New Video Uploaded: Accepting Change, Being Flexible, and Letting Go

Here is the New Video and a Video Dedication and Tribute to our Maisy Girl. Link below:

Less Hustle More Coffee VLOG on YouTube

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Happy New Year everyone! Back tomorrow for a blog update!

7 responses to “New Video Uploaded: Accepting Change, Being Flexible, and Letting Go”

  1. Morning Sonya, it’s almost 1 ok on Saturday 2 nd January 2021. I’ve already wished you a Guid New Year but I repeat it again today. Hope you have had a good start to the year. I know that you will be keeping one ear listening for the phone to ring to say things are moving down in Texas….saying things are moving fast..come down ASAP. When the call comes you will ALL be diving into the car for the long trip to Texas…hope the call comes very soon… Mary and I have just been watching the vlog it was very good I think if I can make only one suggestion that is that it was just a tad too long. I don’t look at many video so can’t see how long others are but the odd one I’ve looked at are much shorter…….but that dosn’t take away from the fact that your video was good…background music was fab…
    Take care going back to work today. I don’t know how you will be able to concentrate with work just now, but knowing you you will do it….

  2. Well, I watched your vlog and I cried! I’n not sure if ever I have cried over a video but but I did. 🙂 And your hubby commenting on Maisy really touched me. So sweet. And I subscribed!! Never have I done that! So bravo, that was your best one! More relaxed.

    Happy New Year!

    • Thank you. I think I’m starting to get the feel for it a bit. I see what doesn’t work versus what works. So sweet that you felt our pain with us. I’m sorry to make you cry but I guess I realized that since I did, I was able to portray my heart. I downplayed most all the rest. But when I picked that music, slowed down the video at the point she was looking into the sunlight —oh gosh. I lost it so bad. My daughter called and I answered and she’s like “have you been crying?” I was still crying and couldn’t speak! I’m crying now just remembering. Oh gosh I miss her so much. Thank you for subscribing. Each person that does is like GOLD to me. Appreciate you!

  3. The part of the video about Maisy brought tears to my eyes. She looked like she was smiling when you were talking to her. She was so sweet. And the part where your husband talked about her was very touching. I never knew her back story. It was like God put you two together when you both needed each other. You gave her a wonderful life, and she was very happy.

    • Thanks for your sweet comment. Yes we were meant for each other. I miss her so much! I was happy George suggested to do a segment. I love how supportive he is of the videos and he loved Maisy so much!

    • A great video/ Good tribute to Maisy girl. Just remember you gave her the best years of her life and she appreciated it. Roger will settle in just concerned that he is losing his pack and does not want you all to leave him

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