in one. Well, I say that. I had to go in early so I left the house at 6 and got home from work at 5:30 so yeah, a day and a half worked yesterday. But payroll is done. Lots to do today but I am pretty much back on the normal weekly schedule at this point. I don’t like rushing or being rushed. Greater chances of errors and things going wrong but I also didn’t want to work on a holiday either. So there’s that.

Anyway here’s little Roger, helping me some on Monday. He loves to lay in the bed in my office IF his Daddy is not available. lol. He’s just the sweetest little old man. He loses his balance a lot when he walks and gets up from a nap but then other times he’ll tear off down the hall like he’s a puppy. He can’t hear, but much like Tugie did (our former poodle that went deaf), he understands some sign language. Especially the “come on, let’s go” signal. He runs toward you! He knows he is either going out or getting a treat!

I better get going. Was just in the mood to give a mid week update. Even though it’s not much. Nothing exciting, but it was a great long weekend!

I can’t believe it is September and already plans for the month, for Oct and Nov and some in Dec and Jan are starting to book. It will be a busy and fun few months. A lot of things up in the air.

Eye appointment coming, financial planning appointment coming, anniversary plans coming, Katy’s showers are getting booked. Plans to go see Mom taking shape.

Yeah, I better go. Do you have any fun plans forming in these COVID ladened fall months?

Post Vacation Chaos

Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com

Ahhhhh, that surge of energy post vacation on Monday has waned. I really think the culprit was Monday night, trying to push through and ended up staying up 2 hours past bed time and it really destroyed me for Tuesday and today.

So we got home mid afternoon Sunday. It took a while to get everything from the car to the house and to the rooms they go in. We removed things from suitcases but that doesn’t mean anything really went anywhere. Most of it still on beds or in kitchen. I’ve been sorting through and trying to put things where they go. It seems like it would be a simple thing. But there is all the sorting of it and putting it back in its spot. And the pulling of souvenir gifts to those that helped while we were gone.

Then there is the laundry which is always ongoing anyway only all your favorite things are dirty so most of what I needed for work needed to be washed. So I’ve done what laundry I could to give us what we need. My vitamins and supplements and BP meds needed to be redone for the week – I certainly don’t need to throw that by the wayside in this COVID ladened world.

Monday night our neighbor came over and we talked while I cooked dinner. Dinner was late though as I had to also go to the store Monday night. Oh THAT – let’s back up. I was talking to Mom as my Aunt and Uncle are coming up and Mom wanted me to call them to discuss our “getting together plans”- so I got on autopilot and went home instead of the store. Then got up stairs and realized I meant to do the grocery shopping, dropped off my work bag and headed back out. Got to the store and realized my mask was in my work bag. I had taken masks out of my purse to wash them from the trip. Arggghhhh ::sigh::

I was NOT going back home. So I went in and bought a mask and then continued my grocery shopping. No one arrested me or verbally judged me in the interim.

Got back home and it took 3 trips to get the groceries in as George was mowing. Finally got the groceries put up. Of course having to take the BP meds with a water pill on board also means during all of this – a need to GOOOOOO! More than once!

Then my kitchen is horrid as vacation stuff all over to unpack. Most of it still NOT unpacked and in the way in the kitchen. So I moved that over. I washed up and cleaned up the counters. I have to have a clean kitchen to cook. I did the best I could. We had to eat. So I chopped onions and green peppers to get the spaghetti started. And remembered I wanted to call Kate to ask her something. Had just found a station I liked on Alexa but had to stop it to make the phone calls. lol. I did and we talked for a couple of minutes and the doorbell rang. I told Katy I would call her back.

A neighbor came over and I was glad to see and talk to her. We opened a bottle of George’s Chardonnay he bottled and split it between the three of us as George was back from the yard mowing and had showered. We talked and talked. How fun!

I had to finish our dinner though so talked to the neighbor while cooking. Realized I hadn’t been thawing the meat. Dug around in two freezers. Couldn’t find the ground turkey – guess we ate it already. Found some beef in the freezer. Plenty of that. So we have a new microwave as the old one petered out. The defrost is not as nice. Not sure I ever figured out how to make it work. George couldn’t either but finally got the meat thawed. Wow this dinner was more complicated than I thought. Continued to fix spaghetti. Tried to get the neighbor/friend to stay but she was not wanting pasta. It was whole grain and a spinach one, so not as bad as regular pasta but we could not convince her. So she left as we started to fix plates.

We watched Below Deck until half way through when we were finished eating. It was 10:30 and we still had night time routines and dogs to take out.

By 11 or so we were in bed.

At 5:30 Tuesday morning George had to wake me. I was startled and was sleeping good. Darn it. Really? I have to get up?

So rushed around yesterday morning trying to pull myself together. A reboot of the laundry. I felt horrible. But all I could do was push through. I texted both Katy and Aunt Martha – both of whom I was to have conversations with and apologized I never got back to them. I ran out of day.

Then set off to do payroll Tuesday morning, amidst prayers of “Lord please be with me, I’m so tired, don’t let me have a wreck, help me do payroll, help me get through the day please, and give me some energy.”

I got through the day, through payroll, and had just enough energy, caffeine, food, water, and God’s love to get through. A text from Mom by end of work day “call me on the way home”. So off we go and a call to Mom:

“Did you talk to Aunt Martha yet?”

“No ma’am I didn’t get the opportunity yet”.

“Well I need to make plans”

“I know I do too” and I explained last night. She knew we were tired, but asked that I please call and get it worked out.

OK I will.

So got home, rebooted laundry Tues afternoon, folded 3 loads. I have had some time to wash but not to fold. I called Aunt Martha and Mom and made reservations this weekend for a meal out, warning all that we have been to Texas and gas stations and groceries and shops and a gender reveal party with 40-50 other people – outside but everyone came in to use the restroom. It’s not been two weeks. But – even with mixed feelings – all are ok with us going out to eat in a remote location. Well a remote table that is. We’ll see how that goes. Reservations made during laundry folding.

George fixed a cajun dish last night akin to Jambalaya with the smoked sausage and rice and left over green pepper and so forth. It was awesome and I have leftovers for lunch! We tried to finish watching Below Deck but the Xfinity or Comcast or whatever our cable is would not let us “resume” as it has in the past. George let it play thru during dinner so it would be ready but I was on the phone and making reservations and I guess the show reset back to beginning. So George said a choice word at the TV, lol and we gave up and watched Somebody Feed Phil who was in Venice and that was fun to watch.


So here we are on Wed morning and I’m fairly exhausted. My spirits are high but I’m looking forward to Saturday to get a break. A break I say? We have to go get oil changed for sure and then finish unpacking and doing an intense cleaning of my house. Once all that is done I can start on my “other” to do list.

But oh – after the fairly hot dish George fixed I opened these:

We bought these in Breckenridge and they are so fresh and awesome. Some times you need a “digestive” like the Italians. lol

I’ve had my coffee and off to try and conquer the day. As much as there is at home to catch up on, there is almost as much at work. So off to address this NEEDY world we live in. 😉

I am running about 30 minutes late this morning. This blog entry not helping. But I am sorry, my insane week calls for a calm cup of java while letting out the stress over my words. Either that or combust. So I may be a few minutes late this morning but I’ll be a better person because of it.

And that is all she wrote. 😉

Arrived Safety Home from Texas

So we are home! We left Hot Springs about 8 and got home about 3:15, with two stops. This is just too far from deep in the heart of Texas to here- that for two days in a row we are on the road from 8 to 3, having to make 2 or sometimes 3 stops. Just. Too. Far.

It seemed like before that the driving was not that hard but this year it seemed hard even with splitting it up. There is no way we can do the 12 to 13 hours straight thru as humans as certainly not with dogs, so I am not sure what the answer is for January when the baby is born. I know we will go but I am not sure how we will endure the driving. We can’t plan flights not knowing for sure the exact delivery date and at this point and then there is COVID and the dogs to consider so we’ll have to drive I guess. And I think we will still have to cut the drive up. It’s just too far.

It makes me sad also knowing I’ll rarely get to see my grand baby. Once or twice a year is just not enough, or at least not what I had pictured or imagined. George mentioned we could get an apartment in Weatherford and take turns going on weekends or one of us go ahead and move the other join later if the kids decide to stay there for the long haul. I doubt that will happen that we get an apartment.

It seemed like once we reached Memphis, we were at least poised in the direction of home. At times the interstate looked like this, but not very often. There was definitely fewer cars on the road. But we still had plenty of folks to skirt around.

We unpacked everything from the car and began unpacking suitcases. But some things remain unpacked. Will finish it all as time allows.

I’ve begun making lists of things to do and getting thoughts together for the next month or so. The next big chunks of things to do are:

What’s Next?

  1. Cleaning the House – Kinda of a fall cleaning of sorts I guess in prep for #2.
  2. Fall Decor, which I’ll put up a few things and transition the house to a fall mood but not until 9/1.
  3. Health/Dental/Eye Appointments – Things like GYN, Mammogram, Eye check, and Dental cleaning remain to be done.
  4. Next Videos – I think I have enough for 2 videos
  5. Flooring Projects – Research and Set in Motion
  6. Car projects – Car fix, oil change, car wash – possibly time to consider trade in?
  7. Then there are all the Personal Projects and Hobbies which are never ending.
  8. And I want to cook some as well – and to do that the kitchen needs some attention.
  9. Need to go through and get rid of things we are not using or don’t need through the house itself. I have to goal to make it more manageable and practical. Everything needs to have it’s spot.

Our Evening at Home

George and I not eaten much all day. Well we did, it was just really early in the day. We had a donut pastry for breakfast yesterday around 6:30 at the hotel that we had bought in Mineral Wells the day before, knowing the hotel breakfast buffet was not happening due to COVID, heck – they didn’t even have a coffee pot in the room – which really ticked me off and is lazy b/c the coffee pots had throw away cups and throw away coffee canisters. Anyway, by 10:30 we had to stop so we stopped at a Love’s and they had Subway. We did not eat anything else until about 7 – other than snacking b/w 3 and then. But above, George threw together a dinner that was pretty good. We watched Below Deck Mediterranean.

I watched a couple of my shows on YouTube also while I did my nails. But apparently they didn’t dry very well and I’ve already messed them up. Just too much to do on our first night home. I’m really struggling here with doing my own nails. I bought some Sally Hansen nail hardener base. It’s helping but to put a polish over it -is not working very well. I may have to just go without polish. I put one color on and it was too much and looked awful. I took it off and put a lighter color on and messed that up so they still look awful. I guess I’ll try again tonight. But at that point I was done last night and not redoing it for a 3rd time. It’ll just look awful today.

I’m tempted to go get my nails done the way I used to, but I’m not. I can do this. Even if I just have to resort to clear polish. They are almost grown out to the point of hardening up again, and all the nail that was under the solar nails finish is about gone. It’s taken months. The fresh nail is healthier.

Anyway, it’s off to work today and I need to get ready and packed for the day. I intend on drinking a lot of water today, having either fruits or greens as I need both. I need to pack my vitamins for today also.

I almost wanted to do cleanse day but I think I need I need a transition week to ease from eating like we have been to a healthier version of eating. It’s been fun eating steak and bbq and fried stuff and desserts and donuts and and and…..but having to reign it back in a bit. I’ll plan a cleanse day for the next Monday from dinner to dinner 24 hours.

Right now I’m going for more coffee. I’m sure there will be two weeks of work to do this week. That said I’m not going to be able to work a lot of hours extra as so much is going on here. But I will do the best I can to get caught up. I have to go to the store tonight also as we are out of everything.

I also have to do another load of laundry tonight.

Thanks for your prayers for our safe travels. I have thanked God for listening and for honoring our requests and keeping us safe and without issues. So much COULD have gone wrong, but we made it. We almost lost Roger out the back window when George left the window open after we’d stopped for gas, but I caught it as we pulled off and Roger of course was on a pillow right by the open window – a few seconds more and making a turn it would have been all over as gravity would have tossed him out. So I shudder to think about that, but how convenient that I noticed it just in time. Since then we always checked the windows before taking off.

Ya’ll have a good Monday.