Saturday Shopping and Eating and Starting Camera Lessons Online

It’s been an excellent weekend so far. After doing a private blog entry yesterday morning while sipping coffee, we headed out for a late breakfast and a shopping excursion. We had a pork roll bagel at “Pork Roll” Bagle shop. It was pretty darn good. Lots of fresh bagels to choose from.

It was definitely a breakfast hot spot yesterday. Doors open to let public know to come on in!

A rainy day as the Tropical Storm/Low Pressure center was heading our way. But here we are heading to the Providence area from some Hobby Lobby shopping.

Aren’t these little pics cute? Would be great if you owned one of these types or owned a dog grooming business or to put in a vet lobby or waiting room. So cute.

Lot’s of Christmassy going on there!

I really wanted one or two of these trees to set beside snowmen, etc. But I decided they would be too fragile and wouldn’t last long. I don’t want to have to buy special storage for them and I like things that will store easily and not be impacted. Things have to be easy these days.

At Hobby Lobby I bought some additional fall decor. I will show you some of the pieces if I get a chance to take a pic. Not a lot. I bought a few Christmas items also at the Dollar Tree which was close to our Bagel shop we went to.

I know a lot of my readers do not like Trump. But I had to laugh. I know that there was “someone” there that was bored while I shopped (uhum I won’t say who) but this “someone” — well, he showed me the fruits of his bored labor as we strolled through that section of the store. He said the letters were there, so why not. LOL LOL LOL. Don’t hold it against me please. I don’t get into politics, but I did think this was funny.

It’s begging to look a lot like fall!

We shopped at Aldi yesterday for a bit as it’s been a very long time. One of the reasons we go there is to get scallops, cheap but pretty good wine, chicken cordon bleu, and several other frozen items. I bought some kind of Keto ice cream that had a low amount of sugar and a lot of protein. It was mint chocolate chip and I’ll be getting another one of those! But a coworker told me about these wafer cookies. Does anyone really need it, of course not. The Knopper wafers. A wafer with chocolate and hazlenut cream.

I had one after dinner last night and they are a treat to behold. Sugars at 8g and 140 calories. Can’t eat a bunch but one here and there during a sweet craving might not be too bad. Has 2g of protein due to the nuts. Made in Germany and dist from Chicago. Will be a regular, and perhaps a stocking stuffer for a person or two or three.

What a cool way to store the wine while shopping, as taught to us by the lady that checked us out.

More of fall around our car. Yesterday was the most fall like day I think we’ve had so far as far as “looks” go. It was warm however, due to the tropical storm air that moved in from the South.

Heading home in our neighborhood. Storm clouds and rain moving on in for several hours of “off and on” moderate and sometimes heavy rain.

Late afternoon George provided us with an appetizer. This is using carrots, butter lettuce (or a soft lettuce – not as crunchy) and imitation crab meat, and rice wrappers.

For the evening meal George fixed shrimp and grits. And we finished watching the first season of Yellowstone. The next season is on it’s way!

So yesterday afternoon I started to download videos and go through footage I have. I can’t use most of it. So I’m normally pretty good at videoing myself when I’m staying in one spot. However, I did a segment yesterday and it was wayyyyyy blurry. I’m not sure what I did. I have a LOT of footage and a lot of it is unusable. Any iphone videos are fine. But, I decided to finally just stop yesterday and do an instructional video starting at the beginning for understanding my camera. I did learn a lot by watching a 2 hour video which helped me understand the buttons and getting around on the digital screens and menus and what each does. Of course there is a LOT to it. I’m not perfect – no where near. But at least there is some progress toward the learning curve. I need to watch the vlogging ones though and learn that specifically. I need to learn how to move around with it. And I need to learn how to grab it and go as far as vlogging. I vlogged my returning home with my goodies yesterday from the store and wanted to show you all what all I got and even with the camera still – it came out blurry and unusable. So I have to figure this thing out or I will shy away from it. It costs too much to shy away from it. This is why I’ve been afraid to use my drone. lol I’m sure the camera has more settings and more to learn on it, but I’ll get there. I’ll get there because I want to!

Anyway, I’m going to have to accomplish a few things in addition to my continued learning today. I need to iron and vacuum and do an order for LTD Commodities. Need to do a few things to make sure I’m ready for the work week – vitamins, food, drinks, etc.

Anything else I get done will be icing on the cake. Oh I will say that I do have some pretty good footage of Columbia and so I’ll still try to get another video done but oh my it will be choppy as I have such little good footage from all I thought I had. Still some segments are ok. So a lot to go through. Might be a while on the next one, but if I don’t learn how to properly VLOG with the camera, it will be a LONG while before the NEXT one. lol

It’s all a learning curve though and I’ve come a long way. Still a long way to go.

Sunrise, SunDog, and Stupidity

The sky is firing up in the mornings when I leave. Last week though the sun was so bright in the mornings coming up this hill it was blinding. I had to take a different route out of the neighborhood so I wouldn’t be so blinded I couldn’t see again. That was scary.

Here is the screen shot of the hurricane. I see a rain band coming to Nashville. I hope everyone will be ok down there.

I enjoyed my shake yesterday. I added a banana. Who wouldn’t love that? It was really good. A coworker went and got a salad for us. I have had “luxurious salads” the last two days. I say luxurious b/c they cost a fortune but are so good. I’d missed my restaurant salads. And yesterday I had Logan’s salmon caesar salad. Yeah no calories in that at all loaded with parm cheese and some creamy caesar dressing. And to literally top it off, my coworker gave me the bacon and cheddar toppings thinking it was to go with my salad – neither of us realized at the time it was supposed to go on her loaded baked potato, LOL. Oh well. I told her it was good but I had thought whoever prepared the salad forgot what was to be on it. We laughed.

I’ve been seeing lots of sundogs lately. You can barely see this one. Go ahead and google sundog and click on images and you can see some with the full circle rainbow. Supposedly they are rare. I see them quite frequently at this location. The atmospheric conditions have to be right and it’s caused by light shining through ice crystals in the sky.

Supposedly it is good luck to see them but means “change” is coming. So the second one has to be true because things change all the time. Not sure about the good luck.

I do feel some change in the air though. There are signs of change no doubt poppin’ up every where. And of course it’s 2020, but 2021 could be even more interesting.

And for the stupidity part – George and I went to Kroger to get our grocery shopping done. I really didn’t get my list taken care of last weekend as we were at Mom’s. So we had a $200 trip this week. I think we kind of shocked ourselves. Plus the cost of groceries is no doubt going up.

The above pic shows how the carts were blocking the doors at Kroger (thus the Stupidity I mention). That is appalling. Nothing says we don’t care about our customer and employee safety more than that. I mean this is NOT an accidental empty box left at the back door while moving things around. This is a major entrance/exit. I wanted to go back and ask for a manager to fix it. But George was already headed to the car with our groceries so I just took a pic so I could help him. I’m about to email their corporate office. It needs to be addressed. I am just appalled. That is like Safety 101 for Idiots. Even if it were not a safety issue – it looks tacky.

Yes this is the Kroger North on Mount Juliet Road close to Lebanon Road. If it’s just a kid worker doing this and don’t know any better that is one thing but I hope the manager saw it and corrected it. Even an idiot would know not to do that, I would think. Geez. But again, it’s 2020. No one and no thing makes sense.

Hope ya’ll have a great day. I’m glad it’s Friday. Much to do at home. Looking forward to the weekend and doing “MY Agenda”!

PTO Time, Helping Mom, Navy Uniform, and Vintage Market

Good morning! Found this in some old Facebook photos from Memories. It was on a daily calendar I had on my desk.

Apparently I am two days behind on blogging and it feels like an eternity. But we’ve had a big weekend.

Before I get into the weekend, I want to say thanks for the support on my Vacation/PTO worries/woes from the last blog post. I went in and deleted my entry. I don’t want to sound negative. I just want to try and get everything done and I want to have and enjoy my vacation too. And I don’t want any of it to be unreasonable. I want to do what a reasonable person would do in this situation. I make things harder on myself by trying to keep everyone happy including myself. George agreed and said to do what any other salaried person would do going on vacation so that is what I’ll do. Work a little over the week before and a little over the week after. It won’t all get done but it’ll the best you can do in a milestone moment and you do the best you can. I was thinking if I’d worked the entire hours and made them up I shouldn’t have to burn my PTO. While that sounds fair it’s not the way it works in an American salary situation. A company always wins as far as that goes. But George said just do what any other salaried person will do within reason and just do that. So that I will do. NO one said I had to work a certain amount of hours – I just know how many hours it takes to get the job done. But we agreed that I would do the best I can like a normal salary person and let that be that. Sounds fair to me – can’t argue with that. Still you know that I will try to get everything done. But reality speaking, it won’t be all done b/c being gone for a week – well you just are off enjoying your new grandchild. You will do the best you can, work over the weeks before and after and get it all done eventually. It might not make everyone’s time frame but you will have done what any other person would reasonably do in a situation. Sometimes I have to be coached back into reality as I will go to the grave trying to please everyone. And of course everyone is going to allow that. But all we want is for everything to be reasonable. That is all one can ask. And if that doesn’t work then the Lord places your Feet. So I’m trying not to worry. It’s just not an ideal situation and I like to be prepared with no surprises for anyone. That said, let’s dive into the weekend.

Friday night we went out to eat at Smiley Thai and the meal was so wonderful. We started out with Sushi. I had the California rolls so mine were done!

I always have to get the yellow curry dish. I’m going to have to branch out but it’s so hard to do. This is the best curry I’ve ever had.

So Saturday we woke up, had coffee and went to Mom’s in Columbia, TN, stopping at McDonald’s on the way for an Egg McMuffin. Our goal for the weekend was a working goal of getting the storage shed cleaned out and to get all of (and most of) the stuff out of the attic. We had one and a half car loads for Good Will. Mom wanted all the Christmas stuff down so she could go through it and put some of it in the storage for what she needs. Then we swept it out.

Mom had a pot of Spaghetti Sauce on. I thought it was for our dinner but it was for lunch. It was so good. And it was a HUGE plate.

Growing up Spaghetti was my favorite food. I guess it is still up there in the top 5 or 10. I have eaten such good food over the course of my life and in my quest for excellent cuisine with George – that somehow it fades to the background. I’m convinced my favorite food is the one that is making me happy at the moment at this point. It’s hard to decide the favorites anymore. But ohhhhh this was heavenly spaghetti. Mom makes a good one.

It was a beautiful and perfect weekend to do what we needed to do at Mom’s. I picked this weekend as I was hoping the temps would not be too harsh. It was perfect weather. And it was nice on Mom’s porch.

When George and I took the items to Good Will, and while Mom took her afternoon nap we went out to play. He wanted to run by Upside Down Teds. The sign is upside down.

This pic with the sign, I took LAST time I was in Columbia but it was open Saturday and we enjoyed looking around. We went in a few shops around there including a baby store.

My favorite store down there is Bleu 32 Vintage Marketplace. I could have gone wild with the photos but I just snapped a few. I didn’t do any serious looking or shopping. Maybe I should have. I wasn’t really in the mood to buy. But it was fun to go through and look at everything. Honestly, it’s like a museum of the past.

It seems like all the women in the family had these pics on the wall. Does anyone know the story behind these?

There were 3 floors to this store going up creaky old stairs to each level and filled with Goodness! The top floor had a cafe! It was like a secret cafe.

I absolutely loved the tables by the window. What an awesome space.

Look! An old Dan Fogelberg album.

I think I might want one of these ladders for the den to put our throws on them. They were $40. I didn’t get it. But liked them. I use a throw or quilt almost every night. I have several collected.

Some Doggie shirts.

A print of the Emerald Coast. How cool is that?

Columbia, TN is “the mule” capital of the World. Fitting since that is where I came from eh?

And of course we had to stop in for a brewski at the Taps on Main. Here is a pic I took from across the street.

I got the C’Zann’s Southern Witt.

And on the way home as the sun was headed downward, we stopped and got Barbecue for dinner – not that any of us was particularly hungry. But we ate again. We stopped a place we saw called JJ’s.

So cute. And the BBQ was good too. We took it home to Mom’s of course but it would have been a lovely place to sit outside and eat.

On our way home we went by my old house where I grew up on Alpine Drive. Before you judge me, just know that it looked a lot different back then. It was a well groomed and nicely kept house and landscaped nicely with blooming bushes and so much has changed. The trees have grown. It looks so different. Just so odd. And disappointing.

That front bedroom was mine – well Mom, Dad and I switched rooms a few times. As a child I was afraid of the tree out front. A neighborhood boy told me it was going to get me. lol. And I had seen the trees in Snow White bending down and swooping around so they moved me to the back room which I remember being there with twin beds and eventually got a desk in 2nd grade and a small little TV. I was so excited and always loved having a desk/office in my room back then.

At some point they moved me back to the front room. I remember being in there in my late teen years. I spent hours at my desk there, as I do now at home. I guess it’s my life’s fate to spend all my time behind a desk either working, writing, planning, or “trying” to be creative in some way. LOL

After all we ate, Mom had fixed a homemade Lemon Icebox pie. Oh my! It was so good.

Yeah, the doggies went. Their Nana gave them a bed in the floor. Roger was crying while we were away. Stood at the door and cried. Happy again once we were back.

Ms. Maisy girl on the couch napping.

Are they not the most spoiled babies ever?

So Sunday was the Attic clean out day. We got down all the Christmas stuff from up there. Mom had fixed an excellent breakfast. Then around 1 or so we ate again! I told ya the eatin’ is always good. She made her BBQ Weini dish.

I took pics of my Grandfather Voss’s Navy uniform.

After lunch we headed back. George wanted to mow and I needed to do some laundry. I washed a couple of loads, fixed popcorn, a glass of wine and caught up on my YouTube shows. George ran to the store and got Fresh Pet and a few items for this week.

I’m very behind not having the weekend but it’s ok. We got Mom’s things settled a bit. She has a lot of boxes to go through and decide to keep or not. She said it would give her something to do.

And I will work each night a little bit to get the house in order, a bit of cleaning, a bit of planning, a bit of ordering, and a grocery run for a few things I need to get. I guess we’ll see what the week brings. It was a short one. It seemed long if you look at what all we did, but it went by fast.

Oh and I should say that Maisy would not let us sleep. She wanted to go out several times. I made George go with me around one in the morning. Of course when I’m awake at that time it takes an hour or two to go back to sleep. And then she woke us up again to go out early morning around 5. I was dazed and half asleep but George got up and I could tell he was angry as he grabbed her from the bed quickly and swiftly in a manner that I usually do not see from him. He is normally very gentle. I was thinking “great, it’s going to be a gggreat day” of attic work with us on not much sleep. I ended up getting up because everyone was up at that point. We had to search for Mom’s coffee, LOL. And once the coffee settled in, we woke up a bit.

So…all that to say that I went to bed at 7 p.m. after changing the sheets and taking the polish off of my nails. I’d not had time to do them this weekend and wasn’t going to polish them only to be ruined during slumber. So off to bed I went at 7:00 p.m.

George came to bed at 10 p.m. and I woke up and indigestion from all we have been eating, I guess. I was up until after midnight playing candy crush and texting with my sister and then went to bed again. I was sleeping good when the alarm went off this morning.

That was a long blog entry for a work day. But there you have it. All caught up now. Today I’ll be getting ready for payroll closure and spending the rest of the time working on quarter end. It’s time for me to being working on my reconciliation spreadsheet. I’m further along in the month than normal.

So I’ll see ya’ll about mid week! Lord Willing.